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Which WiMAX Are You? - Streakwave
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Which WiMAX Are You? Aperto Networks 4G World, September 2009 Contents • A Little About Aperto • Is There More Than One Kind of WiMAX? • Some Comparisons By The Numbers • A Note About 3.65 GHz • What’s Really Deployed Today? • A Word About “Upgrading” • Summary Aperto WiMAX Leadership Lightly-licensed 3.65GHz WiMAX launched License-exempt 5GHz WiMAX launched IEEE 802.16e-2005 solution demonstrated 400th network deployed 200th network deployed 100th network deployed Co-founded WiMAX Forum 1st network deployed Co-founded IEEE 802.16 standard Aperto Awards and Patents  16 patents received • Link optimization • QoS • Wireless backhaul • 7 patents pending Aperto Customers: 400 Customers/90 Countries/6Continents Asia Middle East & Africa Eastern Europe Egypt MoI Latin America Western Europe LRTC North America

Free Must-Have Interactive Book iPad Apps - TCEA

Free Must-Have Interactive Book iPad Apps Abigail and the Balance Beam – This is the sweet story of an acrobatic bunny who just couldn't wait to grow up. Includes a puzzle and a game. From Hallmark. Callum the Caterpillar - Callum is lonely. He has no-one to play with, so the tulip Fairy kindly waves her wand to bring him some friends. Suddenly there are caterpillars everywhere and there is no room for Callum anymore. Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully - Throughout their journey, Casey and Bella experience three different types of bullying and apply the advice of Opee the Owl to help out their three new friends. Cave Bear and Duck - Follow these two mismatched buddies as they try and put out a raging forest fire started by early humans. Comic book format with audio reading. Cooper’s Big Bear Hug - Cooper's Big Bear Hug is a tale of a sweet young bear who wants to find a way to show his mom how much he loves her. Includes a puzzle and a “beary” game. From Hallmark. Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too - Kids will read along and learn about exploring their feelings with Dusty D. Dawg. Includes a record-your-own mode. Forming Good Habits 01 – Brushing My Teeth Makes Me Feel Refreshed! - Through the word book with sticker and the story with chant, the kids can learn English and good habits at the same time in an easier and more fun way. The Four Seasons – An Earth Day Interactive Children’s Story Book - Raise awareness and teach your children about all of the precious gifts that mother nature has to offer: clean air, refreshing water, green environment and many more...all in the context of a beautiful interactive children's ...

27 Life-Changing iPhone and iPad Apps for People ... -

27 Life-Changing iPhone and iPad Apps for People with Brain Injury Revolutionary apps for simplifying everyday life with brain injury Communication and School Tools ClearRecord Premium Free ClearRecord Premium is an audio recording app that is able to suppress ambient, background noise. It features the ability to control play-speed without modifying pitch-quality. The Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) feature, allows the user to record conversations in any noisy environment — street, train, classroom, or airplane — while still maintaining clear voice. Slow play-speed allows transcription users and new language learners to slow down and listen clearly to a fast speaker while fast play-speed cuts short the time required to listen to a long recording without missing any parts. D2u Dictation & Transcription Free The “d2u app” combines a voice recorder with a transcription service to provide users with a comprehensive dictation and transcription solution. Record, edit, and upload a digital recording then have the file accurately and efficiently transcribed to text anywhere, at anytime. All you need is an Internet connection. It’s easy to use, yet safe and secure. The app is fully data protected and HIPAA compliant. Dragon Dictation Free Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition app that allows users to easily speak and instantly see their words on the screen. Dragon Dictation for the iPhone or iPad lets you send short text messages, longer email messages, and even update your Facebook and Twitter statuses without typing a word. A great app for people with limited mobility in their hands. Flashcards Deluxe

Judges Recommended Apps for iPad - Tenth Circuit Bench and Bar ...

