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Datasheet SHT1x (SHT10, SHT11, SHT15) - SparkFun Electronics

Datasheet SHT1x (SHT10, SHT11, SHT15) Humidity and Temperature Sensor: Fully calibrated Digital output Low power consumption Excellent long term stability SMD type package – reflow solderable Product Summary Each SHT1x is individually calibrated in a precision humidity chamber. The calibration coefficients are programmed into an OTP memory on the chip. These coefficients are used to internally calibrate the signals from the sensors. The 2-wire serial interface and internal voltage regulation allows for easy and fast system integration. The tiny size and low power consumption makes SHT1x the ultimate choice for even the most demanding applications. Dimensions Sensor Chip 1.5 ±0.2 2.0 ±0.1 1.5 ±0.1 sensor opening 1 2.5 ±0.1 NC 4 A5Z 11 Material Contents NC NC 2.2 MAX 2 5.2 ±0.2 4.2 ±0.1 1.27 ±0.05 NC 3 1.83 ±0.05 7.47 ±0.05 NC SHT1x is supplied in a surface-mountable LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) which is approved for standard reflow soldering processes. The same sensor is also available with pins (SHT7x) or on flex print (SHTA1). SHT1x V4 – for which this datasheet applies – features a version 4 Silicon sensor chip. Besides a humidity and a temperature sensor the chip contains an amplifier, A/D converter, OTP memory and a digital interface. V4 sensors can be identified by the alpha-numeric traceability code on the sensor cap – see example “A5Z” code on Figure 1. 0.6 ±0.1 0.95 ±0.1 SHT1x (including SHT10, SHT11 and SHT15) is Sensirion’s family of surface mountable relative humidity and temperature sensors. The sensors integrate sensor elements plus signal processing on a tiny foot print and provide a fully calibrated digital output. A unique capacitive sensor element is used for measuring relative humidity while temperature is measured by a band-gap sensor. The applied CMOSens® technology guarantees excellent reliability and long term stability. Both sensors are seamlessly coupled to a 14bit analog to digital converter and a serial interface circuit. This results in superior signal quality, a fast response time and insensitivity to external disturbances (EMC).

MMA7660FC, 3-Axis Orientation/Motion Detection Sensor - Data Sheet

Freescale Semiconductor Data Sheet: Technical Data An Energy Efficient Solution by Freescale 3-Axis Orientation/Motion Detection Sensor MMA7660FC The MMA7660FC is a ±1.5 g 3-Axis Accelerometer with Digital Output (I2C). It is a very low power, low profile capacitive MEMS sensor featuring a low pass filter, compensation for 0g offset and gain errors, and conversion to 6-bit digital values at a user configurable samples per second. The device can be used for sensor data changes, product orientation, and gesture detection through an interrupt pin (INT). The device is housed in a small 3mm x 3mm x 0.9mm DFN package. MMA7660FC: XYZ-AXIS ACCELEROMETER ±1.5 g. Features: Digital Output (I2C) 3mm x 3mm x 0.9mm DFN Package Low Power Current Consumption: Off Mode: 0.4 µA, Standby Mode: 2 µA, Active Mode: 47 µA at 1 ODR Configurable Samples per Second from 1 to 120 samples a second. Low Voltage Operation: – Analog Voltage: 2.4 V - 3.6 V – Digital Voltage: 1.71 V - 3.6 V Auto-Wake/Sleep Feature for Low Power Consumption Tilt Orientation Detection for Portrait/Landscape Capability Gesture Detection Including Shake Detection and Tap Detection Robust Design, High Shocks Survivability (10,000 g) RoHS Compliant Halogen Free Environmentally Preferred Product Low Cost 10 LEAD DFN CASE 2002-03  ...


