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Left to right: S Plus shown in Blue Crush Metallic with available moonroof, Driver Convenience Package and rear bumper protector; LE Premium shown in Brown Sugar Metallic with available moonroof and Driver Convenience Package; L shown in Classic Silver Metallic; LE Eco Premium shown in Blizzard Pearl with available moonroof and Driver Convenience Package. Let’s break some rules in all the right ways. We’ve reached a turning point, and there’s no looking back. The all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla has been redesigned to leave a striking first impression every time. The all-new chiseled exterior’s sleek curves, matched with standard LED headlights and available 17-in. alloy wheels and rear deck spoiler, are going to get some attention. High-quality materials and plenty of space make the interior as cargo-friendly as it is friend-friendly. With available intuitive technology, Corolla helps keep music, maps and apps within your reach at all times. What’s the plan? It doesn’t matter. We’ll figure it out on the way. Let’s go places. front grille, rear deck spoiler and sport fabric seats. LE Eco, with an EPA-estimated 42 hwy mpg, is all about getting higher mileage out of your tank, and it has plenty of features, like a rear deck spoiler and available 16-in. aerodynamically designed alloy wheels, to help maximize the fun in every journey. The all-new Corolla was built to excite, whether you’re chasing down a food truck or just admiring it in your driveway. Just slide into the redesigned sporty interior: Corolla is ready to go. ...

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Corolla. It’s the best selling car name plate of all time. The one that has carried generations of Canadians forward, some things haven’t changed – like the great fuel efficiency day in and day out. And now, we’re proud to introduce you’ve come to expect and the amazing value it brings year the best Corolla ever. Corolla. Re-created. Re-engineered. Re-imagined for 2014. And while Corolla may seem new in so many respects, after year. Toyota’s legendary durability is proven by the fact From the moment you see the new Corolla, you’ll know that it’s different. Whether you’re experiencing the premium seats and detailed trim accents inside or admiring the sleek, aggressive lines of its exterior, you’ll find that virtually everything about the new Corolla has been enhanced. And that 80% of Corolla’s sold in Canada in the last 20 years are still on the road today*. And when it comes to peace of mind, you can always count on the Star Safety SystemTM and its host of features to help keep you and your family safe. The 2014 Corolla. It’s Corolla like you’ve never seen it before. there are changes that you’ll feel as well, thanks to advanced aerodynamics, and available CVTi-S technology that brings excitement to every moment of the drive. Corolla S with Upgrade Package shown in Blue Crush Metallic. LE with Upgrade Package shown in Brown Sugar Metallic. CE shown in Classic Silver Metallic. LE ECO with Upgrade Package shown in Alpine White. FRONT COVER Corolla S with Upgrade Package shown in Blue Crush Metallic. * Based on R. L. Polk Canadian Vehicles In Operation and new registrations MY 1993-2012 as of June 30, 2012. Built in Canada The 2014 Toyota Corolla is built at our Cambridge, Ontario assembly plant. The first Canadian-built Corolla rolled off the line in 1988.8 Impressive. No matter how you look at it. SCAN WITH LAYAR FOR ENHANCED CONTENT The most cutting edge Corolla ever. To say that this is the most eye-catching Corolla ever is something of an understatement. It has been completely re-shaped, with a sleek, sporty design that looks dynamic from every angle. And that beauty isn’t just skin deep; those aerodynamic lines improve handling, stability and fuel efficiency. The interior is just as impressive, with an array of features and materials that are a class above all expectations. Another feature that shines – literally. Standard LED projector headlamps contribute to a cutting-edge design, and outstanding visibility. Comfort doesn’t just happen because of the seats in the Corolla. It starts from the ground up, with a rear suspension that offers excellent support, a stable feel at the rear, and direct steering response. Corolla S with Upgrade Package shown in ...


