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Red Flag findings are symptoms or conditions ... -

Red Flag findings are symptoms or conditions that may require immediate attention and supersede the PT being the primary provider of service. Red flag findings are typically indicative of non-mechanical (non-neuromusculoskelteal) conditions or pathologies of visceral origin. Medical History • History of Cancer (personal or familial) • Unwarranted general fatigue/malaise • Recent Infection, Illness, or Constitutional symptoms • Immunosuppression • Injection drug use • Altered Vital Signs (BP, HR, PR, body temp) • Fever/Night Sweats Clinical Presentation • Unknown etiology with insidious onset • Symptoms unaltered by examination or intervention (for better or worse) • Symptoms unaltered or inconsistent with specific positions or postures • Diminishing symptomatic relief value from previously effective remedies • Disproportionate symptoms • Symptoms do not fit in typical or recognizable pattern • Unexplained symptoms (swelling, paraesthias, weakness, tone alteration) • Significant, unintended weight loss or Gastrointestinal Disturbances • Palpable, growing mass • Skin/Nail Changes • Cardiovascular Changes (shortness of breath, chest pain, pulsatile findings) • Bowel/Bladder Change or Dysfunction Abnormal Pain Symptoms • Pain despite full passive ROM • Pain inconsistent with emotional or psychological status • Nocturnal pain (sleep interruption) • Constant and/or poorly localized pain • Severe, unremitting, or unusual pain Neuro Presentation • Altered mental status • Altered attentiveness (drowsy, lethargic, sleepy) • Blurred vision, altered speech, hearing deficits • Difficult swallowing • Headache • Balance/Coordination Deficits or altered DTRs

Top 10 Male Organ Health Tips from the Experts

Male organ health is a primary concern for men of all ages. Reading up on the personal care recommendations of men’s health experts can help men keep their tools in great shape.

Root Cause Analysis (local copy)
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Root Cause Analysis • Root Cause Analysis is a method that is used to address a problem or non-conformance, in order to get to the “root cause” of the problem. It is used so we can correct or eliminate the cause, and prevent the problem from recurring. • Traditional applications of Root Cause Analysis – Resolution of customer complaints and returns. – Disposition of non-conforming material (Scrap and Repair) via the Material Review process. – Corrective action plans resulting from internal and customer audits. 2 Objective • Through this training course, you will: – Understand the meaning of “Root Cause” – Know the steps used to identify the root cause of problems. 3 What is Root Cause? • Root Cause is the fundamental breakdown or failure of a process which, when resolved, prevents a recurrence of the problem. Or, in other words • For a particular product problem, Root Cause is the factor that, when you fix it, the problem goes away and doesn’t come back. • Root Cause Analysis is a systematic approach to get to the true root causes of our process problems. 4 Philosophy of Root Cause Analysis • Each problem is an opportunity (“golden nugget”) because it can tell a story about why and how it occurred. • It is critical that everyone take a personal and active role in improving quality. • The “true” problem must be understood before action is taken. – Problems are often masked for a variety of reasons • To do this well, we must be – Both focused and open-minded – Both patient and quick – Above all, we must be relentless 5

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First Study of LSD's Psychotherapeutic Benefits in Four Decades Breaks Research Taboo

Today The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease published results from the first study of LSD's therapeutic potential in humans to appear in more than four decades. The controlled, double-blind study, which was conducted in Switzerland under the direction of Swiss psychiatrist Peter Gasser, measured the impact of LSD-assisted psychotherapy on 12 people with life-threatening diseases (mainly terminal cancer). "The study was a success in the sense that we did not have any noteworthy adverse effects," Gasser says. "All participants reported a personal benefit from the treatment, and the effects were stable over time."

Shearin Group Ten Qualities of Outstanding Leaders

Although personal positive traits and skills may vary, most experts agree that excellent leaders tend to view the world in a consistent way. A stable set of values is particularly essential, as is a passion for maintaining high ethical standards.

OMRON SYSMAC-C 1:n - Pro-face Europe

Installation This CD-ROM includes all the protocol files required by the GP/GLC to communicate with an Omron Corporation PLC. Also, you will need to have the GP Screen Editor software (GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows95 version 2.1 or higher) installed on your personal computer’s hard disk. For information about the installation of the GP Screen Editor software, refer to that software’s Operation Manual. 1) Be sure to Confirm that the GP Screen Editor software is installed in your PC prior to starting this installation. 2) To install the Omron protocol files, click on this CD-ROM’s “sysmacc2.exe” files icon. 3) Once the setup program starts, follow the instructions given to install the protocol. When using the Omron SYSMAC-C Series (CQM1H-CPU51/CQM1H-CPU61) unit (1:n connection), select [OMRON SYSMAC-C 1:n Comm] for the “PLC Type”. ...

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