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How do I enable Java in my Web Browser? Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 ...

How do I enable Java in my Web Browser? Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 1. Click "Tools" --> "Manage Add-Ons" 2. In the drop down box select “All Add-ons” 3. Enable items listed under (Not verified) Sun Microsystems, Inc. and/or Sun Microsystems, Inc. Internet Explorer 4.x and Up Click "Tools" --> "Internet Options" Select the Advanced Tab, and scroll down to "Java (Sun)" Check the box next to the Java version Next, select the Security Tab, and select the "Custom Level" button Scroll down to "Scripting of Java applets" Make sure the "Enable" radio button is checked. Click OK to save your preference. Firefox 2 and upStart Mozilla Firefox browser or restart it if it is already running. Select Tools > Options. Dialog box: Content Select Enable Java and Enable Javascript Safari 1. Choose Edit > Preferences. 2. Click Security. 3. Make sure these checkboxes are selected: Enable Plug-ins, Enable Java, and Enable JavaScript. Other Java Resources How do I test whether Java is working on my computer? JavaScript Compatibility Test Java Tester - What Version of Java Are You Running? Can I See Java? - Test your browser Java Technology Help - Installing Java Java Technology FAQ

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UM6 Datasheet - Pololu
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Device Overview The UM6 Ultra-Miniature Orientation Sensor combines sensor measurements from rate gyros, accelerometers, and magnetic sensors to measure orientation at 500 Hz. The UM6 also has the capability to interface with external GPS modules to provide position, velocity, course, and speed information. Communication with the UM6 is performed over either a TTL (3.3V) UART or a SPI bus. The UM6 is configured by default to automatically transmit data over the UART. The UM6 can be configured to automatically transmit raw sensor data, processed sensor data, angle estimates, and angle estimate covariances at user configurable rates ranging from 20 Hz to 300 Hz in roughly 1 Hz increments. The UM6 can also receive and parse GPS packets, automatically transmitting new GPS position, velocity, and satellite data whenever it is available. Alternatively, the UM6 can operate in "silent mode," where data is transmitted only when specific requests are received over the UART. Regardless of the transmission mode and rate, internal angle estimates are updated at 500 Hz to improve accuracy. The UM6 simplifies integration by providing a number of automatic calibration routines, including rate gyro bias calibration, magnetometer hard and soft iron calibration, and accelerometer "zeroing" to compensate for sensor-platform misalignment. All calibration routines are triggered by sending simple commands over the serial interface. The UM6 comes factory-calibrated to remove soft and hard iron distortions present in the enclosure. When integrated into the end-user system, additional calibration may be necessary to correct other magnetic field distortions. Magnetometer calibration can be performed using the UM6 interface software, available for free download from Temperature compensation of rate gyro biases is also supported by the UM6. An internal temperature sensor is used to measure temperature, and third-order compensation is applied to remove the effects of temperature-induced bias. By default, the terms used in compensation are all zero, which means that no temperature compensation is performed. The compensation terms must be determined experimentally by the end-user. On special request, compensation can be performed on each device at the factory. The UM6 can be configured to use either Euler Angles or quaternions for attitude estimation. In Euler Angle mode, magnetometer updates are restricted to yaw alone. This can be useful in cases where distortions are possible or even expected, and where it would be undesirable for those distortions to affect pitch and roll angles (i.e. on a flying rotorcraft). In quaternion mode, Euler Angles are still available, but there are no restrictions on what angles the magnetometer is allowed to influence. The UM6 is available in an OEM version (the UM6-LT) that has a slightly larger footprint and does not include an enclosure. The UM6-LT is functionally equivalent to the UM6, but magnetometer calibration is not performed at the factory.

