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Koyal Info Group Mag: Scientific findings on Climate

LETTER: Scientific findings on climate are real, not optional The letter by James Policelli (“America is heading down dangerous path,” Jan. 22) is proof that the far right lunatic fringe disavows science. On the next page of that day’s paper was a statement by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that 2013 was the fourth warmest year on record. Policelli would likely claim that NOAA is a puppet of the Obama administration and has broadcast false information to further a socialist agenda. (What!) Let’s look at some indisputable facts. A comparison of NASA space shots of polar ice caps clearly indicates they are shrinking. Ocean levels have been measured to be rising. (Where do you think the melting polar ice caps go?)

Harley Davidson Wiring Made Easy - Siebenthaler Creative

SIEBENTHALER CREATIVE SERVICES: power sports advertising, marketing, and public relations H-D WIRING MADE EASY E A S I E R jump boy, jump THE DUMB WIRING BOOK About This Book This project started when I rebuilt a wrecked Shovel in the early ‘80’s. The factory wiring schematic was helpful but hard to read and not real durable. My solution was to lay out several sheets of tracing paper on the kitchen table, then sketch out an as-built drawing that was big enough to see and easy to understand. It worked fine then, but lacked portability. Wiring Schematic For most electric start Big Twins AMP Pin Connector Secure connections and easy access Tach/Speedo Connections Fat Bob FX Shovel, early Evo Testing Square Relays Makes it easy to test before replacing Now those originals have been cleaned up, revised, and converted to Acrobat digital format — viewable on any platform, prints on any printer, easy enough for anyone to follow, and provides enough wiring basics for just about any project. AMP Connectors The toughtest thing about wiring an AMP socket is pin spacing, especially with larger sockets. The pin numbering’s next to invisible, soldering’s difficult, and you’ve got to make sure the numbers match - 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc. But once installed, these connections are a foolproof and tidy project. Connections require two connectors; a male and a female socket. There’s a big range of pin capacities, and there are designs for use in bulkheads. (Note: these aren’t push on-pull off friction fit, spade-type, or pin-lock, but full lock ring connectors designed to be plugged and unplugged repeatedly.) The pin tool is an absolute necessity for creating and repairing connections. Trying to remove pins without the tool is guaranteed to wreck both your day and your components. And remember the dielectric grease for coating finished connections. Relay Testing The relay testing schematic is useful for any number of applications, including your starter wiring. These seldom go bad. Most problems are simply the result of bad connections. ©John Siebenthaler 7/99...

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A DIVISION OF BAKER PUBLISHING GROUP BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT Tolkien Expert Unveils the Deeper Meaning to Bilbo’s Epic Journey Follow this layout for applications where the designated logo area is expremely narrow. Including these proportions and weights. The Spiritual World of the Hobbit by James Stuart Bell The Spiritual World of the Hobbit by James Stuart Bell Trade Paper ISBN: 978-0-7642-1020-4 $13.99; 256 pp. Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4412-6058-1; $13.99 Release Date: September 2013 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug releases in theaters December 13, 2013. Find Wisdom and Inspiration in One of the Greatest Adventures Ever Told As one of the bestselling books of the last hundred years, and now a blockbuster movie trilogy, The Hobbit has delighted millions with its magical charm. As fans eagerly await part 2 of the film series, they will be excited to discover the spiritual themes of the story’s mythological world in The Spiritual World of the Hobbit. Author James Stuart Bell, a recognized expert on the lives of Tolkien, Lewis, and the Inklings, guides readers behind the scenes to uncover Tolkien’s beliefs and motivations. Readers will be surprised by the deep meaning in this favorite story. Bell takes readers on a step-by-step walk alongside Bilbo, uncovering powerful and ever-relevant themes of good versus evil, mercy, courage, and the guiding hand of God’s providence. As readers take a closer look at this timeless tale, they will be filled with wonder once again. At the heart of this timeless classic, Tolkien embedded images of faith and spiritual longing that are sure to inspire. A great gift for Tolkien book and movie fans. Media Contacts Brett Benson 952-829-2529  ...

Chicken Pasta Salad with Blueberries
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Chicken Pasta Salad with Blueberries High protein, complex carbs, fruit and chopped vegetables combine in this hearty, healthy make-ahead meal. Fruit and veggies are certainly important components to healthy eating, yet in our zeal to stress protein, protein and more protein, we often neglect them. Though many nutritionists recommend at least four servings of each on a daily basis, we may fail to get even 1-2 servings! Now, many sports nutritionists are arguing that even four servings might fall woefully short. How can you meet those recommendations? Some ways to get your fill of fruit: Add a sliced banana or a cup of applesauce to your morning oatmeal. Prepare your protein shakes in a blender with fresh strawberries or melon. Drink a glass of orange juice with at least one meal each day. Carb up immediately before training with easy-to-digest fruit-based baby food. Veggies are also easy to slip in. For example, fold grilled mushrooms and onions into your morning egg whites, add a cup of carrots or cauliflower to your rice and have a large garden salad with low-fat dressing with dinner. Still not satisfied you'll hit the mark with fruits and veggies? Give this salad a try. It not only supplies protein in the way of chicken but also uses fresh blueberries, which are high in antioxidants that help prevent disease and aid muscle recovery. It has chopped vegetables for more nutrients and fiber, and is packed with complex carbohydrates from pasta. If you're trying to add fat-free mass, this is the perfect balanced meal. Ingredients 9-oz. package frozen french-cut green beans, thawed 3 cups chopped cooked chicken breast (about 1 lb.) 3 cups cooked penne 3?4 cup thinly sliced celery 1?4 cup thinly sliced green onions 3?4 cup fat-free mayonnaise 3 Tbsp. fat-free vinaigrette dressing 1 cup fresh blueberries Lettuce leaves Salt and pepper to taste Directions Place thawed green beans between paper towels and squeeze out any moisture. In a large bowl, combine green beans with...

