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Paralegal Certificate Program - UC Irvine Extension - University of ...

Thank you for your interest in the University of California, Irvine Extension Paralegal Certificate Program. I am pleased that you are considering our American Bar Association approved program. For over 35 years, our Paralegal Certificate Program has prepared students like you to enter the exciting and challenging legal field as a paralegal. As an attorney, I can personally attest to the tremendous value of a qualified paralegal. Paralegals really make a difference in the lives of the clients they help serve. You are about to embark upon a rewarding career path that you can be proud of. We work hard to ensure that our courses are delivering practical content and preparing you to start your career on the right foot. Our paralegal and attorney instructors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom. And their dedication and passion for teaching is second to none. The...

PARALEGAL STUDIES - Irvine Valley College

Associate in Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement School of Business Sciences Dean: Roger Owens, PhD Academic Chair: Bob Urell Faculty: June McLaughlin, JD COURSES Courses in the paralegal studies program provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to work as a paralegal in civil litigation, bankruptcy or estate planning law firms; an understanding of ethical rules and regulations applicable to legal professionals; an overview of legal theory; and a practical introduction to legal research and writing. MAJOR A paralegal is an individual who, although not a member of the legal profession, is qualified through education, training, and/ or work experience to be employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity. The paralegal performs specifically delegated substantive legal work under...

Paralegal Brochure Blue for ABA - Santa Ana College

Santa Ana College Paralegal Program Offers Students Two Program Options Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies To graduate from the program all students must show proof of completion of 21 units of general education classes. The ABA further specifies that 18 of those units be taken in specific areas of study. To insure that general education courses meet both the college and ABA requirements, students are urged to seek counseling prior to enrollment in general education classes. This American Bar Association (ABA) approved program is designed to prepare the student to work in a paraprofessional capacity as an assistant to an attorney in a law firm, governmental agency or corporation. The paralegal performs many tasks normally handled by an attorney, such as preparing forms and pleadings, interviewing clients and witnesses, legal research and document organization. Strong English skills, computer knowledge and good organizational skills are an asset in this profession.

What Is the Difference Between a Paralegal Certificate and ...

It is important to distinguish between a paralegal certificate and certification. The terms are often confused. The terms are not interchangeable and have separate meaning. A certificate verifies that a student has successfully completed a paralegal educational program. Generally, these programs are offered at universities and colleges. The prerequisites may vary but many require the entering student to have an associate or bachelor’s degree in another area. For example, if a program offers a post‐baccalaureate paralegal certificate, the student will have obtained a bachelor’s degree in an area other than paralegal studies. It is possible that the student will take only legal specialty courses since they have completed their general education requirements during the pursuit of their associate or bachelor’s degree. Upon successful completion of the institution’s educational requirements, the student is issued a certificate of completion. The student is now certificated in paralegal studies. A certified paralegal is one that has successfully completed a certification exam or other requirements of the certifying organization. Certification is the process through which an organization grants formal recognition to an individual that meets certain established requirements. This may include meeting educational requirements, prior work experience as a paralegal and passing an examination. Once the paralegal has met these criteria, they may use a special designation namely, “certified paralegal”.

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The Certified Paralegal Exam Description How the Certified Paralegal Exam is Developed The Certifying Board provides oversight for the development and ongoing maintenance of the examination. The Certifying Board, NALA certification program staff, and trained subject matter experts, work in partnership with a qualified psychometric consultant to ensure the examination is developed and maintained in a manner consistent with generally accepted psychometric, educational testing practices, and national accreditation standards for certification programs. The Certifying Board selects diverse groups of qualified subject matter experts (SMEs) to participate in exam development activities throughout the exam development and maintenance process. Activities that involve subject matter expert participation include creating job analysis surveys, creating test content outlines, writing and reviewing exam items, and establishing the passing point for exams. Adhoc committees and/or working groups of subject matter experts composed of Certifying Board members, paralegals, attorneys, educators, and other outside experts may be assembled for these tasks. Job analysis studies are conducted approximately every six years to identify and validate the knowledge and skills which will be measured by the examination sections. The results of the job analysis studies serve as the basis for the exam specifications. These exam specifications, with weights for each content area, are approved by the Certifying Board.

