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fungsi resistor

LAPORAN PENELITIAN Pola Kecenderungan Penempatan Kunci ...

Populasi yang diambil untuk penelitian ini adalah soal-soal ujian matakuliahmatakuliah pada program studi Statistika Terapan dan Matematika FMIPA yang mempunyai tipe D - melengkapi berganda. Dugaan semula bahwa ada kecenderungan penulis soal meletakkan kunci jawaban soal di tengah-tcngah (menurut Dorothy C. Adkins), setelah melalui penelitian ini kecenderungan tersebut ternyata bahxva penulis lebih tertarik menempatkan kunci jawaban pada option 1, 2 dan 3 benar atau kunci jawaban D. Soal tes/ujian sebagai salah satu alat pengukuran pendidikan disusun untuk tujuan mengukur sampai seberapa jauh kedua fungsi pendidikan terscbut berhasil dicapai. Bcntuk soal ujian yang dipakai oleh Universitas Terbuka pada umumnya pilihan berganda, hanya sebagian saja dalam bentuk essay (uraian). Dalam hal ini FMIPA Universitas Terbuka sampai dengan masa ujian 90.1 telah mengembangkan sebanyak 61 matakuliah, sebagian besar soal ujian dalam bentuk pilihan berganda kecuali 12 matakuliah yang bentuk soal ujiannya adalah essay (uraian). Universitas Terbuka, dalam penyelenggaraan ujiannya, mcnctapkan 5 (lima) macarn tipe soal ujian yaitu:...

Diesel High Performance Parts
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Heath's PMD Isolator System is a complete relocation kit that includes everything you need for the installation, including a new Heath module. The PMD Isolator System comes ready to bolt on, has a resistor pre-installed and an extension harness to relocate it to the front bumper. The PMD Module Is pre-mounted to the heat sink plate with Heath's special mounting process, and the extension harness is already plugged in with dielectric grease and ready to go.

Tech Bulletin - Harley Davidson - PAC Audio RADIO AUDIO CONTROL. Cut here before the joint. Connect handlebar side to ground. 560. Connect this wire to SWC input of ... 1. On the [24A] connector, cut PK/W wire - pin #9, before the joint and connect the handle bar side to ground. Insulate the remaining wire. Note: Double check that the handle bar side is grounded and not the other side. 99% of technical calls is the result of the wrong pk/w wire side is grounded. 2. On the [27B] connector, splice PK/W - pin #3 and GN/BE - pin #23 together with a 47 ohm resistor inline. Splice GY/W - pin #4 and GY/GN together with a 150 ohm resistor inline. Splice V/BK - pin #5 and BN/BK - pin #8 together with a 1k resistor inline. Connect all remaining ends of resistors together and connect to SWC input wire of interface. 3. Connect BN/W - pin #6 to ground with a 560 ohm resistor inline. Pacific Accessory Corporation - 1502 S. Santa Fe Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Voice: 714-835-3022 Fax: 714-835-3233

Designing a Solar Cell Battery Charger - Linear Technology

Figure 1. A solar cell produces current in proportion to the amount of sunlight falling on it, while the cell’s open-circuit voltage remains relatively constant. Maximum power output occurs at the knee of each curve, where the cell transitions from a constant voltage device to a constant current device, as shown by the power curves. below a certain set point, the charge current is reduced. The charging current is adjusted via a control voltage across a current sensing resistor in series with the inductor of the buck regulator charging circuit. Decreased illumination (and/or increased charge current demands) can both cause the input voltage (panel voltage) to fall, pushing the panel away from its point of maximum power output. With the LT3652, when the input voltage falls below a certain set point, as defined by the resistor divider connected between the VIN and VIN_REG pins, the current control voltage is reduced, thus reducing the charging current. This action causes the voltage from the solar panel to increase along its characteristic VI curve until a new peak power operating point is found. If the solar panel is illuminated enough to provide more power than is required by the LT3652 charging circuit, the voltage from the solar panel increases beyond the control range of the voltage regulation loop, the charging current is set to its maximum value and a new operation point is found based entirely on the maximum charging current for the battery’s point in the charge cycle. If the electronic device is operating directly from solar power and the input voltage is above the minimum level of the input voltage regulation...


