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Soal dan Pembahasan Matematika IPA SNMPTN 2011

Soal-Soal dan Pembahasan SNMPTN Matematika IPA Tahun Pelajaran 2010/2011 Tanggal Ujian: 01 Juni 2011 1. Diketahui vektor u = (a, -2, -1) dan v = (a, a, -1). Jika vektor u tegak lurus pada v , maka nilai a adalah ... A. -1 B. 0 C. 1 D. 2 E. 3 Jawab: Vektor: vektor u tegak lurus pada v maka u . v = 0 u = −2 , v = −1 −2 . −1 −1 (a – 1) (a-1) = 0 maka a = 1 −1 = a2 – 2a + 1 = 0 (a - 1)2 = 0 Jawabannya adalah C 2. Pernyataan berikut yang benar adalah ... A. Jika sin x = sin y maka x = y B. Untuk setiap vektor u , v dan w berlaku u . ( v . w ) = ( u . v ). w C. Jika b  f ( x) dx = 0, maka a D. Ada fungsi f sehingga E. 1 – cos 2x = 2 cos2 x f ( x )= 0 Lim f(x) ≠ f(c) untuk suatu c xc - 1 Jawab: Trigonometri, vektor, integral, limit A. Ambil nilai dimana sin x = sin y  sin α = sin (1800 – α ) ambil nilai α = 600  sin 600 = sin 1200 ; tetapi 600 ≠ 1200 Pernyataan SALAH B. Operasi u . ( v . w ) tak terdefinisi karena v . w = skalar, sedangkan u = vektor vektor . skalar = tak terdefinisi Pernyataan SALAH C. Ambil contoh cari cepat hasil dimana b  f ( x) dx = 0 ; a 1 Didapat b = 1 dan a = -1 maka f(x)= x   x dx = 0  1 terbukti : f(x) = x bukan f(x) = 0 x2 | Pernyataan SALAH D. Ambil contoh f(x) = Lim xc f(x) = Lim x 1 ( ( = ( ( ) ( )( ) = ) ( ) Lim f(x) ≠ f(c)  2 ≠ 1 xc ) ( )( ) = ) ( ) =2 Pernyataan BENAR E. 1 – cos 2x = 1 – ( 2cos2 x – 1) = 1 + 1 - 2cos2 x = 2 - 2cos2 x = 2 ( 1 – cos2 x) Pernyataan SALAH Jawabannya adalah D - 2 = (1 – 1) = 0 3. Luas daerah di bawah y = -x2 +8x dan di atas y = 6x - 24 dan terletak di kuadran I adalah.... a. ∫ (− b. ∫ (− c. ∫ (− +8 ) +8 ) +8 ) d. ∫ (6 − 24) e. ∫ (6 − 24) Jawab: Integral: +∫ ( + ∫ (− + ∫ (− + ∫ (− + ∫ (− − 2 − 24) + 2 + 24) + 2 + 24) +8 ) +8 ) kuadran I titik potong kedua persamaan : y1 = y2 -x2 +8x = 6x-24 -x2 +8x - 6x+24 = 0 -x2 +2x + 24 = 0 x2 -2x - 24 = 0 (x - 6) (x+4)0 x = 6 atau x = -4  karena di kuadran I maka yang berlaku adalah x = 6  y = 6.6 – 24= 12 berada di titik (6,12) - 3 L = ∫ (− = ∫ (− +8 ) +8 ) + ∫ ((− + ∫ (− Jawabannya adalah B + 8 ) − (6 − 24)) + 2 + 24) 4. sin 350 cos 400 - cos 35 sin 400 = A. cos 50 B. sin 50 C. cos 950 D. cos 750 E. sin 750 Jawab: Trigonometri: Pakai rumus: sin (A - B) = sin A cos B - cos A Sin B A= 350 ; B = 400 = sin (350 - 400) = sin -50 Cos (90 0 -  ) = sin   rumus Cos (90 0 - (-50) ) = sin -50   = -50 Cos 950 = sin -50 Jawabannya adalah C 5. Diketahui g(x) = ax2 – bx + a – b habis dibagi x – 1. Jika f(x) adalah suku banyak yang bersisa a ketika dibagi x – 1 dan bersisa 3ax + b2 + 1 ketika dibagi g(x), maka nilai a adalah...... A. -1 B. -2 C. 1 D. 2 Jawab: Suku Banyak: g(x) = ax2 – bx + a – b habis dibagi x – 1  g(1) = 0 g(1) = a . 1 – b .1 + a – b = 0 =a–b+a–b=0 2a – 2b = 0 2a = 2b  a = b karena a = b maka: g(x) = ax2 – ax + a – a = ax2 – ax - 4 E. 3 f(x) dibagi dengan f(x-1) sisa a  f(1) = a f(x) dibagi dengan g(x) sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 f(x) dibagi dengan ax2 – ax sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 f(x) dibagi dengan ax(x – 1) sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 teorema suku banyak: Jika suatu banyak f(x) dibagi oleh (x- k) akan diperoleh hasil bagi H(x) dan sisa pembagian S  f(x) = (x- k) H(x) + S f(x) dibagi dengan ax(x – 1) sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 f(x) = ax (x - 1) H(x) + (3ax + b2 + 1) substitusikan nilai nol dari pembagi yaitu x = 0 dan x = 1  dari ax (x - 1) ambil x = 1  untuk x = 1 f(1) = a . 1 (1 – 1) H(0) + 3a.1 + b2 + 1 a = 0 + 3a + b2 + 1  diketahu a = b, masukkan nilai a = b a = 3a + a2 + 1 a2 + 2a + 1 = 0 (a+1)(a+1) = (a+1)2 = 0 a = -1 Jawabannya adalah A 6. Rotasi sebesar 450 terhadap titik asal diikuti dengan pencerminan terhadap y = -x memetakan titik (3,4) ke .... A. √ B. − Jawab: ,√ √ ,√ C. D. √ √ ,−√ ,−√ E. − Transformasi Geometri:  cos  Rotasi sebesar 450 terhadap titik asal =   sin    sin    cos     0  1 pencerminan terhadap y = -x    1 0     - 5 √ ,√