All information in this manual is based on the latest product information at the time of publication. However, specifications and procedures are subject to change without notice. CAUTION This manual does not include all the necessary items about repair and service. This manual is made for the purpose of the use for the persons who have special techniques and certifications. In the cases that non--specialized or uncertified technicians perform repair or service only using this manual or without proper equipment or tool, that may cause severe injury to you or other people around and also cause damage to your customer’s vehicle. In order to prevent dangerous operation and damages to your customer’s vehicle, be sure to follow the instruction shown below. Must read this manual thoroughly. It is especially important to have a good understanding of all the contents written in the PRECAUTION of ”IN” section. The service method written in this manual is very effective to perform repair and service. When performing the operations following the procedures using this manual, be sure to use tools specified and recommended. If using non--specified or recommended tools and service method, be sure to confirm safety of the technicians and any possibility of causing personal injury or damage to the customer’s vehicle before starting the operation. If part replacement is necessary, must replace the part with the same part number or equivalent part. Do not replace it with inferior quality. It is important to note that this manual contains various ”Cautions” and ”Notices” that must be carefully observed in order to reduce the risk of personal injury during service or repair, or the possibility that improper service or repair may damage the vehicle or render it unsafe. It is also important to understand that these ”Cautions” and ”Notices” are not exhaustive, because it is important to warn of all the possible hazardous consequences that might result from failure to follow these instructions.  ...

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Ejemplos de introducción • El próximo mes de junio termino mi licenciatura en Administración y Dirección de Empresas y me gustaría formar parte del equipo que usted lidera en Khimbretea. Un reciente artículo de la revista Actualidad Económica, sobre empresas exportadoras, despertó mi interés por su empresa. La información que, desde entonces, he recopilado de Maquinasa ha reforzado mi deseo de integrarme en ella. • Le escribo en respuesta a su oferta Ref. IBG. Creo que mi experiencia en el sector, 6 meses en el Banco Internact en Madrid y 3 meses en la Caja del Sur, hace que mi candidatura sea de su interés • Pienso que podría aportar valor inmediato a su empresa porque • El próximo mes de Junio termino mi licenciatura en Ciencias Químicas. El responsable de producción de su planta de Zaragoza, D. Pedro Saez, me ha sugerido que me dirija a usted para explorar la posibilidad de incorporarme a su empresa. • Mi perfil se ajusta al que ustedes indican en su oferta de empleo • Me gustaría aportar la experiencia que he adquirido en asesoría fiscal durante el último año. Mi voluntad de formar parte de la división de asesoría fiscal de Versen se debe a dos motivos: • Las recientes declaraciones en prensa sobre sus ambiciosos planes de expansión • El crecimiento de la facturación de la división fiscal de Versen, la más espectacular de su industria en los últimos 3 años Ejemplos de cierre • Gracias por su atención. Espero poder exponerle personalmente con más detalles lo que puedo aportar a su empresa. • Me encantaría reunirme con usted para compartir nuestros intereses con más detalle, muy útil para explorar posibles oportunidades de colaboración. • Le adjunto mi curriculum vitae y espero que podamos mantener una reunión personal para explorar la posibilidad de colaborar con ustedes este verano. ...

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Summary of Compatible Phones The summary on this page and the next includes recently released phones that support hands-free calls, Bluetooth audio streaming, and Entune™ applications. Some phones also support additional features. Please refer to the following pages for a Complete List of Phones Tested to Date and their detailed compatibility test results. Compatible Phones Head Unit Display Audio with Navigation and EntuneTM Carrier Manufacturer Model Operating System iPhone 3Gs iOS 6.1 (10B141) iPhone 5C iOS 7.0.3 (11B511) PD98120 (Inspire 4G) Android 2.3.3 PH39100 (Vivid) Android 4.0.3 PM63100 (One X Plus) Android 4.1.1 LG-E970 (Optimus G) Android 4.0.4 LG-P930 (Nitro HD) Android 2.3.5 MB865 (Atrix 2) Android 4.0.4 MB886 (Atrix HD) Android 4.0.4 SGH-i317 (Galaxy Note II) Android 4.1.2 SGH-i527 (Galaxy Mega) Android 4.2.2 SGH-i537 (Galaxy S4 Active) Android 4.2.2 SGH-i547 (Galaxy Rugby Pro) Android 4.0.4 SGH-i717 (Galaxy Note) Android 4.0.4 SGH-i747 (Galaxy S III) Android 4.0.4 Apple iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.3 (11B511) HTC PJ75100 (EVO 4G LTE) Android 4.0.3 LG-LS720 (Optimus F3) Android 4.1.2 LG-LS840 (Viper 4G LTE) Android 2.3.7 XT897 (Photon Q) Android 4.0.4 SPH-L710 (Galaxy S III) Android 4.1.1 Apple HTC LG Vehicles 4Runner Avalon Avalon Hybrid Camry 2012, 2013 2013, 2014 2013, 2014 2012, 2013 2014 Camry Hybrid 2012, 2013 2014 Corolla 2012, 2013 Highlander 2013 Highlander Hybrid 2013 Prius Prius c Prius Plug-in Hybrid Prius v RAV4 Tacoma Venza 2012, 2013 2014 2012, 2013 2014 2012, 2013 2014 2012, 2013 2014 2012, 2013 2012, 2013 2013, 2014 AT&T Wireless Motorola Samsung Features Vehicle (Bluetooth)** Hands-Free, Audio Streaming LG Sprint Motorola EntuneTM Fuel, Sports, Stocks, Traffic, Weather Samsung SPH-L900 (Galaxy Note II) Android 4.1.1 Continued on Next Page Toyota vehicles equipped with the Display Audio multimedia system require all iPhone users to connect using an Apple connector cable to the vehicle's Universal Serial Bus (USB) port ** For SMS Text compatiblity test results, please refer to the Complete List of Phones Tested to Date Continued on Next Page

