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Triumph Daytona 675 - ENG - Lightec
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Kit LighTech for Triumph Daytona 675/R 2007-2012 Adjustable rear sets (4 configurations) FTRTR001 – Track System with fixed foot peg (no reverse gear shift) FTRTR001W – Track System with fold-up foot peg (no reverse gear shift) FTRTR002 – Track System with fixed foot peg for reverse gear shift FTRTR002W – Track System with fold-up foot peg for reverse gear shift 345,00€ 395,00€ 395,00€ 445,00€ Adjustable and fold-up levers kit (brake and clutch) KLEV032J (or KLEV032W) – For Daytona 675 (2007-2011) KLEV038J (or KLEV038W) – For Daytona 675 R (2011-2012) 154,00€ 154,00€ 1 15/05/2012 TET675 – Chain adjusters for Daytona 675 (2007-2011) TETR001 – Chain adjusters for Daytona 675 R (2011-2012) 179,00€ 179,00€ Handlebar accessories REG004 – Forks spring adjusters MOZ5010 – Handlebar holders MOZ5020 – Handlebar holders (H = +20mm) HBT001 – Handlebar tubes FBC06 – Brake oil tank cap (front) FFC05 - Brake oil tank cap (rear) 30,00€ 165,00€ 175,00€ 50,00€ 28,00€ 20,50€ ERGAL screws and special nuts 7TDM – Engine screws kit (33 pcs) 7TDT – Frame screws kit (34 pcs) 7TDC – Fairing screws kit (46 pezzi) D011 – Swing arm pivot nut D004 – Rear wheel axle nut D006 – Steering head nut KC006 – Windscreen screws kit KTYB – Fuel tank cap screws kit 71,00€ 92,00€ 96,90€ 18,00€ 18,60€ 18,00€ 13,00€ 9,25€ 2 15/05/2012 TITANIUM screws (5 degree) VITS – Front brake disc rotors screws (nr. 10, price for each) VITS – Rear brake disc rotor screws (nr. 4, price for each) T001M10x1.25x65 – Front brake calipers screws (nr. 4, price for each) 16,50€ 16,50€ 23,15€ Oil filler cap (3 models) OIL004 OILH OILHW 17,50€ 17,50€ 19,00€ Fuel tank cap (2 models) TR5 – Rapid lock TF5 – Spin lock 93,00€ 67,00€

USA Triathlon Competitive Rules - Pasadena Triathlon

USA Triathlon Competitive Rules The Competitive Rules are intended to provide for the orderly and consistent administration of events sanctioned by USA Triathlon and are not designed to establish standards of care for the safety of participants or other persons. Every participant, official, volunteer and spectator should consider all safety issues and make related decisions prudently without reliance upon the Competitive Rules. USA Triathlon makes no express or implied warranty, guarantee, or representation regarding the degree of safety, which may or may not result from compliance with the Competitive Rules. Examinations or inspections of equipment at sanctioned events are undertaken solely to monitor compliance with the Competitive Rules and do not guarantee or ensure safety from personal injury or property damage. The safety of race equipment is the sole responsibility of each and every participant. Italicized sections of these Competitive Rules shall apply to those athletes holding an Elite license at any event with a minimum cash prize purse of $5000.00. An event with a minimum $5000.00 prize purse must limit the Elite division to athletes holding a USAT Elite License or an Elite license from an ITU member federation. All prize money is reserved for the Elite division. Article I Scope, Purpose and Construction 1.1 Scope. These Competitive Rules ("Rules") are adopted by USA Triathlon and govern the administration of all races and events sanctioned by USA Triathlon. These Rules are binding on all members of USA Triathlon and all...

Daytona 675 Motorcycle Race Kit Manual - Triumph

Daytona 675 Race Parts Triumph's ground-breaking Daytona 675 has not only received global recognition for its performance on the road, but also for its outstanding ability on the race track. To further support this exceptional track ability, Triumph have launched a Racing Support Programme, which is now further complemented by the launch of a range of Triumph Genuine Race Parts. Factory developed in collaboration with Paul Young Racing, these parts have been designed to give significant improvements in engine performance for race purposes. This results in the class-leading Daytona 675 being competitive on the racetrack at the highest level. Triumph Genuine Race Parts are sold individually and a number of the parts need to be used in conjunction with each other to ensure the best performance gains are realised and also to prevent premature wear on associated components. Please ensure you read the user manual in full to understand this detail prior to fitting or using any of the Triumph Genuine Race Parts. © Triumph Designs Ltd 2007.

