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Instructions for Ordering H1N1 Vaccine - County of Santa Cruz ...

Instructions for Ordering H1N1 Vaccine 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) monovalent vaccine will be available to medical care providers in California through the California Department of Public Health in partnership with local health departments. H1N1 influenza vaccine will not be available through private organizations. H1N1 vaccine is currently in production and is expected to be available by midOctober. Vaccine and basic supplies will be delivered to providers at no cost. Private providers may bill public and private insurers for vaccine administration fees. The website will be used for ordering the vaccine. This website is for those who are interested in giving 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) vaccine in California, including: • Local health departments • • Clinics, public and private • Independent physicians • Employee health programs • Community Health Centers • Community vaccinators • Vaccines for Children Program • Pharmacies (chain and provide vaccines medical providers • Student Health Centers • Health plans that directly independent) Hospitals • Other vaccinators Here are the steps to follow if you are interested in giving 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) vaccine: Step 1: Registration • is required for facilities who will receive direct shipments of H1N1 vaccine. Note: If you are a facility/organization that receives vaccine shipments at a central depot and then re-distributes to other sites, only the central depot site needs to register; • does not obligate you to order vaccine; • can only be done by (or in conjunction with) a prescribing medical care provider licensed to practice medicine in California; • early registration is urged; however, registration will not close. • does not guarantee receipt of vaccine Step 2: Ordering • does not guarantee receipt of vaccine; • The timing and amount of vaccine deliveries will depend on available inventory. First deliveries are expected by mid-October or later; • Initial orders will be prioritized to vaccinators serving at-risk population groups. Other requests will be filled over time, as supply permits.

interior design professional program - College of Liberal Arts

INTERIOR DESIGN CORE ..................................................................................................................................................36 3___AD 12500 Intro to Interior Design 3___AD 13000 Design Process & Communication 3___AD 23000 Interior Design I 3___AD 24000 Interior Drafting & Drawing 3___AD 25000 Interior Design II 3___AD 32000 Interior Lighting Design C. 3___AD 11300 Basic Drawing 3___A&D 22700 History of Art Since 1400 3___AD 33000 Interior Design III 3___AD 35000 Interior Design IV 3___AD 38500 History of Interior Design 3___AD 43000 Interior Design V 3___AD 44000 Interior Detail & Construction 3___AD 48500 History of Contemporary Interiors INTERIOR DESIGN SUPPORTIVE REQUIREMENTS ............................................................................................... 24-27 1___AD 23400 Art & Design Internship Preparation 3___AD 26000 CAD for Interiors 3___AD 28500 Interior Components & Materials 3___AD 32400 Textiles for Interiors (Coreq- AD 22400) 3___AD 39700 Sustainability in the Built Environment 3___AD 46500 Professional Practice 2___AD 47800 Internship or Co-op Program (0 credits)** 3___BCM 23000 Mechanical & Electrical Systems 3___CGT 26200 Introduction to Construction Graphics 3___CGT 36000 Applications of Construction Documents ** A&D 47800 Internship (min 2 credits) or AD 19100,19200,19300,19400 Co-op Required Total hours required for the Professional Program ......................................................................................................................... 72-75

interior design program - College of Arts and Letters - California ...

The Interior Design Program at California State University, Sacramento has a regional reputation as a leading design school, and is recognized as a nationally accredited program. The four year program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design and offers two concentrations: Interior Architecture and Interior Design Marketing. The Interior Design Program provides students with the technical, creative, and critical thinking skills needed to enter the interior design profession. The breadth of courses in the program reflects the importance of both a liberal arts background and professional preparation in the design field. Courses encompass the study of design history and theory, aesthetics, graphics, lighting, space planning, computer-aided design, interior construction, and professional practice. The Interior Design curriculum provides comprehensive coverage in all the major areas of training, including concept development, design, communication, presentation, construction and professional services. Many of the course assignments are based on actual design projects. Guest lecturers and professional panel critiques and discussions as well as building tours of outstanding projects are all important parts of the curriculum. Community service projects and pre-professional internships help to maintain a strong connection to the community and profession. The Interior Design major at California State University, Sacramento is one of the most highly sought after programs in Northern California and is considered an “impacted program” within the CSU system. As such, students...

INTERIOR DESIGN Program - Portland Community College

Interior designers specialize in creating uniquely defined environments that cater to the spatial needs and functional requirements of its user, drawing from a diverse set of skills. Students in this program learn to apply design principles and techniques to professional planning and furnishing of residential interiors. PCC’s Interior Design program is the only two-year degree program in residential interior design in Oregon and Southern Washington. Our graduates are sought by employers for their unique abilities: adept design problem solving, ability to draw from historical traditions, and effective communication skills. The degree program prepares students for an entry-level position as an Interior Designer, or for more advanced placement in the wholesale or retail sales business. Emphasis is placed on a broad scope of courses which are application-oriented. The curriculum includes a range of courses from Interior Design, Architecture, Art and Business. Students have the option to gain hands-on experience through an internship. For more information about career prospects within the industry, consider visiting the following website. Enter “Interior Designer” in the Occupation Title box: Our program is an open- ended program; you may begin the program at any time during the year and can typically be completed in 8 or 9 terms. However, it can be completed either part-time, or full-time with classes offered during the day, and in the evenings. Some of the more advanced coursework is offered during the day, so students will need to be flexib...

Interior Design
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The program provides the following: the study of interior space planning, the coordination and application of currently manufactured products, knowledge of building codes and materials of design, use of color, history of furnishings, the decorative arts, and preparation and delivery of creative graphic and oral residential and commercial presentations. The Interior Design certificate develops students' knowledge in space design, materials and furnishing. Interior Design is not just decorating; it involves many aspects of architectural design and planning as well. Students will apply the principles of good design when planning the arrangement of furnishings and aesthetic details for an environment in which people live and work. The use of CAD (computer assisted design)/ AutoCAD software will be introduced. Students will also learn the principles, methods and tools for establishing and running their own Interior Design business in the Small Business Management course. The Internship provides the “capstone” that synthesizes the student’s learning in a directed portfolio project.

