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Managing electronics design data – from concept to ... - GoEngineer

As the process of developing electronic products has increased in complexity and involved more engineering domains, managing the huge array of design data that’s sourced and generated has become a crucial part of the task. Beyond the traditional notions of electronics design – developing hardware and software – engineers are spending an increasing amount of time sourcing, storing, reusing and releasing a wide variety of design data. Maintaining the integrity of that design data across the entire product development process is an increasingly necessary part of today’s electronics design process, and its effectiveness can make the difference between commercial failure or success. This is largely about eliminating risk. The familiar risks associated with introducing a new, unproven part into your design, but more importantly, the risks associated with reusing existing design data – from the most basic design elements such as component models though to high level blocks of functional circuitry and design output released to manufacturing. Successfully managing that risk and maintaining the integrity of existing design data will mean that a pool of proven design elements becomes available for new designs. The elements, from components to complete design sections, have been used in fully-developed, debugged production designs and are therefore known, trusted entities that can be dropped into new designs with a high level of confidence in their integrity. The low design risk associated with this approach carries the cumulative benefit of being able to progressively building up higher level design elements (for example, blocks of circuitry) from known, trusted elements such as components or sub-circuits. When successfully used in a production design, that higher level design data can become the basis of even higher level design elements. Each stage of increasing design abstraction in the reusable elements is based on proven, high integrity sub elements. With the right data management systems in place the traditional risks associated with meaningful design reuse can be vastly reduced, and the task of taking a design from concept to production will …

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INTERIOR DESIGN What can I do with this major? AREAS INTERIOR DESIGN Commercial Design Including: Offices Retail Healthcare Hospitals and clinics Medical offices Hospitality Restaurants Bars and Clubs Hotels and Motels Resorts Theaters Civic Airports Government Facilities Residential Design Single-Family Houses Apartments Condominiums In-store Design Design Specialties Including: Bath Kitchen Lighting Ergonomic Design Green Design Renovations Sales/Marketing Education EMPLOYERS Design firms Architecture firms Design divisions of corporations/institutions Carpet manufacturers Furniture and home stores Federal government departments Colleges and universities Self-employed STRATEGIES/INFORMATION Create a portfolio of your work while in school. Complete an internship to gain relevant experience. After finishing a design degree and gaining required experience, prepare to take the qualifying exam administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Learn to understand both the artistic, creative side and the business, technical side of design to assure success in the field. Become familiar with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Develop strong communication skills which are important when interacting with clients and writing work proposals. Understand the importance of learning to listen attentively to others and providing excellent customer service. Learn to work well with different types of people including clients, architects, contractors and other service providers. Gain experience working in a fast-paced environment and meeting deadlines. Plan to work on multiple projects at a time. Join relevant student organizations and seek leadership roles. Become a student member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Conduct informational interviews with interior designers in a variety of settings to learn about particular areas of interest. Build a network of contacts. Interior designers are four times as likely to be selfemployed than people in other specialty professions. Most others work in small firms of 1 to 5 employees. (BLS)

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Installation Instructions for JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED 2 & 4 DOOR

This kit should only be installed on a vehicle that is in good working condition. Before you install the kit, thoroughly inspect the vehicle for corrosion or deformation of the sheet metal around the factory body mounts. If the vehicle is suspected to have been in a collision or misused, do not install this kit. Off-road use of your vehicle with this kit installed may increase the stress applied to the factory body mounts. We do not recommend that any vehicle with a body lift kit installed be involved in any extreme off-road maneuvers such as jumping. Failure to observe this warning may result in serious personal injury and/or severe damage to your vehicle. WARNING Installation of a Performance Automotive Group body lift kit will change the vehicle’s center of gravity and handling characteristics both on- and off-road. You must drive the vehicle safely! Extreme care must be taken to prevent vehicle rollover or loss of control, which could result in serious injury or death. Avoid sudden sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers and always make sure all vehicle occupants have their seat belts fastened. WARNING Many states and municipalities have laws restricting bumper heights and vehicle lifts. Consult state and local laws to determine if the changes you intend to make to the vehicle comply with the law. WARNING The installation of larger tires may reduce the effectiveness of the braking system. WARNING Before you install this kit, read and understand all instructions, warnings, cautions, and notes in this instruction sheet and in the vehicle owner’s manual. WARNING Always wear eye protection when operating power tools. CAUTION WARNING Proper installation of this kit requires knowledge of the factory recommended procedures for removal and installation of original equipment components. We recommend that the factory shop manual and any special tools needed to service your vehicle be on hand during the installation. Installation of this kit without proper knowledge of the factory recommended procedures may affect the performance of these components and the safety of the vehicle. We strongly recommend that a certified mechanic familiar with the installation of similar components install this kit. Before you install this kit, block the vehicle tires to prevent the vehicle from ...

