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Installation instructions: AKRAPOVIC SLIP-ON EXHAUST SYSTEM ...

AKRAPOVIC SLIP-ON EXHAUST SYSTEM for the HONDA CB1000R Congratulations on purchasing an Akrapovic exhaust system. Please read these installation instructions carefully. If you have any trouble installing the system please contact your authorized dealer! IMPORTANT INFORMATION Exclusion of Certain Liability 6. The manufacturer, importer or dealer shall not be liable for any incidental damage including personal injury or any other damages caused by improper installation or operation of the Akrapovic exhaust system. When installing the Akrapovic exhaust system be careful that the exhaust system does not touch other parts sensitive to high temperature. 6. Akrapovic makes no representation or warranties with regard to damage caused by the improper installation, use and maintenance of the Akrapovic exhaust system. The warranty is limited to defects recognized by our technical department and to normal use, and excludes items subject to normal wear (gaskets and damping wool). The guarantee is void in case of accident, modification, improper or competition use. 6. Do not attempt to install the Akrapovic exhaust system on a motorcycle for which it was not made or tested by Akrapovic. 6. When the exhaust system gets very hot during operation, be careful not to burn yourself on the exhaust system or parts which are in direct contact with it, even when the motor is not running. Also protect other people, especially children, from the injuries mentioned above. 6. In some cases Akrapovic exhaust system kits contain chemical products (ceramic anti-seizing grease; bolt sealant). Handle with care, do not inhale or swallow. Avoid excessive contact with skin, eyes or mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. 6. Technical specifications of Akrapovic exhaust systems and related products subject to change without notice.

HONDA GX 160 - TECH MANUAL Updated October ... - USAC Racing

HONDA GX 160 - TECH MANUAL Updated October 31, 2013 FROM 2013 USAC NATIONAL .25 MIDGET RULE BOOK, APPENDIX I 731 Engine Protest Rules (applies to Honda and Briggs classes only) Protest shall be from within the same division of class only, i.e. Jr., Sr., Lt.& Hvy. 120-160, Animal or World Formula only. Competitors in the same division, and in the same race may make a protest on an engine. No protesting in Rookie Class. Handlers may not protest more than one car per event and may not protest same driver more than once per calendar year. Honda Engines and World Formula/Animal Engines may be protested for $400.00 cash only plus any applicable shipping charges if necessary. No protested related inspection will be started prior to the funds being posted with the proper official. This protest form and cash must be submitted to the Chief Steward, or his/her designee, before the end of the race that the protested engine is participating in I.E. Checkered flag lap complete. The protest can only be made during an A-Main event. The person protesting the motor must have their engine inspected for compliance first. If the “protester’s” engine is found illegal the protest is null and void and the protest fee will go to the club. If the “protester’s” engine is found legal the protest will continue. The Chief Steward, his/her designee, will hold the protest money until the protested engine has been inspected for legality. The protested engine shall be tagged/marked and sealed as soon as it car comes across the scale if it has not been sealed prior. The protested engine as well as the engine of the protested party shall be immediately taken to impound and/or presented to the Tech Director for inspection. Engine must remain in impound and in the possession of tech officials throughout the entire process, including shipping to USAC Headquarters or designated tech inspection station and the transferring of funds.

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All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system or translation in whole or part is not permitted without written authorization from Ford Motor Company. Ford may change the contents without notice and without incurring obligation. Copyright © 2002 Ford Motor Company... CALIFORNIA Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: Engine exhaust, some of its constituents, and certain vehicle components contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. In addition, certain fluids contained in vehicles and certain products of component wear contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations on acquiring your new Ford. Please take the time to get well acquainted with your vehicle by reading this handbook. The more you know and understand about your vehicle the greater the safety and pleasure you will derive from driving it. For more information on Ford Motor Company and its products visit the following website: • In the United States: • In Canada: • In Australia: • In Mexico: Additional owner information is given in separate publications. This Owner’s Guide describes every option and model variant available and therefore some of the items covered may not apply to your particular vehicle. Furthermore, due to printing cycles it may describe options before they are generally available. Remember to pass on the Owner’s Guide when reselling the vehicle. It is an integral part of the vehicle. Fuel pump shut-off switch In the event of an accident the safety switch will automatically cut off the fuel supply to the engine. The switch can also be activated through sudden vibration (e.g....

