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Application Guidelines at Susie Abney Foundation

Applicants may submit a Letter of Intent briefly describing the project before submitting a proposal in order to find out if their ideas are potentially fundable by the Foundation.

SolidWorks Electrical Tips & Tricks Titleblock design in ... - Intercad

Titleblock design in SolidWorks Electrical Drawings (scheme, line diagram, terminal strip, etc.) are created using a copy of the Titleblock file. It is therefore useful to represent all the elements you wish to find in the drawings (logo, graphics, etc.) in the titleblock. The settings (display of the grid, types of lines, styles of texts, etc.) used in the titleblock will automatically be available in the drawing. A titleblock consists of graphics entities (lines, texts, etc.) and attributes allowing the propagation of the data entered in the properties of the elements of the project (book, folder, drawing, etc.). This article will explain how you can use SolidWorks Electrics’s built-in feature “title blocks manager” to customize existing title blocks and make new smart Title Block. Titleblock manager All the titleblocks are stored in a library allowing you to manage existing titleblocks and also to create your own. New: Used to create a new titleblock. Open: Used to open the selected titleblock(s) in the graphical interface in order to modify the SolidWorks Electrical Tips & Tricks graphics and/or the definition of the attributes. DWG import: Used to import a file in AutoCAD format and transform it into a titleblock. Delete: Used to delete the selected titleblock(s). Properties: Used to open the properties of the selected titleblock. Preview: Used to open the selected titleblock in a preview window. Cut / Copy / Paste: Used to duplicate the selected titleblock. List mode / Thumbnails / Configuration: Used to manage the display and display configuration of the titleblocks in the right-hand part of the dialog box. Archive / Unarchive: Used to generate a ZIP file of the selected titleblock(s). Unarchiving allows titleblocks in the archive file to be added to the library. This procedure can be used to exchange titleblocks between two companies for example. Display sub-classes content: Used to activate display of titleblocks stored in the lower levels of the classes. Close the manager when editing titleblock: If this box is checked, the manager closes automatically when you edit a titleblock. Editing a titleblock Whether the titleblock has been imported or created using the Copy/Paste command, you can edit it to make any changes you wish. Select the titleblock you wish to edit in the right- hand part of the titleblocks manager and click on the "Open" icon. The titleblock opens in a graphical interface.

Trace Software International selected by DS SolidWorks for the new ...

Trace Software continues to support its elecworks™ customers, provide updates and services for maximum software optimization. Please find below the answers to your most frequent questions about the sustainability of our solution following the launch of SolidWorks Electrical. Will elecworks™ still be marketed ? Yes. Trace Software continues to market elecworks™ to electrical engineering and automation companies for 2D electrical design requirements. Is SolidWorks Electrical different compared to elecworks™ ? No. Their 2D features are identical. The 3D features remain exclusive to SolidWorks Electrical. Who provides support for SolidWorks Electrical ? It is entirely provided by SolidWorks and its reseller network. Will elecworks™ customers have to migrate to SolidWorks Electrical ? elecworks™ customers who currently have 3D features with the “elecworks™ for SolidWorks”module have the choice to migrate to SolidWorks Electrical if they wish to. If they choose to keep Elecworks, their software support and related invoicing will still be provided by Trace Software for both 2D and 3D features. elecworks™ 2D customers who only have 2D features and who wish to acquire the 3D module must buy SolidWorks Electrical 3D. elecworks™ 2D will still run and be compatible with SolidWorks Electrical 3D. Support and subscription will then be taken in charge separately by Trace Software for 2D features and by Dassault Systèmes reseller network at their own prices for 3D features. Will elecworks™ continue to evolve ? Yes. Trace Software develops elecworks™ and SolidWorks Electrical. The software will of course continue to evolve benefitting from customer feedback and the SolidWorks organization with the aim of at least one new release per year. Both softwares will evolve simultaneously in the same way. Are elecworks™ and SolidWorks Electrical compatible for data exchange ? Yes. 100% compatible because they use the same software structure and formats. This compatibility is guaranteed now and in the future. An elecworks™ customer using 3D has the choice to stay or to migrate to SolidWorks Electrical ; in case of migration, it is not necessary to convert the project data, the data exchange is easy. Similarly, the data exchange between a SolidWorks Electrical user and an elecworks™ user occurs seamlessly without data conversion to the other format. Can I continue to work with elecworks™ 2D and buy SolidWorks Electrical to add 3D features ? Yes, it is quite possible. Is TraceParts component access via the software still available ? Yes. Whether in elecworks™ or in SolidWorks Electrical, access to TraceParts component database is automatic. Where is SolidWorks Electrical available ? The first SolidWorks Electrical version is available in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa from August 2012. Elecworks™ continues to be available for SolidWorks customers in other areas until SolidWorks Electrical becomes available. By the end of October 2012, the SolidWorks Electrical offer will also extend to Asia and from 1st January 2013 to Latin America. At the beginning of the year 2013, SolidWorks Electrical will be sold worldwide.

