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Set up student email through Microsoft Exchange on an Android ...

Set up student email through Microsoft Exchange on an Android device. 1. From the APPLICATIONS menu, select EMAIL (please note: in some versions of the Android OS this application may be called MAIL). Now select your menu button and select "Add Account". 2. Select EXCHANGE account (please note: in some versions of the Android OS this option may be named EXCHANGE ACTIVESYNC) or (Corporate Sync). 3. Type your full college email address and then select NEXT (for example: If the Autodiscover works, the phone will ask what you want to sync. If so, go to step 7. If the phone asks for a server address, continue with step 4. 4. For the DOMAIN/USERNAME field type in your full college email address. If DOMAIN/USERNAME are separate textboxes, leave the DOMAIN box empty and type your full email address in the USERNAME textbox. 5. In the PASSWORD textbox enter your password. 6. In the EXCHANGE SERVER textbox type in “” You must also scroll down to the username box and make sure it shows "" If it shows just "username" then add "" Select NEXT. 7. As soon as your phone verifies the settings, the ACCOUNT OPTIONS screen displays. Some of the options that may display include the following: EMAIL CHECKING FREQUENCY - The default value is AUTOMATIC(PUSH). When you select this option, email messages will be sent to your phone as they arrive. We recommend only selecting this option if you have an unlimited data plan. AMOUNT TO SYNCHRONIZE - This is the amount of mail you want to keep on your mobile phone. You can choose from several length options, including One day, Three days, and One week. NOTIFY ME WHEN EMAIL ARRIVES - If you select this option, your mobile phone will notify you when you receive a new email message. SYNC CONTACTS FROM THIS ACCOUNT - If you select this option, your contacts will be synchronized between your phone and your account. 8. Select NEXT and then type a name for this account and the name you want displayed when you send email to others. 9. Select DONE to complete the email setup and start using your account.

How to Install Applications (APK Files) on Your Android Phone

An Android application is stored in an APK file (i.e., a file named by {Application Name}.apk). You must install the APK on your Android phone in order to run it. There are three different ways to install APK files on your phone: • • • The easiest way is simply to download the application from the Android Market or from a web site directly to the SD card mounted in your phone, then click on the APK file to install it. The second way is to download the APK file to your computer, mount your phone’s SD card in the computer (or connect the phone with the SD inserted in it to the computer via USB cable) and copy the APK file to the SD card, then insert the SD card in the phone and install the APK file from the SD card using an Application Installer or File Manager that you download from the Android Market. This method is useful for installing non-­‐market applications (i.e., applications not available on the Android Market). The third way is to install the Android Software Development Kit (SDK ) on your computer, then connect the phone via USB cable to the computer and use the Android Debug Bridge (contained in the SDK) to install the APK on the phone. This method is more suitable for developers and technical users who need to install non-­‐market applications. Note: Because of the diversity in Android devices, some methods may not be supported on your phone. Also, depending on whether you have internet or cellular service on your Android phone and the type of application you desire to install, one of the three methods may work better for you than the others. The following sections provide detailed instructions for each of the methods. All methods require that an SD card be mounted in the phone. To mount an SD card, simply insert it

How to configure your Android phone to synchronize your Outlook ...

To configure your email accounts directly from your Android smartphone, follow the instructions below: Step 1: Open up your App Drawer on your phone. This will vary by phone model. Look for the Email App in the App Drawer. Step 2: Enter your Lehman Email address and password, and then tap Next Select POP3 account Step 3: Then enter your email information as shown on the Left. This sets up your incoming mail server. Tap on Security type; a new window will pop up and allow you to select the level of encryption. Select SSL (Accept all certificates) Once the Security type has been selected the pop up window will close and you can continue to the next step. Step 4: Then enter your email information as shown on the Left. This sets up your Outgoing mail server. Tap on Security type; a new window will pop up and allow you to select the level of encryption. Select TLS (Accept all certificates) The last screen will set up some optional settings. NOTE: Your emails should start flowing into your mail app once you have completed these steps.

