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Health, safety and wellbeing - Early Childhood Australia

Health, safety and wellbeing Setting the scene Children’s health and safety is about more than just their physical wellbeing; it also refers to their whole welfare. This means that early childhood educators think about more than practical health and safety issues in their day-to-day work. They also recognise that children will have differing emotional support needs and therefore deal with each child differently, respecting their individual life contexts. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) (DEEWR, 2009a) identifies 'holistic approaches’ as one of the Principles of early childhood pedagogy that underpins practice: 'When early childhood educators take a holistic approach they pay attention to children’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning’ (p.14). Wellbeing supports learning A strong sense of wellbeing is fundamentally connected to children’s sense of belonging, being and becoming. When children feel well, happy, secure and socially successful they are able to fully participate in, and learn from, the daily routines, play, interactions and experiences in their early childhood setting.

Orange Lutheran High School
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Dear Parent and Guest: Orange Lutheran High School strives to provide a positive social atmosphere at scheduled dances that are held throughout the year. To promote an appropriate environment for students, the school has developed dance behavior expectations, dress standards, and conduct guidelines. When purchasing dance tickets, students are agreeing to abide by the behavior expectations, dance dress standards, and dance conduct guidelines listed below. Prom 2013 Date: Saturday, April 13, 2013 Time: 8:00-11:00 p.m. Location: Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts Attire: Formal Photos are from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Orange Lutheran. Dance Behavior Expectations Students are expected to follow all expectations, policies, and procedures outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook of Orange Lutheran High School. • All students and parents must read and agree to the guidelines outlined in the Dance Agreement in order to attend a school dance. The consent form must be completed online to register for school. • No students will be admitted more than 60 minutes after the start of the dance unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director of Student Activities. Students may not leave the dance any time before 30 minutes prior to the end of the dance without prior consent arranged by the parents with the Director of Student Activities. • All Orange Lutheran High School students must present their student identification upon entrance to the dance. • All students will be observed for use of illegal or controlled substances prior to entry to the dance area. Security may conduct pat downs and purse searches. Any student who refuses to comply will be denied entry and parents will be contacted. • Any vehicle, including limousines, can be searched at any time. Student drivers and passengers will be held responsible and will be given consequences for any illegal substance in the vehicle. • The breathalyzer will be administered to students randomly at each dance. In addition, any student suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be subject to an evaluation, which may include use of the breathalyzer.

A Strategy for U.S. Natural Gas Exports - The Hamilton Project

The Hamilton Project seeks to advance America’s promise of opportunity, prosperity, and growth. We believe that today’s increasingly competitive global economy demands public policy ideas commensurate with the challenges of the 21st Century. The Project’s economic strategy reflects a judgment that long-term prosperity is best achieved by fostering economic growth and broad participation in that growth, by enhancing individual economic security, and by embracing a role for effective government in making needed public investments. Our strategy calls for combining public investment, a secure social safety net, and fiscal discipline. In that framework, the Project puts forward innovative proposals from leading economic thinkers — based on credible evidence and experience, not ideology or doctrine — to introduce new and effective policy options into the national debate. The Project is named after Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first Treasury Secretary, who laid the foundation for the modern American economy. Hamilton stood for sound fiscal policy, believed that broad-based opportunity for advancement would drive American economic growth, and recognized that “prudent aids and encouragements on the part of government” are necessary to enhance and guide market forces. The guiding principles of the Project remain consistent with these views. A Strategy for U.S. Natural Gas Exports Michael Levi Council on Foreign Relations JUNE 2012

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Reviewer's Guide (PDF) - BlackBerry
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The BlackBerry 10 Experience BlackBerry 10 is a re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry platform that creates a new and unique mobile computing experience. Called the BlackBerry Z10, the first smartphone based on the BlackBerry 10 platform is faster and smarter than any other BlackBerry you’ve used before and it continuously adapts to you. Every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep you moving, with capabilities like “peek” and “flow”, and the ever present BlackBerry Hub, you’re always only one swipe away from what matters to you. In BlackBerry 10, you’ll find a robust and reliable platform that is smooth and responsive. It has a modern design and a completely gesture-based interface that’s highly discoverable. More than an operating system, BlackBerry 10 is a new mobile computing platform designed to carry BlackBerry leadership and innovation in wireless forward for the next ten years. BlackBerry 10 is designed to Keep You Moving. BlackBerry 10 stays true to what customers want and expect from their BlackBerry smartphone. They want instant and reliable communications, are highly-connected on social networks, are always looking to be productive and multitask, and they want the peace of mind that BlackBerry security gives them.

Participacion como voluntario
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En las pruebas de investigación clínica participan muchas personas distintas. Cada prueba tiene criterios muy específicos que deben cumplir los voluntarios. Algunos ejemplos de estos criterios son: el sexo, la edad, el tipo de afección médica, el medicamento/tratamiento previo y la gravedad de la afección médica.Los voluntarios para pruebas clínicas pueden tener diversas razones para participar como pacientes voluntarios.

Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
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Esteemed Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Honourable Prime Minister, Madame Gro Harlem Brundtland, Ministers, Members of Parliament and Ambassadors, Fellow Laureate, Mr. F.W. de Klerk, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Norwegian Nobel Committee for elevating us to the status of a Nobel Peace Prize winner. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate my compatriot and fellow laureate, State President F.W. de Klerk, on his receipt of this high honour. Together, we join two distinguished South Africans, the late Chief Albert Lutuli and His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to whose seminal contributions to the peaceful struggle against the evil system of apartheid you paid well-deserved tribute by awarding them the Nobel Peace Prize. It will not be presumptuous of us if we also add, among our predecessors, the name of another outstanding Nobel Peace Prize winner, the late Rev Martin Luther King Jr. He, too, grappled with and died in the effort to make a contribution to the just solution of the same great issues of the day which we have had to face as South Africans. We speak here of the challenge of the dichotomies of war and peace, violence and non-violence, racism and human dignity, oppression and repression and liberty and human rights, poverty and freedom from want. We stand here today as nothing more than a representative of the millions of our people who dared to rise up against a social system whose very essence is war, violence, racism, oppression, repression and the impoverishment of an entire people. I am also here today as a representative of the millions of people across the globe, the anti-apartheid...