Samsung Galaxy S® II Software Upgrade - C Spire Wireless

Samsung Galaxy S® II Software Upgrade Samsung has released a software update for the C Spire Samsung Galaxy S II(SCH-R760), OS Jelly Bean software version 4.1.2 version build GB28. Please follow the instructions below to download and install Simple Upgrade Tool using your Windows PC. This software upgrade is only valid for the C Spire Samsung Galaxy S II (SCH-R760). It is incompatible with all other models. Requirements Computer  Desktop/Laptop computer running either Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP Currently, there is no support at this time for Apple computers  All firewall & anti-virus programs should be disabled  Administrative privileges required to download & install software including drivers  An available USB port on the PC that supports 2.0 USB Mobile Device  Fully charged battery Other  USB data cable (included in Retail Box) Note: this is the same cable used to charge your device  Direct connection of the USB cable to the computer's USB port is strongly advised. The use of a USB hub or docking station is not recommended.  Your PC must be connected to a live internet connection to download the SimpleDL tool Back Up Your Information Important: This update was designed to simply upgrade the operating system of the device while leaving certain types of user data intact. This user data includes pictures, videos, messages and contacts. Certain settings, such as wallpaper and ringtone assignments, may be reset back to factory default. To be safe, it is best practice to always back up all data and assume that everything will be lost. Below you will find options to backup contacts, messages and help to reinstall third party applications. Note: When you sync to your Google Gmail and Exchange ActiveSync® accounts, you are backing up your information. Google Gmail and Exchange ActiveSync information on your device including contacts are stored remotely on the Google and Microsoft Exchange server. Contacts  Save Contacts to SD Card Export to SD Card 1. From the Home screen, touch Contacts > Menu > More. 2. Touch Import/Export > Export to SD card. 3. Confirm export by selecting OK. Import to SD Card 1. From the Home screen, touch Contacts > Menu > More. 2. Touch Import/Export, then touch Import from SD card. 3. Confirm export by selecting OK.

Download the 2013 Car & Truck Guide (pdf) - GM Fleet

A Message from Ed Peper “Your Success is Our Success”… We can’t say it any more simply. We want to partner with you and help your business grow in the year ahead, and frankly, we’ll do anything it takes to be your preferred fleet vehicle provider. That’s why we are so excited to share news on what we can offer you for the 2013 model year. We want you to know that you can count on us to provide Great Products, Innovative Business Solutions and an Exceptional Customer Experience. Here’s what we mean: Great Products: With more than 40 vehicles in GM’s extensive lineup, we can offer you a breadth of choices to meet all of your automotive fleet needs. Our offerings from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac include everything from cars and crossovers, to vans and utilities, and trucks. In addition, because we are dedicated to the environment, we provide you with a number of propulsion options that will help all of us reduce our dependence on petroleum, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. You can count on all of GM’s products to be safe and reliable, and as always, we’ll make sure you get outstanding value. Innovative Business Solutions: We know that our vehicles need to do more for customers like you to meet the challenging demands of a competitive marketplace. That’s why we’ve designed and built them with innovative business solutions. We can provide you with the latest features that make your mobile office more functional. We have accessories and storage solutions that can organize your cargo, and we work with professional upfitting partners who can match quality truck bodies and equipment with your specific vocational demands. In addition, we have programs like FleetTrac, a consolidated billing system, that reduces a fleet manager’s administrative burdens and makes service visits for drivers more convenient. Basically, we have turnkey solutions to any vehicle and utility issues you may have, and we do all of this with the clear intent of making your work life a whole lot easier. Exceptional Customer Experience: Beyond the great products and features, we can provide you with the best customer experience found anywhere in the industry. Everyone at GM Fleet and Commercial, from our sales and service professionals to our experts at the Fleet Action Center, is focused on addressing any questions or concerns you have. We are not just another supplier of vehicles. We are a solid, reliable business partner with fleet expertise and responsive service that you can count on. The bottom line is that we want to help you succeed at what you do. In the year ahead, as the economy improves and you make plans to refresh your vehicle fleet, we hope you will consider General Motors. You can be sure that we will go out of our way to exceed your expectations. Thank you,...

 Wide Range of FreeSWITCH Solutions

Experienced FreeSWITCH experts from India offers variety of ready to use FreeSWITCH Solution & custom solution development services. For more details read/download this doc.

Installing Windows XP Professional SP2 on Acer Aspire 5315-2153 ...

