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App Rivista Natura, gratis il nuovo numero per chi ama la natura e l’ambiente

L’ultimo numero de La Rivista della Natura per tablet può essere scaricato, senza costi, dall’Apple Store e da Google Play. La rivista – derivata dalla versione su carta – offre grande interattività, contenuti speciali extra e… molte sorprese. Da non perdere per chi ama la natura e l’ambiente.

Graphic Standards Manual - Collin College

Basic Standards This section of the graphic standards manual establishes the guidelines for using the Collin College logo and other critical elements that constitute and influence our image. It is important to become familiar with these guidelines so that you understand the fundamental elements and implement them properly. College Name Collin College The college brand name is Collin College. This name should be used in marketing, publicity, promotional and informational materials. Examples: First reference “Collin College made a major announcement today.” Use Collin College on first reference and either Collin College or “the college” on subsequent references. Collin County Community College District The legal name of the college. The legal name will be used when conducting official college business or when referring to the college in materials that will be circulated outside of the college’s service area.

CC Control Mobile App Android FINAL.indd - Universal Remote ...

CC CONTROL MOBILE APP FOR ANDROID™ Transform your Android devices into handy remotes The app is downloaded URC’s CC Control Mobile App for Android™ enables Play™ Store. Your custom control of A/V components, directly over the local area integration professional will properly set up with your network (LAN) and through a connected compatible devices and Base Station. And, unlimited Android URC MRX Base Station, using any Android smart phone devices can be activated on your system. for free from The Google or tablet. Aided by dazzling, intuitive interfaces, you can set your DVR, navigate favorite channels, control music, videos and more. Even enjoy complete lighting control, from room scenes to individual loads by adding an optional URC component. The result is a complete solution for any control need, right from your Android devices. Leveraging familiarity Enjoy control of your home’s A/V, lighting and more in ways already familiar to you. By using familiar Android gestures like swipe, tap and rotate, you get quick access to control and automate your electronics. Browse through pages by swiping and flip between portrait and landscape views without missing a beat.

Charlie Pierce music
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Sometimes sounding like a man possessed, Charlie Pierce’s piano playing is driven and intense. During a performance, he will rattle you to the core with a heartbreaking ballad and then unleash a New Orleans inspired boogie that leaves a listener longing for the days when juke joints ruled the American landscape. His music is somehow familiar, yet can leave you feeling like an outsider who has just witnessed something very real, painfully beautiful, and ultimately redeeming. Regardless of how his music grabs you, at the very least, Charlie’s performances are the most genuine thing you have heard in a very long time.

Furniture Design - Fetac
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The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) was set up as a statutory body on 11 June 2001 by the Minister for Education and Science. Under the Qualifications (Education & Training) Act, 1999, FETAC now has responsibility for making awards previously made by NCVA. This is an elective module leading to Level 6 Certificate in a number of related design disciplines. This module will provide an understanding of the strategies inherent in furniture design. This includes an understanding of the relationships between the factors that influence design solutions, and the development of the creative methodologies needed to solve problems in design for manufacture. Special Requirements FETAC Furniture Design and Manufacture Level 5 or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences. None. General Aims Learners who successfully complete this module will: 8.1.1 Understand the evolution of furniture design from early design developments up to post modernism and furniture design today. 8.1.2 Know the principles of how furniture is constructed. 8.1.3 Understand the principles of designing for visual attractiveness. 8.1.4 Be familiar with the principles and techniques for developing products that are easy to manufacture and assemble through design methodologies. 9 Units The specific learning outcomes are grouped into units. Unit 1. The Evolution of Furniture Design. Unit 2. Design and Construction of Furniture. Unit 3. Design for Visual attractiveness. Unit 4. Design for manufacture.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (PC) - Medical Education

