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Problem Set 2
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Please type your answers to the following questions in a word processor; we will accept Word Documents (.doc, .docx), PDF documents (.pdf), or plaintext files (.txt, .rtf). If you prefer, you may write out the problems on a sheet of paper, scan it, and submit the scanned document as a PDF. Please place the file into your "Problem Set 2" folder in the submission tool prior to the due date. 1. (3 points) It is a bright, sunny day and you want to keep your shutter open for as long as possible. What is the most suitable filter to use for this purpose? 2. (3 points) The "Sunny 16" rule states that, on a bright and sunny day, you can set your camera’s exposure settings to which of the following? a) b) c) d) e) ISO 100, 1/100s, f/16 ISO 100, 1/200s, f/11 ISO 400, 1/6400s, f/4 All of the above None of the above 3. (3 points) Describe the symbol for focal plane location and the symbol for filter size. How do the two symbols differ? 4. (3 points) How might an image appear if you were to manually override the X-sync speed on an SLR camera and take a photograph with a flash and a very high shutter speed? 5. (3 points) You notice that you have some dust on your digital SLR’s sensor. You remember from class that you can change one of the three exposure values (ISO, shutter speed, or f-number) to make the dust more visible. Which of these three should you change and how should you change it to make the dust visible? 6. (5 points) Does a lens that focuses by extending inward and outward change its focal length? Why or why not? 7. (5 points) What is exposure compensation? Explain why it would be unusual to use this feature when manipulating a camera's exposure settings in the manual mode. 8. (5 points) The Earth is three (3) times as far from the sun as the planet Mercury. Ignoring any atmospheric effects, how much more intense is light from the sun on Mercury than it is on the Earth? 9. (5 points) Explain why you must change your ...

Global Wireless Sensor Market
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[184 Pages Report] Wireless Sensors Market for Precision Agricultural and Environmental Monitoring research report segments the market on the basis of products, applications and geographies.

Pressure Sensor Market by 2017
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Pressure Sensor Market was $5.11 billion in 2011, Latest report of MarketsandMarkets predict that Pressure Sensor Market is expected to reach %7.34 billion at a CAGR of 6.3% by 2017.

Ford Service and Maintenance: The Importance of Keeping a Maintenance Schedule for Your Ford | Regular maintenance on your Ford, performed by a certified team of technicians at your local Ford dealerships, will extend the life of your vehicle and improve performance and safety.

Ford Service and Maintenance: The Importance of Keeping a Maintenance Schedule for Your Ford | Regular maintenance on your Ford, performed by a certified team of technicians at your local Ford dealerships, will extend the life of your vehicle and improve performance and safety.

xXx BIG AIR KIT (BAK) KAWASAKI VULCAN 900 - CruiserCustomizing

CAUTION! We Strongly recommend that a qualified technician install this kit if you do not completely understand the instructions prior to the install. INCLUDED IN THE KIT: (1) Black Intake Backing Plate (1) Support Bracket (1) Manifold Gasket (1) Phillips Stainless Sensor Screw (1) 90° Hose Fitting (1) Straight Hose Fitting (1) ½” x10” Vac Hose (1) Performance Re-Usable Air Filter (3) Standoffs (one has a hex side) (3) ¼-20x¾” Black Flat Head Allen Screws (3) Set Screws (2 are ¼-20 and 1 is 6mm) (1 ea.) Chrome Mesh & xXx Cover (1) Black Cover Plate TOOLS REQUIRED: 4, 5, 6mm, 1/8” & 5/32” Allen Wrenches 10 & 12mm & 7/16” Sockets Pliers (Std. & Needle-nose) Phillips & Flat Screwdrivers ® Blue Loctite Factory Service Manual INSTRUCTIONS: Please read all directions before starting this install. If at any time you are unsure or do not understand these procedures, please call us at the shop, or email for help. Although it is not required, the BAK may be easier to install after removing the fuel tank. Please make sure the vehicle is cool before starting your work.

INSTRUCTIONS - Harley-Davidson
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The adapter wiring harness in this kit is designed for installation on 1984 - 1990 model year motorcycles, and is to be used in conjunction with any of the following ignition modules: 32405-91, 32410-91, 32419-91, 32432-91, 3242087A, 32421-85A. Specific vehicle applications are listed in the Instruction Sheet included with the ignition module. This Ignition Module Adapter Wiring Harness Kit consists of the following components:... DESCRIPTION Conduit, 10-inch long vinyl Conduit, 33-inch long high-temp vinyl Conduit, 34-inch long vinyl Conduit, 48-inch long high-temp vinyl Connector, 3-pin/socket Harness, ignition module adapter wiring Strap, cable Terminal, pin type Terminal, ring type (for #10 stud size) Terminal, ring type (for 1/4-inch stud size) Terminal, ring type (for 3/8-inch stud size) Terminal, socket type Terminal, spade type - female (small) Terminal, spade type - female (large) NOTE All seven wire leads of this adapter wiring harness must be terminated in the manner specified in this Instruction Sheet. Do not splice the wires of the adapter wiring harness to the wires of the original module’s wiring harness. Installation 1WARNING To avoid accidental start-up of vehicle and possible personal injury, disconnect battery cables from battery (negative cable first) before performing any of the following procedures. 1. Using the table on Page 2, compare wire color codes of adapter harness from kit (and new module pigtail) with those of original module on motorcycle. NOTE On 1984 - 1990 original modules, color code for both the ground wire and one of the ignition sensor wires is black. To distinguish between the two, note that the black ground wire is not grouped with any other wire lead, and that the black ignition sensor plate wire is grouped (encased by conduit) with the two other sensor plate wires (green and red). 2. Take note of the routing of original ignition module wire leads. Disconnect these module wire leads at the terminals and remove module according to Instruction Sheet included with module. 3. Position seven-pin connector of adapter harness over location on motorcycle in which original ignition module was mounted. You may wish to tape the connector in place so that it does not shift position during the wire routing procedures which follow.