SMT16030 DIGITAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR Features Absolute accuracy ± 0.7 °C Linear output within 0.2 °C Resolution better then 0.005 °C Duty Cycle output Calibrated on chip TTL, CMOS compatible Temperature range 175 °C (-45 to +130 °C) Directly connectable to data input of microprocessor Easy multiplexing of multiple sensors Typical applications Heater systems Measuring instruments Washing machines Overheating protection Appliances Introduction The Smartec temperature sensor is a sophisticated full silicon temperature sensor with a digital output. The one wire output (duty-cycle modulated) can be directly connected to all kinds of micro-controllers without the need of A/D conversion. The temperature range is –45 °C to 150 °C. The high resolution (< 0.005 °C) makes the sensor useful for high precision applications. The sensor is available in various housings like T018, T092, T0220 and for high volume production in SOIC. Special housing can be manufactured on request. Product highlights The SMART TEMPERATURE SENSOR features a duty-cycle modulated square wave output voltage with linear response to temperatures in the -45 °C to +130 °C range. The absolute accuracy is better than 1.2 °C. In the range from -30 to +100 °C absolute accuracy is better than 0.7 °C, while the linearity is better than 0.2 °C (Model TO18). -1– SMARTEC B.V, Delpratsingel 26 4811 AP Breda, The Netherlands WWW.SMARTEC.NL Tel: +31(0)765205353 SMT16030 Version 7/2005 The SMART TEMPERATURE SENSOR is calibrated during test and burn-in of the chip. The integrated modulator ensures the sensor unit can communicate effectively with low-cost microcontrollers without the need of (onboard) A/D converters or an Xtal controlled oscillator. The SMART TEMPERATURE SENSOR combines digital output and on-chip calibration to ensure major cost reductions and performance-related advantages. In applications where multiple sensors are used, easy multiplexing can be obtained by using a corresponding number of microprocessor inputs or by using low cost digital multiplexers. Since the sensor requires no subsequent calibration, optimal cost savings are recorded both during manufacturing and in the course of after-sales servicing. Pin-out and housing. SOIC-8 TO92 TO18 TO220 2 Pin 1 5.08 Pin 1 3.85 6.1 Pin 7 GND Pin 8 Out bottom view All Sizes in mm. 0.41 1.27 Pin 5 3 1 +V 123 1 3 2 1 Output 2 + Vcc metal backplate = GND 3 GND HEC housing C = 100 nF C 2 3 2.5 1 Pin 1 Output (between Vcc and GND) Pin 2 + Vcc Pin 3 GND 8.5 mm -2– SMARTEC B.V, Delpratsingel 26 4811 AP Breda, The Netherlands WWW.SMARTEC.NL Tel: +31(0)765205353 SMT16030 Version 7/2005 Specifications TO18 Parameters min typ Supply voltage 4.75 5 Supply current 160 2 TO92 max max 1 TO220 Max HEC max SOIC-8 max Units 7.2 * * * * V. 200 * * * * µA. 130 * * * * °C -30 + 100 ° C 0.7 1.2 1.7 1.5 1 °C -45 + 130 °C 1.2 2 1.7 1.5 1.5 °C 5 Non linearity 0.2 0.4 0.5 1.0 1.0 °C Supply voltage sensitivity ...

MP MOTION SENSOR 'NaPiOn' - Panasonic Electric Works ...