Examinees - National Association of Legal Assistants

Examinee Application and Policies Steps - Application Procedure and Testing Appointments The application procedure is a two-step process. Examinees must first be admitted to the Certified Paralegal program by filing an application form with NALA Headquarters. Once admitted, examinees must schedule testing times through the PSI Testing Center Network to take an examination during the time the testing window is open. Examinees may also apply to take the test at non-PSI Testing Centers. More information about these options is found in the section entitled “Testing Centers and Policies.” Most communications to examinees from NALA and PSI are sent via e-mail notifications. PLEASE inform NALA of any changes in your e-mail address. Be sure to check your spam filters to allow all e-mail messages from NALA and PSI. From application to testing appointments, the steps are: • Filing the Application Form All candidates for the Certified Paralegal credential must meet the examination eligibility requirements and complete and submit an application form for an upcoming Certified Paralegal exam testing window. Application forms may be submitted at any time, but no later than the application deadline date for the upcoming testing window. • Application Acknowledgement NALA Headquarters will acknowledge receipt of the application form and payment. Examinees will also be advised if additional information is needed to complete the form, such as a school transcript or an additional employer attestation. Examinees must follow deadline dates established by NALA for receipt of additional information. •

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Wood floors will show signs of wear over time, depending on the size and lifestyle of your family. By observing a few precautions and setting up a regular cleaning routine and maintenance program, you can expect years of beauty from your hardwood floor

Sosyal Program Örnek Raporu - Mesleki Uygulamalar Yönetim Sistemi

SAKARYA ÜNİVERSİTESİ SAKARYA MESLEK YÜKSEKOKULU MESLEKİ UYGULAMA SONUÇ RAPORU Öğrencinin Adı Soyadı : AYŞEN AKAT Bölümü /Programı : BÜRO YÖNETİMİ VE YÖNETİCİ ASİSTANLIĞI II. Ö. Numarası : G1121 20013 İş yerinin Adı : TARAKLI TERMAL TURİZM A.Ş. İşyeri Eğitim Sorumlusu : SÜLEYMAN TÜRKER Sorumlu Öğretim Elemanı : ÖĞR.GÖR.SELCEN VODİNALI Uygulama Dönemi : GÜZ DÖNEMİ Sakarya Üniversitesi Sakarya Meslek Yüksekokulu T.C. SAKARYA ÜNİVERSİTESİ SAKARYA MESLEK YÜKSEKOKULU MESLEKİ UYGULAMA SONUÇ RAPORU Öğrencinin Adı Soyadı : AYŞEN AKAT Bölümü /Programı : BÜRO YÖNETİMİ VE YÖNETİCİ ASİSTANLIĞI II. Ö. Numarası : G1121 20013 İş yerinin Adı : TARAKLI TERMAL TURİZM A.Ş. İşyeri Eğitim Sorumlusu : SÜLEYMAN TÜRKER Sorumlu Öğretim Elemanı : ÖĞR.GÖR.SELCEN VODİNALI : GÜZ DÖNEMİ Uygulama Dönemi Bu mesleki uygulama raporu ……/……/…… tarihinde aşağıdaki mesleki uygulama sorumluları tarafından kabul edilmiştir.

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*Land Rover, the Land Rover logo, and Land Rover Financial Group are trademarks of Land Rover and any use by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“Chase”) is under license. Lease accounts are owned by Chase. WELCOME TO LAND ROVER FINANCIAL GROUP You now have access to the benefits and convenient services of Land Rover Financial Group, the program under which Chase provides auto leasing and account servicing to Land Rover customers. Please keep this guide for future reference. This lease guide is for informational purposes and for Land Rover Financial Group customers only. Always refer to your lease agreement for the full terms of your lease. Online Account Management Visit to sign up for Chase OnlineSM and get access to your auto lease account anytime. You’ll be able to: – Manage Your Account: Make a payment, set up account alerts,1 view account activity, request your lease purchase balance, and more. – Go Paperless: View your auto statements online — it’s convenient, secure and green. – Sign Up for Chase Mobile®: Download the free Chase Mobile app for your smartphone and other mobile devices, or visit on your mobile phone for a current list of available devices. To sign up for Chase Online, visit and click on Set Up Online Access, then follow the simple steps to enroll. Please have your lease account number and Social Security Number handy when you enroll.

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Qualified Jaguar/Land Rover independent repair operators (“Operators”) are entitled to purchase Jaguar/Land Rover North America diagnostic software subscriptions. A full software diagnostic subscription is available for purchase through Service Solutions provided that certain Jaguar/Land Rover requirements have been met as described below. The following are the instructions and requirements to purchase the necessary approved equipment and software Diagnostic software subscriptions may be obtained in two ways: 1. Full Software Diagnostics Subscription – An annual full software diagnostic subscription which allows a subscriber to diagnose and program all Jaguar/Land Rover vehicle systems may be purchased by an Operator through Service Solutions provided that the Operator also purchases the following Jaguar/ Land Roverapproved diagnostic equipment through Service Solutions: a. PC (CF19/53 SDD/T4)* b. Diagnostic Interface (VCI) c. 12 month PC diagnostic and re-programing software not inclusive of service information d. Approval by Jaguar/Land Rover UK required with application of business information i. Additional items may be purchased by the Operator based on its needs - *T4 Diagnostic for servicing Land Rover Legacy Vehicles (1996 to 2005) will require hardware at additional cost. 2. Emission Based (OBD II only) Module Programming – Purchased via TOPIx in the options menu a. Operator purchases its own hardware b. Operator purchases its own VCI c. Emission Based (OBD II only) Module Programming is not supported by Service Solutions...