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Medical Photography - HOSA
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Rules and Procedures 1. Competitors in this event must be active members of HOSA in good standing in the category in which they are registered to compete (Secondary or Postsecondary/Collegiate). 2. Competitors must be familiar with and adhere to the “General Rules and Regulations of the National HOSA Competitive Events Program (GRR)." 3. SUBJECT OF PHOTO: The main subject of each photo should be a health professional in action. The photos should portray something about the profession or the skills of the professional. 4. The selection of the three healthcare professionals to be photographed is at the discretion of the competitor. The pictures must be of three different health professionals in three different careers. The selected professionals must be willing to share information about their career with the competitor. 5. Competitors may use software to edit and enhance the digital photographs. Editing and cropping of the pictures is permitted, but adding graphics, backgrounds, and other elements to the photo is not permitted. 6. The competitor must print the three photos on photo paper and submit the photos as follows: • Each photo must be 8 ½” x 11” or smaller. (8 X 10 preferred) • The photo should be contained in a clear page (sheet) protector. • Photos should be labeled with a number – 1, 2 and 3 • Inside the same sheet protector behind the photo, competitors must include an additional, one-page narrative description about the professional in the photo, labeled with the competitor’s name, school and state. One photo should also include a *Display Card. • All three pictures and written materials in the sheet protector and the display card must be held in a large envelope (approximately 10” x 13”), the front of which is labeled with the competitor’s name, school and state. Medical Photography Guidelines (August 2013)

How to Manually Update Your WordPress Website - WPMU Dev

There are days when it just seems easier to upgrade WordPress using your automatic update button. But there are times when this can fail, or when it can cause problems for your website. Here is our guide to manually upgrading WordPress via FTP. 1. Backup your database It is important that you backup your database so that should you encounter any problems you can restore your website. You can backup your database using the WP-DB-Backup Plugin. From your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Add New and type WP-DB-Backup into the search box. Navigate to Tools > Backup You can select which tables you want to backup. And choose whether you want to backup to your server, to your email or download the file. When you have selected which click “Backup now!” You can also use the tool to schedule regular backups. 2. Backup your site You can backup your website using your favorite FTP program (such as FileZilla or CuteFTP). Connect to your server: Navigate to your WordPress installation and select all the files. Drag and drop to your backup folder on your computer. This will copy all of the files on to your computer should you need to restore. 3. Download WordPress Visit and download the latest version. 4. Extract the zip Extract the zip file to a folder on your computer. 5. Copy WordPress files to server Open up your favorite FTP programme and connect to your server. Navigate to the folder where you have unzipped WordPress. Upload the wp-includes and wp-admin folders Open the wp-content folder and copy over the individual files. Remember! If you have edited the theme files of Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven these will be copied over. This is why we recommend building child themes rather than editing a theme’s core files. ...

Your New WordPress Based Website -

The Purpose of This Document This document is designed to help you find you way around the WordPress CMS. Due to the complexity and ever changing features of WordPress we will provide you with a link to the WordPress site for additional or specific information for many of the topics covered. While we could duplicate much of the content here we would constantly have to upgrade this document as WordPress adds features and capabilities. We feel it is better to give you a quick overview and then let you know where the specifics can be found. In many cases WordPress is intuitive enough that you won’t have to visit the WordPress site for further information once you start using WordPress. What is a Content Management System (CMS)? A CMS, like WordPress, is a program that runs on the server where we have hosted your website. It provides all the glue and functionality needed to make your life simplifier. A CMS typically provides the ability to add, edit and delete pages from your website without having to buy and expensive program or having to learn HTML, which is used to format web pages. Additional Features Some CMS systems have additional features either built in like a blog or that can be added via small programs called “plug-ins” to do things like e-commerce, SEO, automated backups, social marketing, videos, Google sitemaps, contact forms, photo gallery, ...

AirQualitee Cabin Air Filters Catalog - AutoPartSource

Cabin Air Filters What is a cabin filter? Cabin filters are a recent addition to the automotive world. Cabin filters were first used in vehicles in Europe in the 1980’s. By the mid 1990’s they started migrating to popular domestic vehicles such as the Ford Taurus and Ford Contour. The function of a cabin filter is to filter the air that enters the vehicle through its ventilation system. The result is cleaner air in the passenger cabin of the vehicle. This helps to keep the interior of the vehicle cleaner and aides in the reduction of contaminants, such as pollen, soot, road dust, etc. Why is it important to service cabin filters? Like other maintenance products cabin filters have a scheduled service requirement. Once the cabin filter has reached its life expectancy, its ability to perform diminishes. As the filter media becomes saturated with dirt, its ability to allow air to flow through the media is restricted. This can adversely affect the way the air conditioning cools the vehicle’s cabin. It can also limit the defrost system's ability to clear the windshield. Why the AirQualitee cabin filter program? The AirQualitee cabin filter program includes point of sale merchandise to aid the market in educating the public and raising awareness of cabin filters. The program is constructed in a manner to dispel myths like: • Cabin filters are too difficult to service – most can be serviced very easily. • No one knows where the cabin filters are in the vehicle – we identify the location in our catalog and installation instructions. • Cabin filters take too long to service – most can be changed in under 15 minutes. ...