first year student sample resume - University Career Services - The ...

FIRST YEAR STUDENT SAMPLE RESUME Evan Reese (919) 464-5555 School Address 147 B Craige North Chapel Hill, NC 27514 OBJECTIVE A summer internship with a non-profit organization. EDUCATION University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill First Year Student, expected graduation May 2014 David W. Butler High School, Class of 2009 GPA 4.5, Ranked in top 5% of class HONORS RELATED EXPERIENCE Best Buy Scholarship, awarded for demonstrating academic excellence and community service Volunteer Tutor, Feb 2008-Mar 2009 Project Elevation, Charlotte, NC Summers · Assisted non-native English speaking residents develop conversational language skills. · Helped create lesson plans to facilitate learning. · Exposed immigrants to local customs and cultures. Mission Volunteer, Jun 2007-Aug 2007 Baja Missions, Various Cities, Mexico · Travelled to Ensenada, Vicente Guerro, and Chapultepec Mexico during 6-week trip. · Assisted team leaders distribute resources and materials to local villages. · Utilized Spanish-speaking skills to effectively communicate. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Scooper, Apr 2006-Oct 2006 Rita’s Water Ice, Charlotte, NC · Provided friendly customer service in family environment. · Handled cash transactions and balanced the register nightly. · Monitored inventory and assisted with reordering inventory. UNC Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow, Fall 2009-present High School Senior Board, 08-09 Student Body President, 07-08 ACTIVITIES Habitat For Humanity National Honors Society Varsity Soccer Team, 3 years REFERENCES Available upon request Home Address 6216 Roam Lane Charlotte, NC 28227 INTERNSHIP SAMPLE RESUME Kyle Chase • 3 Dumford Court • Durham, CH • 27703 • (919) 555-5555 • OBJECTIVE To obtain an internship within the media industry. EDUCATION University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill B.A. in Communication Studies, May 2013 Media Studies & Production concentration GPA: 3.24 RELATED COURSE/PROJECT WORK Audio, Video, Film Production and Writing •Studied various film and screen-writing templates and approaches. Narrative Production •Created storyboards, scripts and filmed and edited three short films. Interactive Media •Learned design basics; used Adobe Photoshop, Flash, ActionScript, and Dream weaver to create interactive websites. RELATED EXPERIENCE Social Media Intern Myth Marketing, San Antonio TX, May 2009-August 2009 • Assisted start up company with establishing online presence utilizing web 2.0 technology. • Created and maintained daily blog and Twitter account to promote marketing services and increase visibility to potential clients. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Administrative Assistant Douglas and Matcovsy, LLC. Chapel Hill NC, Sept 2008 – May 2009 • Demonstrated attention to detail skills while completing clerical tasks such as filing, typing, mass mailings and data entry. Cashier North Carolina Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC, April 2007– Sept 2007 • Assisted with customer relations and sales in gift shop. • Balanced register nightly and ensured accuracy of deposits. Volunteer North Carolina Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC, June 2004 – April 2007 • Performed field research for the National Resources Action Team grant. • Presented science activities and animals to children both at the museum and at school and community functions. ACTIVITIES UNC-CH Ballroom Dance Team, Fall 2008-Present MASALA Multicultural Organization, Fall 2008-Present TECHNICAL SKILLS SQL, Dreamweaver, Web 2.0 applications (Twitter, Linkedin, blogging), MS Office Conversational Spanish skills REFERENCES Available upon request DOUBLE MAJOR SAMPLE RESUME Dana Patrice Brooks Cell Phone: (919) 555-5555 120 Franklin Oaks Road Chapel Hill, NC 27695 Objective: To attain a summer internship where I can apply and further develop my analytical and problem-solving skills. Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A. Economics, Second Major in History, May 2010 Cumulative GPA 3.22, Economics GPA 3.6, History GPA.3.2 Honors: Dean’s List 3 semesters National Society of Collegiate Scholars Cum Laude Society (inducted 2008) Related Experience: Intern, Correspondence Department Summer 2008 Barack Obama For President Chapel Hill, NC • Used communication skills to inform the public about candidate’s political positions and latest news through both email and mail. • Kept track of letters and emails received and ensured they were responded to quickly and accurately. • Collected and reported amount of incoming emails relating to particular topics or policies as well as addressed specific concerns (usually over 1300 emails/day). • Sorted and delivered internal mail, bills, checks, and packages. Vice Chair, UNC-CH Honor Court March 2006-May 2008...