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Why is it that with most so-called "entry level" cars, your first instinct is to exit? At Hyundai, we don’t believe it has to be that way. Which is why we created Accent. Entry level, sub-compact, pocket rocket – call it what you want, but Accent is proof that a small car can think big. Technically, Hyundai Accent compares with sub-compacts like Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris. Yet the fact is, Accent has more interior room than those cars’ larger siblings, Civic and Corolla. Its safety engineering includes six airbags, standard. It gets the highest possible rating – five stars – in frontal collision crash tests conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. It gets up to 36 MPG,1 yet it’s got more horsepower than Toyota Yaris. And it's backed by America’s Best Warranty.2 Of course, there is one thing you’ll find about the Hyundai Accent that’s not very big at all: Its sticker price. INTRODUCING ACCENT BLUE For 2010, Hyundai proudly introduces a high-mileage BLUE edition to our acclaimed Accent lineup. Models sporting this “Blue” insignia deliver outstanding fuel economy at an outstanding price. In fact, our BLUE Accent is priced lower than any other Accent model, making it as economical on the showroom floor as it is on the open road. EPA estimates for comparison. Your actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle’s condition. 2 See dealer for LIMITED WARRANTY details.

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NSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR PART 99-8223 APPLICATIONS 1 Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent an accidental short circuit. 2 Unclip and remove the (4) side trim panels from the right and left side of the radio and a/c controls. (Figure A) 3 Unclip and remove the a/c vent panel above the factory radio.(Figure B) 4 Remove (4) 10 MM bolts securing the radio. (Figure C) 5 Remove (4) plastic clips from the back of the factory radio. (Retain the clips for re-use during kit assembly.) Continue to kit assembly. 1 Attach the clips removed from the factory radio to the back of the radio housing trim plate. (Figure A) 2 Slide the Radio Housing Brackets onto the sides of the Radio Housing until the side clips engage. NOTE: Tabs are marked Left and Right. (Figure B) 3 Slide the DIN cage into the Radio Housing and secure by bending the metal locking tabs outward. (Figure C) 4 Slide the aftermarket radio into the cage until it snaps into place. (Figure D) Continue to final assembly. 1 Attach the clips removed from the factory radio to the back of the radio housing trim plate. (Figure A) 2 Slide the Radio Housing Brackets onto the sides of the Radio Housing until the side clips engage. NOTE: Tabs are marked Left and Right. (Figure B) 3 Mount the ISO Brackets to the radio using the screws supplied with the radio. (Figure C) 4 Slide the radio into the radio housing until it snaps into place. (Figure D) 5 Snap the Trim plate onto the front of the Radio Housing. (Figure D) Continue to final assembly...

