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How to Select the Best Multi Function Auto Emergency Start Power Tool

Jump starter battery source is one among the common tools kept inside a vehicle. At present, several multi-function auto emergency start power kits can be availed from online stores......

Comparative Study of Neurosecretory Cells in Female  Penaeus Indicus after Unilateral Eyestalk Ablat

In Penaeus indicus neuroendocrine organs plays an important role in the growth and reproduction. In Penaeus indicus four different types of neurosecretory cells such as A cell, B cell, C cell, D cell were identified. The Eyestalk of Penaeus indicus shows many neurosecretory cells, but the Brain and Thoracic ganglion shows only few neurosecretory cells. After the unilateral Eyestalk ablation the Brain and Thoracic ganglion has many neurosecretory cells. The neuroendocrine glands are stimulatory and inhibitory in function.

Laboratory Diagnostic Link to Infections: An Update

This review article highlights the various organs affected due to infection by a host of microorganisms resulting in the elevation of Liver Function Tests particularly liver enzymes due to infections by falciparum malaria, parasites, viral infections, dengue, measels, tuberculosis, anaplamosis etc. Kidney function progressively decrease in infections due to measles, tetanus, staphylococcus, malaria, MRSA viruses and cardiac function tests are elevated in pneumonia.

A Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare the  Effectiveness of Static Stretching Versus PNF Stretchi

Flexibility is an essential fitness component that decrease with age and immobility can lead to change in muscle and joint function postural alignment and host of indirect impairments like muscle tightness , atrophy, fibrosis, contracture, joint analysis, postural deformity. Tight hamstring muscle may be a potential risk factor for strain injuries in sports, in which a full range of motion is needed. The stiff and short hamstring muscle tendon unit may be a risk factor for low back pain and the development of patellar tendinopathy. At present various interventions are available to increase flexibility of hamstring muscle. However, there are not many studies that have analyzed the effects of static stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching of hamstring muscles following superficial heat in athletes. The aim of the study was to find out the efficacy of effectiveness of static stretching and PNF stretching of hamstring muscles following superficia

Today’s branding is a function of media fragmentation

Experiential marketing company NeoNiche Integrated Solutions specialises in brand activation and consumer outreach programmes and has executed more than 500 campaigns till date.

How do I get Best mba colleges
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The role starts from the very moment when the idea of formation of a company is conceived. However, a company secretary's actual function varies from company to company.

Guide To Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers usually earn top-drawer salaries and are greatly appreciated for their strategic inputs, and are often called the voice of digital marketing and advertising campaigns. There is a lot of respect and intrigue surrounding their function, but the fact remains that in today’s day and age a good Social Media Manager can boost an organisation’s visibility and customer recall by creating an effective online branding and advertising strategy.

The Impact of Competition on Performance of Firms in  the Mobile Telecommunication Sector in Kenya

Competition is a factor that affects the business environment in any industry. This study sought to investigate the impact of competition on the performance of the mobile telecommunication industry in Kenya. This research aimed at looking at how competition has impacted on performance of the four firms in the sector i.e. Orange Kenya, Airtel, Yu and Safaricom (K) ltd. The study used a descriptive research design that answered questions how competition affects the independent variables of the study i.e. new market entrants, competitive rivalry and buyer power. Simple stratified sampling was used to select the sample of the respondents to avoid bias and ensure that samples drawn were representative of the population of mobile service subscribers of the four firms. Data collection was done using questionnaires and analyzed using Ms Excel. The results were presented using bar graphs and pie charts

Determinants of Consumers` Attitudes on Imported  Products in Tanzania: The Case Study of Dodoma  Mu

Consumers‟ attitudes towards purchasing either foreign or local products have been a matter of debate. Therefore the objective of this study was to investigate the determinants of consumers‟ attitudes on imported products in Tanzania by exploring factors which attract Tanzanian consumers to purchase imported products. This study employed cross sectional design. Data were collected in Dodoma Municipal in which selfadministered questionnaires were used to collect the required information. The study randomly sampled 200 respondents who included 92 business men/women, 60 students and 48 servants. The data obtained were analyzed using MS – Excel computer software.

The Impact of HIV/AIDs on Household Income: The  Case of Dodoma Municipal

The study assessed implication of HIV/AIDs on household income in Dodoma Municipal. A sample of 150 respondents was purposively and randomly selected and a case study design was adopted. Primary and secondary data were collected. The qualitative and Quantitative data were analysed by using the MS-Excel. The results showed that majority of the respondents (60%) engaged themselves in farming and gardening. Also, findings revealed that the respondents whose monthly income was below Tshs.100, 000/= or the equivalent of $ 60 spent a great portion of their income on transport and medication, while those who earn income above Tshs. 100,000/= spent a great portion of their income on special food and transport.

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