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contoh soalan persamaan linear

Universal Grinding Machine for the highest demands - Hardinge Inc.

Splash guard to be used with standard workhead mounted on linear roller bearings Sine bar attachment direct fine angular setting by using gauge blocks when grinding chucked workpieces with inside or outside tapers KEL-UNIVERSAL for grinding jobs in tool and die maker shops, for the grinding of small batches of components or of prototype pieces, for maintenance jobs, laboratories or special machine building facilities. Machine base with high static and dynamic rigidity. Optimal bracing Generously dimensioned and precision scraped V- and flat guideways guarantee a long lifetime of quality Three point set-up, no special foundation required Workhead with its preloaded highprecision roller bearings is designed for a working capacity of up to max. 130 kg between centres or of up to 160 Nm for components taken-up in chucks. Standard working accuracy Roundness for chucked work: Delta R<0.5 µm according to B.S. 3730. Increased working accuracy Delta R<0.2 µm according to B.S. 3730. Accessoires: Lever-operated clamping attachment power chuck KEL-UNIVERSAL Tailstock with preloaded sleeve Sleeve located in preloaded ball bearings Morse taper MT4 retraction of sleeve 30 mm.

SBMPTN 2013 Biologi - Bisa Kimia

Doc. Name: SBMPTN2013BIO999 Doc. Version : 2013-10 | 01. Contoh keberadaan satwa pada suatu habitat yang dijaga dengan baik sebagai upaya pelestarian ex situ adalah… (A) Orang utan di hutan Kalimantan. (B) Cendrawasih di hutan Papua. (C) Rusa di Kebun Raya Bogor. (D) Pesut diSungai Mahakam. (E) Anoa di Pulau Sulawesi 02. Komunitas mikroba yang melekat pada suatu substrat/benda sehingga dapat merusak substrat/benda tersebut disebut… (A) Biodegradator. (B) Bioaktivator. (C) Biokatalis. (D) Biodeposit. (E) Biofilm. 03. Bagian sistem pencernaan yang berperan dalam memecah polipeptida menjadi oligopeptida adalah… (A) Duodenum. (B) Usus besar. (C) Lambung. (D) Jejunum. (E) Ileum. 04. Asam absisat melindungi tanaman yang mengalami kekurangan air melalui mekanisme… (A) Peningkatan pembentukan kutikula. (B) Penurunan tekanan turgor sel penjaga. (C) Peningkatan kecepatan pembelahan sel. (D) Penurunan kecepatan pembentangan sel. (E) Penghambatan pemanjangan sel epidermis. halaman 1 05. Pernyataan yang salah mengenai fotofosforilisasi siklik dan non siklik adalah… (A) Pada fotofosforilisasi non siklik sumber elektron yang memasuki Fotosistem II adalah molekul air, pada fotofosforilisasi siklik, sumber dari elektron adalah Fotosistem I. (B) Pada fotofosforilisasi non siklik penerima elktron terakhir adalah NADP, pada fotofosforilisasi siklik, penerima elektron terakhir adalah Fotosistem I. (C) Hasil dari fotofosforilisasi non siklik adalah ATP, NADPH, dan O2, sedangkan hasil dari fotofosforilisasi siklikhanya ATP. (D) Fotofosforilisasi non siklik melibatkan Fotosistem I dan II, fotofosforilisasi siklik hanya melibatkan Fotosistem II. 06. Perhatikan diagram saluran kreb berikut! Tahap dimana berlangsung hidrasi adalah (A) 1 dan 4 (B) 1 dan 5 (C) 2 dan 6 (D) 3 dan 7 (E) 3 dan 8 Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di dengan memasukkan kode 3117 ke menu search. Copyright © 2013 Zenius Education SBMPTN 2013 Biologi, Kode Soal doc. name: SBMPTN2013BIO999 halaman 2 doc. version : 2013-10 | 07. Perhatikan gambar tahapan mitosis berikut! 10. Grafik berikut menunjukan kinerja insulin sintetis. Tahap telofase, metaphase, anaphase dan profasen ditunjukan oleh urutan angka…

GreatCo. Electric Fireplace Trifold Brochure - Outdoor GreatRoom Co.