RoHS compliant 1. pyroelectric sensor modules contain the necessary functions in a small package (TO-5). These miniature, high-performance infrared human detection sensors take the trouble out of circuit design and mounting. Lens IC PIR element Chip parts Lens Capacitor Sensor module PC board 4. Small temperature differences also detected. detects the temperature difference between the detection target and its surroundings, and the lowest required temperature difference to the background is 4°C 7.2°F. This means that temperature differences can be accurately detected not only in winter, when the temperature differences are large, but also in summer, when temperature differences are slight. Shielded plate Winter 2. Ideal for small-movement detection thanks to quad-type pyroelectric element. The quad-type pyroelectric element contained in has four receptors. Since the detection zone within the detection range is so precise, even small movements can be detected. Representation of detection Summer Floor temperature: 22°C 71.6°F Floor temperature: 30°C 86.0°F Large temperature difference Small temperature differences mean difficult detection. Temperature difference: 12°C 53.6°F Temperature difference: 4°C 7.2°F Surface temperature: 34°C 93.2°F Lens Quad-type pyroelectric element Focal length (distance between element and lens) Detection zone 5. Excellent noise resistance (radiation noise, power supply noise) The entire circuitry is enclosed in a metal package, which means it has extremely high electromagnetic shielding capabilities. With proven resistance against power supply noise, it is also resistant against power supply superimposed noise. Radiation Power supply noise superimposed Vd noise OUT GND ASCTB240E 201201-T Panasonic Corporation Automation Controls Business Unit Motion sensors FEATURES MP Motion Sensor (AMN2, 3, 4) TYPICAL APPLICATIONS 4. Anti-crime device market: crime prevention sensor, simple anti-crime devices, surveillance cameras 1. Home appliance market: Air conditioner, air purifier and fan heater 2. Construction equipment: lighting, automatic switches 3. Commercial equipment: vending machines, facilities for designated smoking areas ORDERING INFORMATION AMN Output type 2: Analog output 3: Digital output 4: Low current consumption (digital output) Detection performance 1: Standard detection type 2: Slight motion detection type 1 3: Spot detection type 4: 10m detection type Feature 1: PC board mounting type 2: 3V DC Lens color 1: Black Motion sensors Operating voltage 1: 5V DC 2: White PRODUCT TYPES Output type Digital output Low current consumption type Digital output Analog output Black White Black White Black White AMN31111 AMN31112 AMN32111 AMN32112 AMN33111 AMN33112 AMN41121 AMN41122 AMN42121 AMN42122 AMN43121 AMN43122 AMN21111 AMN21112 AMN22111 AMN22112 AMN23111 AMN23112 Black White AMN34111 AMN34112 AMN44121 AMN44122 AMN24111 AMN24112 Detection performance Lens color Standard detection type Slight motion detection type Spot detection type 10m detection type Standard packing: Carton: 50 pcs.; Case: 1,000 pcs. RATING 1. Detection performance Standard detection type Slight motion detection type Spot detection type 10m detection type Max. 5m 16.404ft Max. 2m 6.562ft Max. 5m 16.404ft Max. 10m 32.808ft Horizontal Note 2) 100° 91° 38° 110° Vertical Note 2) 82° 91° 22° 93° 64 zones 104 zones 24 zones 80 zones Items Rated detection distance Note 1) Detection range Detection zone Note 3) Conditions of objects to be detected 1. Detectable difference in temperature between the target and background is more than 4°C 7.2°F. 2. Movement speed 1) Digital output type • Standard detection type/Spot detection type/ 10m detection type: 0.8 to 1.2 m/s • Slight motion detection type: 0.5 m/s 2) Analog output and low current consumption types • Standard detection type/Spot detection type/ 10m detection type: 0.5 to 1.5 m/s • Slight motion detection type: 0.3 to 1.0 m/s 3. Detection object = human body (size is 700mm × 250mm 27.559inch × 9.843inch, but for the slight motion detection type the size is 200mm × 200mm 7.874inch × 7.874inch) Notes: 1. Depending on the difference in temperature between the background and detection target and the speed at which the target moves, these sensors may be capable of detection beyond the detection distances stated above. Nevertheless, they should be used within the prescribed detection distances. For further details, refer to the detection range diagram on page 24. 2. This angle represents the center point of the detection zone Vertical Vertical created by the outermost lens. Horizontal Cut out (Standard detection/ Slight motion detection type) Horizontal Cut out This point