Installing Windows XP Professional SP2 on Acer Aspire 5315-2153 Laptop There are two methods for getting this to work, one only requires the internet, a few minutes, and a CD burner. The other requires a USB floppy drive. UPDATE: We’ve got a working modem driver now. Check out the tutorial on getting it up and running (should be installed last). You’ll probably also need a USB thumb drive for either method, and of course your copy of WinXP. You may have already tried to install WinXP on this notebook. With the BIOS set to it’s defaults, the WinXP install disk can’t even see it’s Hard Drive, and if you set the hard drive to a non AHCI mode in the BIOS (such as native emulation), you are increasing your risk of data corruption, and at the same time reducing your speed. These two methods are the correct way to handle the situation, and result in no performance compromises. NOTE: All data on the hard drive will be erased. If you experience problems related to .DLL files, try for resources and downloads. The Floppy Method First we’ll explain the floppy method, as it’s the fastest if you’ve already got the floppy drive and a blank floppy. Download the floppy creator from here: Extract the executable from the zip archive, insert a blank floppy, and run the executable, following the prompts to create an “F6 Driver Floppy.” Attach your USB floppy drive to the new Acer notebook. In order to be able to boot from the CD, we’ll first need to make a couple of quick changes in the notebook’s BIOS. Click here for instructions on modifying the BIOS settings. Now boot your notebook from your WinXP install disk. One of the first prompts once the screen turns blue is to hit F6 to use a driver floppy. Hit F6, insert the driver floppy. Windows won’t really give you any prompt that you’ve done things right, it will just keep installing for a while. After some time, windows will ask you to pick which driver off of the floppy you want — you should choose “Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M).” Be sure to leave the floppy in during the install, as windows will periodically pull files off of it until the installation is complete. The Windows installer will ask you to where you’d like install Windows XP… follow the prompts to delete all the current partitions, then follow the prompts to create a new partition, and install Windows XP to that. You may chose the “quick format” to speed things up. After windows is done installing, you’ll need to install some drivers. Acer isn’t providing a driver set for WinXP on this notebook. We recommend installing drivers in this order:...

Acer Aspire 5315 - of /Manual User Guide on PDF

Aspire 5315 Ebay Electronics Cars Fashion Collectibles Acer Aspire 5315 Youtube Acer Aspire 5315 Notebook Laptop Celeron M530 1 73ghz 15 4 Quot Acer Aspire 5315 Memory Ebay Electronics Cars Fashion Acer Aspire 5315 Drivers Drivers Download Youtube Acer Aspire 5315 Take Apart Video Disassemble Acer Aspire 5315 Notebook Support Problems Solutions Amp Acer Aspire 5315 Problems Laptop Forums And Notebook Acer Aspire 5315 Manual Acer Aspire 5315 Ac Adapters Amp Chargers Free Shipping Acer Aspire Page 1/2 Acer Aspire 5315 (Manual PDF User Guides eBook) provided by This Manual Instructions PDF Files hosted in Aspire 5315 Ebay Electronics Cars Fashion Collectibles. find great deals on ebay for aspire 5315 and aspire 5315 jack shop with confidence continue reading [1] Acer Aspire 5315 Youtube. acer aspire 5315 2713 notebook pc intel celeron dual core t1400 1 73ghz 802 11b g wireless 2gb ddr2 120gb hdd dl dvdrw 15 4 quot wxga windows continue reading [2] Acer Aspire 5315 Notebook Laptop Celeron M530 1 73ghz 15 4 Quot. acer aspire 5315 notebook laptop celeron m530 1 73ghz 15 4 quot tft 1024mb ram 80gb hard drive dvd 177 rw intel graphics media accelerator x3100 wifi vista continue reading [3] Acer Aspire 5315 Memory Ebay Electronics Cars Fashion. find great deals on ebay for acer aspire 5315 memory and acer aspire 5315 hard drive shop with confidence continue reading [4] Acer Aspire 5315 Drivers Drivers Download. acer aspire 5315 drivers acer aspire 5315 has some general specifications as follow intel celeron mobile processor 530 540 550 1 mb l2 cache 1 73 1 86 2 ghz continue reading [5] Youtube Acer Aspire 5315 Take Apart Video Disassemble. hi no music no talking just work if you are taking your acer aspire 5315 laptop apart be careful and wear an anti static wrist band or use other anti continue reading [6] Acer Aspire 5315 Notebook Support Problems Solutions Amp. jan 29 2013 nbsp 0183 32 free acer aspire 5315 notebook troubleshooting support amp solutions get help from top acer aspire experts on repairs upgrades amp installations continue reading [7] Acer Aspire 5315 Problems Laptop Forums And Notebook. hi i reinstalled today my siters acer 5315 from vista to xp everything works accept the wireless card i follow the installation and drivers from this continue reading [8] Acer Aspire 5315 Manual. nov 20 2012 nbsp 0183 32 read this acer aspire 5315 manual user guide carefully save this manual as reference material in the future follow all warnings and continue reading [9] Acer Aspire 5315 Ac Adapters Amp Chargers Free Shipping Acer Aspire. acer aspire 5315 ac adapters amp chargers save 80 off retail acer aspire 5315 ac adapters amp chargers deals amp free shipping on acer aspire 5315 ac adapters amp continue reading [10]