RICOH Extended Depth of Field Cameras

Thanks to the synergy of Ricoh's optical design and image-processing technology, our new industrial cameras have roughly three times the depth of field of previous models. Each RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera comprises of a specialized lens and camera with a built-in image processor. We married the unique optical technology of Ricoh lenses to Ricoh image-processing technology, applying a special optical system and new algorithm to triple the depth of field. Ricoh is an expert in optical design technology and in the image-processing technology used in cameras, which is why we are able to create these new Extended Depth of Field Cameras. Special lens Camera featuring new algorithm Note: Composite image Objects can be captured in sharp focus, regardless of distance from the camera. This eliminates the need to adjust the focus or the camera position. Depth of field at same focal length and F number, compared with conventional camera Conventional camera MTF* RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera Each product in the new series comprises a special lens and a special GigE VisionTM camera. Lower limit of MTF tolerance The product line up covers a range of focal lengths. VGA (90 fps) and 2M (15 fps) versions are available. Depth of field Focus position Shooting distance * Modulation Transfer Function Thanks to an integral FPGA processor, image processing is tailored to the image capturing task in hand. Area of Interest (AOI*) Scan Mode enables efficient scanning whilst enhancing inspection quality and speed. * “Area of interest” is a user-defined portion of the full scanning range. When the scan is limited to the area of interest, fewer images are created, so the data can be read and transferred more rapidly. Image captured with conventional camera QR code in foreground is unreadable. Image captured with RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera QR codes in foreground and background are both readable. With a RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera, even complex scanning tasks can be handled with ease. Usage scenario 1 Thanks to a depth of field roughly three times that of conventional cameras, objects can be captured in sharp focus even when moving along a production line at varying distances from the camera. With conventional cameras:...


WARNING DO NOT combine suspension, body, or other lift devices. Use of vehicle with combined lifts may result in unsafe and/or unexpected handling characteristics. Installation of a Performance Automotive Group suspension lift kit will change the vehicle’s center of gravity and handling characteristics both on- and off-road. You must drive the vehicle safely! Extreme care must be taken to prevent vehicle rollover or loss of control, which could result in serious injury or death. Avoid sudden sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers and always make sure all vehicle occupants have their seat belts fastened. NOTE Lift height may vary depending on vehicle configuration, engine size, additional accessories, the factory suspension package, and vehicle’s condition. WARNING Before you install this kit, read and understand all instructions, warnings, cautions, and notes in this instruction sheet and in the vehicle owner’s manual. CAUTION Proper installation of this kit requires knowledge of the factory recommended procedures for removal and installation of original equipment components. We recommend that the factory shop manual and any special tools needed to service your vehicle be on hand during the installation. Installation of this kit without proper knowledge of the factory recommended procedures may affect the performance of these components and the safety of the vehicle. We strongly recommend that a certified mechanic familiar with the installation of similar components install this kit. WARNING This kit should only be installed on a vehicle that is in good working condition. Before you install the kit, thoroughly inspect the vehicle for corrosion or deformation of the sheet metal. If the vehicle is suspected to have been in a collision or misused, do not install this kit. Off-road use of your vehicle with this kit installed may increase the stress applied to the factory components. Failure to observe this warning may result in serious personal injury and/or severe damage to your vehicle.

Installation Instructions 02-05 Dodge Ram 1500 ... - Fat Bob's Garage

Please read instructions thoroughly and completely before beginning installation. Installation by a trained mechanic is recommended Step 1: Position truck on a flat surface and lift vehicle by the frame so that the front wheels are off the ground using a floor jack and jack stands or a (2) two post lift if available. Next locate the torsion key at the rear of the torsion bar under the cab of the truck. (Insert A) (A) Note: Prior to lifting the vehicle it is recommended that you measure the stock height of the vehicle so that you have a base line to gauge when you are adjusting the height of the vehicle. Measuring the vehicle from the bottom of the wheel to the lip of the fender as in (Insert B) is recommended. (B) Step 2: Remove the torsion key adjusting bolt completely. Using a ReadyLift® Torsion Bar Unloading Tool Part # 66-7822A, and the bracket supplied in the kit as shown in (Insert C) Compress the key so that you can remove the threaded part of the torsion adjuster. Releasing the tension on the unloading tool will now release the tension on the torsion bar. Slide torsion bar forward allowing the torsion key to be removed. As in (Insert D) Insert C Insert D Installation Instructions 02-05 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd (cont.) Step 3: Install the Forged torsion key and slide torsion bar back into position as in (Insert E) IMPORTANT! Make sure Torsion Bar is extended at least ¼inch through the Torsion Key. Apply pressure with Torsion Bar Unloading Tool to the torsion key, and create enough space to reinsert the torsion key keeper that the adjusting bolt threads into. Insert E Step 4: Reinstall the adjusting bolt, and adjust it so ¼” of bolt threads extend beyond torsion key keeper. IMPORTANT! – Each ¼” of adjustment on the bolt equals 1” at the wheel. It is best to check ride height after this initial setting and adjust as needed. Step 5: Repeat steps 1 through 3 on the Passenger Side of the vehicle. Follow each step closely making sure to double check the torque on all fasteners. Measure the distance between the tires and fenders to make sure both sides of the truck are even. Step 6: Wheel Alignment; a Certified Alignment Technician that is experienced with lifted vehicles is recommended to perform the alignment. *It is recommended that you have your vehicle’s alignment checked whenever installing new tires. *It is also recommended that you adjust your headlights whenever your vehicle’s ride height is altered. Installation Instructions 02-05 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd (cont.)