UM6 Datasheet - Pololu
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Device Overview The UM6 Ultra-Miniature Orientation Sensor combines sensor measurements from rate gyros, accelerometers, and magnetic sensors to measure orientation at 500 Hz. The UM6 also has the capability to interface with external GPS modules to provide position, velocity, course, and speed information. Communication with the UM6 is performed over either a TTL (3.3V) UART or a SPI bus. The UM6 is configured by default to automatically transmit data over the UART. The UM6 can be configured to automatically transmit raw sensor data, processed sensor data, angle estimates, and angle estimate covariances at user configurable rates ranging from 20 Hz to 300 Hz in roughly 1 Hz increments. The UM6 can also receive and parse GPS packets, automatically transmitting new GPS position, velocity, and satellite data whenever it is available. Alternatively, the UM6 can operate in "silent mode," where data is transmitted only when specific requests are received over the UART. Regardless of the transmission mode and rate, internal angle estimates are updated at 500 Hz to improve accuracy. The UM6 simplifies integration by providing a number of automatic calibration routines, including rate gyro bias calibration, magnetometer hard and soft iron calibration, and accelerometer "zeroing" to compensate for sensor-platform misalignment. All calibration routines are triggered by sending simple commands over the serial interface. The UM6 comes factory-calibrated to remove soft and hard iron distortions present in the enclosure. When integrated into the end-user system, additional calibration may be necessary to correct other magnetic field distortions. Magnetometer calibration can be performed using the UM6 interface software, available for free download from Temperature compensation of rate gyro biases is also supported by the UM6. An internal temperature sensor is used to measure temperature, and third-order compensation is applied to remove the effects of temperature-induced bias. By default, the terms used in compensation are all zero, which means that no temperature compensation is performed. The compensation terms must be determined experimentally by the end-user. On special request, compensation can be performed on each device at the factory. The UM6 can be configured to use either Euler Angles or quaternions for attitude estimation. In Euler Angle mode, magnetometer updates are restricted to yaw alone. This can be useful in cases where distortions are possible or even expected, and where it would be undesirable for those distortions to affect pitch and roll angles (i.e. on a flying rotorcraft). In quaternion mode, Euler Angles are still available, but there are no restrictions on what angles the magnetometer is allowed to influence. The UM6 is available in an OEM version (the UM6-LT) that has a slightly larger footprint and does not include an enclosure. The UM6-LT is functionally equivalent to the UM6, but magnetometer calibration is not performed at the factory.

CNY70 Datasheet - Vishay
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Reflective Optical Sensor with Transistor Output Marking area FEATURES • Package type: leaded • Detector type: phototransistor • Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 7 x 7 x 6 E D • Peak operating distance: < 0.5 mm • Operating range within > 20 % relative collector current: 0 mm to 5 mm Top view 21835 19158_1 • Typical output current under test: IC = 1 mA • Emitter wavelength: 950 nm DESCRIPTION • Daylight blocking filter The CNY70 is a reflective sensor that includes an infrared emitter and phototransistor in a leaded package which blocks visible light. • Lead (Pb)-free soldering released • Material categorization: For definitions of compliance please see APPLICATIONS • Optoelectronic scanning and switching devices i.e., index sensing, coded disk scanning etc. (optoelectronic encoder assemblies). PRODUCT SUMMARY PART NUMBER DISTANCE FOR MAXIMUM CTRrel (1) (mm) DISTANCE RANGE FOR RELATIVE Iout > 20 % (mm) TYPICAL OUTPUT CURRENT UNDER TEST (2) (mA) DAYLIGHT BLOCKING FILTER INTEGRATED 0 0 to 5 1 Yes CNY70 Notes (1) CTR: current transfere ratio, I /I out in (2) Conditions like in table basic charactristics/sensors ORDERING INFORMATION ORDERING CODE CNY70 PACKAGING VOLUME (1) REMARKS Tube MOQ: 4000 pcs, 80 pcs/tube - Note (1) MOQ: minimum order quantity ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tamb = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER TEST CONDITION SYMBOL VALUE UNIT COUPLER Total power dissipation Tamb ≤ 25 °C Ptot 200 mW Ambient temperature range Tamb - 40 to + 85 °C Storage temperature range Tstg - 40 to + 100 °C Tsd 260 °C Soldering temperature Distance to case 2 mm, t £ 5 s INPUT (EMITTER) Reverse voltage VR 5 V Forward current IF 50 mA Forward surge current Power dissipation Junction temperature tp ≤ 10 μs IFSM 3 A Tamb ≤ 25 °C PV 100 mW Tj 100 °C Document Number: 83751 1 For technical questions, contact: THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS, SET FORTH AT Rev. 1.8, 30-Jul-12 CNY70 Vishay Semiconductors ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tamb = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER TEST CONDITION SYMBOL VALUE UNIT Collector emitter voltage VCEO 32 V Emitter collector voltage VECO 7 V IC 50 mA PV 100 mW Tj 100 °C OUTPUT (DETECTOR) Collector current Tamb ≤ 25 °C Power dissipation Junction temperature ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS P - Power Dissipation (mW) 300 Coupled device 200 Phototransistor 100 IR - diode 0 25 0 95 11071 50 75 100 Tamb - Ambient Temperature (°C) Fig. 1 - Power Dissipation vs. Ambient Temperature BASIC CHARACTERISTICS (Tamb = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER TEST CONDITION SYMBOL MIN. TYP. Collector current VCE = 5 V, IF = 20 mA, d = 0.3 mm (figure 1) IC (2) 0.3 1.0 Cross talk current VCE = 5 V, IF = 20 mA, (figure 2) ICX (3) MAX. UNIT COUPLER Collector emitter saturation voltage IF = 20 mA, IC = 0.1 mA, d = 0.3 mm (figure 1) VCEsat mA 600 nA 0.3 (2) V INPUT (EMITTER) Forward voltage IF = 50 mA VF Radiant intensity IF = 50 mA, tp = 20 ms Ie 1.25 1.6 V 7.5 mW/sr IF = 100 mA λP Method: 63 % encircled energy d Collector emitter voltage IC = 1 mA VCEO 32 V Emitter collector voltage IE = 100 μA VECO 5.