Current 6/24/2013 Judges’ IT: Ideas and Best Practices for Chambers Automation A Collaboration Among the U.S. Courts, the Federal Judicial Center, and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts 1 of 13 1. Remote Desktop and Cloud Apps GoToMyPC: Connect to your Mac or PC desktop. Free LogMeIn: Connect to your Mac or PC desktop. Free Citrix Receiver: Secure VPN connection for Citrix users. Free Junos Pulse: Secure VPN connection. Free Dropbox: Cloud-based file storage system. Not recommended by the AO. Free Wyse Pocket Cloud: Secure way to connect to your Mac or PC desktop and build your own personal cloud. Free OnLive: Cloud-based PC desktop using Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Free Remote Desktop Lite: Access to a PC running Windows XP Professional or Vista/Windows 7. Free Current 6/24/2013 Judges’ IT: Ideas and Best Practices for Chambers Automation A Collaboration Among the U.S. Courts, the Federal Judicial Center, and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts 2 of 13 2. PDF Management Apps GoodReader: Annotate PDF documents, manage, transfer, and sync files and folders. $4.99 PDF Expert: Read, annotate, fill, and flatten PDF documents, highlight text, and make notes. $9.99 ReaddleDocs: Annotate PDF documents, manage, transfer, and sync files and folders. Does not have all the functionality of PDF Expert. $4.99 iAnnotate PDF: Annotate, manage, and share PDF documents. $9.99 Current 6/24/2013 Judges’ IT: Ideas and Best Practices for Chambers Automation A Collaboration Among the U.S. Courts, the Federal Judicial Center, and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts 3 of 13 3. Word Processing and Presentation Apps CloudOn: Create, view, and edit files directly in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Free Documents to Go: Edit, create, and view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. $9.99 Keynote: Create slides and present right from the iPad. $9.99 Minimal Folio: Present portfolio of images, video, and PDF. $2.99 Office2HD: Open, view, create, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. $7.99 Pages: Create, edit, and view documents. Based off the Mac desktop version of Pages. This app also works with iCloud. $9.99 Quickoffice Pro HD: Create, edit, access, and share Microsoft Office files. $14.99 Word Perfect Viewer: Only app that can read WordPerfect files. Can also bookmark files, email converted files, and export a HTML version. $5.99 Current 6/24/2013 Judges’ IT: Ideas and Best Practices for Chambers Automation A Collaboration Among the U.S. Courts, the Federal Judicial Center, and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts 4 of 13 4. Reference & Research Apps Black’s Law Dictionary: Contains more than 45,000 legal terms. $54.99 Constitution: Complete text of the US Constitution. Free Dictionary!: Contains 200,000+ definitions. Free Fastcase: Federal cases and statutes as well as cases and statutes from all 50 states. Free Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: The complete text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure from the appendix of USC 28. Free FRE: Complete text of the Federal Rules of Evidence from the appendix of USC 28. Free Law Library – The Constitution: The U.S. Constitution which includes fulltext search, bookmarks, a history of articles viewed, and AirPrint Enabled Printing. $0.99 LawBox: Legal library: (all federal rules, 28 USC and Constitution, well as selected state statutes) similar to LawStack. Free LawStack: Access Federal Rules, US Constitution and more. Free LexisAdvance: Lexis for iPad. ID and password required. Free Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary: Contains nearly 4,000 legal terms (inexpensive alternative to Black’s Law Dictionary). Free Current 6/24/2013 Judges’ IT: Ideas and Best Practices for Chambers Automation A Collaboration Among the U.S. Courts, the Federal Judicial Center, and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts 5 of 13

NT11 Users Manual - Miel
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Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified operator and only for the purposes described in this manual. The following conventions are used to indicate and classify precautions in this manual. Always heed the information provided with them. Failure to heed precautions can result in injury to people or damage to property. !DANGER Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. !WARNING Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. !Caution Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury, or property damage. OMRON Product References All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The word “Unit” is also capitalized when it refers to an OMRON product, regardless of whether or not it appears in the proper name of the product. The abbreviation “Ch,” which appears in some displays and on some OMRON products, often means “word” and is abbreviated “Wd” in documentation in this sense. The abbreviation “PLC” means Programmable Controller. “PC” is used, however, in some Programming Device displays to mean Programmable Controller.

Building Vocabulary: Nobel Peace Prize - Stunt

Building Vocabulary: Nobel Peace Prize 1. Choose 10 words from the article you just read. a. Look up your words in a dictionary. b. Explain them to your neighbor. c. Use them in sentences. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2. Choose the best answer: a. Nobel prizes are 1. awarded 2. given 3. handed out b. Someone who receives the Nobel Prize is called: 1. a Nobel Prize winner 2. a Nobel Prize hero 3. a Nobel Prize laureate c. “Promote”, as in “promote peace” means the same as: 1. support or encourage 2. advertise 3. advance d. Which word/expression is a synonym for “peace”. 1. tranquility 2. violence 3. commotion e. “Fraternity” as in “work toward fraternity between nations” means: 1. society for college men 2. people with something in common 3. brotherly love f. “Abolition” as in “the abolition or reduction of standing armies” means: 1. ending of slavery 2. act of outlawing or doing away with something Word Search: Nobel Peace Prize P E Z I C I T I R C E L W Z S K Y W V O K E V B V L Y Q M F E P A D S I D H T I H R A Y U A J D F Y T N R U K O G S K M I E Y C T O U Q P R T S G O N C B K T S D C A J E G V T E X I K W A M Y O N K Z ACCOMPLISHMENT CANDIDATES CARTER CASH COMMITTEE CRITICIZE CURRENT DONATE EFFORT FRATERNITY GOAL KING LAUREATE H O E L Y M U N G M M N T K X O L W G W T G N N E T A L A Y M E M A H A T Q J R O N J O U D Q K T N O V C Z U A V E P W D I E M Q F N I I Z C C B R T B O A R U B T H I O J N A E N O N E I N Q Q Y T T N I R N P R P V M M G A M S E K T J V I T O U A E I I X P E T F X E R G N I K H X N N T C E C L H E F U R H R S Z C K J B Z A E C I I E E S H G Q L U I C A Q U Z R J E V S R B R J A S U N C T T B S K F X R Y H P X M Y B O C U Q A V H V Z R H N O M I N E E V V I Y Y X R Q H M Y R

