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definisi osha

Smith Hughes
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Smith Hughes is a 3rd generation, Cincinnati based company with over 65 years of experience in sales, service, rental and installation of packaged boilers and boiler room equipment. Our experienced, OSHA Certified Boiler Room Service Technicians are trained to operate, maintain and repair all makes of packaged power boilers, nationwide. We regularly refurbish boilers and recertify them for resale. When boiler system failure occurs, we can provide a complete Mobile Boiler Room that can be placed temporarily on-site to get you up and running quickly.

Definisi Dasar Noise dalam Ruangan
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Artikel ini mengupas dasar pemahaman mengenai noise room, background noise, atau noise criteria (NC)

SERVICE MANUAL - The Expert - Dana Corporation

This will help determine what parts can be saved and how the axle should be rebuilt. Getting Started Carrier Disassembly WARNING Under no circumstances should individuals attempt to perform axle service and/ or maintenance procedures for which they have not been trained or do not have the proper tools and equipment. 1. Remove the cover bolts and use a rubber mallet to remove the cover plate (Figure 2). 1. ALWAYS wear safety glasses that meet OSHA requirements when performing maintenance or service. Failure to wear safety glasses can result in personal injury and/or partial or complete vision loss. 2. ALWAYS be careful handling gears or other sharp components, so you do not cut your hands. 3. ALWAYS be sure to follow torque specifications carefully. Failure to do so may lead to premature component failure or damage to other vehicle components. Figure 2 2. Turn the axle over and drain the oil. Introduction Figure 3 NOTE: During drainage, strain the oil to see if it contains metal shavings (Figure 3). Be sure to place a bucket under the stand to catch the oil so it can be disposed of properly. If the axle is Proper care during the teardown and rebuild of the being rebuilt because of a major problem such as WJ44-4 (Figure 1) is critical to improved service as gear set breakage or excessive bearing wear, a well as customer satisfaction.

WallPaper Matte Liquid Lamination datasheet general

Designed to be used with all inkjet digital wallpaper, especially Landor Phototex. Water based product which increases water resistance of Inkjet Wallpaper. Matte finish with low glare sheen designed to enhance colour vibrancy. Added resistance to physical abrasion with liquid lamination. State of the art UV inhibitors, doubling the light fast rating. Hand roller or Liquid Lamination machine compatible. Technical Data • As below. Availability • 1 Litre bottles and 5 litre bottles Page 9 WallPaper Matte Liquid Lamination datasheet toxicological properties Threshold Limit Value: None established. Cancer Risks: No ingredients in these products Are known to NTP, IARC, ACGIH or OSHA to be Carcinogenic. Exposure effects: Inhalation: (Acute) Nasal & respiratory irritation. (Chronic) None. Skin Contact: (Acute) Mild skin irritation, dryness and discomfort. Can be absorbed causing drowsiness. (Chronic) None. Eye Contact: (Acute) Mild irritation, redness, discomforts. (Chronic) Conjunctivitis or corneal damage. Other Chronic Health Effects: Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents may be harmful or fatal. Reports have associated repeated and prolonged occupational overexposure to solvents with permanent brain and nervous system damage. Over exposure may cause liver or kidney conditions. Preventive Measures

Operation & Maintenance Manual - Calumet Lift Truck

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is now mandating operator training for all lift truck operators. SAFE and EFFICIENT OPERATION of a lift truck depends to a great extent on the skill and alertness of the operator. To develop the skill, the operator should: 1. Know the working capabilities and limitations of the lift truck. 2. Know the make-up of the lift truck. 3. Read and understand the safe driving and load handling procedures contained in this manual. And, most important, a qualified person experienced in lift truck operation should guide new operators through several driving and load handling operations before they attempt to operate the lift truck on their own. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure the operator can see, hear and has the physical and mental ability to operate the lift truck safely. This manual contains information necessary for the operation and “do-it-yourself” maintenance of standard lift trucks. Optional equipment is sometimes installed; it can change some operating characteristics described in this manual. Before operating such a lift truck, make sure the necessary instructions are available and understood. Lift truck operator training is provided through your Cat lift truck dealer. They will be glad to help you and answer any questions you may have about operating your new lift truck. The lift trucks are NOT intended for use on public roads. 99730-85141 100588A

