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Collision Cost Examples
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Collision Cost Examples PRICE INCLUDES PARTS, LABOR, PAINTING AND TAX PARTS BASED ON ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER (O.E.M.) BUMPER (FRONT) BUMPER (REAR) HOOD HEADLAMP DOOR (FRONT) LIFT GATE/ LUGGAGE VW Bug 2000-2005 $810 $621 $641 $347 $917 $880 Ford Focus 2000-2005 $507 $568 $641 $535 $874 $688 Pontiac Grand Am 2000-2004 $672 $715 $650 $273 $1193 $713 Ford Taurus 2000-2004 $630 $730 $781 $221 $1101 $951 Toyota Camry 2002-2004 $519 $532 $751 $268 $1161 $805 Honda Accord 2003-2004 $554 $568 $724 $283 $947 $756 Ford Explorer 2002-2005 $800 $620 $771 $285 $1043 $1216 Toyota 4 Runner 2003 – 2005 $508 $374 $732 $213 $984 $1048 Lexus ES300 2002-2004 $574 $587 $880 $443 $910 $742 $1072 $1151 $809 $333 $1049 $754 Mercedes E320 2001-2004 Based on: $40-$46 hour labor rate in Idaho and $22-$25 hour for paint material Prices: Mitchell Estimating Guides 1997 Toyota Corolla Replace Front Bumper Replace Side Marker Replace Park Lamp Assembly Repair Hood Repair Right Fender Additional Repairs Total Estimate $419.00 $ 50.00 $ 40.00 $390.00 $151.00 $550.00 $1600.00 2000 Chevrolet Blazer Replace Rear Door Replace Stripe Replace Lower Door Mldg Refinish Door/Qtr Panel Additional Repairs Total Estimate $863.00 $ 74.00 $ 50.00 $230.00 $283.00 $1500.00 2003 Toyota Camry Replace Rear Bumper Cover Replace Rear Tail Light Repair Quarter Panel Other Repairs/Painting Total Estimate $532.00 $178.00 $595.00 $400.00 $1705.00

The Effects of Negative Credit on a Car Purchase and What to Do about It | Having bad or no credit can make purchasing a car on credit challenging. Many dealerships will work with individuals in this situation. Higher interest rates on car loans or leasing vehicles are the two main options open to those with questionable credit.

dgantpf - Pro.Fit International
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020205-00 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 (2002-2008) Ford Explorer (Police Interceptor) (2011-2014) PART NUMBER: DGANTPF (For NMO style antenna mount) Please Read Complete Instructions Before Installing This Pro.Fit Antenna Mount TOOLS REQUIRED: 10 mm socket and driver or 10 mm box end wrench PARTS INCLUDED: Pro.Fit Antenna Mount, 1/2” stainless steel star washer, instructions Left Front Fender LOCATION: Please read Always check for good continuity between antenna mount and chassis ground. If there is a problem with grounding, place the provided star washer between the NMO antenna mount and vehicle’s fender. STEP 1. Set parking brake. Open hood and locate 10 mm bolt near the back of the left front fender. Remove bolt. STEP 2. Align the antenna bracket with the bolt hole. Reinstall bolt and tighten. 1 STEP 3. Install NMO antenna mount on bracket. (NMO not supplied). This completes the installation of your Pro.Fit Antenna Mount for NMO style antenna. 2 3 Pro.Fit International, Inc.® may not be held liable for any damage to a vehicle before, during or after the installation or removal of this Pro.Fit product. Pro.Fit may not be held liable for any personal injury resulting from accident or improper installation. Pro.Fit International, Inc.® 314 West 86th Street, Bloomington, MN 55420, Ph: 952-641-4700 Fx: 952-641-4701 © Pro.Fit International, Bloomington, MN 2006-13 VIEW INSTRUCTIONS & UPDATES ONLINE @ WWW.PRO-FIT-INTL.COM