Backcountry Lightning Risk Management - National Park Service

Backcountry Lightning Risk Management John Gookin Curriculum & Research Manager, The National Outdoor Leadership School This paper is for people who work or recreate in remote backcountry settings where there are no buildings or vehicles in which to seek protection from lightning. Using these practices where buildings and vehicles are available is a gross violation of conventional lightning protocols. Risk management does not ensure safety, but by understanding the hazards and risks, then responding with appropriate actions, we can reduce the chance for harm. It cannot be emphasized enough, that being outdoors exposes people to random lightning hazard, no matter what actions are taken. No place outside is safe when thunderstorms are in the area. How lightning strikes Lightning injury mechanisms Reducing lightning risk in the backcountry The effects of lightning strikes on humans... ... Lightning strikes fast: the whole process usually takes less than 1/10 of a second. Stepped leaders leave a cumulonimbus cloud and some leaders move toward the ground. They have many branches, but only 1-2 branches will reach the ground. Approximately every 50 meters (yards and meters can be used interchangeably) a new step leaves the previous step and heads in a fairly random direction. If a leader gets within about 100m from the ground, several positively-charged upward leaders (or streamers) start rising from the closest grounded objects towards the negatively-charged leader. This strike distance can vary tenfold (Uman, 1987). As soon as the downward leader is close enough to an upward leader, they attach to each other and “blaze a trail” for a significant electric current (a return stroke) to shoot from the ground to the cloud. . The return stroke heats the lightning channel to an extremely high temperature in a very short time, forming the visible lightning flash and causing thunder as the lightning channel expands rapidly...

Epson Stylus Pro 3800 - F2 Freelance Photographer

... When switched on, the printer does not warn you that a head cleaning operation may be needed. My first test print showed that the Matte Black ink, loaded for using Epson Velvet Fine Art paper, was not getting through. It is possible to invoke head cleaning and testing from the simple four-way pad controller on the printer, with its LCD info screen. There is no need to consult manuals, as the controls on this are the most selfexplanatory around. It is also possible to use a remote utility, loaded as an optional install, and monitor the printer from your PC. I couldn’t work out why there was no separate nozzle check and head cleaning test until I ran the single command. The 3800 prints out a test pattern, and reads it. It cleans the offending nozzles or inks, prints the pattern again, and if it’s fixed, moves on to the next set of four inks. The process is fully automated just like the ink changing. Epson’s cartridges are the usual chipped ‘Intellidge’ design, which measures or records ink use. The 3800 shows ink levels all the time on an active LCD display, so you can see the use as you go. The overall design with pressurised ink and a compact, well-sealed housing, does not make it easy to imagine cheap continuous ink systems, or off-brand carts, in future. Raj Parmer of Epson comments that the ...

XF Printer Driver for EPSON Pro 3800 (Contone ... - FineEye Color

Halftone modest The following halftones modes are supported: • Error Diffusion (SE1) • Stochastic screening (SE2) • Screening …The input colour format for Error Diffusion and Stochastic screening is always CMYKOGcm. The separation into the available printer inks is done by the EFI halftoning module. The input colour format for Screening is CMYK only... …The printer supports four different weaving modes, Low, Medium, High, Extra High with up to four different patterns. That means each print mode group uses the same number of passes (same speed) but a different method (pattern). This results to the following list of print modes:… Paper sizes and margins The EPSON Stylus GS6000 supports only roll media. The printer supports paper from 12 inch up to 64 inch up to 30 Kg and up to 0.3 mm. The maximum supported paper length is 50 m. This is the list of the supported media size:… Notes: 1. Borderless printing is not supported. 2. Autocut is not supported (the printer has no cutting device). Heater support The EPSON Stylus Pro GS6000 supports three different heaters: Pre-Heater Platen-Heater After-Heater The controllable temperature range is 30 to 50 degrees C. XF printer driver for EPSON Stylus Pro GS6000 - 23/06/2008 ...

