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Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Panasonic! You have purchased one of the most sophisticated and reliable products on the market today. Used properly, we’re sure it will bring you and your family years of enjoyment. Please take time to fill in the information on the below. The serial number is on the tag located on the underside of your Camera. Be sure to retain this manual as your convenient Camera information source. Please note that the actual controls and components, menu items, etc. of your Digital Camera may look somewhat different from those shown in the illustrations in these Operating Instructions. Carefully observe copyright laws. • Recording of pre-recorded tapes or discs or other published or broadcast material for purposes other than your own private use may infringe copyright laws. Even for the purpose of private use, recording of certain material may be restricted.


NUTRITIONAL MENU GUIDE MAY 2014 Eat Smart & Live Well Eating with us is all about having a choice, with a menu that offers a wide variety of delicious decisions, including many of Ruby Tuesday’s Smart Eating dishes that are lower in calories, fat, or carbohydrates. Because many of our guests want to know more about the food we serve, we have created this menu guide. It has information about calories and other nutritional measures. As our recipes and ingredients change, we will update this information. We hope you find it useful, and we welcome your feedback. ONLINE NUTRITIONAL RESOURCES Please Read This Information Note: The * on the menu denotes items that are cooked to order. Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Note: Nutrition information does not include any side items or dipping sauces served on the side. Nutrition information is for one serving and is based on lab analysis of food products prepared in our test kitchen or by our suppliers. Due to food preparation techniques, amounts may vary.

J.R.R. Tolkien: A Select Bibliography - Wheaton College

J.R.R. Tolkien: A Select Bibliography This is not a comprehensive listing of Tolkien’s works. For a more complete list, please see the following: Hammond, Wayne G. and Douglas Anderson. J.R.R. Tolkien: a Descriptive Bibliography. Winchester, UK: St Paul's Bibliographies, 1993. BOOKS RELATING TO MIDDLE-EARTH  The Hobbit: or There and Back Again. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1937.  The Fellowship of the Ring: Pt. I of The Lord of the Rings. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1954.  The Two Towers: Pt. II of The Lord of the Rings. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1954.  The Return of the King: Pt. III of The Lord of the Rings. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1955.  The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Other Verses from the Red Book. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1962.  The Road Goes Ever On: A Song Cycle. (text by J.R.R. Tolkien, music by Donald Swann) Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1967.  Bilbo's Last Song. Allen and Unwin, London, 1974. [As a poster; in book-form: Unwin Hyman, London, 1990.]  The Silmarillion. Ed. Christopher Tolkien. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1977.  Pictures by J.R.R. Tolkien. Ed. Christopher Tolkien. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1979.

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Books by J.R.R. Tolkien The following list, compiled by Charles E. Noad and updated by Ian Collier, includes all of Tolkien’s major publications. It is ordered by date of publication. A Middle English Vocabulary. The Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1922. (This is presently bound in with Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose, ed. Kenneth Sisam, from Oxford University Press.) Sir Gawain & The Green Knight. Ed. J.R.R. Tolkien and E.V. Gordon. The Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1925. (Now available in a second edition edited by Norman Davis.) The Hobbit: or There and Back Again. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1937. (There was a second edition in 1951, and a third in 1966. Reprinted many times.) Farmer Giles of Ham. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1949. The Fellowship of the Ring: being the first part of The Lord of the Rings. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1954. second edition, 1966. The Two Towers: being the second part of The Lord of the Rings. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1954. Second edition, 1966. The Return of the King: being the third part of The Lord of the Rings. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1955. Second edition, 1966. The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Other Verses from the Red Book. George Allen and Unwin, London, 1962.

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Note: To minimize the Tabs (Ribbons), use the Ctrl+F1 shortcut. The tab options will change, depending on what you’re doing in a program. Images and text offer different options. Live preview – some programs have gallery options, which are preformatted designs. When you choose a gallery option, you can move the mouse over one of the styles to get a preview of what the design would like in that style. When you resize an object, you’ll notice a transparent sampling appear. File menu options Click on File in the upper left-hand corner. Options are: Note: There’s a Back arrow to get back to your presentation. File/Open To open a previously saved presentation, click on File and on Open. If the file is listed on the right, double-click to open it. If it’s not, click on Computer to navigate to the appropriate location, such as your computer’s Desktop, a file folder, etc. © Boone County Public Library – 10/13 JU