Amazon Affiliate program -

What does this mean? You won’t pay any extra, but a percentage of what you spend at Amazon will go to our school. If you shop at Amazon, please use the Amazon affiliate link below that has been specially created for PS/MS 282. The PTO will earn about 7% of your total purchase amount, at no cost to you, as long as you use this link to go to Amazon when adding items to your shopping cart and placing your order. The Amazon site won’t look any different when you enter it through this link, however, &tag=282org-20 tells Amazon that the 282 PTO should get the referral reward. The best part is, the more items that are shipped, the higher the percentage of sales we earn. This means that even small individual purchases can really make a difference. So please use this link every time you shop at Amazon, for items big or small. Tell your family and friends about this link too; if they use it, 282 will get the reward too. An easy way to be sure to use the link every time you shop is to save it as your Amazon bookmark the first time you use it. Then every time you want to shop at Amazon, simply use this bookmark and our school will benefit. Clicking this link will bring up a link to an emailed gift card for Amazon – this is a GREAT way to maximize the earnings to 282 from Amazon. Thanks everyone, and happy shopping!

Setup an Amazon Affiliate Account - Jones House Creative

How to Set Up an Amazon Affiliate Account STEP 1 || Go to: STEP 2 || Click “Join Now for Free.” || Page 1 of 6 STEP 3 || If you already have an Amazon account, enter your user e-mail and password, or if not, use whatever e-mail address you prefer and select “I am a new customer.” Click “Sign in using our secure server.” || Page 2 of 6 STEP 4 || If you are a new customer, enter your personal details as requested. Verify your name and address when finished. As the main contact for the account, select “The payee listed above.” Click “Next: Your Website Profile.” || Page 3 of 6 STEP 5 || Section one. See image for settings. || Page 4 of 6 Section two. See image for settings. || Page 5 of 6  ...

What is the Amazon Affiliate Network? Links Banners - Amazon S3

What is the Amazon Affiliate Network? Amazon affiliates are called associates. The associates market Amazon products. Every time someone clicks on one of their links and purchases a product, the affiliate makes a commission. Amazon provides affiliates with lots of tools for making sales. Tools include: • Links • Banners • Widgets • aStore Links Links allow you to link to a specific product on Amazon. Additionally, this option will allow you to include information about the product on your website. Links can come in text or image form, and they are easy to build, thanks to Amazon’s Product Links Tool. Banners Banners allow affiliates to link to product categories. For instance, if you had a music site, you could use a banner to link to Amazon’s MP3 section. Additionally, banners can advertise special promotions, such as a holiday sale. Widgets Amazon’s widgets are interactive applications that you can use on your website. Top widgets include: • Deals widget • Auto part finder widget • Slideshow • My favorites You can customize the widgets and put them on your website. This will help you integrate your site with Amazon, and will provide your visitors with a great experience. aStore The aStore is a tool that will let you create a professional online store. Your aStore can include: Amazon products• Product details• Shopping cart• You don’t need any programming skills to create an aStore. Simply sign up as an Amazon affiliate and then go to the aStore section. Then, you will go through the steps to create your store. Signing Up as an Amazon Affiliate You can sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program by going to and clicking “Join Now for Free.” Then, you just need to fill out the form and get started. If you want to make money with your affiliate links, consider giving Amazon’s affiliate program a try. You will have access to thousands of products and countless customers. ...

“Amazon” Affiliate Nexus Statutes - Schiff Hardin LLP

Special thanks to our summer associate, Davin Reust, for research assistance with this article. September 6, 2011 Faced with huge budget deficits, a growing number of states are enacting laws that require certain out-of-state online retailers to collect state sales tax on sales to the residents of the states enacting the new legislation. In the past few months alone, these so-called “Amazon” statutes have become effective in Arkansas, California, Connecticut and Illinois. In all, at least seven states have enacted Amazon statutes since 2008, and more than a dozen state legislatures either have considered or are currently considering similar legislation. The Amazon statutes generally provide that any seller who enters into an agreement to make a payment to a state resident to refer customers to the seller, whether by means of a link on an Internet Web site or otherwise, and earns at least at least a minimum amount of revenue from such referrals, is presumed to be actively soliciting business in the state. Unless the seller can rebut the presumption, the seller must collect and remit state sales tax on all purchases by state residents, even if the seller has no facilities, property or employees in the state.’s business model provides a good illustration of the application of New York’s (and most other states’) Amazon statute. is a Delaware corporation with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. 2 has no offices, employees, or property in New York. 3 However, has created an associate program, which provides financial incentives to Web site operators who refer customers to 4 The associate places a link on its Web site that refers customers to If a customer makes a purchase from after clicking the associate’s link, pays the associate a commission. 5 If receives more than $10,000 in revenue annually from referrals from New York associates, Amazon must collect and remit sales tax on all purchases by New York residents. 6 can rebut the presumption, but only if it can establish that none of its in-state associates engaged in active solicitation in New York aimed at New York residents.” 7 Put another way, Amazon would have to establish that


SCOE 2011 Peer Presentation Series THE AMAZON ASSOCIATES PROGRAM Skip McGrath The Amazon Associates Program Skip McGrath Publisher – Online Sellers News Amazon Associates Program Associate = Affiliate Amazon will pay associates a commission to refer sales to: O O (apparel) O My Habit (fashion & accessories) O Amazon Wireless (cell phones & service) O Small Parts (Industrial & lab supplies) Amazon Associates Program Volume Based Commissions Amazon Associates Program Specialized Category Commissions