Driveline Angle Analyzer (DAA) and Driveline Vibration Analyzer ...

Driveline Angle Analyzer (DAA) and Driveline Vibration Analyzer (DVA) • Effectively diagnose the most common truck vibration problems • Pinpoint engine, driveshaft, u-joint and wheel end vibration problems. New engine diagnostics for engine and cab mount effectiveness. • Helps eliminate expensive parts changing and misdiagnosis • Simple set up • Quick tests • Automatic evaluation and reporting • Portable data • Expert assistance • Roadranger® field support Product Selection DAA CD......................................................... $100 Driveline Angle Analyzer software predicts effect of driveline working angles and correct action DAA Kit.......................................................... $500 Driveline Angle Analyzer digital protractor, v-block, tape measure and software Basic MD300V............................................ $4,000 Reconditioned Driveline Vibration Analyzer Basic DVA 2.0 Plus..................................... $6,000 Updated Driveline Vibration Analyzer includes new engine vibration measurement Advanced Driveline Vibration Analyzer (DVA) 2.0 Plus........................................... $10,000 Automatically evaluates engine, cab mounts and all common vibration problems along with advanced reporting capabilities Driveline Vibration Analyzer New Service Offerings • “Rent to own” programs • Roadranger provided services • Effectively diagnose the most common truck vibration problems • Engine and u-joint excited driveline torsionals • Engine, u-joint, driveline, wheel end excited cab vibration • Helps eliminate expensive parts changing and misdiagnosis • Simple set up • Quick tests • Automatic evaluation and reporting • Portable data • Roadranger® support DVA Data Analysis......................................... $300 Email your DVA data. Get expert report within 24 hours. DVA Basic Rent to Buy............................$500/mo Kit for 1 month with expert support. Rent applicable to purchase. DVA Advanced Rent to Buy..................$1,000/mo Analyze your own data generated by this powerful tool. One month rental applicable to purchase price. Roadranger DVA Test................................... $750* Roadranger will run your vehicle test and analyze the results. Training..................................................$1000/day Vibration analysis training/tool seminar mobilediagnosticsolutions/DrivelineAnalyzers/index.htm * No charge if DVA test shows an Eaton or Dana component causes vibration issue. Some service/rental fees can be fully credited towards new tool purchase. Ask for details. For spec’ing or service assistance, call 1-800-826-HELP (4357) or visit our web site at In Mexico, call 001-800-826-4357. Roadranger: Eaton, Dana, and other trusted partners providing the best products and services in the industry, ensuring more time on the road. ©2011 Eaton Corporation and Dana Limited All rights reserved. Printed in USA • APSL0303 0411

Srbija danas u stvari nema NIKAKVOG razloga    osim gluposti elite    da se drzi Evropskog puta