Product Review Cameron Abney and Associates Frequently Asked Questions

What about the water chemical treatment Chemical treatment for the boiler must be provided for any length of rental. The Lessee must provide the proper chemical treatment program. Proper blow down of the equipment and treatment will prevent damage to the boiler. BRS can provide the proper boiler chemicals and chemical treatment services at start-up and during the rental period. Please advise when the lessee does not want the responsibility of chemical treatment. BRS also has a third party chemical treatment company that can also provide chemicals and services when needed. Return to top

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Regional markets
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Projects financed from open regional fund for Southeast Europe – regional networks Wild Beauty Biljana Bozovic National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro CEFTA week in Belgrade, 09 -11 November 2010 National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro Wild Beauty Mision Montenegro Customer Care +382 1300 / 31 digital information points / E-learning program Belgrade, Serbia Our offices Abroad Frankfurt, Germany Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina CEFTA week in Belgrade, 09 -11 November 2010 Wild Beauty • International markets EUEurope & Russia • Local market • Regional markets …three markets CEFTA week in Belgrade, 09 -11 November 2010 Wild Beauty „Experience Wild Beauty” -CNN -Euronews -BBC -Travel Channel CEFTA week in Belgrade, 09 -11 November 2010 Wild Beauty “Joint Promotion and Increased Level of Safety of Nautical Tourism in Dubrovnik-Neretva County and Montenegrin Coast ” Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia (HHI) Hydrological and Meteorological Service of Montenegro (HI-M) University of Dubrovnik (DU), Maritime Department National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro (NTOMNE) CEFTA week in Belgrade, 09 -11 November 2010

Strayer University - Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority

220 Lexington Green Circle, Suite 550 Lexington, KY 40503 Strayer University is a private university with three Kentucky campuses: the Lexington campus at the address above; the Louisville campus at 2650 Eastpoint Parkway, Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40223; and the Florence campus at 7300 Turfway Road, Suite 250, Florence, KY 41042. The school operates on a quarter system and is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Admissions and Housing 2013–2014 Estimated In-State Costs Tuition and fees .................................... $15,495 (full-time, 3 classes/quarter, 3 quarters) Room and board1. ......................................4,302 Books and supplies1...................................1,350 Personal1....................................................2,390 Transportation1...........................................1,760 Total1......................................................$25,297 1 Estimated Lexington: Phone: 859.971.4400 Fax: 859.971.4430 Email: Louisville: Phone: 502.253.5000 Email: Florence: Phone: 859.692.2800 Email: Fee per course for individual subjects: $1,700 Payment plan: Yes Admission requirements: High school diploma, GED, bachelor’s degree 2013–2014 Financial Aid Lexington: Phone: 859.971.4400 Fax: 859.971.4430 Email: Criteria used to determine nontraditional status: Placement/credit examinations: Louisville: Application deadlines: Open Pre-enrollment fees and deposits: Application fee: $50 (nonrefundable) Florence: Phone: 859.692.2800 Email: Grants: __ College Access Program (CAP) ✔ Federal Pell __ Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG) ✔ Federal SEOG Scholarships: __ Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) Academics Degrees offered: Associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. See page 145 for a complete list of programs. Special programs and services: Not provided Online Services Web site information/forms: ✔ Admission application ✔ Catalog ✔ Academic calendar ✔ Campus directory Conversion scholarships/loans (service obligation): __ Federal TEACH Grant __ Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship __ Minority Educator Recruitment & Retention Scholarship ✔ Scholarship application ✔ Course schedule ✔ Campus map/tour ✔ Other: Online submission: ✔ Admission application ✔ Course registration ✔ Credit card payment Phone: 502.253.5000 Email: ✔ Scholarship application ✔ Info/material request ✔ Other: Loans: ✔ Federal PLUS ✔ Federal Stafford __ Primary Care Other: __ KHEAA Work-Study ✔ Benefits VA ✔ Institutional aid ...

PDF file link of the agreement - Virginia Education Wizard

Acceptance and Application of Credits 1, The maximum number of transfer credits accepted from an institution granting a 2-year degree will be equal to 126 quarter credit hours or 84 semester credit hours. Under this agreement, all courses required to complete the specific related associate's degree program will be articulated into the bachelor's program in their entirety. Those credits earned in excess of 63 credit hours will be evaluated by Strayer to determine applicability to major requirements, minor requirements or elective credit. 2. Students from two-year institutions where we have articulation agreements will have their entire degree program transferred in, including" C- and D" grades, allowing the student to complete their related degree program at Strayer University in about two years of full-time study. 3. Students completing a transfer Associate's degree at a VCCS college will be considered to have met all lower division general education requirements at Strayer University. If a student does not have the prerequisite for a 300 or 400 level course at SU, he or she ~ be required to take the prerequisite course before taking upper division course. SU will evaluate courses/credits earned through Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), or other testing programs. SU also will evaluate courses/credits earned at other institutions. Students seeking credit for these courses must provide the university with official transcripts for evaluation.

Remain in the comfort and security of their own home

We know that you are concerned about your pet while you’re away. Finding a Las Vegas dog boarding option can be daunting and scary, that’s why we designed our pet boarding program to be similar to a staying in the comforts of their own home.  Providing a loving home for your pet while you’re away is something we strive for. SafeDoggy also offers a variety of other options for you and your pet in addition to in-home pet boarding, including dog walking, potty breaks, pet transportation, hotel pet sitting and overnight stays.