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Mindless road allergy is the primary reason driving the spiralling rise in car accident injuries boasts everywhere. There appears inadequate justification for recklessness, even so people today continue with their threatening driving a motor vehicle heeding hardly any regarding the easy hazards they may have to deal with at the hands of an automobile vehicle accident solicitor San Antonio.

January - March 2013 - Florida Attorney General

The Consumer complained of a foul odor of mold or mildew intermittently emanating from the air conditioner vents in her 2011 Toyota Camry when the vehicle was first started or after the car had been sitting for a few hours. The Consumer testified this odor sometimes lasted for two to four minutes before dissipating. During that time, she rode in the vehicle with the windows open, because it was not convenient to employ the procedure suggested by the Manufacturer’s authorized service agent, which was to get into the vehicle, open all the windows, turn on the engine and air conditioner, get out of the vehicle and let the air conditioner blow for two minutes, and then get back into the vehicle and drive away. None of the repairs corrected the problem. The Manufacturer asserted the alleged nonconformity did not substantially impair the use, value or safety of the motor vehicle. The Manufacturer also asserted that any alleged odor in the vehicle was “the direct result of environmental conditions.” In support of that assertion, the Manufacturer’s witness testified that he experienced a “faint whiff of something” for “one to two seconds” on two of the repair visits; however,...

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Ted Coulter has over 32 years of experience in the following areas of practice: civil litigation, personal injury/motor vehicle accidents/wrongful death, family law, criminal law, and appellate practice.

What Profit Do you Gain From Taking Nootropics ?

Nowadays, the developing pharmaceutical drugs can't keep up with the increasing diseases. Therefore, a growing number of medication, supplements and vitamins are created by many pharmaceuticals. Though diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Alzheimer’s disease are incurable, it doesn’t indicate that their signs and symptoms can't be controlled. Individuals with these diseases have cognitive or motor function problems. By using smart drugs or brain supplements these people can easily deal with their spontaneous habits.

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PARTAI DEMOKRAT DEWAN PIMPINAN CABANG KOTA CIREBON DAFTAR LAPORAN PENERIMAAN SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE PERIODE I / PERIODE II*)3 BENTUK SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE ASAL SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE NO UANG 4 BARANG (Rp.) PARTAI POLITIK 2 (Rp.) 5a ( UNIT ) 5B (Rp.) 6A - 1 JUMLAH (Rp) 7 JASA 6 5 - - - (BENTUK) - KETERANGAN 8 - Nihil 6B Calon Anggota Legislatif 10 a. Daerah Pemilihan : Kota CirebonDapil 1 1) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 1 : MOH. HANDARUJATI K,S.Sos 2) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 2 : WIWID WULANDARI 3) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 3 : R. PANJI AMIARSA, SH,MH 4) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 4 : Ir. SRI SUPANTI, MM 2.000.000 5) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 5 : IIS SOFHIA, S.Pd.Aud 1.000.000 100.000.000 150.000.000 50.000.000 100.000.000. 000 20.000.000 Mobil 100.000.000 Mobil Avanza 7.000.000 5.000.000 150.000.000 20.000.000 Motor 2.000.000 1.000.000 6) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 6 : TUTI ALAWIYAH, MPd.I 1.000.000 7) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 7 : DADANG SUHERMAN, S,Sy 6.906.500 2.000.000 8) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 8 : ADI JAYA MULYADI 2.500.000 6.500.000 9) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 9 : NOVIE WACHYU AJIE, SH 10) Nomor Urut Nama Calon ; 10 : DEDDY MASHUDI 50.000.000 11) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 11 : MOCHAMAD RUSDI 25.000.000 25.000.000 12) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : : 25.000.000 25.000.000 12 YANTO 1.000.000 8.906.500 Motor Mio - 9.000.000 - 100.000.000 Mobil 150.000.000 b. Daerah Pemilihan : Kota Cirebon Dapil 2 1) Nomor Urut : 1 Nama Calon : H. YULIARSO, BAE 100.000.000 150.000.000 Mobil 250.000.000 2) Nomor Urut : 2 Nama Calon : H. DADANG SUPRIYADI 50.000.000 50.000.000 3) Nomor Urut : 3 Nama Calon : SUCI HATI HANDAYANI 20.000.000 20.000.000 4) Nomor Urut : 4 Nama Calon : ANDRIAN RAHARDJO, SAP 5) Nomor Urut : 5 Nama Calon : Drs. SALMON 7.000.000 725.000 2.400.000 9.400.000 725.000 Nihil 6) Nomor Urut : Nama Calon : 6 SUARNI 50.000.000 5.000.000 11.000.000 15.000.000 2 buah Motor 26.000.000 8) Nomor Urut : 8 Nama Calon : TITIN SETIAWATI UMROH , SE 5.000.000 53.000.000 Mobil & Motor 58.000.000 9) Nomor Urut : 9 Nama Calon : JETTY RAHMAWATI, SH, MH 1.200.000 1.200.000 70.000.000 70.000.000 70.000.000 70.000.000 7) Nomor urut : 7 Nama Calon : EDHI PRAYITNO 10) Nomor Urut : 10 Nama Calon : N. DJOKO POERWANTO 55.000.000 c. Daerah Pemilihan : Kota Cirebon Dapil 3 1) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 1 : H. M. AYATULLAH RONI, SE 2) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 2 : MOHAMAD JUNAEDI, SH 3) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 3 : TITIN PRIALIANTI 4) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 4 : HARSONO 50.000.000 7.000.000 5) Nomor Urut Nama Calon