Charting Basics - Saxo Bank
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Charts are a forex trader’s best friend. As a Forex trader, you will most likely utilize your price charts more than any other available tool. Since your charts are going to play such a large part in your trading, it is imperative you become familiar with them. The more comfortable you are with your charts, the easier it will be to become a successful forex trader. To help you become acquainted with your charts and how you can effectively use them, we will cover the following concepts:The X axis runs horizontally along the bottom of the chart providing a timeline for everything that has happened on the chart. The most recent price action is shown on the right side of the chart and the most distant price action is shown on the left side of the chart. CHART SETUP Let’s start from the very beginning and take a look at how a forex price chart is set up. Once you understand the basics, you will be much more successful applying more advanced concepts to your technical analysis. The Y axis runs vertically along the right side of the chart providing a price scale for the price movement on the chart. Lower prices are shown toward the bottom of the chart and higher prices are shown toward the top of the chart. Forex price charts are built on two axes—the X axis (horizontal axis) and the Y axis (vertical axis). When you put the two axes together, you can see at what price a currency pair was trading at a particular time in the past. For example, you can see that the EUR/USD was trading at 1.4000 on 20 September 2007. 2 CHART TIME FRAMES Saxo Bank forex charts give you the ability to analyze the price movement of your favorite currency pair anywhere from a minute-by-minute basis to a month-by-month basis. You have the flexibility to choose which time frame is best for you. If you are a shorter-term trader, you will want to use shorter time frames for your charts. If you are a longer-term trader, you will want to use longer time frames for your charts. For example, a trader who is looking to quickly jump in and out of trades for 10- to 20-pip profits would most likely want to be watching a 1-minute or a 5-minute chart. A trader who is looking to hold onto trades for a longer period of time to take advantage of larger price moves would most likely want to be watching an hourly or a daily chart. Some traders even choose to use multiple time frames so they can see how the movement of a currency pair looks from various points of view. We will discuss this concept in detail in a later section. 3 To change the time frame on your chart to best match your trading style, click on the button at the top of the chart. A drop-down menu will appear, and you can select your preferred time frame. CHART TYPES Saxo Bank forex charts give you the ability to analyze the price movement of your favorite currency pair in various formats, from line charts to candlestick charts. You have the flexibility to choose which format is best for you. Technical analysis is a visual, almost artistic, skill that traders develop, and different traders like to practice their art on different types of charts. Some traders feel they can see and analyze support and resistance levels better on a line chart, while other traders feel they get more information on price movement on a bar chart or a candlestick chart. Technical analysts tend to gravitate toward the following three chart types: ...

Steps for Downloading and/or Installing Java SE 7, the ... - Springer

Steps for Downloading and/or Installing Java SE 7, the JMF, Apache Tomcat & Eclipse Java SE 7 The download instructions below refer to the latest version of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE), which (at the time of writing) is Java SE 7 Update 5. The Java SE Development Kit (JDK) includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and command-line development tools. It is actually the JDK that you are downloading, but we shall be referring only to the Java SE. 1. Go to 2. Click on the Download button underneath JDK, which is to the right of the text heading showing the latest version of Java. 3. In the table heading halfway down the page, click on the radio button to accept the licence agreement. 4. Click on the filename that appears alongside Windows x86. (This should have the format jdk7u-windows-i586.exe, where is replaced with a number that is either 5 or one slightly higher. 5. Click on the Save button and navigate to a suitable location for the download file (probably the top level of your drive C) and then click the next Save button. (File takes up 87.95MB or more.) 6. After downloading to a suitable location, click on the Open Folder button. 7. Double-click on the executable file that has either been downloaded or been copied from the CD. 8. Click on the Run button. 9. Click on the Next> button (when it becomes available). 10. Customisation is now allowed, via selection from 3 component groups, but simply leave the default selection of Development Tools. (Requires 300MB of disc space.) If you wish to change the default (JDK) installation directory to something more distinctive (such as C:\JavaSE7), then use the Change... button, navigate to your desired location, create a new folder if you wish (e.g., JavaSE7) and click on OK. 11. In the next window, click on Next>. 12. Click on the Change… button if you wish to change the default JRE installation folder (probably to JavaSE7\jre), navigate to the desired folder, select it and then click on OK. [Should NOT really be necessary, since you will merely be overwriting contents of existing jre folder, but can't abandon this without abandoning whole download!] 13. Click on Next>. 14. At the end of the installation process, click on Continue. 15. You may need to go through a process similar to the above for downloading the SDK, clicking on Close at the end. 16. Register with Oracle, if you wish, but there is no need for this....