17491 Smittybilt Dodge Ram 1500 09-12 Instructions

Ensure that both left and right hand Fender Flares suit the profile of the vehicle. Note the areas where the Fender Flares come in contact with the vehicle. NOTE: Before fitting Fender Flares remove any moldings, strips or existing flares from the wheel arch. If there is a body side molding, mark where the molding is to be cut, alternatively the Fender Flare can be cut to go around the molding. Be sure to allow enough room for the extrusion. *PRIOR TO ANY PAINTING & INSTALLATION, PRODUCT SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY INSPECTED FOR ALL COMPONENTS LISTED ABOVE. PRODUCT SHOULD ALSO BE TEST FITTED PRIOR TO ANY PAINTING & INSTALLATION. PLEASE CONTACT SMITTYBILT IF YOU HAVE ANY FITMENT QUESTIONS AND OR MISSING COMPONENTS. PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS – If Fender Flares are being painted; do not install edge extrusion until painting is complete. Prior to painting, clean all surfaces to be painted using clean water and a mild detergent, do not use lacquer thinner or any solvent based products. Wipe completely dry. Best results will be achieved by wiping the areas to be painted with a tack rag just prior to painting. Most automotive paints can be applied directly to the Fender Flares, however some may require a primer (check paint manufacturer specifications). Good adhesion will be achieved without sanding. Select a paint (and primer if necessary) that is suitable for rigid plastics PMMA (Acrylic). If using a paint system that requires baking, do not expose the product to temperatures above 70°C (158°F). Do not fit the extrusion or any of the hardware to the Fender Flares until the paint is completely dry.

MV2338 Dealer Complaint - Wisconsin Department of Transportation

DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES Dealer and Agent Section 4802 Sheboygan Avenue P.O. Box 7909 Madison, WI 53707-7909 Telephone: (608) 266-1425 Dear Wisconsin Consumer: If you have a problem with a vehicle that you bought or leased from a Wisconsin dealer, the Dealer and Agent Section may be able to help. We may be able to help if: • you’re having trouble getting a title. • you’re having trouble with warranty repairs. • the dealer did not tell you about a problem your vehicle has. • you have a question about Wisconsin’s new vehicle Lemon Law. • you think someone tampered with an odometer or misrepresented the reading. • you think someone is an unlicensed dealer. We may not be able to help if: • your complaint is about a problem you repaired without giving the dealership an opportunity to repair it first. • your complaint is about a vehicle you sold without giving the dealership an opportunity to repair it first. • A long time has passed since you bought the vehicle. We cannot help if: • you bought your car from a private seller. • your complaint is about a problem that did not exist at the time you bought or leased the vehicle. What you should do: 1. Contact the dealership if you haven’t already. The law says, before we can help you, you must tell the dealership about the problem and give them an opportunity to resolve it. Keep a record of any contact with the dealer. Get an invoice for any repairs, or write down the date, time, and who you spoke to at the dealership. (over) 2. Follow these tips when talking with the dealership: • Speak to the owner or manager about your concern. • Use a friendly, not an angry tone. Assume the problem is unusual and the dealership wants to fix it. Be reasonable, polite, and factual. • Let the dealer know you’re a loyal customer and you’re complaining because you want to continue being their customer. They may not try as hard to please you if they’ve already lost your business. • Tell them exactly what you want—a repair, refund, apology, etc. 3. If you don’t resolve your dispute with the dealer, you may file a complaint with us. • Complete and return the complaint form in the enclosed envelope. • Include a readable copy of your purchase contract, window label and title application and other ...