Acer Aspire 3515 - of /Manual User Guide on PDF

Acer Aspire 3515 (Manual PDF User Guides eBook) provided by This Manual Instructions PDF Files hosted in Acer Worldwide Select Your Local Country Or Region. acer explore beyond limits tm america brasil continue reading [1] Acer Aspire Battery Compare Prices Reviews And Buy At Nextag. acer aspire battery 7 720 results like acer replacement battery 6 cell for acer laptop 3690 series bt 00804 012 acer replacement battery 8 cell for acer laptop continue reading [2] Replacing The Cmos Battery In An Acer Aspire Ehow. replacing the cmos battery in an acer aspire all laptops have a cmos complementary metal oxide semiconductor battery the main purpose for the cmos continue reading [3] Amazon Com Acer Aspire 1400 1600 3000 5000 Keyboard. nsk h3m1d customers who bought this item also bought page of start over back acer aspire 1415 1693 1680 3000 3003lci 5000 4 4 out of 5 stars 30 23 41 continue reading [4] Acer Aspire 5315 Wireless Driver Software Driver Download. description for acer aspire 5315 notebook there are two types of wireless lan chipsets used inside atheros and broadcom anyway i have included the drivers for continue reading [5] Scribd Acer S Aspire Series User S Guide. acer s aspire series user s guide free download as text file txt pdf file pdf or read online for free for the 5110 5100 and 3100 series continue reading [6] Review Acer Aspire V3 772g 747a321 Notebook. in depth review of the acer aspire v3 772g 747a321 intel core i7 4702mq nvidia geforce gtx 760m 1000 gb ssd 256 gb 32 gb ram 17 3 quot fhd 3 2 kg with continue reading [7] Acer Aspire 5315 2326 Overview Amp Specs Laptops Cnet Reviews. quick specs processor intel celeron 550 2 0 ghz ram installed size 1 0 gb hard drive 160 0 gb serial ata 150 5400 0 rpm weight 6 2 lbs continue reading [8] Peve S Blog Acer Aspire One Won T Boot Bios Corrupted. jan 20 2009 nbsp 0183 32 after switching off the aa1 when trying to turn it on again it just shows blinking leds and the fan is turning but the screen remains black continue reading [9] Desktop Computers All In One Desktop Pcs Ebuyer Com. if you re seeking a new desktop pc for an affordable price then visit ebuyer com check out our selection of desktop computers and all in one pcs continue reading [10]