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WHAT IS A BUSINESS REPORT AND HOW DO I WRITE ONE? Business reports can take different forms. Generally, they are concise documents that first inform by summarizing and analyzing key facts and situations and then make recommendations to the person or group asking for the report. One example—four small county hospitals are no longer covering their expenses and are costing taxpayers dearly. Each operates very differently from the others. Some legislators think the least profitable hospitals should be closed while some taxpayers think all four should be consolidated into one regional administrative unit. An independent task force is considering all the feasible alternatives and will make a final recommendation to the county. You have been asked to write a report to this task force. You have an array of data collected from the hospitals as well as information about the communities they serve and available literature on hospital administration to draw from. Before writing this or any report, you must ask yourself two important questions: 1. Who is my audience? (In business, this is likely to be either your supervisors or clients, such as the task force above,1 who will read your report.) 2. What is my purpose? (This is what your readers need to know to do their job.) If you don’t understand your audience and purpose, you are not likely to create a report that meets the needs of those who will be reading it. AUDIENCE: In the example above, you must write your report as if you were writing not to your professor, but rather to the task force members. Who are they? Legislators? Nurses? Lawyers? Administrators? Taxpayers? All of these? Whoever they are, you need to ask and answer the following: What do they already know before they read your report? What do you want them to know after they’ve read it? What are their backgrounds? What are their likely biases? How do they approach problems—for example, would certain kinds of information and terminology be understood by the medical staff but not by administrators? The medical staff would be familiar with information on risks and benefits of certain medications for certain patients, while administrators would be familiar with government regulations on Medicare reimbursement. Use information, explanations, and language familiar to your specific readers. ..

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Welcome to Garden Gate! Who among us hasn’t coveted a neighbor’s arbor bejeweled with clematis blooms or dreamed about having our own rose garden? If this sounds familiar, you’ll want to check out two stories in this issue. Clematis, on p. 12, will show you everything you need to know to have gorgeous clematis in your own garden. It all starts with knowing which pruning group your clematis falls into. Sound complicated? It won’t be after you read our story. Then on p. 26 you’ll find out that pruning roses isn’t as “thorny” an issue as you may think! Another common problem gardeners face is clay soil. If you’re thinking of tackling a clay area, you won’t want to miss this issue’s Top Picks article on p. 20. In it we share our list of 10 plants guaranteed to thrive in even the stickiest soil. Have you ever noticed how the best advice comes from fellow gardeners? We think so, too. That’s why we like to pass along our readers’ great ideas to one another. Be sure to read on p. 32 how one reader designed several garden rooms even within the confines of an averagesized city lot. And on our Reader Tips pages, look for ways to save time, money and energy straight from the backyards of fellow gardeners. Finally, here at Garden Gate, we’re all gardeners, just like you are. And we’d like to think that we can share our experiences and problems with you, just as you can with us. I hope you’ll find many pages of inspiration and ideas in this issue. Happy gardening! © 2004, August Home Publishing Company


CARTA DE PRESENTACIÓN Y CURRÍCULUM VITAE Ejemplos de cartas de presentación Autocandidatura En el siguiente ejemplo puedes apreciar cómo el candidato Pedro García Gómez, se presenta de forma espontánea con una autocandidatura y para ello: • Busca empresas del sector en el que ha tenido experiencia (Fabricantes de maquinaria). • Se ofrece como experto • Solicita que le entrevisten Pedro García Gómez C/ Del Sol, nº. 18 08014 Barcelona Sr. Ernesto Domínguez López INDUSTRIAS JOVI. S.A. C/ La Alameda, nº 24 08034, Barcelona Barcelona, 15 de Febrero de 2009 Estimado Sr. Domínguez: He podido comprobar por distintos medios que su empresa “INDUSTRIAS JOVI, S.A.” es líder en la fabricación de productos y maquinaria para la fabricación de zapatos. Por mi experiencia como Jefe de Ventas en una firma del sector, he seguido con atención el desarrollo de su empresa; por ello estimo que mi colaboración podría serles útil a la hora de planificar campañas y promocionar su firma. Me gustaría tener la oportunidad de conversar con usted, en una entrevista, y exponerle con mayor amplitud aquellos datos que deseen conocer. En espera de sus noticias les saluda atentamente: Fdo: Pedro García Gómez Adjunto “Currículum Vitae” Respuesta a un Anuncio En el siguiente ejemplo se muestra una carta en respuesta a una oferta concreta de Abogado: • Hace referencia a la fecha del anuncio y el medio en el que se publicó. ...

3_3_2_La Carta de Presentación - Portal de Empleo y Formación ...