Gallery Built-In Fireplace Specifications MODEL HEIGHT WIDTH DEPTH WATTAGE GBI-34 26 1/4” 33 1/2” 11 1/4” 750/1500 GBI-41 31 3/8” 40 3/8” 11 1/4” 750/1500 LF-34 29 3/4” 33 7/8” 1” NA LF-41 34 13/16” 40 3/4” 1” NA FAF-34 29 3/4” 33 7/8” 1” NA FAF-41 34 13/16” 40 3/4” 1” NA ARF-34 29 3/4” 33 7/8” 1” NA ARF-41 34 13/16” 40 3/4” 1” NA COL-COR-RIS-K 45 1/4” 51” 31”  NA COLUMBIA CORNER TV 4 3/4” 39” 16 1/2” NA RIO-34-K / RIO-41-K 44 1/2” / 49” 51” / 58” 16” / 16” NA RIO-34-BOOK CASE / RIO-41-BOOK CASE 32 3/4” / 32 3/4” 48 1/4” / 54 1/4” 15” / 15” NA Electric Fireplaces BU ILT-IN | H D L IN EA R | IN S ERT Model GE-70 Gallery HD Linear Wall-Mount Fireplace Specifications Gallery Electric Insert Fireplace Specifications FIREPLACE OPENING SIZE MODEL HEIGHT WIDTH DEPTH MOUNTING AREA VIEWING SIZE WATTAGE GE-94 26 2/5” 93 7/10” 6” 67”w x 13 3/4”h 75"w x 12"h 1500 GE-78 26 2/5” 78” 6” 63”w x 14.5”h 59 1/10”w x 12”h 1500 GE-70 26 2/5” 70” 6” 50 7/8”w x 13 3/4”h 51 1/5"w x 12"h 26 2/5” 58 3/10” 6” 34 3/8”w x 14 3/4”h 39 2/5"w x 12"h 1500 GE-5O 26 2/5” 50 2/5” 6” 34 3/8”w x 14 3/4”h 31 1/2"w x 12"h 24 1/2” 35 4/5” 6 3/5” 17 3/8”w x 17 7/8”h 20 3/10"w x 12"h 1500 HEIGHT (H) DEPTH (D) WIDTH (OW) MIN MAX HEIGHT (OH) MIN N/A (OD) MAX 21 3/4” FIREPLACE MINIMUM DEPTH 1500 GER-36* WIDTH (W) 1500 GE-58 MODEL 26 1/8” N/A 8 3/8” Model GE-70 Model GE-78 Model GE-58 Model GE-50 28 1/2” 22 5/8” 8 3/4” IS-36 36 1/4” 27” 1” 26 1/8” 36” 21 3/4” 26 4/5” N/A IS-42 Model GE-94 GI-29 42 1/4” 28 1/2” 1”

LM34 Precision Fahrenheit Temperature Sensors - Texas Instruments

The LM34 series are precision integrated-circuit temperature sensors, whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the Fahrenheit temperature. The LM34 thus has an advantage over linear temperature sensors calibrated in degrees Kelvin, as the user is not required to subtract a large constant voltage from its output to obtain convenient Fahrenheit scaling. The LM34 does not require any external calibration or trimming to provide typical accuracies of ± 1⁄2˚F at room temperature and ± 11⁄2˚F over a full −50 to +300˚F temperature range. Low cost is assured by trimming and calibration at the wafer level. The LM34’s low output impedance, linear output, and precise inherent calibration make interfacing to readout or control circuitry especially easy. It can be used with single power supplies or with plus and minus supplies. As it draws only 75 µA from its supply, it has very low self-heating, less than 0.2˚F in still air. The LM34 is rated to operate over a −50˚ to +300˚F temperature range, while the LM34C is rated for a −40˚ to +230˚F range (0˚F with improved accuracy). The LM34 series is available packaged in hermetic TO-46 transistor packages, while the LM34C, LM34CA and LM34D are also available in the plastic TO-92 transistor package. The LM34D is also available in an 8-lead surface mount small outline package. The LM34 is a complement to the LM35 (Centigrade) temperature sensor.