BMP085 Digital pressure sensor Data sheet - Adafruit Industries

01 July 2008 The BMP085 digitalPage 1 sensor is functionally compatible to the existing Bosch pressure Sensortec SMD500 digital pressure sensor. Product photos andofpictures such for © Bosch Sensortec GmbH reserves all rights even in the event of industrial property rights. We reserve all rights disposal are illustration purposes only and registered from the real product’s appearance. as copying and passing on to third parties. BOSCH and the symbol aremay differ trademarks of Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany. Specifications Specifications are subject to change without notice. are subject to change without notice. BMP085 Data sheet Bosch Sensortec BMP085 Digital pressure sensor Key features Pressure range: Supply voltage: 300 ... 1100hPa (+9000m ... -500m above sea level) 1.8 ... 3.6V (VDDA) 1.62V ... 3.6V (VDDD) LCC8 package: Robust, ceramic lead-less chip carrier (LCC) package Small footprint: 5.0mm x 5.0mm Super-flat: 1.2mm height Low power: 5µA at 1 sample / sec. in standard mode Low noise: 0.06hPa (0.5m) in ultra low power mode 0.03hPa (0.25m) ultra high resolution mode < 0.1m possible with software averaging algorithm - Temperature measurement included - I2C interface - Fully calibrated - Pb-free, halogen-free and RoHS compliant, - MSL 1 New features comparison Smaller package height Faster conversion time (standard mode each) Faster I2C data transfer Extended min. supply voltage Lower stand-by current (typ.) External clock BMP085 1.2mm 7.5ms (max.) max. 3.4MHz min. 1.8V 0.1µA not necessary SMD500 1.55mm 34ms max. 400kHz min. 2.2V 0.7µA necessary Typical applications • Enhancement of GPS navigation (dead-reckoning, slope detection, etc.) • In- and out-door navigation • Leisure and sports • Weather forecast • Vertical velocity indication (rise/sink speed) Rev. 1.0 Page 2 01 July 2008 © Bosch Sensortec GmbH reserves all rights even in the event of industrial property rights. We reserve all rights of disposal such as copying and passing on to third parties. BOSCH and the symbol are registered trademarks of Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany. Specifications are subject to change without notice. BMP085 Data sheet Bosch Sensortec BMB085 general description The BMP085 is the fully pin- and function compatible successor of the SMD500, a new generation of high precision digital pressure sensors for consumer applications. The universal C-code SMD500/BMP085 (“BMP085_SMD500_API”) is fully upward compatible to SMD500 and recognizes automatically the device ID. Customers already working with the SMD500 pressure sensor are invited to contact Bosch Sensortec as soon as they intend to switch-over to the BMP085 sensor for getting first-hand support. The ultra-low power, low voltage electronics of the BMP085 is optimized for use in mobile phones, PDAs, GPS navigation devices and outdoor equipment. With a low altitude noise of merely 0.25m at fast conversion time, the BMP085 offers superior performance. The I2C interface allows for easy system integration with a microcontroller. The BMP085 is based on piezo-resistive technology for EMC robustness, high accuracy and linearity as well as long term stability. Robert Bosch is the world market leader for pressure sensors in automotive applications. Based on the experience of over 150 million pressure sensors in the field, the BMP085 continues a ...