Dodge Ram Truck - LMC Truck
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Your Catalog of Accessories & Parts for Dodge Ram Truck 1994-12 2014 SPRING EDITION DE.28 (800) 562-8782 Follow Us On Your Truck ... Your Story HIGHLIGHTS Reliable Transportation Mel Graham and his 2005 Dodge Ram As a video production assistant, I need reliable transportation that can haul all of the equipment and gear needed on location. I have owned my truck since I bought it brand new in 2005. It is my two favorite colors: black and chrome. The four-wheel drive has never let me down, always getting me from gig to gig. Mel Graham from Missouri new product index 3-in-1 Truck Ties ............................................. 86 Billet Knobs..................................................... 91 Brake/Clutch Rod Bushing ........................... 100 LED Utility Light Bar ....................................... 61 Rubber Vacuum Caps .................................. 104 Steering Shaft Assembly .............................. 121 Window Handle, Black.................................... 13 Window Motor................................................. 13 "Right Part … Right Price … Right Now"® Place your order today It's Fast, Simple & Safe! Exterior Rubber Door Parts Bumpers Spring is always an exciting time of year. Since we live in the Midwest, we are blessed with four seasons, and spring is one of my favorites as the earth warms and turns green and seems to be reborn. At LMC this year, it is especially exciting as we get ready to mail our first early Dodge (1972-93) catalog. It has taken us two long years to source parts, get them in to make sure the quality is good, and put them into a well-illustrated, easy-to-use catalog. We will add more parts as we source them.


New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Division of Vehicle Safety FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Facility Number COMPLAINT REPORT C.O. Case Number INSTRUCTIONS: (Before filing your complaint, please attempt to settle this matter with the facility.) Check the appropriate box to show the type of complaint involved. CSR Vehicle repair Vehicle inspection Vehicle purchase We can only accept complaints about repairs up to 90 days or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first) after the date repairs were completed. The only exception is a written warranty that may exceed these time and/or mileage limits. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE ALL ENTRIES AND USE BLACK INK Your Name R.O. Case Number Name of Facility Address - Number and Street County Region Address - Number and Street City State Zip Code Telephone Number (Include area code) Home ( ) Work ( City Telephone Number (Include area code) ( ) Vehicle Identification Number Vehicle Year, Make, Model Date of repair/inspection/purchase / / State Zip Code ) Identification Number of Facility Plate Number Cylinders Odometer reading at time of repair/ inspection/purchase Name of Person with whom you dealt at facility Today’s Date / Current odometer reading at time of filing the complaint / ANSWER QUESTIONS BELOW AND/OR ON PAGE 2 OF THIS FORM THAT APPLY TO YOUR COMPLAINT A. Repair Complaint 1. Describe the specific reason you brought the vehicle to the repair shop: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Did you ask for a written estimate of the parts and labor necessary to do the repair? Yes No If Yes, attach a copy of the estimate. 3. What was the actual cost of repair? $____________________ (Attach invoice) 4. Before the repair was performed, did you ask that any replaced part be returned to you? If Yes, do you have the replaced parts? Yes No 5. Did you authorize any additional repairs?