REPAIR CATALOG WHITE FORKLIFT PUBLICATION # R-2145 MSB-20 PRIOR TO 34100920 MSB-25 PRIOR TO 34100931 MSB-30 PRIOR TO 34100820 MSB-35 PRIOR TO 34100906 INCLUDES SUPPLEMENTS A AND B SUPPLEMENT "A" TO REPAIR CATALOG R-2145 FOR MSB SERIES FORK LIFT TRUCKS GROUP INDEX Brakes - Self Adjusting Drive Wheels for Self Adjusting Brakes Linkage for Self Adjusting Brakes I2-Gas Equipment Power Steering Power Steering Valve Page 12-13 11 12-13 3-4-5 6 6-8 White Materials Handling Division [MOM WCYY00 CORPORATION HOPKINS, MINNESOTA 55343 11-67 e Ref. No. Part No. DESCRIPTION No. Pcs. This supplement is to be used in conjunction with Repair Catalog R-2145 on MSB Series Fork Lift Trucks. Refer to this supplement for changes plus new additions. Power Steering, self adjusting brakes and other changes are included. ge 4 Refer to Cylinder Block, Head Assembly and Intake Manifold Group. Change Ind. Fqrd No. 405585 bearing (ref. #3) to 444025. Change Ind. Ford No. 405587 bearing (ref. #4) to 444028. Omit 35P2429 plug (ref. #11), not used. Change quantity of 35P2430 plug (ref. #12) from 2 to 3. Omit 35P2391 plug, not used. Change Ind. Ford No. C3AZ -10884-A unit to C3TZ -10884-A. ige 6 Refer to Crankshaft, Main Bearings, Camshaft Group. Omit all ref. #3 and 4 bearings and add: 3 3 3 4 4 4 35R123 35R124 35R125 35R126 35R127 35R128 436090 Bearing - crankshaft, center, std., red, 2 halves 436091 Bearing - crankshaft, center, .0005 U.S., blue, 2 halves 436093 Bearing - crankshaft, center, .0098 (.25 mm U.S.) 2 halves 436083 Bearing - crankshaft, front and rear, std., red, 2 halves 436084 Bearing - crankshaft, front and rear, .0005 U.S., blue, 2 halves 436394 Bearing - crankshaft, front and rear, .0098 U.S., (25 mm), 2 halves Change 425627 pulley-(ref. #25) to 425939.

Fuel Pump Driver Modules - Dorman Products

FORMERLY “DEALER ONLY” PARTS NOW AVAILABLE Fuel Pump Driver Modules Fuel Pump Driver Modules control the voltage to the Fuel Pump in order to maintain proper fuel pressure over the full operating range of the engine. Engineered aPowder coated to prevent corrosion mounting bushings aIncludes rubber from the steel to position away mounting surface and to provide additional vibration damping aImproved micro-processor that provides greater response time and reliability by protecting the fuel pump and the module itself from opens and shorts 590-001 Ford F150, 2008-04 Explorer Spt. Trac., 2010-07 Original Aluminum Housing Extremely failure prone due to corrosion. The original aluminum housing corrodes because it is un-protected. The module is mounted against a steel frame causing accelerated corrosion from frequent exposure to moisture. FORMERLY “DEALER ONLY” PARTS NOW AVAILABLE Fuel Pump Driver Module Applications MAKE FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK LINCOLN FORD FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK FORD TRUCK LINCOLN


2012 Toyota Camry vs. 2013 Ford Fusion For the 2013 model year, Ford is re-launching its popular Fusion midsize sedan in an all-new iteration, with an impressive roster of performance and technology features that are sure to make it a force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive vehicle segment. But Camry’s proven safety and reliability record, 2012 Toyota Camry high-retained value and lower overall cost of ownership have won it a devoted customer base, and while the new Fusion is bound to attract renewed consumer interest in the coming year, it’s equally clear that Camry still enjoys key Toyota Advantages in many categories that are of paramount interest to new car buyers. In this Edge, we’ll highlight just a few of them. 12MY Image Shown 13MY Image Coming Soon 2012 Camry primary strengths PERFORMANCE: Camry’s strong 3.5L V6, available on SE and XLE grades, produces appreciably more horsepower than any Fusion engine, making it a clear choice for acceleration CHOICE: Camry is offered in four grades. Fusion is only offered in three, giving Toyota owners more choices to order the exact vehicle they want COMFORT: Camry offers a more spacious rear passenger compartment, making it more passenger-friendly for long highway drives...

for immediate release jaguar and land rover to use oeconnection's ...

JAGUAR AND LAND ROVER TO USE OECONNECTION’S D2DLINK® SERVICE FOR ITS U.S. PARTS CHANNEL Jaguar and Land Rover Dealers Will Soon Locate, Order and Fulfill Auto Parts Using D2DLink® Online Tool Richfield, OH -- May 28, 2003 – OEConnection today announced an agreement with Jaguar and Land Rover to provide more than 300 U.S. dealerships with the D2DLink online parts procurement tool. The two automakers join Ford and General Motors, as well as other import manufacturers, in making available to their dealers the advantages offered by the D2DLink product. Richard Tate, Manager, Parts Supply and Logistics for Jaguar and Land Rover, said, “Every day we don’t implement the D2DLink service, our dealers miss out on the efficiencies it has to offer. The adoption of this online tool is a part of Jaguar and Land Rover’s continued effort to better service their U.S. dealers as wholesale parts buyers and their luxury auto customers.” More than 9,500 auto dealers across the U.S. use the Internet-based D2DLink service more than 50,000 times each day to search original equipment (OE) parts inventories. The benefits to Jaguar and Land Rover dealers include a streamlined process for parts locating, access to daily-updated parts inventories, and the convenience of ordering parts online. These features assist dealers in reducing vehicle repair cycle time, improving customer service, and increasing supply chain efficiencies.