properly selecting electronic fuel injection ... - Ford Racing Parts

One of the more commonly misunderstood aspects of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is how to select the correct size fuel injectors, fuel pump and Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor for a particular engine horsepower output. The following information is intended to offer a very brief tutorial on properly selecting the most common EFI components. FUEL INJECTORS First and foremost, adding larger fuel injectors alone will NOT create extra horsepower! The purchase of larger fuel injectors should only be considered when your engine has exceeded the horsepower capacity of the existing fuel injectors, at which point larger injectors are then required to SUPPORT the additional horsepower. If you add largerthan-stock injectors to an otherwise stock engine, you should not expect any horsepower increase whatsoever. The nominal injection pressure for most Ford EFI systems is 39.15psi (270kPa) “across the injector.” The term “across the injector” takes manifold pressure and fuel rail pressure into account, and is usually referred to as “delta pressure.” (See “Measuring Fuel Pressure” below for more details.) Ford Racing’s fuel injectors are always rated at 39.15psi delta, so the fuel injector sizing discussions found below will assume a fuel pressure of at least 39.15psi delta. There are some exceptions to the above-mentioned nominal injection pressure. In relatively recent years, emissions regulations have become so stringent that the government is now regulating the emissions output that gasoline vehicles are allowed to produce even when the engine is not running! This is referred to as “evaporative emissions” and results from unburned hydrocarbons (raw fuel) emitting into the atmosphere from the fuel tank, fuel lines, injector leakage, intake manifold, etc. when the engine is shut off. This is the fundamental purpose of the charcoal canister (and hydrocarbon trap in the air-box on many vehicles) and is also the reason that Ford switched to the Returnless Fuel Systems (RFS) found in production vehicles today. These systems have only a fuel supply line from the tank to the engine, with no return line. The primary reason for these systems is that evaporative emissions increase as the temperature of the fuel in the tank increases. On a conventional return system, the fuel is sent to the engine through the supply line, and the excess is returned (via the mechanical fuel pressure regulator) to the tank through the return line. Since the engine is hot, this process heats up the fuel and thus increases evaporative emissions. To combat this, the returnless fuel systems were invented. Currently, Ford uses 2 primary types of RFS which are called Electronic Returnless Fuel System (ERFS) and Mechanical Returnless Fuel System (MRFS). The latter is the simpler of the two systems and controls the fuel rail to a constant pressure via a regulator in the tank, which is typically set to around 60psi. The Powertrain ...

2013 chevrolet municipal vehicles technical manual - Digital Ally, Inc.

GM Fleet and Commercial Specialty Vehicles • 100 Renaissance Center, 20th Floor • Detroit, MI 48265-1000 2013 CHEVROLET MUNICIPAL VEHICLES TECHNICAL MANUAL For Information 1-800-FLEET-OP (353-3867) 2013 CHEVROLET MUNICIPAL VEHICLES TECHNICAL MANUAL Tahoe Special Service I m pa l a U n d e r c o v e r Caprice Detective E x p r e ss V a n Ta h o e H y b r i d Suburban S i lv e r a d o S i lv e r a d o H y b r i d About This Publication •  are must be taken during customer installation of equipment and wiring C to ensure that all holes drilled in the body are corrosion protected, properly sealed and that vehicle wiring harnesses, piping or other components have not been displaced or damaged. Aftermarket equipment installers must be mindful of applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This information can be obtained directly from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. •  hese vehicles are equipped with an air bag system. The air bag system T in your police vehicle includes front seat back, front knee and side curtain air bags. Customer installed equipment such as security barriers behind the front seats should not be mounted so that the barrier ends are within the side air bag deployment zones. The sensors and other components for the air bag system must not be relocated to accommodate the installation of customer furnished equipment; please refer to the service manual for sensor and other component locations. For information concerning instrument panel top pad mounted equipment and air bag system deployment zones, see the air bag information section in this catalog. •  his catalog is not updated during the model year and should not be T used for ordering purposes. It is intended as a source of basic information. All illustrations and specifications in this literature are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. General Motors reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. For further details, consult your local dealer. •  note about vehicle alterations by independent suppliers: This catalog A shows pictures of vehicles that have been altered or upfitted with equipment or components supplied to Chevrolet or its dealers by independent suppliers. Chevrolet is not responsible for the safety or quality of design features, materials or workmanship of any alterations by a supplier. 2013 Chevrolet Municipal Vehicles Technical Manual Index Law Enforcement Product Council District Sales Managers And Fleet Service Managers Caprice Police Patrol Car (Option 9c1) Caprice Detective Car (Option 9c3) Impala Police Patrol Car (Option 9c1) Impala Undercover Car (Option 9c3) Tahoe Police Patrol Suv (Option Ppv) Tahoe Special Service Suv (Option 5w4) TahoE Hybrid Municipal Suv (Option 1hy) Express Transport Van (Option 1LS & 2LS) Suburban Commercial Fleet Suv (Option 1fl) SILVERADO 1500 CREW CAB Pickup work TRUCK - 1WT SILVERADO 1500 CREW CAB Pickup Hybrid - 1HY 2013 Chevrolet Municipal Vehicles Technical Manual