OFFICE OF EDUCATIONAL COMPUTING, MEDICAL EDUCATION DIVISION, UCSD SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MARCH 2010 PART I: GETTING STARTED Welcome to the intermediate / advanced class in Microsoft PowerPoint. To begin, please work exercise I below on your own. This presentation will be used as the basis for the rest of this session. Exercise I - Create a new presentation 1. Use Design tab (Page Setup section) to size your slides for an On-screen show. 2. From the same tab, select your Theme and Theme Colors or use the Background Styles to add a simple background color. 3. Add a title to your presentation. 4. Return to Home tab (Slides section). Use the New Slides pull down menu to add 2-3 more sides. 5. From the Insert tab, insert one or more pictures from the Media4PPT folder on the desktop. 6. If you have time, add a few speaker notes in the Notes Pane. PART II: WORKING WITH DESIGN & LAYOUT TOOLS Employing Slide Masters A Slide Master, part of the PPT file info, stores: • Placement of text and objects on a slide. • Text characteristics (font type, size, color, etc.). • Line spacing preferences. • Background (theme, background graphics, etc). • Special effects (shadows, bullet type, etc.). • Placeholders for text, headers, and footers. Presentation created using Slide Master look more professional and (once you are familiar with the process) are easier to create. Slide Masters ensure consistency from slide to slide. They enable you to change the appearance of all slides (of a given layout) with a single change on the slide master. Slide...

PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial - McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Overview The goal of this tutorial is to introduce you to the fundamentals of PowerPoint 2007. This tutorial includes step-bystep instructions for creating a presentation; adding and formatting text, images, and media; organizing and animating slides; and showing a presentation. In addition, a special section covering PowerPoint design tips concludes the tutorial. This tutorial is intended to supplement the discussion of visual aids in your textbook. Getting Started Screen Elements Before jumping into the technical instructions on how to create a PowerPoint presentation, first let’s get familiar with the most important features of a standard PowerPoint window. PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial Page 2 © 2010 by The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Microsoft Office Button: The Microsoft Office button appears in the top left corner of the window and includes basic file functions such as New, Open, Save, and Print. Tabs: The many buttons and menu options required to create and edit presentations are grouped into seven distinct categories and accessible from tab-like buttons which appear across the top of the window. Ribbon: The ribbon contains the buttons and menu options specific to each tab for creating and editing presentations. Current Slide: The current slide appears in the middle of the screen and contains the contents of a particular PowerPoint slide.

Reductions in Force
by careerminds 0 Comments favorite 33 Viewed Download 0 Times | A reduction in force occurs when a business must lay off a number of employees permanently to cut payroll costs and save money. There are many laws to be familiar and compliant with, including discrimination laws, the WARN Act, and union contracts. Employers should also maintain control of the conversation when terminating employees and make sure they are adequately prepared ahead of time.

Meal Planning 101
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Meal Planning 101 Do you arrive home most days feeling ravenous but too tired to cook? Are you frustrated with spending so much money for restaurant or take-out meals? Do you wander aimlessly in the aisles of the supermarket filling your cart with impulse buys? If any of this sounds familiar, read on . . . Having a supply of simple, nutritious foods in your cupboards, fridge and freezer will allow you to make quick & nutritious meals while staying on your budget. All you need is a little planning and organization: Make a shopping list. Include items you will need for meals and snacks for a week or 10 days. It’s helpful to keep a running list on the fridge and add items as you use them up. Check out store ads for specials but only buy what you need! Think of 3 or 4 main meals you can make during the week. Plan on cooking extra portions of some items to use in other meals. For example, cook several chicken breasts at one time to be used in sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads or soups. Cooked meats can be stored safely in the fridge for up to 4 days. Vary your meals and include different colors, flavor and textures. Surf the web for recipes; check out:,,, , or look for recipe books on cooking for one or two.

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7 de enero de 2008 Sr. Héctor González Director de Recursos Humanos Periódico El Nuevo Horizonte Apartado 4000 Hato Rey, PR 00918 Estimado señor González: En la edición del 5 de enero de 2000 del periódico El Nuevo Horizonte, aparece anunciada la oportunidad de trabajar con su empresa como Asistente de Contabilidad. Con mis años de experiencia laboral he desarrollado una disciplina y una capacidad para enfocar metas, así como otras cualidades que son muy necesarias para el éxito de toda compañía. Estoy seguro de que, con estas valiosas herramientas, podré contribuir a su empresa. El resumé que se acompaña incluye información sobre mi preparación académica universitaria en el campo de contabilidad. Desearía entrevistarme con usted para discutir las posibilidades de emplearme en su compañía. Espero saludarle personalmente. Atentamente, Javier E. Jiménez Calle Violeta N-4 Río Piedras, PR 00924 Teléfono (787) 727-3003 Anexo