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The Wall Street Journal - Greater New York - Dow Jones

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- RENAULT Please read the complete document before starting the installation Brand assignment SEAS add-on module is delivered NOT PROGRAMMED, therefore a brand (Renault in this case) must be set with computer and specific program SETUP TRUCK This procedure can be achieved both before and after the installation on the vehicle (if after the installation, the vehicle power batteries must be disconnected during the operations). • Connect the programming cable to the USB port of your PC • Connect the programming cable to the SEAS module by using the white 4 pins connector; during this operation the LED (Light Emission Diode) of the SEAS module will be off. • Run the program SimulaCan (select it from the list of programs installed on your pc). • Proceed as follow: Select “Start” Wait for next screen displayed (the time required can vary according to the quantity of virtual COM installed) Renault_eng.doc Pagina 1 di 5 Ver. 0.1 If the connection is successfully achieved (serial communication recognized and accepted) the program will display this page: you can now select RENAULT brand Select “Send PROG” When the programming operation is completed, the yellow LED on your SEAS module will turn on. Select “Quit” to close the program SimulaCan • Disconnect the programming cable of your SEAS module and place the specific cover on top of the white 4 pins connector. IMPORTANT: the following instructions indicate how to connect and install your SEAS module on the original AdBlue system of the truck. The number displayed and the colour of the conductors of the AdBlue system are referred to Renault Premium 450 year 2008, these details may vary according to different production lots or vehicle equipment. Please refer to the schemes/layouts supplied with the Renault technical manual to identify the CAN-Bus line of the AdBlue system, its protection fuse and the power feeding. The main working procedure of SEAS modules does not vary.

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4-H Indoor Gardening Project - College of Agriculture - University of ...

4-H Indoor Gardening Project: Making a Desert Dish Garden Prepared by Madge Balden Adams, former special assignment writer for Horticulture Evaporation is slowed down by protective coverings of wax or hairs or by a reduced surface area. (Many succulent plants have a spherical shape because a sphere has the smallest surface area for a given volume.) Succulents grow naturally in semi-deserts where long, dry periods are broken by short, rainy periods. Cacti are one kind of succulent. What to Do Materials Plants With just a few essentials, a few minutes, and your creativity, you can make a desert dish garden. All you need are some cacti or other slow-growing succulent plants, a shallow dish, and sand. That’s it. And the best part is that your garden in a dish will last for years with very little care. Succulents raised in dish gardens are even easier to care for than are single specimens. Fertilization is not needed because you do not want the plants to outgrow the container. You can buy cacti and other succulent plants from a florist or at a garden store that has a plant section. Choose plants of different sizes and shapes that will go well together to make an interesting garden. Choose plants that are in scale with the container you plan to use. Select small plants that grow slowly. Plants should fill the container but not crowd it. Some suitable plants are:...

Water Rocket Booklet
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June 2007 Warning: Water Rocketeering is a potentially dangerous activity and individuals following the instructions herein do so at their own risk. Exclusion of liability: Serco and NPL Management Limited cannot exclude the risk of accident and, for this reason, hereby exclude, to the maximum extent permissible by law, any and all liability for loss, damage, or harm, howsoever arising. Contents WATER ROCKETS SECTION 1: WHAT IS A WATER ROCKET? SECTION 3: LAUNCHERS SECTION 4: OPTIMISING ROCKET DESIGN SECTION 5: TESTING YOUR ROCKET SECTION 6: PHYSICS OF A WATER ROCKET SECTION 7: COMPUTER SIMULATION SECTION 8: SAFETY SECTION 9: USEFUL INFORMATION SECTION 10: SOME INTERESTING DETAILS I began writing this guide to support people entering the NPL Water Rocket Competition. So the first acknowledgement has to be to Dr. Nick McCormick, who founded the competition many years ago and who is still the driving force behind the activity at NPL. Nick’s instinct for physics and fun has brought pleasure to thousands. The inspiration to actually begin writing this document instead of just saying that someone ought to do it, was provided by Andrew Hanson. Once I began writing, lots of people assisted me, many from the NPL Water Rocket Helpers Team, but I would particularly like to thank, Dave Lowe, Jaco Stander and Gergely Vargha for advice about building launchers, permission to use photographs of their equipment, and for generally putting me right on one or two finer points of rocket design. Finally, the Water Rocket activity is supported by NPL’s management, and by Serco, and I am grateful to both the organisations, and many individuals within them. Their support for this kind of activity is one of the reasons that NPL is such a great place to work. Thanks to all of you Michael de Podesta April 2006

Assignment Guidelines: Strayer University In-Person Visit - BARE ...

To gather information as a prospective student. The client is interested in all aspects of the Admissions process from the initial inquiry, setting up an appointment, visiting the campus and learning about your educational goals. The purpose of the campus interview is to allow prospective students to have an in-depth conversation around Strayer University meets the student’s needs, and if so, to start the application process. Allow the Admissions Officer to direct the conversation. Do not ask questions if a topic on the form is not discussed. Be prepared to convincingly answer questions. The visit must be videotaped. SCENARIO: Set an appointment during the phone call portion of the shop. – You will be assigned the phone call portion of this shop as well. You will have two shop forms and two shops listed in your Shop Log. VIDEOTAPING: All campus visits must be videotaped. Insure that the date and time stamp on your equipment is turned on and set to the correct date and time. If you have video questions or need help uploading your video, please contact Lisa, Debbie or Shila at The Shadow Agency for upload instructions or email SPECIFICATIONS: Keep your scenario consistent with what you portrayed during your phone conversation. Portray yourself as a prospective student interested in earning your Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration. Your concentration can be any of the studies under Business Administration.