Acer Aspire 5715z - of /Manual User Guide on PDF

Acer Aspire 5715z (Manual PDF User Guides eBook) provided by This Manual Instructions PDF Files hosted in Acer Aspire 5715z Notebook Laptop Intel Pentium Dual Core. acer aspire 5715z notebook laptop intel pentium dual core t2330 1 6ghz 15 4 quot tft 2gb ram 80gb hard drive dvd 177 rw intel graphics media accelerator x3100 wifi continue reading [1] Solved How Do I Restore A Acer Aspire 5715z 171 How To Geek. p just to confirm it is alt f10 for acer erecovery follow the steps that come up do you have two partitions on your drives if you have two and you have moved continue reading [2] Aspire 5715z Series Specifications. we would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us continue reading [3] Amazon Com Ac Adapter Power Supply Amp Cord For Acer Aspire. amazon com ac adapter power supply amp cord for acer aspire 1640lc 1650 2420 2930 4339 2618 4730 4516 4736 4810 5002wlmi 5003wlmi 5005 5251 1245 5532 5509 continue reading [4] 10 80v 4400mah Li Ion Replacement Laptop Battery For Acer Aspire. amazon com 10 80v 4400mah li ion replacement laptop battery for acer aspire aspire 5910g 5715 5730 5739 5739g 6132 5739g 6959 5935 7535 7735 continue reading [5] Ebay Unlock Acer Aspire Bios Password Chip 5310 5315 5320. continue reading [6] Acer Aspire 7738g Manual Manualowl Com. we have the following acer aspire 7738g manuals available for free pdf download you may find documents other than just manuals as we also make available many continue reading [7] Acer Aspire 5315 Motherboard Ebay Electronics Cars Fashion. find great deals on ebay for acer aspire 5315 motherboard and pops a dent shop with confidence continue reading [8] Acer Worldwide Select Your Local Country Or Region. acer explore beyond limits tm america brasil continue reading [9] Acer Aspire Charger Ebay Electronics Cars Fashion. find great deals on ebay for acer aspire charger and acer aspire charger 5738 shop with confidence continue reading [10]

Download Design Guide - Electrolux ICON

Achieve Your Vision You utilize every tool at your disposal to create an environment that seamlessly blends high design with high performance. And of all the environments you create, very few are revered as much as the kitchen. Which is why each and every Electrolux ICON® appliance utilizes the expertise of the world’s foremost leaders from their conception to final assembly. For more than 80 years, Electrolux appliances have graced the kitchens of some of Europe’s finest homes and restaurants. And we are proud to bring this thoughtful design heritage to North America with our renowned Electrolux ICON® appliances. Available in a bold professional series and a graceful designer series, they fit easily into any design style while delivering a versatile array of power, performance and functionality to meet your clients’ needs. Electrolux ICON® appliances will help you achieve your vision. Contents cooking Ranges Electric Wall Ovens Microwave Combination Ovens Cooktops Warmer Drawers Microwaves Ventilation refrigeration Electrolux ICON ® Electrolux ICON ® professional series designer series All Freezer & All Refrigerator 42" Built-In Refrigerators French Door Refrigerators Side-by-Side Refrigerators Ignite the Passion Performance Meets Elegance dishcare Bold looks. Expert design. Flawless engineering. Electrolux ICON® professional series is ideal for those who are passionate about cooking – or anyone who wants a more professional cooking experience at home. Featuring large, restaurantstyle knobs and handles, clean lines and polished stainless steel accents, the professional series’ style and versatility have made it the choice of professional chefs at hotels and restaurants throughout Europe. Your kitchen design will not only create your client’s environment, it will embody her passion. She demands appliances that are smart and purposeful yet elegant and sophisticated. She demands Electrolux ICON® designer series appliances. Featuring stainless steel styling and gracefully curved handles that fit the palm of her hands, each appliance model was created following extensive market research and the strict input and opinions of our chief designer – the consumer. Built-In Dishwashers specialty Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers Under-Counter Wine Coolers Under-Counter Ice Makers Under-Counter Trash Compactors Built-In Coffee Maker project planning General Installation Guidelines Refrigeration Trim Kits Built-In-Cooking Combination Installations Slide-In Gas Cooktop Power Cord Relocation Instructions Electrolux ICON® products are available in both 20/20 and ARCAT programs, to aid in the production and accuracy of your kitchen designs. To locate the Electrolux ICON® showroom and dealer nearest you, visit us on the web at electroluxicon. com or call us at 1-877-4electrolux (877-435-3287).