Hazard Alert: Blades for cut-off type industrial saws - Oregon OSHA

Blades for Cut-Off type Industrial Saws (Fire Service) Two reports of circular saw blades coming free from cut-off type industrial saws have come to Oregon OSHA’s attention. These two incidents happened in the Portland area and underscore the need for caution by users of such equipment. This type of portable saw is typically used by local fire departments and emergency service providers. In each of these cases, saw blades that were not recommended by the manufacturer broke loose from the saw and flew off. This poses obvious hazards to the user and any workers or others near the saw. It is important that the equipment you use is appropriate and authorized for that use by the manufacturer. Stihl, Inc. cautions users not to use carbide tipped, wood cutting or circular saw blades on their saws as they can cause severe personal injury from reactive forces, blade contact or thrown tips. Oregon OSHA agrees. At this time, the only blades recommended by Stihl for use on their saws are diamond blades and abrasive blades. Other types of blades may be used on other types of saws when approved by the manufacturer. When using portable powered circular cut-off saws, the following standard must be complied with:...

13517: Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Siren Model(s) - Whelen ...

Automotive: Sirens/Switches ENGINEERING COMPANY INC. 51 Winthrop Road Chester, Connecticut 06412-0684 Phone: (860) 526-9504 Fax: (860) 526-4078 Internet: Sales e-mail: Canadian Sales e-mail: Customer Service e-mail: Installation Guide: Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Siren Model(s) WS320, WS321 DANGER! Sirens produces extremely loud emergency warning tones! Exposure to these tones without proper and adequate hearing protection, could cause ear damage and/or hearing loss! The Occupational Safety & Health Administration ( provides information necessary to determine safe exposure times in Occupational Noise Exposure Section 1910.95. Until you have determined the safe exposure times for your specific application, operators and anyone else in the immediate vicinity should be required to wear an approved hearing protection device. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS RECOMMENDATION COULD CAUSE HEARING LOSS! Safety First This document provides all the necessary information to allow your Whelen product to be properly and safely installed. Before beginning the installation and/or operation of your new product, the installation technician and operator must read this manual completely. Important information is contained herein that could prevent serious injury or damage.

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CAESAR II TRAINING 6. STATIC ANALYSIS Metode Static Analysis adalah memperhitungkan static load, yang akan menimpa pipa secara perlahan sehingga dengan demikian piping system memiliki cukup waktu untuk menerima, bereaksi dan mendistribusikan load tersebut keseluruh bagian pipa, hingga tercapainya keseimbangan. 6.1 Static dan Dynamic Load Loading yang mempengaruhi sebuah piping system dapat diklasifikasikan sebagai primary dan secondary. Primary loading terjadi dari sustain load seperti berat pipa, sedangkan secondary load dicontohkan sebagai thermal expansion load. Static Loading meliputi : 1. Weight effect (live loads and dead loads). 2. Thermal expansion and contraction effects. 3. Effect of support, anchor movement. 4. Internal or external pressure loading. Sedangkan yang termasuk Dynamic loading adalah : 1. Impact forces 2. Wind 3. Discharge Load 6.1.1 Load Case pada Caesar II Setelah kita selesai mendesain piping, maka langkah selanjutnya adalah melakukan analisa stress terhadap system piping tersebut. Hal tersebut harus dilakukan untuk mengetahui apakah desain yang telah kita buat dapat memenuhi persyaratan stress atau tidak, Page 2 CAESAR II TRAINING sehingga hal ini akan sangat berpengaruh pada kekuatan pipa ketika mengalami pembebanan ketika kondisi operasi. Ada berbagai macam jenis load case yang dapat kita gunakan dalam CAESAR II. Load case ini akan mendefinisikan pembebanan yang terjadi pada pipa, baik beban akibat berat pipa itu sendiri ataupun beban akibat faktor yang lain. Berikut ini definisi load case pada CAESAR II ver 4.2 : Load Design...