OBJETIVOS GENERALES Aprender a redactar y utilizar correctamente la carta de presentación como herramienta en la búsqueda de empleo, con el fin de promover la obtención de los mejores resultados tanto en los casos en que se trate de responder a una oferta de empleo como en aquellos otros en los que el objetivo sea presentar una autocandidatura. II. OBJETIVOS ESPECÍFICOS Conocer el concepto y objetivos de la carta de presentación, así como cuándo y cómo emplearla. Conocer los tipos de cartas de presentación, sus objetivos, su estructura, su uso indicado y la información que cada uno de ellos debe contener. Seleccionar adecuadamente qué información se debe detallar en la carta de presentación, el modo en que debemos exponerla y el lugar en que hemos de ubicarla en la estructura de la carta. Redactar la carta de presentación del modo más adecuado según se trate de una carta de presentación de respuesta a una oferta de empleo o de una carta de presentación de autocandidatura. III. CONTENIDOS TEÓRICOS 1. Concepto y finalidad de la carta de presentación La carta de presentación es un documento que siempre debe acompañar y preceder a nuestro currículum vitae en todo proceso de selección en el que participemos y que, junto con éste, supondrá en la mayoría de los casos nuestro primer contacto con la empresa seleccionadora, así como el primer conocimiento que ésta tenga sobre nosotros. La finalidad que perseguimos con la presentación de esta carta es aumentar nuestras posibilidades de éxito en el proceso de selección. De este modo, una carta de presentación adecuadamente redactada y presentada contribuirá a causar una buena impresión a los destinatarios de la misma, incrementando así las posibilidades de que nuestra candidatura sea estudiada con atención y de ser convocados a una entrevista. Importante: La carta de presentación deberá acompañar al currículum vitae siempre, a no ser que la oferta de empleo a la que respondemos indique expresamente lo contrario. Importante: Con esta herramienta lo que pretendemos es mejorar la presentación de nuestro currículum y causar una buena impresión a los seleccionadores. ...

Elaboración de la carta de presentación

... LA CARTA DE PRESENTACION Esquema general DEFINICIÓN La carta de Presentación es el medio por el cual el demandante de empleo presenta su candidatura de forma breve y clara a la empresa. • Siempre acompaña al C.Vitae, siendo una interpretación e expansión de los aspectos más relevantes del mismo. • Aprovecha la capacidad comunicativa, mostrando las aptitudes/ actitudes del candidato. • Refleja el interés por el puesto solicitado. • Conseguir participar en un proceso de selección. CARTA DE PRESENTACIÓN Nombre y Apellidos del Remitente Domicilio/ Teléfono/E-mail CP/ Ciudad Ciudad, día, mes y año de envío Empresa Dirección/ CP A/A (Nombre y Apellidos del destinatario)Responsable Cargo/Departamento/ Ref ...

Cartas de Presentación - Futures Through Training

Cartas de Presentación - Introducción a las Cartas de Presentación Una carta de presentación es una carta que escribe a ir con su resumen. Esta carta es una forma de decirle al empleador cuál es el trabajo que está solicitando y por qué usted sería un buen candidato para este trabajo. Es una manera de hacer la hoja de vida profesional, genérico más personal y atender las necesidades específicas de la empresa y cómo puede satisfacer sus necesidades. En este paquete, que le ayudará a aprender lo que va con una carta de presentación. También le enseñará cómo escribir una buena carta de presentación. Escriba una nueva carta de presentación cada vez que usted solicita un nuevo puesto de trabajo. Cartas de Presentación - Escribir Una Carta de Presentación - Reglas Para Recordar No es apropiado utilizar un genérico “To Whom It May Concern” Carta de presentación. Por lo tanto, usted tendrá que escribir una carta de presentación para cada trabajo que usted solicita con un resumen. Cada vez que escribe una carta de presentación, hay algunas reglas que usted debe recordar: 1. Escriba su Carta de Presentación: Ninguna persona de negocios va a tomar en serio si entrega una carta escrita a mano. Los empleadores esperan que las personas que van a trabajar sean profesionales, y eso significa que el trabajo que se presente debe ser un trabajo de alta calidad. 2. Límite de la Carta de Presentación de Una Página: Las personas que revisan los currículos y cartas tienen una cantidad limitada de tiempo. Tratamos de darles lo que necesitan saber en la menor espacio, y se preste más atención que si usted escribe mucho. Si entrega más de una página de una carta de presentación, es posible que no se lea o puede ser considerado no profesional. 3. Siempre Entrigue una Carta de Presentación con un Resumen: Incluso si no está en la lista de trabajo, se espera. Muchos empleadores no listan la necesidad de una carta de presentación con su resumen en un anuncio, ya que se cobran por palabra, y se supone que debe saber que quiere uno. Si se toma el tiempo para hacer una carta de presentación, que s ...