Buku pelajaran sebagai sasaran evaluasi karena buku pelajaran memiliki potensi menjadi agen perubahan yang efektif (Hutchinson and Torres, 1994:322) dan buku pelajaran digunakan di seluruh sekolahsekolah yang ada di pelosok tanah air. Umumnya, pada saat guru mengajar, terutama untuk tingkat sekolah dasar, guru cenderung hanya berpedoman ada buku pelajaran, baik urutannya maupun materinya bukan pada kurikulum. Berdasarkan hal ini diduga ada sesuatu yang tidak diajarkan oleh buku pelajaran sehingga daya kreatif siswa tidak berkembang dengan baik. Untuk itu perlu dilakukan evaluasi buku pelajaran. Kreativitas merupakan sintesa dari keseluruhan fungsi yang tediri dari: (1) pemikiran rasional, (2) pengembangan tingkat tinggi dari emosional/ perasaan, (3) pengembangan tingkat tinggi dari mental dan fisikal, dan (4) kesadaran tingkat tinggi, hasil imajinasi, fantasi, dan pemecahan permasalahan yang cepat. Daya kreatif siswa dapat diteliti pada saat proses belajarmengajar berlangsung tetapi dapat juga diteliti dengan cara mengevaluasi buku pelajaran yang digunakan dalam proses belajarmengajar di kelas. Dalam hal ini, tulisan ini hanya dilakukan pada buku pelajaran saja yaitu dari latihan-latihan dan tugas-tugas yang tertera di dalam buku pelajaran.

Just what are Thermistors
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Thermistor, a word formed by incorporating thermal with resistor, refers to a tool whose electric resistance, or capability to conduct electrical power, is controlled by temperature.

Power Wirewound Resistor
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MV250 is a Non-Inductive design. These elements are ideally suited for highfrequency and pulse load applications. By direct mounting on a heatsink significant cost advantages can be realized for power applications from 250W to 600W.

eTape Continuous Fluid Level Sensor PN-12110215TC-8 - Milone ...

Description The eTape sensor is a solid state, continuous (multi-level) fluid level sensor for measuring levels in water, non-corrosive water based liquids and dry fluids (powders). The eTape sensor is manufactured using printed electronic technologies which employ additive direct printing processes to produce functional circuits. Theory of Operation The eTape sensor's envelope is compressed by hydrostatic pressure of the fluid in which it is immersed resulting in a change in resistance which corresponds to the distance from the top of the sensor to the fluid surface. The eTape sensor provides a resistive output that is inversely proportional to the level of the liquid: the lower the liquid level, the higher the output resistance; the higher the liquid level, the lower the output resistance. Specifications Sensor Length: 10.1" (257 mm) Resolution: < 0.01“(0.25 mm) Thickness: 0.015" (0.381mm) Actuation Depth: Nominal 1” (25.4 mm) Width: 1.0" (25.4 mm) Reference Resistor (Rref): 1500 , ±10% Active Sensor Length: 8.4" (213 mm) Connector: Crimpflex Solder Tabs Sensor Output: 1500 Temperature Range: 15°F - 150°F (-9°C - 65°C) empty, 300 Resistance Gradient: 140 full, ±10% /inch (56 /cm), ±10% Power Rating: 0.5 Watts (VMax = 10V)

AN 426: Using MAX II CPLDs as Analog Keyboard Encoders - Altera

Keyboard encoders are a very common application for CPLDs. Typically a processor, ASSP, or ASIC does not have enough pins for keypads or keyboards. I/O expansion is a very common function for CPLDs and allows a processor to decode a very large keyboard with very few I/Os. Even though CPLDs like MAX® and MAX® II may have abundant low-cost I/Os, decoding a keypad or keyboard with one I/O per switch is not desirable. The advantage of decoding a keyboard with fewer wires is that it reduces the number of wires going from a keypad to a main circuit board or it reduces the complexity of a switch matrix in the keyboard assembly. This application note explains how the resources of a MAX II device can be used to decode a very large number of switches in a keypad or keyboard with only two I/Os and a GND pin. The decoding approach used works for as few as 4 switches and as many as 48 switches. The most common way to encode a switch with a CPLD is by using a simple circuit that ties one end of the switch to GND and the other terminal to VCC through a pull-up resistor, typically 10 KΩ The switch and...