Engine Stand - OTC Tools
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WARNING: To prevent personal injury, Study, understand, and follow the safety precautions and operating instructions included with this equipment. If the operator cannot read these instructions, the safety precautions and operating instructions must be read and discussed in the operator's native language. Wear eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA standards. To maintain shear strength specifications, use grade 5 cap screws to mount adapters or engines. Tapped holes in adapters and engine blocks must be clean and not damaged to ensure full thread engagement. A thread length engagement equal to 11/2 screw diameters minimum is required to maintain strength requirements. Do not exceed the 1,000 lb. maximum capacity of this engine stand. (Maximum capacity is determined with the center of the engine located not more than 18" from the engine stand mounting hub surface.) Stay out from underneath a load being lifted or suspended. The engine must be securely mounted on the repair stand with the hitch pin and turning bar in place and all mounting hardware torqued to specified values. Assembly (Numbers in parentheses refer to the items on the parts list.) 1. Place the upright post (17) on the floor. 2. Position the axle tube (16) against the angle iron bracket on the base of the upright post, aligning the bolt holes. Insert the hex hd. cap screw (2) through the holes far enough to connect the two pieces. 3. Insert the front leg (14) into the hollow base of the upright post. Tighten the cap screw (assembled in step 2) until it travels completely through the tube, post, and leg, and all three parts are securely fastened together. 4. Attach the swivel casters (18) and nuts (1) to the front leg. Tighten the nuts. 5. Assemble the following parts on each end of the axle in the order listed: washer (6), wheel (19), washer (6), locknut (9). 6. Slide the tubular end of the mounting plate (15) into the cylindrical top of the upright post. Install the hitch pin (10) and turning bar (13) through the post and mounting plate. Secure with the cotterless hitch pin (20). 7. Use cap screws (8) and washer (3) to loosely attach the four mounting brackets (11) to the mounting plate.

Forklift Fleet Cost Management So Many ... - LTM Services Inc

Written By Michael Gary When was the last time each of your forklifts were PM’ed? Was the PM completed on time and was it completed effectively? What is the best PM interval for each of your individual forklifts? Is your fleet OSHA compliant? When was the last time your operators received certified training? How many times does each of your forklifts require service? How many of those repairs have a direct link to a PM not being completed on time or correctly? What types of repairs are being affected to each of your forklifts and do any of those repairs fall into a parts or labor warranty? Did the amount of labor billed equate to the actual repair completed? How many of those repairs are repeat repairs? What does each of your forklifts cost to operate each hour and how does that cost compare to national and regional averages? How does each of your service provider’s technicians perform and which are doing the best work based on your companies needs? Are you being charged the best rate for parts and how does your cost compare to the list price? When wheels are replaced on your forklifts is the best poly wheel for your warehouse application being installed or is that wheel replaced with whatever wheel is in the technicians van at the time? What replacement parts should be OEM and what parts should be aftermarket to help reduce your overall parts costs? When is any of your existing fleet costing you more to operate than the cost of a new unit? What terms and costs can be negotiated with your service provider when writing a service contract? What are each of your forklifts worth on the open market and what are the best and most effective ways to sell them when the time is right…When is the time right?... The questions and the costs are abundant, the answers and cost control can be quite illusive. With such a large array of questions, where do the accurate answers come from? Most companies will have a very difficult time providing accurate answers to this myriad of questions. Yet, the accurate answer to these questions can mean the difference between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Where does all this quantifiable data come from and who has the time, expertise and processes in place to not only capture the data but properly analyze it? Enter into the world of material handling fleet cost management, today’s answer to reducing your fleets’ costs and improving your fleets’ performance. Today’s top flight material handling fleet cost management consulting firm is armed with two imperative aspects; deeply seasoned analysts and intensely designed software. Fact is it takes both of these elements, strategically implemented and combined, to produce the intense level of scrutiny, control and data acquisition required to generate outstanding results at affordable fees. Copyright 2009 LTM Services, Inc.

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