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Magento Programs Customizes Holds concerning Visitors

The project in preventing a web based website where by fans can click on, opt offerings, and furthermore pay money for just isn't always easy. A new demands with the manager will most certainly be distinct plus they remember to keep escalating day after day while the guests store elevating dayafter- day. The particular outlets might get help from Magento designers by to who in a position to acquire investigative info about coursesmart selecting which always distinct movements are possible. Must positive and negative regions of the location when using the business results delivered by the entire Magento designer assists the particular source very. With no knowledge which specifically elements of the web page appeal typically the customers as well as that don't, evolving the blog to increase it could be very a challenge.

Jobs20130614 - Raleigh ISSA
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Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs website: Raleigh ISSA Chapter members, These job opportunities are from chapter members, local recruiters, LinkedIn, and the CISSP Jobs Forum. Interested candidates should follow up with the identified contact directly and/or check their website for additional info. A list of events as well as job-related websites and articles are listed below. Please send us any technology-related opportunities in NC that you hear about! EVENTS 1) 6/27 (tentative): Triad NC ISSA Chapter Meeting from 6:00 – 8:00 pm; 2) 7/11: Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs Networking Meeting - McKimmon Center Lobby from 6:006:40 pm before the Chapter's main meeting ( 3) 7/11: AITP - RTP. Monthly meeting from 5:30-8:30pm. Click this link for additional info including how to make reservations: OPPORTUNITIES 1) Network & Security Engineer - Burlington or Raleigh. ettain group has an opening for a Network & Security Engineer in Burlington or Raleigh. The position is responsible for leading and participating in the activities associated with identifying and analyzing network requirements to develop detailed design specifications for data traffic and network enhancements, coordinating assigned projects for completion from beginning to end and effectively communicate results to the end user; coach and mentor designated staff in network engineering projects, providing direction and support. A more detailed job description is listed below. Please contact Taylor Ward at ettain group for details at 919-287-3979 and send your resume to 2) IT Audit Job - Office of NC State Auditor - Raleigh. Contact Holli Harrison (chapter board member) @ or 919.807.7699 for additional information about the position and application requirements (e.g., coursework: accounting courses if degree is in CS/Info Sys or CS courses if degree is in Accounting). 3) Business Continuity Analyst – Charlotte. ettain group has an 18 month contract for a Business Continuity Analyst working remote and traveling up to 75% of the time. Job Details: ++ Individual will conduct information security and business continuity assessments of vendors providing services to Bank of America. ++ Individual must possess strong technical knowledge of a wide range of information security and business continuity controls and the processes used for...

Fifth Season Raleigh Store Application - Fifth Season Gardening

Employment Application Today’s Date:__________________________ Name:_______________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ Phone Number:______________________ E-Mail:______________________________________ Education: High School: School name: ________________________ School city, state:________________________________ Number of years completed: _______________ Did you graduate? [ ] Y or [ ] N Degree / diploma earned: _______________ College / University / Vocational School School name: __________________________ School city, state:________________________________ Number of years completed: ________ Did you graduate? [ ] Y or [ ] N Degree / diploma earned: __________________ School Name: ________________________ City, state:________________________________ Number of years completed: ________ Did you graduate? [ ] Y or [ ] N Degree / diploma? : __________________ Employment History: List your three most recent employers: 1)________________________________________ Phone Number:__________________________ May we contact this employer?_____Supervisor:__________________________ Describe your position:_____________________________________________ Employed from: __________________To:______________________________ Wage: 2)________________________________________ Phone Number:__________________________ May we contact this employer?_____Supervisor:__________________________ Describe your position:_____________________________________________ Employed from:_________________ To:__________________________ Wage: 5619 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27606 Phone 919-852-4747 3)________________________________________ Phone Number:__________________________ May we contact this employer?_____Supervisor:__________________________ Describe your position:_____________________________________________

Koyal Group Training Services: My Biz: Making private investigation a family business

Hunting down a witness, catching a cheating spouse, finding out if someone is really injured — Jeff Marlin of Marlin’s Special Investigation doesn’t have a typical job. Marlin’s father, Mike Marlin, founded the business in 1994 after retiring from the Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) with the State of Iowa. Jeff, a graduate of the University of Iowa, spent four years in Kansas City working as a police officer, but left the field to obtain his degree in math education. He returned to Iowa in 1996 and was teaching full-time when his father invited him to assist with the investigative work during the summers. “In 2000 my father asked me to come on board full time, and in 2007 I bought the business from him,” Jeff said. Mike Marlin, a 1970 graduate of the University of Iowa, gave up his PI license in 2010, but remains a consultant to the business.

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