Over-the-Range Microwave EI30BM60M S - Sweets

Wall Ovens Additional Features Signature Soft-Arc Oven Door and Handle Design Glass Window Cook-2-Perfection® Technology Uses a diamond-design rear wall, plus stirring fan and turntable to heat your food evenly every time. Sure-2-Fit® Capacity Our 1.8 cu. ft. extra-large microwave will hold nearly any dish. Auto-Cook Options Cook display prompts you through Quick Meal options and Dinner Recipes. Yes Yes Ventilation System Hood Fan Exhaust Duct Exhaust Fan (400 CFM) Charcoal Filters (Recirculated Installation) Grease Filters Yes Convertible* 4-Speed 1 2 Accessories Metal Rack 36" Filler Panel Kit Stainless Steel – PN # MWFILKTSS Included Optional Specifications Color – Stainless Steel Oven Cavity Dimensions – Height Width Depth Product Dimensions – Height (Including Lower Extrusion) Width Depth (to Center of Arc - Including Rear Extrusion) Power Supply Connection Location Voltage Rating Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 120 Volts‡ Amps @ 120 Volts Frequency (MHz) Microwave – Watts @ 120 Volt input Convection – Watts @ 120 Volt input 40" Electrical Cable Shipping Weight (Approx.) S 9-15/16" 21-1/4" 14-23/32" 17-9/16" 29-7/8" 17-3/8" Right Top Rear 120V / 60Hz / 15A 1.71 14.3 2450 1050 1500 Included 85 Lbs. * entilation system is preset to recirculate air inside with no ducting. Converting to exterior V exhaust is optional. ‡  or use on adequately wired 120V, dedicated circuit having 2-wire service with a separate F ground wire. Appliance must be grounded for safe operation. NOTE: Always consult local and national electric codes. Refer to Product Installation Guide for detailed installation instructions on the web at Specifications subject to change. Built-In Ranges Freestanding Ranges Microwaves Vent Hoods Dishwashers /  Kitchen Cleanup Gives you oven results at microwave speed — perfect for roasting, cooking and baking everything from steaks to cupcakes. Control Panel Features IQ-Touch™ Electronic Controls Yes Front Display with Blue LED Yes Electronic Clock & Timer Yes Humidity Sensor Yes Power Levels 10 Touch Pad Controls 31 Fast Cook Options Yes ® Cook-2-Perfection Technology Yes Auto-Start Yes Auto-Defrost Options 6 Auto-Cook Options – 9 Quick Meal (4), Dinner Recipes (5) Auto-Melt / Soften Options – Ice Cream (1), Cream Cheese (1), Butter (1), Chocolate (1) 4 Auto-Reheat Options – 3 Breads (2), Pasta (1) Beverage (0.5 – 2.0 Cups) Yes Sensor-Cook Options – C  ook (5), Reheat (1), Popcorn (1), Baked Potato (1), 10 Frozen Vegetables (1), Fresh Vegetables (1) Multi-Stage Cooking Options 4 Shortcut Options 6 Add 30 Seconds Yes Custom Help Options 5 Panel Lock Yes Demo Mode Yes Adjustable Sound Level For Timers / Reminders Yes More / Less Function Yes Keep Warm Setting Yes Refrigerators Fast Cook Options 1.8 Cu. Ft. 1000 Stainless Steel Yes Yes Freezers Oven Cavity Watts Oven Interior Interior Light 14-1/4" Glass Turntable Under Counter ...