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What Is Employer Branding and Why Does It Matter? | Learn how employer branding is a valuable human resources tool, as well as a key to building company growth and productivity. See why automated systems improve employee retention.

Indian Mutual Fund Market - A Tool to Stabilize Indian  Economy

This paper focuses on three aspects: (a) Mutual fund a tool to stabilize Indian economy. (b) Review of existing literature with respect of mutual fund performance and (c) Asset management and channelization of scattered savings in the infrastructural development of India. The result shows that mutual fund is a powerful tool and financial product to mobilize scattered savings among investors and channelize these fund to infrastructural development and thereby economic development of the country. The total asset management of mutual fund business is increased from 1079.46 billion rupees to 7014.43 billion rupees from the last ten years. The role of Banks and Financial institution to promote mutual fund business is ever increasing in the market regulated economy in India.

An Overview of Additive mixed EDM
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The objective of this paper is to understand various trends of Electrical discharge machining (EDM) has been widely used as a removal process to produce parts, dies and molds for several decades. In recent years, the surface modification for hardening and depositing some functional materials by EDM has been studied [1].The development of the super tough electrical conductive material such as carbides, stainless steel, nitralloy etc. resulted in development of the nontraditional machining processes. These materials are difficult to machine by conventional machining process & have wide range of applications in industry. In EDM thermal energy is used to machine all electrical conductive materials of any hardness & toughness. Since there is no direct contact between the tool electrode & work piece in EDM, machining defects like mechanical stresses, clattering & vibration do not create problem during machining [2].

Study on Effect of Powder Mixed dielectric in EDM of  Inconel 718

- Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is one of the most extensively disseminated manufacturing technologies, in particular as regards the generation of precise and difficult geometrical shapes on hard metallic components. The objective of this paper is to Study on Effect of Powder Mixed dielectric in EDM of Inconel 718. The effect of various powder mixed in dielectric is studied input parameters like Duty cycles, current, pulse on time and powder media in that Silicon carbide, Aluminium oxide, Graphite powder used. Machining characteristics measured in terms of Material removal rate, tool wear rate. To obtain the optimal process parameter combination, optimization is carried out by the Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio analysis of Taguchi method using L18 Orthogonal Array. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) is used to present the influence of process parameters on material removal rate, tool wear rate. Results obtained by Taguchi method and by ANOVA method, are compared

Trulium, a Web Development Company, is Offering Website Design in Denver

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Exention SmartView
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Support tool for ERP Realtime Information ERP Track Performance

Where can I find an Online Florist that offers the best service

Whenever you want to buy the most meaningful gifts, flowers would be a great option. You will be able to make every special occasion memorable when you buy flowers. Flowers can be used as a gift and as a tool to decorate rooms. You will be able to make an ordinary room beautiful by using beautiful flowers of different types.

Paraphrasing Tool
by mccoollopez9081 0 Comments favorite 20 Viewed Download 0 Times Paraphrasing Tool Sometimes when you are limited in some resources for example time, paraphrasing for work, school and for other purposes can be hard and difficult. It gets even worse when you have no single idea on how to go about writing the paraphrase articles.

Elliott Tools Technologies Introduces Rapid Hawk Electric Tube Rolling System

Elliott Introduces New Product Dayton, OH February 21, 2012 – Since 1892, Elliott Tool Technologies has provided high quality and innovative tools for a variety of tube tool applications. Continuing to offer innovative products, Elliott Tool Technologies is excited to announce a new product for precise and productive tube rolling, the Rapid Hawk electric tube rolling system.

1014 drain plug assortments 10-Aug.qxp - K-Tool International

KTI's Automotive Drain Plug Assortments contain a general assortment of drain plugs ... Oversize Drain Plug & Gasket Assortment. Each kit includes: Oil Drain.