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These mid-level managers were successful at selling the notion of e-commerce to Cisco's senior management team. As a result, e-commerce evolved into a corporate crusade for Cisco Systems.

Dr Roy Chio, dr chio, roy chio, drchio Non Invasive Fat Reduction in Singapore

Dr Roy Chio, dr chio, roy chio, drchio in Singapore Non Invasive Fat Reduction VelaShape combines Bi-Polar Radiofrequency, Infrared Light Energy, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage to result in a safe, effective and quick treatment.

Modest Bathroom Remodel - Designed It Very Reasonably Priced

No matter what features bathing room you've got, little or big it truly is straightforward to make it more properly cheaply. Among the best bathroom remodeling ideas is very economical simply because merchants at this time enhance the most effective personal style and design. When you are examining the proper tiny bathroom remodel their necessary to figure out what you need together with that which you truly weren't able to implement. Most of the people that you decide upon some sort of done remodeling plus a straightforward, small even now productive potty remodel as a result there are a variety by selections while starting the process of to stay with regard to often with the aforementioned is determined by diverse aspects. If you intend on promoting the house, then simply that has a large bathroom remodeling concepts is always to must start off booking however if it really is for yourself after that a smaller bathroom remodel is probably to your taste.

A case report of Ranula treated with marsupialization  and low level laser therapy

Oral ranula is a retention cyst arising from the sublingual gland on the floor of the mouth as a result of ductal obstruction and fluid retention. There are various techniques to manage ranula in the literature. There is no doubt that excision of the offending sublingual gland will cure all ranulas. Still, some surgeons prefer to initially treat ranulas by marsupialization, perhaps because of the potential surgical complications when removing the sublingual gland, most notably injury to the lingual nerve, injury to Wharton’s duct with the possibility of stenosis leading to obstructive sialadenitis, and ductal laceration causing salivary leakage. This paper highlights a case report of ranula in the floor of the mouth which was about 2cm and has been successfully treated by marsupalization and low level laser therapy. (LLLT)


This study had investigated on the possibility of blood leaf( Iresine herbstii) as a soil pH indicator. An aqueous solution was prepared and settled to remove impurities. The pH is 4.6. The solution was tested in a 0-14 pH solutions to check on the color changes in the scale. The soil pH was tested using pH paper and pH meter. The soil pH was also tested using the blood leaf extract and the tests showed the same result. In conclusion, the aqueous extract of blood leaf can be used as soil pH indicator. This can benefit gardeners and flower growers because they can use it as fresh extract or can be kept even for many weeks in closed container.

Solid Waste Disposal Site Selection for Kandy District,  Sri Lanka Integrating GIS and Risk Assessme

Open dumping is the most common method of solid waste disposal in many developing countries including Sri Lankan urban areas. Appropriate landfill site selection is important to minimize negative impacts associated with open dump sites. Landfill siting is an extremely difficult task to accomplish due to strong public opposition and regulations. Developing countries do not have a systematic process for landfill site selection and hence unsuccessful landfill siting leading to environmental degradation is typically the result especially in the developing world. Data were collected from Kandy district, Sri Lanka. Both GIS analysis and semi quantitative risk assessment were used and eight map layers such as surface water bodies, distance from transportation routes and urban areas, land use/land cover, soil, rainfall, population density, elevation were utilized. ArcGIS 9.3 software and its extensions were used as the GIS tool since it is able to perform suitability analysis usi

Error analysis of dynamics model for satellite attitude  estimation in Near Equatorial Orbit

Satellite attitude estimation is one of the important processes in accomplishing a satellite mission. All the state estimation process requires dynamics model and filtering algorithm to estimate the state. Most of the estimation algorithm such as well-known Kalman filter and its variation assume the underlying noise in the dynamics model is Gaussian white noise. Hence, the objective of this paper is to investigate whether the noise in satellite attitude dynamics model in Near Equatorial orbit is Gaussian white noise process or not. This is important because if the assumption regarding the noise is incorrect, this will lead to unreliable and inaccurate estimation. In this paper, the noise is analyzed using normality characterizations and autocorrelation function. The result shows that the noise in the attitude dynamics at Near Equatorial orbit is not Gaussian white noise process.

Business Funding Axis Capital Group Jakarta Review: Plan Early When Incorporating a Business

Tax tips: Plan early when incorporating a business to maximise tax relief on goodwill valuation For businesses operating as partnerships, LLPs or sole traders, there are a number of tax advantages to incorporating into a limited company which can result in a significant reduction in the overall the rates of tax. The profits of partnerships, LLPs and sole traders are all taxed directly on the business owners according to their rates of income tax, which are often as high as 45%, plus national insurance contributions.

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