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dear doctor letter template

Prison Break Coach Sends Open Letter With Survival Tips To New Jersey Housewives Star Teresa Giudice   Copy

Prison Break Coach Allison T. Moore ( has written an open letter, which has been published, on In2town Magazine to New Jersey Housewives reality star Teresa Giudice. Encourages Others to Be Healthy this Holiday Season by Eating Gluten Free and Sporting a Stylish Medical Bracelet

My Identity Doctor encourages those with celiac disease to wear a celiac disease bracelet, to make others aware of their condition and to help avoid inadvertently consuming foods that contain gluten.

2015 Publicity Plan Template
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Free downloadable media plan template for entrepreneurs and small businesses helps plan for greater success with publicity and media opportunities. Visit:

In recognition of AIDS Awareness Month, My Identity Doctor Encourages Wearing Medical ID Jewelry

December is AIDS Awareness Month. Although medical advancements have helped those suffering from HIV to live longer, it is still spreading voraciously, especially in the 13-24 age group. My Identity Doctor is an online store that sells beautiful and trendy medical ID jewelry. They encourage people to get tested, and for those living with the disease, they suggest wearing one of their medical ID bracelets to keep themselves, and those around them safe in case of accident or injury.

What are the different types of white wine

Opening a bottle of wine is the best way to announce that you are having a party. If you want to celebrate a special evening with your dear ones, there is no better way of doing it than with a bottle of white wine.

What Are the Tips for Purchasing Flowers Online

When you want to order the most beautiful flowers in Singapore, you have plenty of options. Be it the most gorgeous roses to express your feelings towards someone dear to you or condolence wreaths to mourn the occasion of demise of someone close to you, you have lots of options in the country to place the order. Now, how to choose the best florist in the country?

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Medical science has left no stone unturned to save humanity from various health diseases, injuries. Large, complex and effective equipment’s have been designed to detect injuries, varying from micro to macro. By the help of these LARGE and COMPLEX equipment’s such as X-RAY device, COMPUTER RADIOGRAHY and so on, we generate results of the ailment suffered by the patient within 2-3 Hours or so, where the doctor explains the patient about the ailment HE/SHE is suffering the next day, This happens due to vast amount of time taken to compile the result. On an average Doctor’s save 6 of their 10 patient’s they operated, but other 4 would have survived or cured if they had time in their hand, the reason could be the bulk time taken by the doctor’s for identification of the cause of their suffering or lack of accuracy to determine the reason of suffering . So the point of concern in all the factors above is TIME, so why not save time and generate results and operate the patient

Design Template for a Small Scale Solar Power Plant in  Nigeria

This study presents the possibilities for power generation in Nigeria through the utilization of the sun’s energy. It highlights the basic science for the design and selection of components for successfully harnessing solar power. The article introduces a concise, rational and practical method of designing a Stand-alone photovoltaic system.

MyIdentityDoctor Recognizes National Healthy Skin Month by Encouraging Preventative Care through Medical ID Bracelets

My Identity Doctor specializes in pre-engraved medical jewelry, kid’s medical bracelet and other medical ID bracelets. Oftentimes, children fall victim to skin diseases because their skin is thinner and more vulnerable. A Medical ID bracelet will provide information to professionals and care takers for kids they may not understand yet. Also, during times they may not be able to speak for themselves. Kids may not always know what is best, especially when they are left alone at school, daycare, babysitters, and with the elderly.

GCS   Greenfield Community Parents Letter

Greenfield Community School provides a high quality, creative and challenging international education, based on the International Baccalaureate Philosophy. We foster within each student, staff member and community member an enduring passion for learning and empowering each individual to become a caring global citizen.

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