Ali da se Rusija nametne, mnogi bi bili vrlo nesretni -- oni vec vide sebe setajuci se oko Ajfelove kule, kada nas superiorna bica ipak prime u zagrljaj. Nista to nije slucajno. Milosevic je ignorirao sto nije smio ignorirati, i izgubio rat 1991-1995 koji je mogao dobiti, ili barem dobiti veci dio kolaca. Onda je cekao pet godina, da odbije Rusiju, i istovremeno da rezira predstavu u Skupstini u Aprilu 1999 . Danas nasi politicari, intelektualna klasa pa i narod, ignorira takve poruke, kao da ne znace nista. Nema Srbija saveznika, pa ce svako uskoro doci da otkine jos koji komadic u svoju korist. Bolje ce nam biti da slusamo Hrvate, oni vec jame procenjuju za potrebni kapacitet. Porazgovarajte sa susedima, prijateljima, kolegama. Da ljudi razumiju u kakvoj smo opasnosti, jer politicari samo glume vladavinu, dok su u stvari nista drugo nego izbezumljeni preletaci koji samo misle o svojoj imovini kada jednog dana moraju da beze . I glasajte za jednu od dvije partije kojima je jasno da Srbiji nema spasa bez saveznisva sa Rusijom. Tek kada narod shvati da ima moc da stvari menja -- biti ce promene .

Algebra and Functions Geometry and Trigonometry Statistics and ...

Contents Unit 1 Reasoning and Proof Unit 2 nequalities and Linear I Programming Unit 3 Similarity and Congruence Unit 4 Samples and Variation Unit 5  olynomial and Rational P Functions Unit 6  ircles and Circular C Functions Unit 7 Recursion and Iteration Unit 8 nverse Functions I Visit us at ISBN: 978-0-07-877261-0 MHID: 0-07-877261-3   Algebra and Functions   Geometry and Trigonometry   Statistics and Probability   Discrete Mathematics 2nd Edition James T. Fey • Christian R. Hirsch • Eric W. Hart Harold L. Schoen • Ann E. Watkins with Beth E. Ritsema • Rebecca K. Walker • Sabrina Keller Robin Marcus • Arthur F. Coxford • Gail Burrill i_TP_FM_877261.indd This material is based upon work supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation under grant no. ESI 0137718. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Foundation. Copyright © 2009 by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior permission of the publisher. Send all inquiries to: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 8787 Orion Place Columbus, OH 43240-4027 ISBN: 978-0-07-877261-0 (Student Edition) MHID: 0-07-877261-3 (Student Edition) Core-Plus Mathematics Contemporary Mathematics in Context Course 3 Student Edition Printed in the United States of America. 5 6 7 8 9 10 WDQ 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 Core-Plus Mathematics 2 Development Team Senior Curriculum Developers James T. Fey Advisory Board Diane Briars Collaborating Teachers Mary Jo Messenger University of Maryland Pittsburgh Public Schools Christian R. Hirsch (Director) Jeremy Kilpatrick Howard County Public Schools, Maryland Western Michigan University University of Georgia Eric W. Hart Robert E. Megginson Maharishi University of Management University of Michigan Harold L. Schoen University of Cambridge Jacqueline Stewart Okemos, Michigan Graduate Assistants Allison BrckaLorenz Christopher Hlas Kenneth Ruthven University of Iowa David A. Smith Ann E. Watkins University of Iowa Duke University California State University, Northridge Contributing Curriculum Developers Beth E. Ritsema Western Michigan University Mathematical Consultants Deborah Hughes-Hallett University of Arizona / Harvard University Stephen B. Maurer University of Maryland Swarthmore College Rebecca K. Walker William McCallum Grand Valley State University University of Arizona Sabrina Keller Doris Schattschneider Michigan State University Moravian College Robin Marcus Richard Scheaffer University of Maryland Gail Burrill Michigan State University (First edition only) Principal Evaluator Steven W. Ziebarth Dana Cox Dana Grosser Anna Kruizenga Nicole Lanie Diane Moore Western Michigan University University of Florida Arthur F. Coxford (deceased) University of Michigan Madeline Ahearn Geoffrey Birky Kyle Cochran Michael Conklin Brandon Cunningham Tim Fukawa-Connelly Evaluation Consultant Norman L. Webb University of Wisconsin-Madison Technical Coordinator James Laser Undergraduate Assistants Cassie Durgin University of Maryland Rachael Kaluzny Jessica Tucker Western Michigan University Western Michigan University Western Michigan University

Svi ti pogresni potezi Banderovaca iz dana u dan udaljavaju proruski istocni,juzni dio i Krim od zapada

