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definisi gas nitrogen dioksida NO2

Agriculture Microbials Market
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Microbial diversity is an important component of the overall global biological diversity. Recent technological advances in exploring microbial diversity have revealed that a large proportion of microorganisms. Microbes in terrestrial environments are important catalysts of global carbon and nitrogen cycles, including the production and consumption of greenhouse gases in soil. Download PDF Brochure

Effect of Traditional Fire on N-Mineralization in the Oak  Forest Stand of Manipur, North East India

The effect of traditional fire on available soil nitrogen and rate of N-mineralization in the oak forest soil of Lambui hill, Ukhrul district, Manipur, North East India have been studied. The rate of ammonification, nitrification and mineralization varied from 0.08 to 5.99 µg g -1 month -1 , 0.40 to 2.52µg g -1 month -1 and 0.46 to 9.09µg g -1 month -1 of soil in the traditional burnt site, 0.31 to 3.93µg g -1 month -1 , 0.14 to 2.52µg g -1 month -1 and 0.48 to 5.67µg g -1 month -1 of soil in the unburnt site and 0.19 to 4.00µg g - 1 month -1 , -0.09 to 2.17µg g -1 month -1 and 0.33 to 5.61µg g - 1 month -1 of soil in the control site respectively for different months throughout the year. The rate of ammonification, nitrification and mineralization were found to be higher in the traditional burnt site followed by unburnt and control forest site which may be due to the increase of decomposable organic matter and increase of soil temperature during the operation of tradi

Effect of N, P and their interaction on Physico- Chemical  Parameters of Guava (Psidium guajava) cv.

The results were obtained from the investigation shows that the individual application of nitrogen and phosphorus and their interaction significantly influence the physico- chemical properties of guava cv. L-49. Treatments with higher doses of nitrogen were found very effective in improve the physicochemical parameters of guava fruit. The maximum fruit diameter (7.40 cm), fruit length (7.31 cm) and pulp weight (200.01g) was recorded by combined application of 600 g N and 400 g P2O5 (N2P2) per tree. The effect of treatment interaction was non significant on the TSS, acidity and tss/acidity ratio. The maximum total sugars (7.987%) were recorded in N1P2, nonreducing sugar (4.097%) were recorded in N2P0 and maximum reducing sugar (4.253%) was recorded in N1P0 treatment combination

Integrated Effect of Organic manures and Nitrogen on  Yield Contributing Characters and Yield of Ric

An experiment was conducted to asses the integrated effect of organic manures and nitrogen on yield contributing characters and yield of rice (BRRI dhan29). The experiment consisted of 12 treatments, T1: Control condition (No chemical fertilizer, no organic manure); T2: 100% recommended N (120 kg N ha -1 ) + recommended P, K, S and Zn); T3: 100 kg N from urea + 20 kg N substituted by vermicompost (VC) + P, K, S and Zn; T4: 100 kg N from urea + 20 kg N substituted by cowdung (CD) + P, K, S and Zn; T5: 80 kg N from urea + 40 kg N substituted by VC + P, K, S and Zn; T6: 80 kg N from urea + 40 kg N substituted by CD + P, K, S and Zn; T7: 60 kg N from urea + 60 kg N substituted by VC + P, K, S and Zn; T8: 60 kg N from urea + 60 kg N substituted by CD + P, K, S and Zn; T9: 100 kg N from urea + 20 kg N substituted equally by VC and CD + P, K, S and Zn; T10: 80 kg N from urea + 40 kg N substituted equally by VC and CD + P, K, S and Zn; T11: 60 kg N from urea + 60 kg N substituted equal

Haematological and Serum Biochemical Profile of Cattle  Affected with Plastic Foreign Bodies

Cattle suffering with plastic foreign body syndrome were treated surgically by rumenotomy. The pre-operative and 12 th day post operative blood and serum biochemical were recorded and compared with normal healthy cattle. Preoperatively decrease in haemoglobin, packed cell volume and total erythrocyte count was observed which was gradually increased and came to near normal state on 12 th post-operative day. There was leucocytosis, neutrophilia and corresponding lymphopenia observed in animals during pre-operative phase. The glucose, serum creatinine, serum albumin and calcium levels were found to be at lower level and total proteins, blood urea nitrogen and phosphorus at higher level in pre-operative period when compared to normal cattle. This may be due to low intake of food and water and also inflammatory condition in body due to presence of plastic foreign body.

Effect of some factors on lipase production by Bacillus  cereus isolated from diesel fuel polluted s

Optimization the production of extracellular lipase in culture of Bacillus cereus has been investigated. From 10 samples of diesel fuel polluted soil it was found that 3 samples was positive for the presence of B. cereus. Lipase production by B. cereus isolated from diesel fuel polluted soil was investigated and optimized. The enzyme production was increased with increasing time and maximum enzyme activity was obtained after 72 hrs of incubation. Effect of pH and temperature indicated that, the lipase production was maximum at pH 8.0 (60.2 U/ml) and at 35°C (55.25 U/ml). The lipase production was optimized in shake flask experiments. With a selected carbon sources, maltose (65.5 U/mL) and nitrogen source, peptone (66.25 U/mL) was suitable substrates for accelerating lipase production. The present study indicates that the various factors influenced enzyme production by the bacteria, it appears that the nature of the supplements had significantly influenced on the produc

Biofertilizers Market
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[201 Pages Report] Biofertilizers Market Report Categories the Global Market by Type (Nitrogen Fixing, Phosphate Solubilizing, Potash Mobilizing), Crop Type (Cereals & Grains, Oilseed & Pulses, Fruits and Vegetables), Micro-Organism (Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillium, Cyanobacteria, Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) & Geography

A blend of environmentally beneficial microorganisms to restore balance in natural and man-made surf

A safe, natural method to help return your waters to a healthy balance. AquaClear Liquid uses nitrogen and phosphorus present in water and bottom sediment to improve water clarity,

Definisi Dasar Noise dalam Ruangan
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Artikel ini mengupas dasar pemahaman mengenai noise room, background noise, atau noise criteria (NC)

Investigation of different levels micro nutrients on tomato in ...

Use of greenhouse cultures accompanied by new techniques such as soilless or hydroponic culture on the one hand improves suitable control of plants nutrition and on the other hand it has created a great progress in greenhouse productions. In order to greenhouse tomato cultivar of Hamra was cultured in a hydroponic system and effect of micronutrients different levels was studied on it. The experiment design was as randomized complete block with five treatments and four replications. Experimental treatments were included: Lack of micronutrients application, Full application of sulfate manganese (4.06 mg/lit), Full application of sulfate zinc (4.42 mg/lit), 50% sulfate manganese (2.03 mg/lit) + 50% sulfate zinc (2.21 mg/lit) and Full application of sulfate manganese + Full application of sulfate zinc. The results showed that the highest fresh fruit yield, fruit dry matter percentage and content of Mn and Zn in fruit obtained from full application Mn, Zn and Mn + Zn. However micronutrients different levels had significantly effect on content of nitrogen, but they haven’t significantly effect on fruit size of tomato. Key words: Micronutrients, Tomato, Hydroponic culture, Yield.

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