The Nobel peace prize – short list for 2013

(Who are QUALIFIED under the purpose of Nobel, as specified in his 1895 will?) In 2012 the Swedish authorities ordered the Nobel Foundation to respect the purpose described by Alfred Nobel in his will, i.e. to support those working to replace global militarism with global co-operation to realize a global peace system based on global law and disarmament. (For details, see: While Nobel had a plan for global peace and specified the kind of peace work he intended to support, the Norwegian awarders hand the their “Nobels” out in all directions without any idea or vision of how peace must be achieved. Few of the nominees for 2013 are qualified if the awarders would promote the peace vision of Nobel, instead of their own ideas. As documented by Fredrik S. Heffermehl in “The Nobel Peace Prize. What Nobel Really Wanted (Praeger, 2010), Nobel did not use the word “peace prize,“ he dedicated his prize to “the champions of peace,” further specified as “… the one who shall have done the most or the best work to realize the brotherhood of nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies as well as the organization and promotion of peace congresses” (quotes from 1895 will). Nominees qualified for the 2013 Nobel peace prize dedicated his prize to “the champions of peace,” those working for global demilitarization. Very few of the nominees in 2013 are promoters of Nobel´s peace vision, but among known nominees the following seem to meet the fundamental qualification, working for global peace...

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone
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Contents Welcome .... 7 BlackBerry 10: new apps and features ...8 Getting started ....12 Set up your device ....14 About BlackBerry ID ....15 Set up a new BlackBerry ID ...15 Device Switch ....16 Before you switch devices ...16 Backing up and switching devices ...18 Transfer data from a BlackBerry 7 device using a media card ...18 Transfer data to a new device using a computer and BlackBerry Link ...18 After you switch devices ...19 Restoring your BBM contacts and groups ...19 Transfer passwords from the BlackBerry 7 Password Keeper app ....9 Add an email or social networking account ....19 Tips after switching devices ....20 Troubleshooting: Device Switch .... 20 What makes my BlackBerry 10 device different from other BlackBerry devices? .... 22 What is BlackBerry Link? ....25 Navigation ... 26 Keep moving ....26 Home screen at a glance ..... 26 Application icons ...27 Notification icons ....29 Using the BlackBerry Voice Control app ...34 Get your message out with the BlackBerry Keyboard .....36 Keyboard and typing at a glance ......36 Show the keyboard ...... 36 Delete a word ...37 Type faster with automated assistance settings ..... 38 Cut, copy, and paste text ......38 Selecting word suggestions that appear on your keyboard ..........39 Connections ...40 Check which wireless networks your device connects to .. 40 Connect to the mobile network .........40 Wireless connections icons ........ 40 Tips: Choosing a connection .........42 Connect your device to an HDMI display .............43 Turn on airplane mode ..........43 Connect to a Wi-Fi network ........44 Turn on Bluetooth technology .................................... 45 Pair and connect with a Bluetooth enabled device ........ 46 What is NFC? ............46 Turn on NFC .....47 Send a file using NFC ....... 47

Pumpkin Pie - Super Teacher Worksheets

Thanksgiving and The Pumpkin Pie By Mikki Sadil Thanksgiving! Doesn’t just the name of the day make your mouth water when you think of all the good food Mom is going to be cooking? There’s turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, some good veggies, and best of all…Pumpkin Pie for dessert! YUM! You’ve probably always had pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, and maybe Christmas, too, but where did pumpkin come from? No, not in the local market! Pumpkins have an interesting history, and you can trace them back about 9,000 years to different places in Central America. The name ‘pumpkin’ originated from a very old Greek word, ‘pepon’, and over centuries was finally changed into ‘pumpkin’ by the early American colonists. Native Americans used pumpkins in several different ways: when they cleaned the seeds out, they used them for medicine. They would boil them and make a kind of tea that they drank for different sicknesses. They also used them to rub on a snakebite, because they believed the seeds would draw the snake venom (poison) out of the wound. Many years later, the American colonists thought pumpkin seeds would remove freckles if they rubbed them over their faces. Another way Native Americans used the pumpkins was to slice them into long strips, dry them, and then weave them into mats for them to sleep on. Sometimes they even wove them into the long grasses that some tribes used to build their wigwams. When there were pumpkins left over after all the work was done, the Indians cut them into long strips, roasted them over an open fire, and ate them. This was a real treat. The first ‘pumpkin pie’ occurred when the early colonists sliced the top off, cleaned out all the seeds, and filled the inside with milk, spices, and honey, and then baked it in hot ashes. The pumpkin pie changed over many generations, with a lot of different ingredients added to it, until today when it is that delicious Pumpkin Pie your mom bakes as the special dessert for Thanksgiving dinner.

Learning More About Name A Life Insurance Policy Goes over

We in general focus on Life Coverage conveniently. We can easily argument to it without any hitch throwing hints comfortably over the dinner table; but with regards to Term Insurance cover, we could see the hinge. This is the aspect involved in Word Coverage which in turn causes the pause.