Epson SP 3800 ICC Profile Instruction .PDF - Oriental Photo USA

Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Settings: Intent: Relative Colorimetric Use Black Point Compensation: ON Print Settings: Media: Premium Glossy Photo Paper is used for all media Except for the Supreme Matte papers use Enhanced Matte Paper Print Quality: Advanced-1440 or 2880 depending on profile High Speed: OFF Printer Color Management: No Color Adjustment For thicker papers feed paper one sheet at a time in the Manual-Rear feed. If head strikes should occur change the Platen Gap to Wider. The Platen Gap setting is located under Paper Configuration. Photoshop CS2 In the “Print with Preview” window under “Opitions”: Color Handling select “Let Photoshop Determine Color” Printer Profile select the profile needed Intent select “Relative Colorimetric” Check “Black Point Compensation”

Printing on the Fine Art Metal with the Epson Pro 3800 Printer

Printing on the Fine Art Metal with the Epson Pro 3800 Printer 1. Prepare Your Printer Make sure you do NOT have any clogged nozzles. Run the Nozzle Check before printing images. If you run the test prints with clogged nozzles it will throw off your color once they are unclogged. (Please refer to your printer manual for additional instructions) 2. Loading the Fine Art Metal into the printer A. The metal requires to be loaded into the front path of the 3800. Press the front cover to release it and open the output tray (pic. #1.) B. Press the front tray as shown in pic. #2 to pop it out. C. Insert the sheet of metal into the printer coating side up. Position the right edge of the paper against the right side of the tray and align the metal’s bottom edge with the white line on the tray (pic. #3.) D. Press the paper feed button to feed the metal into the printing position (pic. #3.) E. Use both hands to pull out and extend the output tray, lifting it slightly as you pull. Now its ready to print. F. Its recommended to wear gloves at all times when handling the Fine Art Metal. 3. Setting Up Photoshop’s Print Settings A. Go to File / Print from the top menu bar. B. In the page setup dialog box be sure and select the correct size of metal and that it says Manual-Front next to it. C. Select Photoshop Manages Color. D. Select the profile you wish to use. E. Select the proper rendering intent. F. Click on Black Point compensation. G. Click Print. 4. Setting up the Epson Pro 3800 print driver: A. Choose the correct printer. B. Click on the tab that says Layout, and go to Print Settings. C. Then follow these steps: 1. Under Media Type go to Premium Luster Photo Paper. 2. Under Mode click on Advanced Settings. 3. Under Print Quality select Super Photo 2880dpi. 4. Check Finest Detail. 5. Go back to main driver tab and under Printer Color Management click “Off ” for No Color Adjustment. 6. Go back again to the main driver tab and under Paper Configuration change the Platen Gap to “Wider”. D. Click Print. 5. Print Handling: Avoid touching the surface of the metal. Hold by edges, and wear gloves if you are noticing finger prints. Allow the ink to have time to dry prior to stacking or handling. 6. Print Protection: It is strongly recommended to apply a spray coating or laminate to the final print. For spray coating use ClearJet®Clear-Coating Type AFA Fine Art in either Gloss or Semi-Gloss.

Photo Printing from the Epson 3800 | continued - Emerson College

Photo Printing from the Epson 3800 For quality photo printing, Emerson College provides Epson 3800 Pro inkjet printers in selected computer labs. To get optimal results from these printers, correct color management procedures should be followed. Before You Print To get the best image possible when color correcting your image in Adobe Photoshop, it is important to consider the following: • What color profile is my image using? Be sure that your image is using the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile. This profile allows for a wider range of printable tones than, say, the sRGB space. • Is my monitor calibrated for photo editing? A correctly calibrated monitor will produce an accurate preview of your printed image. • What type of paper do I want to print on? Different types of paper will produce different results. For instance, matte paper will produce images with less contrast than glossy or luster paper. • What lighting situation will my photo be displayed in? The type of light that reflects off your print will affect the appearance of colors. Tungsten light will give your image a warmer tone than fluorescent light, which produces cold, flat tones. Therefore, it is important to always check your print under a balanced full-spectrum color proofing light, such as the one stationed at the front of the ATL. Ready to Print Once you have finished color correcting your photo, follow these steps to produce an accurate print: 1. In Photoshop choose File > Print to bring up the Photoshop print dialog. 2. Under Printer, make sure the Epson 3800 printer is selected 3. Click Print Settings, and choose the appropriate Paper Size for your print, for example 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 14 inches. 4. In this same dialog, choose Printer Settings from the fourth drop down menu. 5. For Media Type, choose the kind of paper you are using. For example, if you are printing on Epson glossy photo paper, choose Premium Photo Paper Glossy 6. Select AccuPhoto HD for Print Mode 7. Under Color Mode, select Off (No Color Management). Be sure this is selected for both Color and Black & White images. Otherwise, the printer will attempt to perform additional color correction on your image, which would skew your desired output. 8. Uncheck High Speed 9. Click Save to return to the Photoshop print dialog. 10. Back in the Photoshop print dialog, locate the Color Handling drop-down menu on the right and choose Photoshop Manages Colors 11. Under Printer Profile, choose the Pro38 profile that matches your paper. To continue the earlier example, if you were using Premium Glossy Photo Paper, you would choose Pro38 PGPP 12. Leave Relative Colorimetric and Black Point Compensation selected under Rendering Intent 13. Click Print to begin printing your image For additional information or assistance, please visit the IT Help Desk on the 4th floor of 120 Boylston,or call 617.824x8080 ©2010 IT Lab Operations, Emerson College