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Aircraft Deicing Market
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Aircraft Deicing Aircraft Ground Deicing is a method to remove frozen or semi frozen moisture from critical external surfaces of an aircraft. Aircraft Deicing usually involves removal of any frozen or semi frozen moisture from engine intakes & fan blades; thereby protecting the external surfaces from subsequent contamination before takeoff.

Vaikundarajan Says Kerala Blasters- Team Secures Semi Final Spot With 1-0 Win Over Pune City

Kerala Blaster FC beat FC Pune City, in a nail biter of a match says Vaikundarajan. An Iain Hume’s 23rd minute solitary goal proved decisive for the Kerala Blasters to reach the semi finals. With this victory the blasters now have a tally of 19 points and claim the third place behind leaders Chennaiyin FC and FC Goa in the league table.

A Set with Special Arrangement and Semi-Group on a  New System Called the Stacked System

This paper put a new mathematical system (stacked system) interested in arranging elements in a manner simple analytical set (according to the importance of the element in the set) and to prove that this system is a semi-group and prove some properties of semi-groups in this system.

The Relationship of Social Roles with Various Individual  Preferences and Subsequent effects on Vari

Importance of social roles in societal interconnectivity and cohesion is established and can help study social transition such may be from dictatorship to democracy. Social roles and individual preference are dominatingly harmonious in various social norms and supposed to be there in ‘office roles’ in the present study in case of various preferences served in the form of a questionnaire to the equal number of officers and men of similar governments ranks of a public sector University and prison department two completely different roles to study role identity of all participants with their selecting ‘preferences’ in a semi subjective questionnaire revolving around the routine office work related to both departments administered to them. The results revealed ‘significant’ difference between the role ‘demands’ and preferences selection among all groups reflecting thereby a ‘role confusion’ that could be there may be due to political transition.

Automatic Template Extraction from Heterogeneous  Web Pages

- In this paper, we will enlist the process of extracting template from heterogeneous Web Pages. Extracting structured information from semi-structured machine readable web pages automatically plays a major role these days, so some websites are using common templates with contents to populate the data for good productivity, Where WWW is the major resource for extracting the information. The problem here is for machines, the templates in the web pages are considered to be harmful since they degrade the performance of web applications due to irrelevant terms in the Template. As a result, the performance of the entire system degrades. Template Detection technique can be used to improve the performance of search engine as well as for classification of web documents. In this paper, we present algorithms to extract templates from a very large number of web pages that are getting generated from heterogeneous templates. Using the similarity of template structures in the documen

The Meaning of Caring From Nurses Working at an  Intensive Coronary Care Unit in Mauritius

Background: One of the major concerns in intensive care units is caring. There was no universally accepted definition of the phenomenon, instead of decades of research in this field. Purpose: The study presented here was designed to explore the meaning of caring, particularly from the nurses working at a renowned intensive coronary care unit (ICCU). Method: Volunteers participated in semi-structured interviews and the interviews were recorded in a tape. The recordings were transcribed verbatim and the analysis was done using Colliazzi reductive framework. Findings: Being a nurse in the ICCU meant being valuable, professional, and confident. However, in some cases they were also frustrated. The theme that emerged from the meaning of caring include accountability, empathy, competency development and holistic service.

The Stacked Semi-Groups and Fuzzy Stacked Systems on  Transportation Models

This paper touched the concept of a new system of abstract algebra .Where we relied on a set of semi order, and the stack of elements in the form of a matrix. We proved that this system is a semi-group, after providing the fuzzy system to the system, and access to the algebraic operations determine the significance of any element in the set and reliance on the location element in the set . Identify new methods to resolve the issues of transportation models in Operations Research.

Solid Waste Disposal Site Selection for Kandy District,  Sri Lanka Integrating GIS and Risk Assessme

Open dumping is the most common method of solid waste disposal in many developing countries including Sri Lankan urban areas. Appropriate landfill site selection is important to minimize negative impacts associated with open dump sites. Landfill siting is an extremely difficult task to accomplish due to strong public opposition and regulations. Developing countries do not have a systematic process for landfill site selection and hence unsuccessful landfill siting leading to environmental degradation is typically the result especially in the developing world. Data were collected from Kandy district, Sri Lanka. Both GIS analysis and semi quantitative risk assessment were used and eight map layers such as surface water bodies, distance from transportation routes and urban areas, land use/land cover, soil, rainfall, population density, elevation were utilized. ArcGIS 9.3 software and its extensions were used as the GIS tool since it is able to perform suitability analysis usi

OC Rugged Laptops
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OC Rugged Laptops brings to you a complete range of rugged and semi-rugged from Panasonic to cater to your needs. It has managed to earn a reputation among its client as a leading supplier of Refurbished Toughbooks. If you are in search of affordable notebook, OC Rugged is the best place to shop for. We have a myriad of options, which comes with an affordable price tag.

Wrapping Pallets With A Semi Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

HOF Equipment Company describes about how stretch wrap machine helps to secure materials to a pallet and protect them during handling and transport. Call 888.990.1150 for more info.

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