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Curso seguridad informatica
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Nuestro plan de estudios integral de Curso de Hacking en México incluye lo último en seguridad cibernética de desarrollo de habilidades y la formación específica del proveedor de los líderes de la industria como Cisco, CompTIA, Dell SonicWALL, Foundstone, Juniper y RSA

South African Milk Tartlets
by storksa 0 Comments favorite 17 Viewed Download 0 Times | An old South African favourite, milk tart enthrals the senses with its sweet custardy centre topped with a dash of cinnamon, all nestled in a sweet crust that melts in your mouth. Making these Milk Tartlets means you will have tons of bite-sized delights to share with family and friends. Perfect for entertaining in true South African style.

Healthy Eating and Active Living For Your 5 to 11 Year Old - Healthy U

Creating Healthy Places and Spaces Your child plays, eats and learns in your home, at school, in after school care and in the community. All these places and spaces are important in your child’s life. They are where your child learns the habits of healthy eating and active living. They are also the places that help your child develop a positive self-image. Home places and spaces • Eat supper together. It’s a great way for the family to stay connected. In a busy life, it’s hard to find time to make and eat healthy meals. It’s also hard to find time to be physically active. Yet healthy eating and regular physical activity are important for all the family. • Plan sports or other family activities. Then there’ll be less time for TV, computer and video games. • Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Sleep gives energy for learning and play. What can YOU do at home? Home is the place where your child first learns the habits of healthy eating and active living. You can help your child by making these good habits a routine for everyone. Plan your routines so that making the healthy choice is the easy choice. Then it becomes a natural part of everyday life. The media and your child Every day, your child is exposed to television, magazines, movies, billboards, advertisements, comics and the Internet: • Advertising messages, which are often aimed at children, may not promote healthy eating, active living or a positive self-image. Encourage your children to think about the choices they make in this area and to discuss them with you. • For more information visit

Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 - Viglen

The Upgrade option is not available in Windows 7 Setup when installing Windows 7 on a computer running Windows XP. However, you can use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate files and settings from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the same computer. To do this, you must first copy files to a removable media, such as an external hard drive or UFD, or to a network share. Next, you will install Windows 7 and then migrate your files back from the removable media onto your computer. When you are finished, you must install your software programs again, but your files and settings will have been copied from Windows XP. Copy files using Windows Easy Transfer 1. Insert the Windows 7 DVD while running Windows XP. If the Windows 7 installation window opens automatically, close it. 2. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Start menu, and then clicking Explore. 3. Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory. The Windows Easy Transfer window opens. 4. Click Next. 5. Select An external hard disk or USB flash drive. 6. Click This is my old computer. Windows Easy Transfer scans the computer. 7. Click Next. You can also determine which files should be migrated by selecting only the user profiles you want to transfer, or by clicking Customize. 8. Enter a password to protect your Easy Transfer file, or leave the box blank, and then click Save. 9. Browse to the external location on the network or to the removable media where you want to save your Easy Transfer file, and then click Save. 10. Click Next. Windows Easy Transfer displays the file name and location of the Easy Transfer file you just created. Viglen Limited, VHQ, 7 Handley Page Way, Old Parkbury Lane, Colney Street, St. Albans, Hertfordshire AL2 2DQ Tel: 01727

Welcome to Windows 7
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Contents INTRODUCTION TO WINDOWS 7 DESIGNING WINDOWS 7 Market Trends that Inspired Windows 7 WINDOWS 7 EDITIONS Windows 7 Starter Windows 7 Home Basic Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Enterprise / Windows 7 Ultimate Windows Anytime Upgrade Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Windows 7 Editions Comparison GETTING STARTED WITH WINDOWS 7 Upgrading a PC to Windows 7 WHAT’S NEW IN WINDOWS 7 Top Features for You Top Features for IT Professionals Application and Device Compatibility WINDOWS 7 FOR YOU: SIMPLIFIES EVERYDAY TASKS Simple to Navigate Easier to Find Things Easy to Browse the Web Easy to Connect PCs and Manage Devices Easy to Communicate and Share WINDOWS 7 FOR YOU: WORKS THE WAY YOU WANT Speed, Reliability, and Responsiveness More Secure Compatible with You Better Troubleshooting and Problem Solving WINDOWS 7 FOR YOU: MAKES NEW THINGS POSSIBLE Media the Way You Want It Work Anywhere New Ways to Engage WINDOWS 7 FOR IT PROFESSIONALS WINDOWS 7 FOR IT PROFESSIONALS: MAKE PEOPLE PRODUCTIVE ANYWHERE Remove Barriers to Information Access Information from Anywhere WINDOWS 7 FOR IT PROFESSIONALS: MANAGE RISK THROUGH ENHANCED SECURITY AND CONTROL Protect Data on PCs and Devices Protect Workers and Infrastructure Builds on Windows Vista Security Foundation WINDOWS 7 FOR IT PROFESSIONALS: REDUCE COSTS BY STREAMLINING PC MANAGEMENT Easier Deployment Keep PCs Running Smoothly Better Support for Client Virtualization

upgrade/migrate from vista or xp to windows 7 - Jim McKnight's PC ...

