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M10_BIRC4058_05_SE_C10.QXD 3/30/07 Chapter 10:52 AM Page 255 10 DRIVESHAFT AND UNIVERSAL JOINT SERVICE OBJECTIVES After studying Chapter 10, the reader should be able to: 1. Perform the maintenance operations needed to keep a driveshaft operating properly. 2. Diagnose the cause of common FWD driveshaft problems. 3. Recommend the proper driveshaft repair procedure. 4.Correct RWD U-joint angularity and driveshaft balance problems. 5.Remove and replace FWD and RWD driveshafts. 6.Disassemble, inspect, and reassemble the common U-joints. 7.Make normal U-joint and CV joint repairs. 8.Complete the ASE tasks for content area D, Driveshaft and Universal/Constant-Velocity Diagnosis and Repair. KEY TERMS Antilock braking system (ABS) (p. 274) Balancing (p. 268) Grease spray (p. 258) Level protractor (p. 267) Phasing (p. 265) Plug-in connection (p. 272) Reluctor (p. 274) Runout (p. 262) 46106...

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Looking For Listening Free Comic Book Podcasts

ComicsVerse are offering some great services for their readers and if any reader loves to listen Comic Book Podcasts then he can listen free comic book podcasts at ComicsVerse. Also their Podcasts are very funny and unique and theme base. They are very much interested in providing fun loving bunch to their readers.

E. Louis Search engine optimization Fundamental Web optimization Information

Yet somehow best suited look is significant, seeing as free of successful fashion these buyers who observe your web site leaves prior to it all designs internet. The particular typical web site a good deal located in 24 a while around 28th.12, and then the standard reader stays put for a site designed for 37 the least bit, clearly plenty of depart from right before typically the site surface finishes launching. We can determine from the.

9A0-039 Adobe test, Adobe 9A0-039 practice exam

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Excel 2010: Creating an Accessible Excel Spreadsheet, Part 2

If you haven’t already viewed Excel 2010: Creating an Accessible Excel Spreadsheet, Part 1, you’ll want to check it out to ensure you’re doing everything you can to make your Excel tables and spreadsheets accessible. In that module we described a lot of good, general practices in Excel that also improve accessibility. In this module, we go further with more tips, most of which are specifically for assistive technology screen readers like JAWS. Note: for making forms in Excel accessible, see Excel 2010: Creating Accessible Forms Parts 1 and 2 in addition to ensuring your form has covered the accessibility considerations in these two modules for spreadsheets. Further Steps to Assist with Screen Readers in Excel Screen Reader Help Text in Cell A1 Provide help text for navigation using screen readers, in cell A1. • For example, “Press TAB to move to input areas. Press UP or DOWN ARROW in column A to read through the document.” • You can make this text fairly small, or even change the color to match the background color. This way it will not show up visually, but will still be read by the screen reader. Page 1 of 6 Last Modified: 8/16/2012 9:24:00 AM 15-Excel02.docx Microsoft Office 2010 Project Accessible Excel Spreadsheets 2 Table Titles Table titles should be placed in the first column so screen readers can find them easily, as discussed in the previous module. If that looks funny you can merge cells and center them, but keep the original text in the first column. Images Ensure that any images have alternate text descriptions. Follow the steps below, or use the method for charts that we’ll discuss next. • Insert the image, then right-click and choose Size and Properties. • In the Size and Properties dialog box, choose the Alt Text tab. Type in a brief description with enough detail to explain the pictures. You don’t need to say “image of” or “picture of” because the screen reader alerts the reader that it is an image. Page 2 of 6 Last Modified: 8/16/2012 9:24:00 AM 15-Excel02.docx Microsoft Office 2010 Project • Accessible Excel Spreadsheets 2 Click Close. Charts Ensure that any charts have alternative text descriptions. This is different than images, since charts created in Excel don’t have an area for Alt Text. • Resize the row where you want to insert the chart. You may merge cells if you want. • Insert the chart. • In the cell where the chart is, type the description. This description may need to be fairly long to adequately explain the chart.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT User's Guide -

Download a free Vehicle Information App by visiting your application store, Keyword (Jeep Vehicle Info), or scanning the Microsoft Tag. To put U.S. Only Microsoft Tags to work Get the free mobile app for your phone for you, use your mobile phone’s browser or App store to download a Microsoft Tag reader, like the free one at Then follow the directions to scan the code. Download a FREE electronic copy of the Owner’s Manual or Warranty Booklet by visiting the Owners tab at: (U.S.) or (Canada). 14WK741-926-AA Grand Cherokee Third Edition User Guide 1396569_14c_Grand_Cherokee_UG_041813.indd 1 2014 Grand Cherokee Includes SRT 4/18/13 3:24 PM If you are the first registered retail owner of your vehicle, you may obtain a complimentary printed copy of the Owner’s Manual, Navigation/ Uconnect® Manuals or Warranty Booklet by calling 1-877-426-5337 (U.S.) or 1-800-387-1143 (Canada) or by contacting your dealer. This guide has been prepared to help you get quickly acquainted with your new Jeep and to provide a convenient reference source for common questions. However, it is not a substitute for your Owner’s Manual. For complete operational instructions, maintenance procedures and important safety messages, please consult your Owner’s Manual, Navigation/Uconnect® Manuals and other Warning Labels in your vehicle. Not all features shown in this guide may apply to your vehicle. For additional information on accessories to help personalize your vehicle, visit (U.S.), (Canada) or your local Jeep dealer.