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Samsung Galaxy S III User Guide - Virgin Mobile

Available applications and services are subject to change at any time. TABLE OF CONTENTS GET STARTED 1 Your Phone at a Glance 1 Set Up Your Phone 1 Install the battery 1 Charge the Battery 2 Turn your Phone On 2 Activation and Service 3 Create Your Account and Pick Your Plan 3 Activate Your Phone 4 Manage Your Account 4 Top-Up Your Account 4 Additional Information 5 Complete the Setup 5 Set Up Voicemail 6 Memory Card 6 Install a microSD Card 7 Remove a microSD Card 7 View microSD Card Memory 7 Format a microSD Card 7 Unmount a microSD Card 8 PHONE BASICS Your Phone’s Layout Key Functions 9 9 9 Turn Your Phone On and Off 10 Turn Your Screen On and Off 10 Touchscreen Navigation 11 Multi Window 16 Your Home Screen 17 Creating Shortcuts 18 Adding and Removing Primary Shortcuts 18 Adding and Removing Widgets 19 Extended Home Screens 19 Recent Apps 20 i Status Bar 20 Enter Text 21 Touchscreen Keyboards 21 Text Input Methods 22 Google Voice Typing 22 Samsung Keyboard 23 Swype 23 Tips for Editing Text 24 PHONE CALLS Make Phone Calls 26 26 Call Using the Keypad 26 Call from Logs 26 Call from Contacts 26 Call a Number in a Text Message 27 Call a Number in an Email Message 27 Call Emergency Numbers 27 Enhanced 911 (E911) Information 28 Receive Phone Calls 28 Answer an Incoming Call 28 Mute the Ringing Sound 28 Reject an Incoming Call 29 Voicemail 29 Retrieve Voicemail Messages 29 Voicemail Notification 29 Visual Voicemail 30 Phone Call Options 30 Dialing Options 30 Caller ID 30 Call Waiting 31 3-Way Calling 31 Call Forwarding 31 In-call Options 32 Speed Dialing 33 Logs 33 View Logs 34 Logs Options 34 Clear Logs 34 ii CONTACTS 35 Get Started with Contacts 35 Access Contacts 35 Add a Contact 35 Save a Phone Number 36 Edit a Contact 36 Add or Edit Information for a Contact 37 Assign an Image to a Contact 37 Assign a Ringtone to a Contact 37 Link a Contact 38 Delete a Contact 38 Add Contacts to Your Favorites 38 Create Groups 39 Create a New Group 39 Add a Contact to a Group 39 Send a Message to Group Members 39 Share a Contact ACCOUNTS AND MESSAGING Google 40 41 41 Create a Google Account 41 Access Gmail 41 Send a Gmail Message 42 Read and Reply to Gmail Messages 42 Email 43 Add an Email Account 43 Add a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Account 43 Compose and Send Email 44 View and Reply to Email 45 Manage Your Email Inbox 45 Edit Email Settings 46 Delete an Email Account 49 Text and Multimedia Messaging 49 Send a Message 49 New Messages Notification 50 Managing Message Conversations 50 Messaging Settings 52 Social Networking Accounts 54 iii Flipboard 54 Google+ 54 Hangouts 54 YouTube 55 APPS AND ENTERTAINMENT Samsung Link 56 56 Configure Samsung Link Settings 56 Use Samsung Link to Share Media with Another Device 57 Group Play 57 DivX 58 DivX Legal Information 59 Locating Your VOD Registration Number 59 Register Your DivX Device for VOD Playback of Purchased Movies 59 Google Play Store 60 Find and Install an App 60 Create a Google Wallet Account 61 Open an Installed App 61 Uninstall an App 61 Google Play Books 61 Google Play Magazines 62 Google Play Movies & TV 62 Google Play Music 62 Music App 62 Google Maps 63 WEB AND DATA 64 Internet 64 Chrome 64 Data Services (3G and 4G) 64 Your Data Services User Name 64 4G Services 65 Wi-Fi 65 Turn Wi-Fi On and Connect to a Wireless Network Bluetooth 65 66 Turn Bluetooth On or Off 66 Connect a Bluetooth Headset or Car Kit 67 Reconnect a Headset or Car Kit 67 Disconnect or Unpair from a Bluetooth Device 68

Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH. Lens

Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH. Lens available for just £389.00 from Tip Top Electronics UK with fast shipping.The Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH. Lens from Panasonic is a wide-angle to short telephoto focal length zoom lens for Micro Four Thirds format cameras.