Before committing to an upgrade, I suggest you read my “BUYING A WINDOWS 7 PC” sheet. There are lots of thoughts and comments there regarding the PC hardware. Many PC’s with XP Pre-installed were marketed as “Vista Ready”. They may not be capable of running Windows 7 (or Vista). (Blame Microsoft for that). Run the Upgrade Advisor Tool to find out. In most cases, PC’s sold with Windows VISTA pre-installed should be easily upgradable to Windows 7. They will run faster if you do. My personal recommendation is to never do an upgrade from Vista, but to migrate from Vista to Windows 7 by doing a clean Windows 7 install. You can use the Easy Transfer Tool to move your data and settings. If your PC is currently running Windows XP, then buying a whole new Windows 7 PC is usually a better bet than upgrading your old PC. See my comments in a later section of this sheet. CPU: If you plan to install Windows 7 64-bit, make sure your CPU can support 64-bit operation. You can run the “SecurAble” utility to find out. From . HARD-DRIVE SPACE: Make sure you have plenty of extra hard-drive space. A typical Windows 7 system with a few programs can easily exceed 25-30 GB. WARNING: If you do a full Windows 7 install and do not tell the Windows 7 Installer to format the drive, then all of your old system files and all of your new system files will all be using space the hard-drive. Do you have room for that? SSD’s (Solid State Hard Drives): Windows 7 runs like lightning with a SSD main-drive. If you plan to go to an SSD, I recommend upgrading to the SSD at the same time you upgrade to Windows 7. See more about SSD’s in my “BUYING A WINDOWS 7 PC” sheet. NOTE: Your PC's BIOS must support "ahci" SATA control to use an SSD. DEVICE DRIVERS: Even if the Upgrade Advisor says all is OK, you should go to the Manufacturer’s website for every one of your external devices (Printers, scanners, cell phones, cameras, etc ) and make sure they offer drivers for their gear for the version of Windows 7 you...

Deployment Brochure - Santa Rosa County School District

For Spouse Deployed o Write separate letters to your children periodically o Share as much information as you can about your daily life and work For Spouse at Home For Spouse at Home o Ignore rumors and try to wait patiently for official date, time, and location information for your partner’s return o Participate in any preparation for reunion activities that might be available o Maintain the healthy self-care practices you established before the departure; try to eat and sleep sensibly o Participate in a support group, whether formal or informal; do not become isolated o Help your children express their feelings and stay in touch with their absent parent

An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on my land? - Federal Energy ...

The Commission approves the location, construction and operation of interstate pipelines, facilities and storage fields involved in moving natural gas across state boundaries. The Commission also approves the abandonment of these facilities. Interstate pipelines crisscross the United States, moving nearly a quarter of the nation’s energy long distances to markets in the 48 contiguous states, and are vital to the economy. Although pipelines generally are buried underground, they may have associated facilities that are above-ground such as taps, valves, metering stations, interconnection, pig launchers, pig receivers, or compressor stations. A natural gas storage field includes subsurface gas storage rights and there may be storage field pipelines and gas wells associated with the storage rights. A Pipeline Glossary is provided at the end of this brochure to help you understand some of the technical terms that are associated with pipeline construction and above-ground facilities. If a proposed pipeline route is on, or abuts your land, you will probably first learn of this from the natural gas company as it plans and studies the route during either the Commission’s voluntary Pre-filing Process or in the application development process. Once a company files an application requesting the Commission to issue a certificate authorizing the construction of a pipeline project, the company will mail you a copy of this brochure and other information within three days of the Commission issuing a Notice of Application. The Commission’s staff will prepare an environmental study of the proposal; either an Environmental Impact Statement or an Environmental Assessment, depending on the scope of the project. For major construction projects, local media may be notified and public meetings may be held. You will have an opportunity to express your views and to have them considered. You will also have the opportunity to learn the views of other interested parties. The Commission may approve the project, with or without modifications, or reject it. If it is approved and you fail to reach an easement agreement with the company, access to and compensation for use of your land will be determined by a court.

U.S. Natural Gas Production - Energy & Commerce Committee

In 2013, the price of oil averaged $98 per barrel (West Texas Intermediate spot price), up from $94 per barrel in 2012. Prices remain high in early 2014 (near $100 per barrel) and are projected by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to average in the mid-$90 per barrel range through 2014. A number of proposals designed to increase domestic energy supply, enhance security, and/or amend the requirements of environmental statutes are before the 113th Congress. A key question in this discussion is how much oil and gas is produced in the United States each year and how much of that comes from federal versus non-federal areas. Oil production has fluctuated on federal lands over the past five fiscal years but has increased dramatically on nonfederal lands. Non-federal crude oil production has been rapidly increasing in the past few years partly due to favorable geology and the relative ease of leasing from private parties, rising by 2.1 million barrels per day (mbd) between FY2009-FY2013, causing the federal share of total U.S. crude oil production to fall by nearly 11%. Natural gas prices, on the other hand, have remained low for the past several years, allowing gas to become much more competitive with coal for power generation. The shale gas boom has resulted in rising supplies of natural gas. Overall, annual U.S. natural gas production rose by about four trillion cubic feet (tcf) or 19% since FY2009, while production on federal lands (onshore and offshore) fell by about 28%. Natural gas production on non-federal lands grew by 33% over the same time period. The big shale gas plays are primarily on non-federal lands and are attracting a significant portion of investment for natural gas development. The number of producing acres may or may not be a function of how many acres are leased, and the number of acres leased may or may not correlate to the amount of production, but in recent years, some members of Congress have proposed a $4/acre lease fee for non-producing leases.

Što se tiče Porošenka nema on ni plan A niti plan B on ima samo jedan zadatak zbog kojeg je doveden a to je da što je moguće više uvuče Rusiju u ukrajinski haos

Rusija će generisati krizu u Ukrajini i tako praviti od nje što vreliji krompir u rukama Zapada. Ovi što kunu Putina neka samo obrate pažnju na to da li iko više spominje pitanje Krima, koje ja podržavam , ali koja je formalno pravno klasična aneksija dijela teritorije medjunarodno priznate države.