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Emergency Relief Items Catalogue 2002 Toyota Corolla, 4 doors, sedan Code Description TTOYCOROC120RS TOYOTA COROLLA 4 DOORS CHF17’000.00 SEDAN, right hand drive, diesel TOYOTA COROLLA 4 DOORS CHF17’000.00 SEDAN, left hand drive, diesel TTOYCOROC120LS Cold chain: No Ind. price Dangerous: Yes-Transport declaration Ship. weight Ship. Vol. Regulated: Yes-Licence General information Standard light vehicle for town and liaison with streets and roads in good condition. The standard type is diesel, but also available with petrol engine if justified. The equipment and specifications can vary in some countries. To be specified on order if required: VHF radio Standard on all vehicles from ICRC stocks: First aid kit Specifications Manufacturer model code left hand drive: CE120R-AEMDS Manufacturer model code right hand drive: CE120L-AEMDS Color white Engine 2000cc 4 cylinder diesel, mechanical fuel injection (or 1600cc 4 cylinder petrol engine, EFI) 5-speed manual gearbox 4 doors 5 seats, front normal high grade, rear split fold down Tyres 175/70R14 84H (5 pieces) Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes Blue laminated windshield galls Outside rear view mirror (manual remote control) 2pieces Fire extinguisher Heater and boost ventilator Full fabric seats 2 front seat belts 3 points ALR, 2 rear seat belts 3 points ALR, 1 rear seat belt 2 points NR Air conditioner Emergency Relief Items Catalogue 2002 Front heat rests 2 PVC sun visors Cigarette lighter w/illumination Fuel lid opener Power steering with tilt steering Rear window defogger...

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Corolla 2011 Am I the Corolla type? Without a doubt. Since we introduced Toyota Corolla in 1968, we’ve sold nearly 35 million of them around the world. One look at the 2011 Corolla and it’s easy to see why: Its many thoughtful features, fuel efficiency and legendary reliability make it a great value. It also has fresh styling inside and out, and comes equipped with an impressive list of standard safety features. Just the kind of qualities you’d expect from the best-selling subcompact car in America.2 Are you the Corolla type? Perhaps the real question should be: Which model of Corolla is your type? The 2011 Toyota Corolla. Moving Forward. Every time you start off on a journey, whether it’s a quiet weekend away or a quick trip around town, rest assured — we’re with you every step of the way. For more than 50 years, Toyota engineering has created more than just durable vehicles. It’s created enduring memories. 1. Based on Toyota Motor Corporation sales data since Corolla’s inception in 1966 through 2009. 2. CY 2009 sales. S shown in Barcelona Red Metallic. S interior shown in Dark Charcoal with available upgraded audio system and automatic transmission. Does it know where I’m coming from? As if clairvoyance were standard equipment. With its sophisticated styling and intuitive design, Corolla just seems to have a sense of who you are and what you might appreciate. And with a host of high-end amenities, like the available moonroof,1 Corolla is right in line with your plans for upward mobility. So you could say Corolla knows just where you’re going too. Remote keyless entry system Convenience is keyless. Corolla lets you lock and unlock its doors with the touch of a button. And once you open the door, a warmly lit interior welcomes you inside. The remote can also be used to pop open the trunk lid. Even the alarm can be activated remotely. In the high-spirited Corolla, things are always looking up. In fact, the available moonroof gives you an uplifting view of not only the moon, but also the sun, the stars and the glimmering city. Sporty shift knob With its textured, leather trim and clean, chrome accents, Corolla’s handsome new shift knob is agreeable to hold and to behold, as well. 1. Not available on Corolla grade...

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2013 Corolla This is how the 2013 Corolla is going to make things better It delivers more than you’d ever expect from a vehicle in its class. Not only does the 2013 Corolla have a stylish, spacious interior and a host of impressive features, it also has incredible fuel efficiency, which means filling up is the last thing you’ll be thinking about. We know that Canadians want to be confident in knowing they’ve purchased a quality vehicle that is long lasting, reliable and delivers excellent value. Maybe that’s why Corolla is Canada’s best selling Toyota. And they have been built right at our assembly plant in Cambridge, Ontario since 1988.8 Toyota’s commitment to safety is demonstrated through our innovative Star Safety System™, and our dedication to reliability is proven by the fact that over 80% of Toyotas sold in Canada in the last 20 years are still on the road today*. Those are just a few reasons why you’ll feel more confident than ever sitting behind the wheel. The 2013 Corolla, like every single one of our vehicles, was built to make things better. It’s just how we approach everything we do, every day. FRONT COVER Corolla S with Moonroof Package shown in Black Sand Pearl. Corolla S with Moonroof Package shown in Barcelona Red Metallic. The 2013 Corolla is all about quality, and when that’s Corolla has everything you need to make your drive combined with innovative technology – great things easy and more enjoyable. It’s not just the little things happen. From its vast list of standard features all that make the 2013 Corolla the perfect car - it’s the the way to its impressive high-tech components, When it comes to technology, Corolla doesn’t fall short...