Ako Banderovci hoce da se zadrzi cjelovitost Ukrajine,onda bi morali vratiti Janukovica na vlast,a ne ga slati na sud u Hag koji nema nadleznost za Ukrajinu,dalje,umjesto da promovisu ruski jezik i ruske TV kanale,oni ih ukidaju,oni su srusili spomenik Kuznjecovu (kod Ljvova), isticu Hitlerovu sliku i ostale nacisticke simbole na Euromajdanu sto Ruse podsjeca na WWII.Svi ti pogresni potezi Banderovaca iz dana u dan udaljavaju proruski istocni,juzni dio i Krim od zapada. Danas se u Sevastopolju prave i dijele ruski pasosi,a sada ce polako tim putem krenuti i ostali proruski gradovi i regioni.

Fiat Punto Grande Car Rent
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Po dogovoru se moze naruciti nosac za krov i sjedalo za bebu (baby car seat) ako je na raspolaganju. Sve cijene su u US dolarima, ukljucuju sve poreze i nadoknade. Uz cijenu je ukljuceno i osiguranje i zeleni karton da se moze auto voziti po cijeloj Evropi. Dostava automobila se naplacuje za kratkotrajno iznajmljivane do 15 dana da se pokriju troskovi sofera koji dovozi auto na aerodrom. Nacin placanja je SAMO gotovina "Cash", dolari ili euri ili lokalna valuta. Placanje se izvrsava kad se auto podigne.

Ovih dana su pod silnim pritiskom pucanstva zbog....,samo im je 'pozitivno' razbijanje cirilicnih tabli

Ovaj susret Pusicke sa Siptarimaima za cilj popraviti imidz na domacoj sceni jer su,ovih dana,pod silnim pritiskom pucanstva zbog afere sluzbenih auta,afere sisacke zupanice Marine Lovric Mercel,uzasne situacije u zdravstvu,budzetskom deficitu,smanjenje plata drzavnim cinovnicima,nema investicija,firme idu u stecaj,samo je "pozitivno" razbijanje cirilicnih tabli.