legendary griffith collection of important robots and antique toys

LEGENDARY GRIFFITH COLLECTION OF IMPORTANT ROBOTS AND ANTIQUE TOYS CARPENTER TALLY-HO COACH SELLS FOR $66,300 SETTING A RECORD FOR A CAST-IRON, HORSE-DRAWN TOY AT AUCTION --OTHER AUCTION RECORDS ESTABLISHED FOR ROBOT MIGHTY 8, TELEVISION ROBOT, SPACE PATROL CAR, TREMENDOUS MIKE, SPACE CRUISER X 300, JUPITER ROBOT, RANGER ROBOT AND RADAR ROBOT (a.k.a Topolino)---SALES OF ROBOTS AND ANTIQUE TOYS FROM THE ESTATE OF F.H. GRIFFITH CONTINUE ONLINE AT SOTHEBYS.COM-December 9, 2000 -- New York, NY – In a packed salesroom at Sotheby’s in New York today, 399 lots of Important Robots and Antique Toys from the Estate of F.H. Griffith totaled $1.4 million. Competitive bidding for toys and robots from this famed collection drove some prices up to two and three times their high estimates and established nine records for various robots and toys at auction. Highlighting today’s sale was the Carpenter Tally-Ho Coach, circa 1885 which sold for $66,300 establishing a new record for a cast-iron, horse-drawn toy at auction. Leila Dunbar, Senior Vice President and Director of Sotheby’s Collectibles Department said, “Just like Sotheby’s sale of the Matt Wyse Robot Collection in 1996, the records set today prove that prices for robots and space toys continue to conquer new frontiers.”


With advent of digital age, gone are the days when simple toys were enough to define children-toys relationship and satiate their playing hunger. Generations change have not only been for human but also for toys and simple manual toys are coming of the age and getting replaced by automatic robotic toys which are more sophisticated and more exciting. These toys are instrumental in experiential form of learning which gives opportunity of learning by playing and which is why it has been so widely popular concept in schools today to engage students in such learning programs. Intelligent or Robo-toys new class of products which are plush or plastic toys moulded into traditional toys form with sensor technology (that makes these robot toys moves when they sense something like hand movement etc.), some sort of movement and a bit of artificial intelligence. Robotics for kids (robotic toys) especially boys or children having passion for machines is a fascinating world (like Barbie world for girls) that provides learning dimension coming in shape of learning electronics, mechanics, software, problem solving ability, team work etc. Robotic technology is increasingly being embedded into all sorts of toys from dinosaurs to plush toys. The automated process revolution in educational and entertainment robots promises strong growth that extends beyond the direct markets. Once students learn how to use robots, they move into industry and make functional robots for business automated process and for communications and entertainment. The educational kits are designed for pure fun and for educational competitions where students put together modules in innovative ways to create designs that work. The modularity of robot kits makes them versatile and flexible. Modules can be put together in a variety of ways, give users choices about what functionality the robot will have and also allow them to be more creative and more innovative in designing them. Educational robots are used by every level of student. Kits are geared to various age and skill levels. Robotics competitions are being held for every age level. The automated process...

Softstart Changing Printed Circuit Board, Display and Keypad ... - Abb

The life span of electronics can be affected by damage caused by electrostatic discharge. This can happen if a charged tool or person touches a component. Therefore, it is very important that all tools and personnel are discharged by touching an earthed point before the printed circuit board or any of the components are touched. It is equally important to discharge the package with the new component before opening it. A person walking on carpet can be charged with up to fifteen thousand volts (15,000V). Compare this with the fact that some sensitive components can be destroyed when discharged on a much lower level (about 100V). We kindly ask you to pay close attention to this, as this is a vital point in order to ensure the life span of the product. Torx T6 for removing the Display Torx T15 for removing the Cover Torx T20 for removing the Printed Circuit Board. Step by step 1. Before disconnecting the cables mark them. 2. Disconnect the cables from terminals 1L1, 3L2, and 5L3 (main voltage). 3. Disconnect all cables from the terminals 1 to 20, external keypad, PTC sensor and the Fieldbus plug. 4. Remove the front cover (four screws). 5. Discharge the tools and yourself by touching earth (if you are not earthed). 6. Disconnect the cables on the HV-Board from the SCRs and fans. Mark the cables from the SCRs with L1, L2 and L3. 7. Remove the five screws. 8. Remove the old HV-Board. Don’t lose the connector between HV-Board and LVBoard. If only the HV-Board will be changed go to step 21. 9. Disconnect the cables on the LV-Board from the thermal switch and current transformers. Mark the cables from the current transformers with CT1, CT2 and CT3. 10. Remove the six screws...