Using Collage to Honor Nobel Peace Prize Winners

This lesson is designed to be used with Art students, grades 7 & 8, class sizes 20 – 24. We have 42 minute classes once a week; I anticipate needing four weeks to complete the assignment. The general idea is to have students research their choice of Nobel Peace Prize winners, gather the information, and use symbolism to create a collage honoring their chosen laureate. Academic standards. Students will: • Have a basic understanding of the history of the Nobel Peace Prize, and a range of recipients. • Use the medium of collage to communicate their knowledge of and ideas about a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and where they fit in history. • Understand where their collage fits in the history of collage works and techniques. • Use symbols to communicate ideas. • Use elements and principles of art to create an effective design, particularly balance, emphasis, contrast and pattern. Expected Student Outcomes. Students will: • Know about the Nobel prizes in general, the Nobel Peace Prize, and one recipient in depth • Be able to use collage to communicate their ideas about a Peace Prize winner. • Believe that Nobel Peace Prize winners are honored and respected members of the global community, and that collage is an effective medium to show that respect. Activities Day One:...

PCB Design Guidelines For Reduced EMI - Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that information being relied on is current and complete. All products are sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale supplied at the time of order acknowledgement, including those pertaining to warranty, patent infringement, and limitation of liability. TI warrants performance of its semiconductor products to the specifications applicable at the time of sale in accordance with TI’s standard warranty. Testing and other quality control techniques are utilized to the extent TI deems necessary to support this warranty. Specific testing of all parameters of each device is not necessarily performed, except those mandated by government requirements.


CONTENTS PAGE ______________________________________________________________________ EXPERIMENT SCHEDULE 3 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 4 LAB STANDARD OPERATIONS PROCEDURE 9 WHMIS 12 1 THE ISOLATION AND QUANTITATION OF UBIQUINONE Saponification Extraction and Evaporation TLC Scanning spectrophotometry Lab Report Do you know? Reagents and Functions 15 2 THE ISOLATION OF RED BLOOD CELL MEMBRANE PROTEINS Preparation of Red Blood Cell Membranes Protein Determination Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Lab Report Do you know? Reagents and Functions References 31 APPENDIX Excel Procedures 46 Pipetman Operation 49 Hitachi High Speed Himac Refrigerated Centrifuge 50 Sorvall Legend X1R Centrifuge Operation 52 Biochrom Ultraspec pro500 Operation 54 Biochrom Spec3100 Operation 55 SAMPLE LAB EXAM 56 3 MBOI 3460 Membrane and Cellular Biochemistry SCHEDULE 2013 All labs start at 2:30 pm unless otherwise stated. Section assignment is based on last name - see lab website for details. Week Section Room # Experiment/In-lab Assignment Date # 1 1 204 The isolation and quantitation of ubiquinone (1) Saponification Sept 13 2 2 204 The isolation and quantitation of ubiquinone (1) Saponification Sept 20 3 1 2 204 201 The isolation and quantitation of ubiquinone (2) TLC Sept 27 4 1 204 The isolation and quantitation of ubiquinone (3) Scanning spectrophotometry Oct 4 5 2 204 The isolation and quantitation of ubiquinone (3) Scanning spectrophotometry Oct 11 6 1 2 204 201 The isolation of red blood cell membrane proteins (1) Isolation and Bradford protein determination Oct 18 7 1 2 204 201 The isolation of red blood cell membrane proteins (2) Lowry protein determination and Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Oct 25 8 1&2 534 Nov 1 11 1&2 TBA EM Microscope Demonstration, 534 Buller, wait outside door at designated time for your group: groups 1 - 8 attend at 2:30 pm; groups 9-16 attend at 2:50 pm; groups 17-24 attend at 3:10 pm Lab exam Nov 22 MBIO 3460 Report Due Dates Week # Description Datea ....

“If Looks Could Kill” Toyota - Amazon Web Services

Business Situation and Campaign Objectives Background and Business Objectives Within the African-American consumer market (AACM), the midsize passenger car segment is a fierce battleground. This category includes the best-selling Toyota Camry as well as two wellknown rivals – Nissan Altima and Honda Accord. The launch of the redesigned 2007 Camry was seen as an opportunity to steal share from the competition but the buyers Toyota hoped to steal did not see a reason to test drive the new Camry. Before even seeing it, African American buyers who were interested in Altima and Accord had stereotyped Camry as a “boring car for boring people”. The challenge was to convey that the new Camry was the opposite of “boring”; to position Camry as just as surprising and unexpected as the buyers themselves. Marketing Strategy The marketing objectives were to: Generate awareness for the Camry’s styling and technological advancements. Change perceptions of Camry among African-Americans intending to buy competitive brands (“conquest intenders”) by delivering a surprising experience that would cause the target to reconsider Camry (Increase consideration). Budget The total budget for the assignment (“If Looks Could Kill” campaign) was approximately $2-5 million, spread out over media, production and promotion/PR.

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