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Ear Force PX5 - Turtle Beach
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The Ear Force PX5 is the most technologically-advanced headset ever designed for PS3™ and Xbox 360® gaming. To get the most from your PX5, please take a few minutes to review this guide. Wireless Digital RF Technology with Bluetooth® The Ear Force PX5 headset provides wireless CD-quality game sound via digital RF (radio frequency) that communicates with the PX5 transmitter. In addition, the PX5 incorporates Bluetooth technology which is used for communicating on PlayStation® Network (PSN) and on Xbox LIVE®. The Bluetooth can also be paired to your mobile phone and digital music player. This means you can use your PX5 to listen to your favorite music and accept phone calls – all while totally immersed in the action of the game.* The PX5 transmitter processes Dolby Digital surround sound from your PS3 or Xbox 360 and sends it to the headset via digital RF. The result is an immersive sound environment that makes you feel as if you're right in the middle of the action. It also helps you react quicker by hearing exactly where the sound cues in the game are coming from. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) The headset uses digital signal processing to customize the game, chat and microphone audio signals to improve performance in specific gaming situations. These settings are stored as presets that can be easily called up to change the characteristics of the game sound, voices from other players and even your own voice. For example, you can use the PX5 to accentuate sounds like footsteps or enemies reloading that might otherwise be difficult to hear with normal game audio. Programmable Presets The integrated USB port lets you connect your PX5 to a PC. Go to and download new presets, program your own custom presets and update your headset with new features and more. That means you can customize your PX5 and turn it into your own “secret weapon” that’s unlike anyone else’s headset! Intuitive Voice prompts The PX5 incorporates intuitive voice prompts that announce critical headset status. Press the preset button and you'll hear the number. When the batteries need to be replaced, it tells you in advance. When powering on or off, you’ll hear an announcement. Designed for High-Quality Sound The PX5 headset is designed to deliver high-quality audio that makes it ideal for gaming, movies and digital music playback. The high-fidelity, 50mm speakers are encased in acoustically-tuned ear cups with soft fabric cushions and deliver extended bass with extraordinary dynamic range for optimum audio performance.

MacBook Air User's Guide (Manual) - Support - Apple

Congratulations, you and your MacBook Air were made for each other. Built-in iSight camera Video chat with up to three friends anywhere in the world at the same time. Mac Help isight Finder Browse the contents of your computer using Cover Flow. Time Machine Automatically back up your files to an extra hard drive. Mac Help Mac Help finder time machine iMovie Collect all your video in one library. Create and share movies in minutes. iPhoto Organize all your photos with Events. Publish to a Web Gallery with a click. iMovie Help iPhoto Help movie GarageBand Create music by adding musicians to a virtual stage. Enhance your song to sound like a pro. GarageBand Help record photo iWeb Create beautiful websites with photos, movies, blogs, podcasts, and dynamic web widgets. iWeb Help website