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AUTO-SCAN FM RADIO KIT MODEL FM-88K ELENCO® 150 Carpenter Avenue Wheeling, IL 60090 (847) 541-3800 Website: e-mail: To see our complete line of Educational Products go to WWW.ELENCO.COM Assembly and Instruction Manual ELENCO ® Copyright © 2011 by ELENCO® All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced by any means; electronic, photocopying, or otherwise without written permission from the publisher. 753050 PARTS LIST GLOSSARY (Continued) If you are a student, and any parts are missing or damaged, please see instructor or bookstore. If you purchased this kit from a distributor, catalog, etc., please contact ELENCO® (address/phone/e-mail is at the back of this manual) for additional assistance, if needed. DO NOT contact your place of purchase as they will not be able to help you. RF Radio Frequency. Sensitivity The ability of a receiver to pick up low-amplitude signals. Speaker An electronic device that turn electric impulses into sound. Surface-mount Technology RESISTORS Symbol R5 R1 R3 R4 R2 R6/S3 Value Color Code 10Ω 5% 1/4W brown-black-black-gold 680Ω 5% 1/4W blue-gray-brown-gold 5.6kΩ 5% 1/4W green-blue-red-gold 10kΩ 5% 1/4W brown-black-orange-gold 18kΩ 5% 1/4W brown-gray-orange-gold Potentiometer 50kΩ & switch w/ nut & washer Part # 121000 136800 145600 151000 151800 192522 CAPACITORS Qty. r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r2 r1 r1 r6 r2 r1 r1 r2 Symbol C6 C7 C10 C5 C8 C4 C13 C23 C11, C12 C15 C19 C3, C9, C14, C16, C17, C* C21, C22 C20 C1 C2, C18 Value 33pF 82pF 180pF 220pF 330pF 470pF 680pF 1500pF 3300pF 0.033μF 0.047μF 0.1μF 10μF 22μF 100μF 220μF Description Discap (33) Discap (82) Discap (181 or 180) Discap (221 or 220) Discap (331 or 330) Discap (471 or 470) Discap (681 or 680) Discap (152) Discap (332) Discap (333) Discap (473) Discap (104) Electrolytic radial Electrolytic radial Electrolytic radial Electrolytic radial Part # 213317 218210 221810 222210 223317 224717 226880 231516 233310 243318 244780 251010 271044 272244 281044 282244 COILS Qty. r1 r1 Symbol L2 L1 Value Qty. r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 Symbol D1 D2 D3 U2 U1 Description Coil 4-turn Coil 6-turn Value BB909/BB910 1N4001 Part # 430150 430160 SEMICONDUCTORS LM-386 or identical TDA7088T or identical Description Varactor Semiconductor silicon diode Red LED 3mm Low voltage audio power amplifier FM receiver SM installed on PC board Part # 310909 314001 350003 330386 MISCELLANEOUS Qty. r1 r1 r2 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 Description Antenna FM PC board w/ installed U1 (TDA7088T) Push button switch 12mm Battery holder Speaker 8Ω Cap push button switch yellow Cap push button switch red Knob pot / switch Qty. r1 r2 r1 r1 r1 r 3” r1 Part # 484005 517038 540005 590096 590102 622001 622007 622050 -1- Description Screw M1.8 x 7.5mm Antenna screw M2 x 5mm Nut M1.8 Socket IC 8-pin Speaker pad Wire 22 ga. solid Solder Lead-free Part # 641100 643148 644210 664008 780128 834012 9LF99 Trimmer A semiconductor component that can be used to amplify signals, or as electronic switches. Varactor A method of using special components that are soldered to the PC board’s surface. A diode optimized to vary its internal capacitance with a change in its reverse bias voltage. Voltage Electrical potential difference measured in volts. An adjustable fine-tuning resistor, capacitor, or inductor of small values. Voltage Regulator A circuit that holds the DC voltage. QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the following examination, check your answers carefully. 6. The capacitance of the varactor is determined by . . . r A) the voltage level. r B) the amount of current in the circuit. r C) the signal strength of the RF carrier. r D) the amount of resistance in the circuit. 1. The number of cycles produced per second by a source of sound is called the . . . r A) amplitude. r B) vibration. r C) sound wave. r D) frequency. 7. The ability to select a specific band of frequencies, while rejecting others, is called . . . r A) selectivity. r B) sensitivity. r C) demodulation. r D) none of the above. 2. The frequency of the modulating signal determines the ... r A) number of times the frequency of the carrier changes per second. r B) maximum deviation of the FM carrier. r C) maximum frequency swing of the FM carrier. r D) amount of amplitude change of the FM carrier. 8. The process of mixing two signals to produce a third signal is called . . . r A) filtering. r B) detecting. r C) rectification. r D) heterodyning. 3. The FM broadcast band is . . . r A) 550 – 1,600kHz. r B) 10.7MHz. r C) 88 – 108MHz. r D) 98.7 – 118.7MHz. 9. The circuit designed to supply substantial power output into low impedance load is called . . . r A) power supply. r B) pre-amplifier. r C) power amplifier. r D) detector. 4. The AFC circuit is used to . . . r A) automatically hold the local oscillator on frequency. r B) maintain constant gain in the receiver to prevent such things as fading. r C) prevent amplitude variations of the FM carrier. r D) automatically control the audio frequencies in the receiver. 5. The device most often used for changing the local oscillator frequency with the AFC voltage is a . . . r A) feedthrough capacitor. r B) variable inductor. r C) varactor. r D) trimmer capacitor. 10. The gain of the LM-386 amplifier can be set in range from . . . r A) 1 to 20. r B) 20 to 200. r C) 0 to 200. r D) 50 to 100. Answers: 1. D, 2. A, 3. C, 4. A, 5. C, 6. A, 7. C, 8. D, 9. C, 10. B

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