Expand your mind; change your world and Motivated Audiences

My interactive approach as a speaker goes beyond being motivational: it brings lasting and transformative change to businesses, groups and individuals. I'll make you look great! In an entertaining and original format, I persuade my audience to face their challenges and then reach for a more compelling vision, stronger strategies and a healthier 'Get Switched On' mindset. I ask the hard questions and guide them toward finding the answers that are right for them and then move them to action

Adobe PDF, 24k - Rhode Island College

Hi my name is _____ and I’m calling from the Bureau of Government Research and Services at Rhode Island College. We are not selling anything; we are conducting a study of issues in the news. Please help us by sharing your opinions. Percentages may not add to 100 percent due to rounding. 3. Are things in Rhode Island are going in the right direction, or have they gotten on the wrong track? 1 Right Direction 11% 2 Wrong Track 83% 3 (VOL) Don’t Know 6% 4. What do you think is the most important problem facing Rhode Island right now? PROBE FOR SPECIFIC _______________________________________________________________ 5. Considering the cost of gas, as compared with past summer vacation plans how likely are you to travel outside Rhode Island by car on vacation this year? Are you: 1 More Likely 5% 2 Just as Likely 32% 3 Less Likely 59% 4 (VOL) Don’t Know 2% 5 (VOL) No Answer 2% 6. Supporters say we should allow drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to increase oil supplies. Opponents say drilling would damage the environment in an unspoiled part of the nation. Do you approve or disapprove of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska? 1 Approve 42% 2 Disapprove 50% 3 (VOL) Don’t Know 7% 4 (VOL) Don’t Know 2% 5 (VOL) No Answer 2% 7. In order to help reduce global warming would you be willing or not willing to pay more for electricity if it were generated by renewal sources like the sun or wind energy? 1 Willing 66% 2 Not Willing 25% 3 (VOL) Don’t Know 7% 4 (VOL) No Answer 2% 8. Thinking about gay marriage would you favor or oppose Rhode Island courts having the authority to grant divorces to homosexual couples legally married in Massachusetts now living in Rhode Island? 1 Favor 49% 2 Oppose 39% 3 (VOL) Don’t Know 8% 4 (VOL) No Answer 4% 9. Governor Carcieri issued an Executive Order dealing with illegal immigrants. It requires that the Federal E-Verify system be used to screen state workers and employees of companies doing business with the state and directs certain state agencies to work cooperatively with Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel in enforcing federal immigration laws. Do you 1 Agree 75% 2 Disagree 18% 3 (VOL) Don’t Know 5% 4 (VOL) No Answer 1% 1 As you know, Rhode Island state government has significant financial problems. I am going to read some of the general assembly’s ideas to balance the budget. Please tell me whether you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose each of the provisions I mention: (ROTATE) Proposal St sp Swh sp Swh op St op DK 10. Freezing non-school state aid to cities 4 3 2 1 0 and towns at this year’s level. 29% 25% 14% 23% 10% 11. Reducing the amount of money 4 3 2 1 0 available for college scholarships 12% 12% 18% 54% 4% awarded to needy students. 12. Imposing a two-year time limit on 4 3 2 1 0 welfare benefits. 48% 19% 12% 18% 4% 13. Capping the amount of tax credits paid 4 3 2 1 0 out to encourage the filming of movies 31% 24% 15% 21% 10% and TV shows in Rhode Island. 14. Reducing the number of low income 4 3 2 1 0 families eligible to receive state 20% 14% 19% 43% 4%

MEETINGS & EVENTS - Park Central Hotel
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Since it re-opened in 1987, The Park Central Hotel has been a favorite with companies and groups looking for unique meetings or events on South Beach. To request a proposal, please fill out the RFP form located at MEETINGS & EVENTS RECEPTION MAX 70 BANQUET MAX 50 THEATER MAX 60 FLORIDA ROOM 50' x 40' 700 sq. ft. CONFERENCE MAX 46 U SHAPE MAX 45 HOLLOW SQUARE MAX 28 CLASSROOM MAX 48 BANQUET MAX 20 THEATER MAX 20 IMPERIAL ROOM 23' x 16' 368 sq. ft. CONFERENCE MAX 20 U SHAPE MAX 17 HOLLOW SQUARE MAX 16 CLASSROOM MAX 17 BANQUET MAX 20 THEATER MAX 15 SOUTH MEZZANINE SOUTH MEZZANINE SOUTH MEZZANINE SOUTH MEZZANINE SOUTH MEZZANINE NORTH MEZZANINE NORTH MEZZANINE NORTH MEZZANINE NORTH MEZZANINE NORTH MEZZANINE MEZZANINE ROOMS CONFERENCE SOUTH: MAX 10 NORTH: MAX 16 U SHAPE SOUTH: MAX 9 NORTH: MAX 17 HOLLOW SQUARE NORTH: MAX 16 CLASSROOM SOUTH: MAX 8 NORTH: MAX 12 SOUTH MEZZANINE 17' x 13' 221 sq. ft. NORTH MEZZANINE 18' x 17' 306 sq. ft. 640 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139 Phone: 305.538.1611 Fax: 305.534.7520 Email: