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Microsoft Excel 2010: Using Conditional Formatting

Imagine examining hundreds of rows of raw data in Excel in an attempt to find a pattern or trend. Thankfully one of the tools we can use in Excel to make this task simpler is Conditional Formatting. Just another way Excel makes your data display, other than a chart. The Conditional Formatting features are color scales, icon sets and data bars to name a few. When to Use Excel’s Conditional Formatting:     If you want to be informed in real time Answer questions visually Analyze data: find exceptions, find relationships, find trends, etc Enhance data presentations You can choose from inbuilt Conditional Formatting rules like:      Top 10 or Bottom 10 using percentages, average or item Greater than, less than or equal to Text that contains a specific word or phrase A date occurring And even identify duplicate values Or you can insert a formula and create a custom conditional format. Color coding can be simple like font color, font style and cell fill, or more elaborate with icons, color scales or data bars. 1 Conditional Formatting Examples How to Apply Conditional Formatting:     Select the range of cells you want formatted. From the Home tab go to the Styles group and select Conditional Formatting. The menu will appear with your formatting options. When you choose one of the options a cascading menu will appear. 2   Depending on which option you choose you will be prompted to make more selections. Note: You can specify a custom format or use one of the default formats. You can choose to format the cell fill, font style, color, size, bold, italic, underline and more. Remove Conditional Formatting Rules:    Click the Conditional Formatting command. Select Clear Rules. A cascading menu appears. Choose to clear rules from the entire worksheet or the selected cells.

Excel 2007 - 2010 - Topaz Systems, Inc.

The Topaz MS Office Plug-In software allows users to electronically hand-sign an Excel spreadsheet using a Topaz signature pad and pen. Each embedded signature is bound solely to the content of the cells in the spreadsheet at the time it is signed so any changes made to the spreadsheet after signing renders the signature(s) invalid. If the file’s content is returned to the state it was when signed, then the signature will once again be valid. A signature is bound strictly to the cells in the sheet it is embedded in. Please note that form fields (such as drop down menus, radio buttons, etc.) are excluded from the binding process. Please make sure you first install the current version of SigPlus at this location: Then, install the plug-in at this location: If you open Excel and do not see the Add-Ins tab, click on the Office Button (File tab in Office 2010) > Excel Options > Add-Ins. At the bottom of the window, change the dropdown to Excel Add-ins and click Go. In the window that appears, you should see “Topaz Electronic Signatures” listed. Make sure it is checked. The signing window will then be displayed once the Sign Doc icon under the Add-Ins tab is clicked. Once the signing window is open, there are a number of options a user can choose:  The “Cancel” button will cancel the signature event.  The “Clear” button will clear any signature in the signature window, allowing the user to sign again.  The “Done” button will bind the signature to the spreadsheet’s cell content and then embed it into the spreadsheet.  The user can name the signature by using the specified field, “Signature Name:”, located below the buttons.  A time and date stamp can be toggled by choosing one of the “Stamp”/ ”No

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Remove the stock horn and bracket from the stud it is mounted to and unplug the 2 wires. Remove the seat. Route the end of the wire and hose loom without the connectors. Starting in front of the fuel valve, route this loom behind the valve, over the fuel line over the rear cylinder head along the existing wiring or hoses - if your model has any. Follow the frame to where the back bone and seat support rails come together. Route the loom up into the general area where the compressor will mount (i.e. see diagram). Attach the hose to the 'Y' connector on the horns themselves. Attach the two black wires from the loom to the relay terminals #87 and #30, located between the air horns behind chrome cover. Attach the wires from the original horn to the remaining terminals #85 and #86 (NOTE: it makes no difference which wire goes to which terminal). Attach the relay to the back of the horn bracket assembly or up under the fuel tank using the small cable tie provided. NOTE: the terminals must point downward to prevent water from entering the relay! Install the horn assembly using the 1/4" thick chrome washer provided behind the horn mounting bracket. Use the original acorn nut and tighten securely. Check to see that the horns have at least 1/4" clearance between the engine, shift linkage and choke knob. They should be horizontal or angle down at the front just slightly. Take any slack out of the loom, keeping it up against the frame and away from the engine or exhaust, using several of the small cable ties provided.

Installation Instructions Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Lids

Installation Instructions Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Lids Thank you for your purchase of Bagger Audio™ Saddlebag Lids for your HarleyDavidson motorcycle. We have carefully engineered these products to work with HarleyDavidson motorcycles to give you the best quality possible. Cycle Sounds® strives to bring you the highest quality audio products for your motorcycle. Donʼt forget to check our website for the most up-to-date product availability. Taking your valuable investment into consideration, we have detailed the installation instructions for our products. We would like to suggest that you refer to your HarleyDavidson factory service manual for removal of any factory parts. Should you not have this information available, we strongly recommend that your local dealership or professional installation facility assist with your installation. NOTE: YOU MUST APPLY SOME TYPE OF FINISH TO BAGGER AUDIO SADDLEBAG LIDS AND GRILLS TO PROTECT FROM MOISTURE AND UV RAYS WHICH CAN CAUSE FADING, DISCOLORATION OR RUSTING OVER TIME. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL TO ENSURE THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR BAGGER AUDIO PRODUCTS.

Tech Bulletin - Harley Davidson - PAC Audio RADIO AUDIO CONTROL. Cut here before the joint. Connect handlebar side to ground. 560. Connect this wire to SWC input of ... 1. On the [24A] connector, cut PK/W wire - pin #9, before the joint and connect the handle bar side to ground. Insulate the remaining wire. Note: Double check that the handle bar side is grounded and not the other side. 99% of technical calls is the result of the wrong pk/w wire side is grounded. 2. On the [27B] connector, splice PK/W - pin #3 and GN/BE - pin #23 together with a 47 ohm resistor inline. Splice GY/W - pin #4 and GY/GN together with a 150 ohm resistor inline. Splice V/BK - pin #5 and BN/BK - pin #8 together with a 1k resistor inline. Connect all remaining ends of resistors together and connect to SWC input wire of interface. 3. Connect BN/W - pin #6 to ground with a 560 ohm resistor inline. Pacific Accessory Corporation - 1502 S. Santa Fe Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Voice: 714-835-3022 Fax: 714-835-3233

Harley Davidson Installation Manuel This sheet must be ... - Bazooka

Preparation This sheet must be read completely to: 1. Provide assistance/clarification to the installer. 2. Avoid causing injury to installer, customer, end user, or others. 3. Prevent damage to motorcycle and/or accessory. 4. Prevent death to customer or other vehicle operators. Installer: Please forward this sheet to the customer after reviewing it. 3. If so equipped, place the motorcycle on its center stand on solid, level ground. CAUTION: 1. Never route wires or install components that interfere with the operation of the forks, handlebars, brake/clutch levers or any other operational function of the motorcycle. 2. When adding electrical accessories, always disconnect the battery and properly fuse new electronics. It is virtually impossible for us to be able to address every possible situation an installer or user will encounter. This requires both to exercise due diligence and to apply some level of common sense. If you have any question or problem during the installation, please contact us as necessary. Read the instructions completely prior to installation. 90% of questions we receive could be answered simply by reading the instructions in their entirety. Phone support will always provide the quickest response. WARNING: 1. Allow the motorcycle to cool prior to installation. Important Information in our instructions will be provided in the following manner: 4. Never allow your accessories to cause distractions to remove your focus off the bikes operation. Never forget that this is a high-risk sport - don't make it a higher risk when you don't have to. 5. Never allow your accessories to cause distractions to others on the road. SHOP TIP: this is information we have gathered from hands-on installs or customer feedback. NOTE: important information regarding the installation. CAUTION: failure to follow instructions could result in damage to motorcycle and/or accessory. WARNING: failure to follow instructions could result in injury or death of operator and/or passenger or others. NOTE: 1. "Left", "Right", "Front" and "Rear" are described from the seated position of the bike. 2. Use of owners manual or service manual is recommended for installation. 2. When operating engine, allow adequate ventilation. 3. Never route wires or install components that interfere with the operation of the forks, handlebars, brake/clutch levers or any other operational function of the motorcycle.

Installation Instructions for Model PA500M-CHP2 Harley Davidson ...

PA500M-CHP2 to 100 watts is described in the Service Manual (Federal Part No. 255237). NOTE The lives of people depend on your safe installation of Federal products. It is important to read, understand and follow all instructions shipped with the products. In addition, listed below are some other important safety instructions and precautions you should follow: • • To properly install an electronic siren: you must have a good understanding of motorcycle electrical procedures and systems, along with proficiency in the installation and use of safety warning equipment. The PA500M-CHP2 comes factory set for a 58-watt output. An optional Model MNCT Microphone can be added to utilize the public address capability of the electronic siren. B. SIREN CHASSIS INSTALLATION. Before attempting installation, insure that the parts shown in the Kit Contents List (paragraph D.) have been included. All effective sirens and horns produce loud sounds which may cause, in certain situations, permanent hearing loss. You should take appropriate safety precautions such as wearing hearing protection. 1. Insert two shock mount grommets into the large holes in each (2) mounting bracket (see figure 1). • DO NOT connect this system to the motorcycle’s wiring harness until installation is complete, and you have verified that there are no short circuits to ground. 2. Secure a mounting bracket to the chassis with two (each) #10 thread forming hex. head screws and #10 flat washers as shown in figure 1. Secure the other mounting bracket with like hardware. • When drilling into a vehicle structure, be sure that both sides of the surface are clear of anything that could be damaged. • In order for the electronic siren to function properly, the ground connection must be made to a solid chassis component and not to an insulated point.

Quick Start Guide - Cisco
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RV0xx Series Routers RV042 Dual WAN VPN Router RV042G Gigabit Dual WAN VPN Router RV082 Dual WAN VPN Router RV016 Multi-WAN VPN Router Package Contents • VPN Router • Power Adapter (Cisco RV042 and RV042G) or AC Power Cable (Cisco RV082 and RV016) • RJ45 Ethernet Cable • Rack Mounting Kit (Cisco RV016 and RV082 only) • Quick Start Guide • Product CD Welcome Thank you for choosing a RV0xx Series Router. These routers provide advanced connection-sharing for your small business, and allow your remote workers to securely access your on-site network resources. This guide helps you to install your router and to get started using the webbased configuration utility. 1 RV0xx Series Router Features Cisco RV0xx Series dual WAN and multi-WAN VPN routers offer highly secure, high-performance, reliable connectivity. All of these routers can support a second Internet connection to ensure continuous connectivity or to increase available bandwidth and balance traffic. Three models are available. A comparison is provided below. Model LAN Ports RV042 and RV042G RV082 RV016 4 8 8-13 WAN/DMZ Ports 2 2 2-7 Internet 1 DMZ NOTE RV042, RV042G, and RV082 have one dedicated Internet port and a DMZ/Internet port. RV016 has two dedicated Internet ports, one dedicated DMZ port, and five dual-function ports that can be configured as LAN or Internet ports. RV042 and RV042G Ports 2 3 4 Internet DMZ/Internet 278823 1 2 RV0xx Series Routers Quick Start Guide RV042 and RV042G Status Lights System DIAG Internet DMZ/ DMZMode Internet 1 2 3 4 278822 Cisco Small Business RV042 RV082 Ports and Status Lights Internet System DMZ Internet 1 3 6 7 2 3 4 Cisco Small Business RV082 DMZ/Internet ...

Cisco SPA100 Series Phone Adapters Quick Start Guide - Indiana ...