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Why do I need a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3? How can I use this in my teaching? A Samsung Galaxy Tab could be a valuable addition to your teaching methods. Similarly to the iPad, this tablet is a smaller, lighter, and more portable version of your computer. With various free apps, you can edit and create documents and slideshow presentations, communicate with your students faster and from any location, and review the text you are teaching right before class. The Chronicle of Higher Education has collected articles and reviews of teaching with tablets. In a post about the positive uses of teaching with tablets, English professor Alan Jacobs mentioned many of his tips and tricks to using his tablet for and in the classroom. Some of his uses include quickly creating presentations right before class and saving all of his files immediately to Dropbox. In addition, your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has a flash drive option, which would also allow you to save a presentation created on your tablet and then immediately plug it in to your computer for class. In EdTech Magazine, an article written by Tom Jordon, University of Wisconsin’s network operations center manager, discusses the advantages of a Samsung Galaxy in higher education. Some of the advantages listed are its ability for convenient note taking as well...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Exchange Email Configuration (Android ver ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Exchange Email Configuration (Android ver. 4.0.4) 1. While at Home Screen, press “Menu” button on phone. 2. Select “Settings” 3. Select “Accounts and sync” 4. Select “Add Account” 5. Select “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” (Note: some phones may have “Corporate Sync” or “ActiveSync”) 6. Enter information in the fields as follows: Enter your JMU Exchange e-mail address in the first field. Enter your e-ID password in the second field 7. Select “Next” 8. If you are presented with a security warning involving a security certificate, click to “View” the certificate 9. If the certificate is issued to or and is issued by InCommon Server CA, then click “OK” 10. Click “Continue” 10. The following configuration window will appear: You can modify these options to suit your needs. 11. If you wish to prevent integration of text messaging with your Exchange e-mail, uncheck “Sync SMS” 12. Click “Next” Note: You can return to the above configuration screen by going to: Home ScreenSettingsAccounts and SyncYour Exchange E-mail SettingsYour Exchange e-mail account (“JMU”)

Flywheel Pulling Instructions
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IMPORTANT NEVER wedge a screw driver, or pry lever into the flywheel to prevent the flywheel from rotating while you try to remove the nut. You will ruin the coils or flywheel or both. Electrex does not warranty any parts damaged by customer error. Note: Exectrex USA cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property during any service or repair. HOW DO YOU GET THE NUT OFF? Stator WASHER FLYWHEEL NUT TYPICAL FLYWHEEL ASSEMBLY - FOR REFERANCE ONLY FLYWHEEL METAL HAMMER BOX END WRENCH REMOVING THE NUT WITHOUT AN AIR WRENCH You will need to remove the locking nut on the outside of the flywheel. This can be accomplished by using either an air torque wrench, or our suggested manual method. Air Wrench Method Grasp and hold the flywheel with one hand, and use an air wrench to loosen and remove the flywheel nut. Manual Method Grasp and hold the flywheel with one hand, while using a box end wrench nested on the nut and keep the wrench snug between your fingers. Then take a metal hammer, and hit the other end of the wrench. You want to hit it with a quick snap of the wrist, while you are grasping the flywheel firmly with your other hand. Note: it may take a few good hits to loosen the nut. Note: While this method does work, we recommend using an air wrench.

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Please check the part-number(s) for your application against the part-number(s) listed on the instruction sheet. DO NOT USE ANY WASHERS with ARP Flywheel Bolts. They are designed to be installed without them. Note: ARP will NOT be responsible for any failures resulting from using a washer with this kit. Make sure there is an adequate chamfer around the bolt holes on the flywheel to clear the radius under the head of the bolt. Lubricate the threads of the bolt with LOCTITE 242 and the under head of the bolt with ARP ULTRATORQUE FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT. Then install the flywheel onto the crankshaft and tighten the bolts hand tight. Using an alternating or criss cross pattern, torque the bolts to 95 ft lbs using the specified lubricants in Step 4.

The torque turn specification for the flywheel to crankshaft bolts has ...

DATE: April 2004 SUBJECT: NEW TORQUE TURN SPECIFICATION FOR FLYWHEEL TO CRANKSHAFT BOLTS INTRODUCTION The torque turn specification for the flywheel to crankshaft bolts has been changed in the Series 60 Service Manual. DETAILS AND REASON The new torque turn specification for the flywheel to crankshaft bolts is 60 degrees. See Figure 1. Figure 1 Torque Turn Limits ADDITIONAL SERVICE INFORMATION Additional service information is available in the Detroit Diesel Series 60 Service Manual, 6SE483. The next revision to this manual will include the revised information. As a convenience to holders of the Series 60 Service Manual, information in service manual format is attached. The page(s) may be inserted into the manual. NOTE: Manual insert pages are numbered for insertion into the current Series 60 Service Manual dated January 2004. Service manuals are available from authorized Detroit Diesel distributors. If this bulletin was obtained from the Internet, service manual page(s) are available by returning to the screen “SIB Index”, selecting attachment pages, and printing the page(s).