Vehicle Dealer Complaint (D-13) - Kansas Department of Revenue

Please see reverse side for additional information! Please attach to this complaint copies of all the documents which support your complaint. For those items marked with an asterisk (*), copies of supporting documents are very important. Such documents may include, for example, newspaper or other advertising, contracts, certificates of title, manufacturer’s statement of origin, odometer disclosure statements, repair or work order(s), bill of sale, litigation documents (Petition, Answer, Journal Entry of Judgment), vehicle transfer ownership agreement, foreign title assignment affidavit, power of attorney, secured power of attorney, affidavits to a fact, temporary registration permits and any (and all) documents related to this complaint. Please note: This is a formal complaint to the Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles, Vehicle Dealer Licensing Bureau. As such, the information provided below will be used to conduct investigative efforts deemed necessary and sufficient by the Department for enforcement of the Kansas Vehicle Dealer & Manufacturer Licensing Act, K.S.A. 8-2401, et seq. The complaining party is providing this information for the express purpose of enabling the department to fulfill its statutory enforcement duties and if the result of any investigation conducted following this complaint determines such violations the licensee (dealer) found in violation, following an opportunity for administrative hearing in accordance with K.S.A. 8-2411, may be subject to fines from $50.00 to $1,000.00 or suspension, revocation or non-renewal of license or both. The Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles, though, does not have the following authority: ...the authority to order a dealer to deliver title to a purchaser; ...the authority to order a dealer to return to a vehicle purchaser any of the purchase price of a vehicle; ...the authority to order a dealer to perform any specific act in conjunction with a sale or service transaction with any customer. Use the below lines to continue your narrative.

Complaint Pertaining to Motor Vehicles Sales or Service -

COMPLETE BELOW, PRINT TWO COPIES AND SIGN BOTH, THEN, SEND ONE COPY TO THE DEALER OR REPAIRER. SEND THE OTHER COPY, PLUS COPIES OF ALL PAPERS RELATED TO YOUR COMPLAINT, TO THE DMV AT ADDRESS BELOW: TO: Department of Motor Vehicles, Consumer Complaint Center, 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT 06161-2010. * IS REQUIRED FIELD BUSINESS NAME (As Shown on Invoice) REPAIR SHOP OR DEALERSHIP INFORMATION PERIOD VEHICLE IN CUSTODY OF BUSINESS (Dates) BUSINESS ADDRESS (Number and Street) DEALER OR REPAIRER PHONE NUMBER (City or Town) (State) (Zip Code) PERSON DEALT WITH YOUR NAME COMPLAINANT INFORMATION DATE OF SERVICE/SALE YOUR ADDRESS (Number and Street) MAKE VEHICLE INFORMATION (City or Town) MODEL VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (State) (Zip Code) YOUR PHONE NUMBER, M-F 8 AM TO 4 PM * YEAR MARKER PLATE NUMBER CURRENT ODOMETER READING ODOMETER READING AT TIME OF REPAIR OR SALE THE DEALER OR REPAIRER SHOULD BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO RESOLVE THE COMPLAINT PRIOR TO ANY ACTION BY THE DMV. IF YOUR COMPLAINT IS RESOLVED AFTER SUBMISSION TO DMV, PLEASE MAIL A SIGNED AND DATED LETTER STATING SO. YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS TYPE OF COMPLAINT MOTOR VEHICLE SALES MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIRS TOWING/STORAGE OTHER Please type a brief description of your complaint below: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: • All complaints must be submitted by mail to the address above. • Include readable copies of ALL sale or repair documents. • Incomplete complaints will not be investigated. Please note that the DMV does not investigate complaints related to improper or negligent repairs, misdiagnosis, poor quality parts, paint or cosmetic work. The above are all civil matters that consumers can pursue in civil court. I am filing a complaint against the business named above. I am requesting that the Department of Motor Vehicles assist me in resolving my problem to the extent provided by law. I have sent the second copy to the Dealer/Repairer. SIGNATURE OF COMPLAINANT DATE SIGNED X ALL COMPLAINTS MUST INCLUDE COPIES OF ALL DOCUMENTS RELATED TO YOUR COMPLAINT: SALES PURCHASE ORDERS, INVOICES, FEDERAL ODOMETER STATEMENTS, REPAIR ORDERS, ESTIMATES, AUTHORIZATIONS, STATEMENTS FROM REPAIR SHOPS/ DEALERS, ETC. Send One Copy to CT DMV Send other Copy to the Dealer or Repairer...