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Creating PowerPoint Talking Storybooks

Creating PowerPoint Talking Storybooks Talking Object, Number, Alphabet Books Richard Walter – ACE Centre, UK Adapted by Sue Mistrett WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE? Like its title suggests, this guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use Microsoft’s PowerPoint to create mouse-operated talking books using pictures scanned in from real books. It will also look at accessing these talking books using a single switch. It is, however, now possible to create your own books on the computer using hardware and software that is generally available in schools and many homes. These ‘talking books’ can be tailor-made to the interests and abilities of the pupils, text can be symbol-supported, and sounds and speech can be included to enable access to those with reading difficulties. Children can actively help to make their own accessible talking books, and this opens up more possibilities of creative and imaginative writing for pupils with learning difficulties. Before you start... Before you start gathering together piles of books to convert, be aware that putting together even a single talking book will take time. Creating a template (a master page that contains the page format and the buttons for turning the pages) at the outset will save hours of time when making a number of books, but even if you only intend to make one, do create a template first. We have created one for you – so that you can focus on adding pictures, text and sound today. First, plan your interactive stories on paper. A storyboard (that is, sketches of each page or slide) will help you keep track of the many possible scenes in your story. Make sure you write down titles for each page because you'll use those titles when creating the presentation in PowerPoint. On your storyboard, draw lines between slides—almost like a path—to show the choices the reader can make in following the story.

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Create a self-paced interactive tutorial - Amazon S3

Create a self-paced interactive tutorial (Step-by-Step Guide) If you find yourself repeating the same class presentations or demos, consider making them into reusable interactive online tutorials. Online tutorials save you time and they make great prerequisite learning and homework assignments, reinforcing key concepts. With Adobe Captivate, you can produce interactive tutorials from scratch by importing assets such as images, video, and audio recordings, and then adding them to the slides in your tutorial. You can also create a tutorial based on an existing PowerPoint document, which is great for teachers and students who have a lot of content in this format already. You can present learners with decision points in the form of text or images. Each decision can include multiple responses. Each response can trigger text or audio feedback and can cause the presentation to branch to the most appropriate slide, anywhere in the presentation. You can also add buttons, such as Next, Previous, or Continue to use for basic navigation. This document shows how to create a simple interactive tutorials based on an existing PowerPoint presentation. Figure 1 Self-paced interactive tutorial Figure 2 Start page Figure 3 Convert PowerPoint Presentations dialog box Figure 4 Captivate project Figure 5 Filmstrip panel Figure 6 New Click box Figure 7 Click box options in the Properties panel Figure 8 Click box timing Figure 9 Size and position the click box Figure 10 Click box actions …Create a self-paced interactive tutorial Step-by-Step Guide

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Applying for a Job: Your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter

cation materials fail to make a good impression, the search committee will focus on others. There is no algorithm or format for producing a successful C.V. I ...

Guide on how to create software  project proposal online

Create software project proposal online easily with the help of web based Software Proposal Portal -Swproposal to win potential customers and automate sales activities.

Graphic Design and Window Film Companies

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Consume your business proposal With regards to Business owners

Your small business plan is really an crucial item for an internet marketer and not simply entirely for the magnitude in the direction of fundraising event technique, still by virtue of the actual way it can help businesspeople firm up his or her's prepare and so appraise his or her program. For example a few reasons to create business strategy plan let's not forget positive businessperson. The vast majority of literary works relating to sector prep focuses primarily on the necessity of a policy to encourage out-of-doors money on the home business, unique thru lending options or even a justness money spent. Many funders is not going to get adding in earnings in a company devoid of attending a well-written, gripping strategic business plan. Proprietor have to be sure the routine shares in terms of your funders will probably discover, and additionally befriends their requirements for that history using the organization set, resource requested for, and thus cash turn back.You will find mu

Convert NSF File to MBOX
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The reason of Lotus Notes NSF users to convert NSF file to MBOX is that converting the NSF file in MBOX file format will let them use the easily accessible MBOX file that too in abundant E-Mail applications.

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We aim to provide information about group discussion in a format which is especially designed for competitive exams. Latest & unique material for group discussion and general knowledge is available on Halfmantr.