533013 - Grand Cherokee - 96-98 - Radio Install - The Install Doctor

Publication, Duplication, or Retransmission Of This Document Not Expressly Authorized In Writing By The Install Doctor Is Prohibited. Protected By U.S. Copyright Laws. © 1997,1998,1999,2000. Factory Radio Other Documents Available For This Vehicle: No other documents available at this time. Adobe Acrobat Reader Printing Tips: New Radio and dash radio installation kit 1) Select “FILE” then “PRINT” and select your printer. 2) In the print options box do the following: A) Locate check box “Shrink to Fit”. Place check in box. B) Locate box “Print Quality”. Select highest print dpi allowed by printer. C) If print quality listed is not as high as that printers normal quality, press the “SETUP..” button. In the next screen, press the “PROPERTIES” button and set the printers print quality to the highest print dpi allowed. Document Revision History 12/99 Document Creation All Information, Including Photos And Illustrations, In These Pages Is Believed To Be Correct And Reliable. The Information Contained In These Pages Is Given As General Information For The Installation Of Audio, Video, Security, Communications, And Other Accessory Products Into Mobile And/Or Vehicle Applications. The Install Doctor, Any Subsidiaries Or Divisions Thereof, Or Any Member Of These Companies Shall Not Be Held Liable For Any Damages And/Or Injuries Resulting From The Use Of Information Contained In These Pages. All Information Contained In These Pages Should Be Checked And Verified With Appropriate Test Equipment To Assure The Safety And Proper Operation Of Equipment Installed And The Vehicle Itself. Careful Attention Should Be Given To All Electronic/Electric Circuits. High Voltages And Currents Can Cause Bodily Injury, Skin Damage, And Even Death. Installs Are Taken At The Risk Of Each Installer, And/Or Individual.

2014 Rogue Reference Guide - Nissan Rogue Forums

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information and system operation limitations. •  cellular telephone should not be used for any purpose while A driving so full attention may be given to vehicle operation. • Always wear your seat belt. • Supplemental air bags do not replace proper seat belt usage. •  hildren 12 and under should always ride in the rear seat C properly secured in child restraints or seat belts according to their age and weight. • Do not drink and drive. For more information, refer to the “Safety — Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system (section 1)”, “Center display, heater, air conditioner, audio, phone and voice recognition systems (section 4)” and “Starting and driving (section 5)” of your Owner’s Manual. Additional information about your vehicle is also available in your Owner’s Manual, Navigation System Owner’s Manual and at 1562944_14b_Rogue_QRG_110513.indd 5 To view detailed instructional videos, go to 2014/rogue or snap this barcode with an appropriate barcode reader. 11/5/13 10:47 AM new system features AROUND VIEW® MONITOR with moving object detection (mod) (if so equipped)  With the ignition switch in the ON position, the Around View® Monitor is activated by pressing the CAMERA button 01 , located on the control panel, or by moving the shift lever to the R (REVERSE) position. The monitor displays various views of the position of the vehicle. 01  hen the shift lever is in the P (PARK), N (NEUTRAL) or D (DRIVE) position and the W CAMERA button 01 is pressed, the following views will display in order: Start from any Control Panel screen Front view & bird’s-eye view Press Front view & front-side view Press Press  When the shift lever is in the R (REVERSE) position and the CAMERA button 01 is pressed, the following views will display in order: Rear view & bird’s-eye view Rear view & front-side view Press Press  he colored guide lines on the display screen indicate vehicle width and approximate distances


FERNANDO GERALDO MANTOAN Foz do Igua¸u, Paran´, Brazil c a EDUCATION Specialization in Design and Development of Internet Object Oriented Systems, Universidade Tecnol´gica Federal do Paran´ (UTFPR), Brazil, 2011. o a B.S.c Computer Science, Centro de Ensino Superior de Foz do Igua¸u (CESUFOZ), Brazil, 2009. c EXPERIENCE Systems Analist Instituto de Tecnologia Aplicada e Inova¸˜o ca March 2011-Present Foz do Igua¸u, PR, Brazil c Working in the development of breakers monitoring applications and in electrical network monitoring applications, both using Java, Primefaces 3 and Primefaces Mobile, HTML5, Spring Framework, Hibernate and Shell Script. Development of a trainee portal using PHP, Zend Framework and Doctrine. Development Analist Apollo-TI / eits March 2010-March 2011 Foz do Igua¸u, PR, Brazil c ERP frontend application development using Adobe Flex. Development of a web conference application using Flash Media Server, Flex and Java with Spring Framework. Development of a chat application using Flex and Java. Backend development of an internal communication system using Zend Framework, HTML and CSS.

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