Cisco SPA100 Series Analog Telephone Adapters SPA112 Two Port Phone Adapter SPA122 ATA with Router Package Contents • Analog Telephone Adapter • Ethernet Cable • Power Adapter • Quick Start Guide • Product CD-ROM Welcome Thank you for choosing a Cisco SPA100 Series Analog Telephone Adapter. This product family includes the following models: • SPA112 Two-Port Phone Adapter: 2 FXS ports and 1 10/100 WAN port. • SPA122 ATA with Router: 2 FXS ports, 1 10/100 WAN port, 1 10/100 LAN port, and built-in router. This guide describes how to physically install the equipment and how to get started with the configuration. 1 Before You Begin Before you begin the installation, make sure that you have the following equipment and services: • An active Internet account and Voice over IP account • Ethernet cable to connect to your broadband network device • Phone to connect to your SPA112/122 • Phone cable to connect your phone • Optional: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to provide backup power 2 Product Features Top Panel 2 Cisco SPA100 Series Analog Telephone Adapters Feature Phone 1 Phone 2 Internet System Description Steady green—On hook. Slow flashing green—Off hook. Off—Port not ready. Flashing green—Transmitting or receiving data through the WAN port. Off—No link. Steady green—System ready, IP address acquired. Slow flashing green—Acquiring IP address. (By default, uses DHCP.) Fast flashing green—Upgrading firmware. Off—No power or system can not boot up. Back Panel Feature Reset Description Using a paperclip or similar object, press this button briefly to restart the unit. Press and hold for 10 seconds to restore the factory default settings. Connect to an analog phone, using an RJ-11 phone cable. Phone 1, Phone 2 (Gray) Ethernet (Yellow) Can be used to connect to a device on your network, such as a computer, using an Ethernet cable. SPA122 Only Internet (Blue) Connect to a broadband network device (DSL or cable modem) or a network router, using an Ethernet cable. Power Connect to a power source, using the provided power adapter. Cisco SPA100 Series Analog Telephone Adapters 3 3 Connecting the Equipment NOTE For wall-mounting instructions, see Mounting the ATA, page 9. STEP 1 Connect one end of the provided Ethernet cable to the Internet (Blue) port. Connect the other end directly to your broadband network deviceConnect one end of a phone cable to the Phone 1 (Gray) port. Connect the other end to your analog phone or fax machine. STEP 2 Connect one end of another phone cable to another analog phone or fax machine. Connect the other end to the Phone 2 (Gray) port. STEP 3 SPA122 Only: Optionally, connect one end of an Ethernet network cable to the ETHERNET (Yellow) port of the ATA. Connect the other end to a device on your network, such as a computer.

Cisco SRP500 Series Services Ready Platforms Quick Start Guide ...

Cisco SRP500 Series Services Ready Platforms (SRP520 Models) Package Contents • Cisco SRP500 Series Services Ready Platform • RJ-45 Ethernet Cable • RJ-11 Telephone Cable • Power Clip and Adapter • Quick Start Guide • Product CD Welcome Thank you for choosing Cisco SRP500 Series Services Ready Platforms. This guide describes how to physically install the SRP and how to use the Setup Wizard to configure it. 1 Before You Begin Before you begin the installation, make sure that you have the following: For Hardware Installation • An active Internet connection. • (Optional) Analog phone line. • (Optional) Telephone handset, fax machine, or PBX line for connecting to the voice ports. • Cables – RJ-45 Ethernet cables (Category 5 or higher) for connecting computers, WAN and LAN interfaces, phones, or other devices. – RJ-11 telephone cable for analog line (FXO) and phone (FXS) connections. – ADSL splitter, if required by your Service Provider. • (Optional) Mobile Broadband USB Modem. For Software Installation: • A computer running: – – 2 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (or later), or Mozilla Firefox 3.6. Adobe Flash Player with add-on version 10.0.0 or later (needed to to configure your SRP). Cisco SRP500 Services Ready Platforms Quick Start Guide (SRP520 Models) Default Settings Use these default settings when configuring your SRP with the Setup Wizard. See Getting Started with the Configuration, page 11. Parameter Value Device IP Username cisco Password cisco DHCP Range to 149 To configure advanced features (such as wireless, network, and voice settings), log in by using the Administrator account. For more information, see the Cisco SRP500 Series Services Ready Platforms Administration Guide (SRP520 Models) at: NOTE If you obtained your SRP from your Service Provider, you might not have access to the Administrator account. Contact your Service Provider for more information. 2 Getting to Know the Cisco SRP500 Series Services Ready Platforms This section lists the available model numbers to help you become familiar with your SRP, and shows the front panel, back panel, side view, and top the unit. NOTE To get started with the installation right away, see Installing the SRP500 Services Ready Platforms, page 8. Cisco SRP500 Services Ready Platforms Quick Start Guide (SRP520 Models)