Trade Funding Answer from Trade Vehicle Specialist

Ford is the famous and eminent American Brand of automobiles.

Lane F -
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Thursday, August 18, 2011 8:45 a.m. Lane F >> Errors and/or omissions in the handout are not subject to arbitration – NO EXCEPTIONS. << It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle. ADESA New Jersey 200 North Main Street Manville, NJ 08835 908.725.2200 FAX 908.725.7225 Dealer Handout ADESA New Jersey Sale Date: 08/18/2011, Sale Type(s): Consignment Sale Customer Group: MiLLENNIUM Lot # Stock # Vehicle Description VIN Doors Color Title Category Local AMG Odometer State Code Natl AMG Seller: H8863 - ADVANTAGE NISSAN F1 2003 HYUNDAI TIBURON COUPE GT v6 754286 KMHHN65F53U012979 2.7L V6 MFI DOHC 2 BLACK 102,177M 6G,AT,SN,AC,AB,2WD,Leather,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, Frame/Unibody;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F2 2008 TOYOTA CAMRY SEDAN LE 754047 4T1BE46K48U255759 2.4L I-4 SFI DOHC 4 SILVER 91,381M 4G,AT,AC,AFCD,AB,2WD,Cloth,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: KAF89 - ADVANTAGE HYUNDAI F3 2005 FORD FREESTAR VANS WAGON LIMITED 754681 2FMDA58235BA34811 4.2L V6 SPI 4 BLACK 93,127M 6G,AT,AC,AFCD,PB,2WD,Leather,PSDP,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC,DVD, AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F4 2000 TOYOTA CAMRY SEDAN LE 754040 4T1BG22K3YU956510 2.2L I-4 EFI 4 BEIGE 133,455M 4G,AT,AC,AFCC,AB,2WD,5P,Cloth,STB,PST,PL,PW,CC, Owners Manual;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F5 2000 HONDA CIVIC SEDAN LX 757717 2HGEJ6670YH522825 1.6L I-4 EFI SOHC 4 GREEN 148,486M 4G,AT,CT,AB,2WD,5P,Cloth,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, Structural Damage;Frame/Unibody;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F6 2004 TOYOTA SIENNA MINIVAN LE 757722 5TDZA23C44S118271 3.3L V6 MPI DOHC 5 RED 110,527M 6G,AT,AC,AFCC,AB,2WD,7P,Cloth,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, Frame/Unibody;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: Z5696 - ATLANTIC CHEVROLET CADILLAC F7 2005 CHEVROLET MALIBU SEDAN LS 755777 1G1ZT52825F256541 3.5L V6 SFI

Event Inventory -
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Event Inventory Brasher's Reno Auto Auction - Wed, Aug 17, 2011 Dealer Consignment Sale # City Consignor Lane Date Run# Inv# Description Equipment VIN Color 1 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A002 2007 BMW 7-Series V8 4D Sedan 750Li AT LU 8G AC CD SR WBAHN835X7DT65506 White 36,827 Actual Miles 2 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A014 2007 Hummer H3 4D SUV Base 3.7L 4W AT 5G AC CD SR 5GTDN13E878248646 Blue 69,028 Actual Miles 3 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A015 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo V8 2D Coupe SS AT 8G AC CD SR 2G1WL16C469348867 Silver 72,317 Actual Miles 4 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A016 2006 Hummer H3 4D SUV 3.5L AW AT LU 5G AC CD SR 5GTDN136X68148099 Pew 63,114 Actual Miles 5 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A018 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD 4D Utility 4.0L 4W AT 6G AC CD JTEBU11F270074838 Maroon 39,890 Actual Miles 6 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A020 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4WD 2D Utility X 3.8L 4W 6S 6G CD 1J4FA24187L164797 Silver 40,375 Actual Miles 7 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A021 2007 Ford Mustang V8 2D Convertible GT 5S LU 8G AC CD 1ZVFT85H175335115 White 6,591 Actual Miles 8 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A025 2008 Chevrolet Impala V6 4D Sedan LTZ AT LU 6G AC CD 2G1WU583589252072 Red 68,432 Actual Miles 9 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A027 2007 Toyota Yaris 4D Sedan Base AT 4G AC CD JTDBT923271081857 Red 71,009 Actual Miles 10 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A028 2007 Gmc Sierra Base 4W AT AC CD 2GTEK13CX71723901 Silver 54,169 Actual Miles 11 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A030 H461 2007 Chrysler Sebring I-4 4D Sedan Base AT 4G AC CD 1C3LC46K17N539619 White 86,161 Actual Miles 12 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A033 H582 2010 Nissan Sentra 4D Sedan Base AT 4G AC CD 3N1AB6AP3AL630521 Gray 45,472 Actual Miles