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Potensi bencana alam yang tinggi pada dasarnya tidak lebih dari sekedar refleksi fenomena alam yang secara geografis sangat khas untuk wilayah tanah air kita. Indonesia merupakan Negara kepulauan tempat dimana tiga lempeng besar dunia bertemu, yaitu: lempeng Indo-Australia, Eurasia dan Pasifik. Interaksi antar lempeng-lempeng tersebut lebih lanjut menempatkan Indonesia sebagai wilayah yang memiliki aktivitas kegunungapian dan kegempaan yang cukup tinggi. Lebih dari itu, proses dinamika lempeng yang cukup intensif juga telah membentuk relief permukaan bumi yang khas dan cukup bervariasi, dari wilayah pegunungan dengan lereng-lerengnya yang curam dan seakan menyiratkan potensi longsor yang tinggi hingga wilayah yang landai sepanjang pantai dengan potensi ancaman banjir, penurunan tanah dan tsunaminya (Sadisun, 2005-2006). Berbagai potensi bencana alam yang mungkin timbul sudah sebaiknya harus kita kenal agar karakter bahaya alam tersebut dapat kita minimalkan dampaknya. Selain itu, potensi bencana alam ini telah diperparah oleh beberapa permasalahan lain yang muncul di tanah air kita yang memicu peningkatan kerentanannya. Laju pertumbuhan penduduk yang sangat tinggi merupakan salah satu contoh nyata, sehingga akan banyak membutuhkan kawasan-kawasan hunian baru yang pada akhirnya kawasan hunian tersebut akan terus berkembang dan menyebar hingga mencapai wilayah-wilayah marginal yang tidak selayaknya dihuni. Tidak tertib dan tepatnya perencanaan tata guna lahan, sebagai inti dari permasalahan ini merupakan faktor utama yang menyebabkan adanya peningkatan kerentanan. Peningkatan kerentanan ini akan lebih diperparah bila masyarakat sama sekali tidak menyadari dan tanggap terhadap adanya potensi bencana alam di daerahnya. Pengalaman memperlihatkan bahwa kejadian-kejadian bencana alam selama ini telah banyak menimbulkan kerugian dan penderitaan yang cukup berat sebagai akibat dari perpaduan bahaya alam dan kompleksitas permasalahan lainnya. Untuk itu diperlukan upaya-upaya yang komprehensif untuk mengurangi resiko bencana alam, antara lain yaitu dengan melakukan kegiatan migitasi. Bencana (disaster) merupakan fenomena sosial akibat kolektif atas komponen bahaya (hazard) yang berupa fenomena alam/buatan di satu pihak, dengan kerentanan (vulnerability) komunitas di pihak lain. Bencana terjadi apabila komunitas mempunyai tingkat kapasitas/kemampuan yang lebih rendah dibanding dengan tingkat bahaya yang mungkin terjadi padanya. Misalnya, letusan G. Merapi dan bahaya lainnya gempa bumi, banjir, gerakan tanah, dan lainnya tidak akan sertamerta menjadi bencana apabila komunitas memiliki kapasitas mengelola bahaya. Bencana cenderung terjadi pada komunitas yang rentan, dan akan membuat komunitas semakin rentan. Kerentanan komunitas diawali oleh kondisi lingkungan fisik, sosial, dan ekonomi yang tidak aman (unsave conditions) yang melekat padanya. Kondisi tidak aman tersebut terjadi oleh tekanan dinamis internal maupun eksternal (dynamic pressures), misalnya di komunitas institusi lokal tidak berkembang dan ketrampilan tepat guna tidak dimiliki. Tekanan dinamis terjadi karena terdapat akar permasalahan (root causes) yang menyertainya. Akar permasalahan internal umumnya karena komunitas tidak mempunyai akses sumberdaya, struktur dan kekuasaan, sedang secara eksternal karena sistem politik dan ekonomi yang tidak tepat. Oleh karenanya penanganan bencana perlu dilakukan secara menyeluruh dengan meningkatkan kapasitas dan menangani akar permasalahan untuk mereduksi resiko secara total. Siklus penanggulangan bencana yang perlu dilakukan secara utuh. Upaya pencegahan (prevention) terhadap munculnya dampak adalah perlakuan utama. Tsunami tidak dapat dicegah. Pencegahan dapat dilakukan pada bahaya yang manusia terlibat langsung maupun tidak langsung. Pada tsunami misalnya. Pencegahan dapat dilakukan rakyat dengan membuat bendung penahan ombak, bangunan panggung tahan ombak, penataan ruang dan sebagainya. Agar tidak terjadi jebolnya tanggul, maka perlu disusun save procedure dan kontrol terhadap kepatuhan perlakuan. Walaupun pencegahan sudah dilakukan, sementara peluang adanya kejadian masih ada, maka perlu dilakukan upaya-upaya mitigasi...

Partai DEMOKRAT - KPU Kabupaten Kepulauan Anambas

PARTAI POLITIK PARTAI DEMOKRAT DEWAN PIMPINAN CABANG KABUPATEN KEPULAUAN ANAMBAS DAFTAR LAPORAN PENERIMAAN SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE PERIODE I BENTUK SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE' ASAL SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE No. BARANG UANG (Rp) (Rp) 1 Partai Politik Calon Legislatif - Unit (Rp) Keterangan Unit - 2 JUMLAH (Rp) JASA 379,136,800 409,136,800 4,450,000 4,450,000 5,400,000 5,400,000 1,150,000 1,150,000 5,650,000 5,650,000 4,950,000 4,950,000 a. Daerah Pemilihan : Kepulauan Anambas 1 1) Nomor Urut : 1 Nama Calon : Wann Sarros, SE 2) Nomor Urut : 2 Nama Calon : Mardiah 3) Nomor Urut : 3 Nama Calon : Tarmizi AJ 4) Nomor Urut : 4 Nama Calon : Arly Yanton Eigh Nova Damanik, SP 5) Nomor Urut : 5 Nama Calon : Zainah 6) Nomor Urut : 6 Nama Calon : Zaleha 7) 30,000,000 Nomor Urut : 7 BENTUK SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE' ASAL SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE No. (Rp) Nama Calon : Rohmad Maulana, S.Kom 8) (Rp) JUMLAH (Rp) JASA Unit (Rp) Unit 1,450,000 1,450,000 1,450,000 1,450,000 3,210,000 3,210,000 78,894,000 79,894,000 450,000 450,000 8,000,000 8,000,000 550,000 550,000 7,850,000 7,850,000 8,130,000 8,130,000 2,500,000 2,500,000 2,500,000 2,500,000 31,000,000 51,000,000 Nomor Urut : 8 Nama Calon : Sri Yani 9) BARANG UANG Nomor Urut : 9 Nama Calon : Azwar, ST b. Daerah Pemilihan : Kepulauan Anambaas 2 1) b...