Microsoft Xbox - System Manual - Video Game Console Library

the xbox video game system You can play Xbox games and audio CDs with the XboxTM video game system from Microsoft. Make sure you have received all of the following components of the Xbox video game system in this package: • Xbox console • Xbox Controller • Xbox Standard AV Cable • SCART adapter • One power cable appropriate for your region • Instruction Manual and other printed materials Xbox peripherals Copyright Information in this document, including URL and other Internet Web site references, is subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise noted, the example companies, organisations, products, domain names, e-mail addresses, logos, people, places and events depicted herein are fictitious, and no association with any real company, organisation, product, domain name, e-mail address, logo, person, place or event is intended or should be inferred. Complying with all applicable copyright laws is the responsibility of the user. Without limiting the rights under copyright, no part of this document may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) or for any purpose without the express written permission of Microsoft Corporation. The following Xbox peripherals are sold separately: Microsoft may have patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights covering subject matter in this document. Except as expressly provided in any written licence agreement from Microsoft, the furnishing of this document does not give you any licence to these patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property. K04-00002 Xbox Controller – gamepad K02-00002 Xbox Memory Unit – portable storage device K01-00005 Xbox DVD Movie Playback Kit – remote control and receiver for playing DVD movies K08-00002 Xbox System Link Cable – cable to connect two Xbox consoles for head-tohead multiplayer games K06-00002 Xbox Standard AV Cable & SCART – composite AV connection K05-00002 Xbox Advanced SCART Cable – advanced AV connection K07-00002 Xbox RF Adapter – antenna (coaxial cable) adapter K09-00002 Xbox Communicator (available in 2002) – voice chat and command headset expansion device (c) 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Xbox and the Xbox logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain US patents and other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorised by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorised by Macrovision Corporation. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. Manufactured under licence from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby” and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Confidential unpublished works. Copyright 1992–1997 Dolby Laboratories. All rights reserved. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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YOUR TABLET MOTOROLA XOOM™ leads a revolution in mobile computing. XOOM features the latest tablet-optimized Google™ mobile innovations, including Google Maps™ with 3D interaction, access to over three million Google eBooks™, and Google Talk™ with video and voice chat. Combine these with a stunning HD touchscreen and super fast connectivity, and you get the tablet for the next generation—and the one after that. microSD & SIM Charge Caution: Before assembling, charging or using your product for the first time, please read the important Safety, Regulatory & Legal information provided with your product. Caution: Only use the charger that came with your tablet. Do NOT attempt to connect a charger to the Micro USB connector—this is for data transfer only. Note: The battery should only be replaced by a Motorola-approved service facility. Any attempt to remove or replace your battery may damage the product. Insert the charger into the charger port on the bottom of the tablet. When your tablet is turned off and charging, the charging indicator is red (less than 15%), white (15-95%), or green (more than 95%). Set up 1 Press and hold Power/Lock of your tablet to turn it on. on the back Tip: In the unlikely event that your tablet becomes unresponsive, try a forced reboot—press and hold both Power/Lock and the up volume key for three seconds. 2 To change the language, touch Battery Charging Indicator

CHAT SYSTEM at a glance
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Hybrid Number earlier known as a virtual number can be your Mobile number

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Become a member of On the internet Gaming Community forums

If you happen to a video computer game lover, a game discussion forum is a good site for you to take part in dialogues and learn about many different mmorpgs. Generally, it is a web software which provides chances for chat while using the participation of web-based residential areas. They will cope with any topic like personal computerpolitics and video game titles, and technological advances, amongst others. There is message boards, talk groupings, and bulletin boards where by several thoughts and opinions and information are placed.

Live Chat Application
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We are a group of entrepreneurs experienced in the fields of website design, software development, optimization, conversions, online customer service and support. We have been helping businesses grow for over a decade.

Motorola Xoom Guia de Usuario - Claro
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...LIFE. MOTOROLA XOOM Menú Consejos y trucos Registrarse De un vistazo Aspectos esenciales Aplicaciones y actualizaciones Escritura táctil Web Fotografías y videos Música Chat Correo Google eBooks™ Ubicación Consejos y trucos Contactos Inalámbrico Conexiones Herramientas y administración Seguridad Solución de problemas Seguridad, información reglamentaria y legal De un vistazo: registrarse Cree o inicie sesión en una cuenta de Google™ para sacar el máximo provecho de su tablet. • Cree un registro con su nombre de cuenta y contraseña de Google. • En el improbable caso de que el dispositivo no responda, intente un reinicio forzado: mantenga oprimidas las teclas Encender/Bloquear y la tecla para subir el volumen durante tres segundos. 1 Seleccione un idioma. Idioma: 2 Inglés (Estados Unidos) Inicio Conéctese vía 3G (si es una opción) o Wi-Fi. Activando el servicio de datos móviles conectando… Configuración WiFi 3 Regístrese o inicie sesión. Inicie sesión con la cuenta de Google Más Soporte Gmail, los respaldos y muchas otras funciones de Android requieren una cuenta de Google. Atrás De un vistazo Siguiente • Si inicia sesión con una cuenta existente de Google, todos los contactos y eventos del calendario se sincronizarán automáticamente con su tablet. • Puede crear un cuenta de Google en línea en y usarla para iniciar sesión en su tablet. Bienvenido + POWERED. Omitir Siguiente