( )7 ( )7 { 2 - Kompas Print
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PREDIKSI SOAL SBMPTN 2014 7. Sebuah balok ABCD. EFGH dengan koordinat titik D (0, 0, 0),A  7, 0, 0  , 1. Diketahui f(x) = (x–1) (x 3 –ax 2–bx+4) + a dengan a dan b adalah konstanta. Jika f '(x) habis dibagi (x–1) dan salah satu nilai ekstremnya adalah 4 maka 2a – b= (A) 5 (C) 7 (E) 9 (B) 6 (D) 8 2. Diketahui sebuah barisan: 4 , 7 , 13 , 25 , .... 3 6 12 24 Jumlah delapan suku pertama barisan tersebut adalah …. 1 7 (A)  26  2  3 1 7 (B)  27  2  3 1 8 (C) 8  · 2 3 2  2 8 (D) 8  3 1  2 8 (E) 8  3 3. Jumlah dari semua bilangan bulat x yang memenuhi pertidaksamaan 2x  2 8 x4 < < 3 9 4 adalah …. (A) 7 (C) 5 (E) 3 (B) 6 (D) 4 4. Misalkan x dan y bilangan bulat yang memenuhi sistem  2x 2  2y 2  2xy  6x  y  17  0 x  y  2 Maka nilai dari x2 – y2 = .... (A) –8 (D) 8 (B) –6 (E) 10 (C) 6 5. Jika x memenuhi persamaan berikut : p q p q ... q p q p = px · q–x, maka nilai x adalah .... 1 5 (A) (D) 3 16 2 5 (B) (E) 3 8 3 (C) 2 6.   (1  b ). tan(b  a)  lim  a a  b  (sin a.cos b  cos a.sinb)2      ....

POWERPOINT BEYOND THE BASICS Making interactive, non ...

In the first PowerPoint tutorial you learned how to create and save a new presentation (the Screenbeans slide show). You saw a sample slide show (The Tudor Monarchs). You learned how to prepare an outline, you typed text for each slide, added clip art, and set timings. You added an effect to enhance the slide transition, you selected a color scheme, and may have even created a new background effect. You changed the printer settings so that you can print out handouts rather than just individual slides of your shows. For many classrooms and for most K-12 students, what you learned in chapter 9 is just fine; it’s all you need to know. But, if you're ready to take the next step and learn some more advanced skills with PowerPoint, or if you teach computer-savvy students who want more challenging skills to master, this chapter's for you. Most PowerPoint presentations you see in school or at work are what are called linear presentations. That is, each slide is designed to proceed one slide right after another. The first slide transitions to the second, which transitions to the third, and so forth. For many educational tasks, this is fine. But, what if... What if you want your students to create an interactive story, where, for example, younger kids could read on Slide One a story about a dragon, then choose, on Slide Two, any one of three possible places that the dragon could go? By clicking on the word "desert," the show would move to a slide describing what happens to the dragon in the desert. If the student clicks on the word "forest," a different slide sequence appears with another ending. The learner thus participates, not by simply clicking on slide after slide in one, linear direction, but by making choices that affect what slide comes next, thus making the presentation interactive and non-linear.

SolarWorld Sunmodule™ solar panel 280 watt mono data sheet

Plus SW 280 mono TUV Power controlled: Lowest measuring tolerance in industry Every component is tested to meet 3 times IEC requirements Designed to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice -0/+5 Wp WARRANTY Sunmodule Plus: Positive performance tolerance 25-year linear performance warranty and 10-year product warranty Glass with anti-reflective coating Anti-Reflective Coating World-class quality Fully-automated production lines and seamless monitoring of the process and material ensure the quality that the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide. SolarWorld Plus-Sorting Plus-Sorting guarantees highest system efficiency. SolarWorld only delivers modules that have greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power. 25 years linear performance guarantee and extension of product warranty to 10 years SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance degression of 0.7% p.a. in the course of 25 years, a significant added value compared to the two-phase warranties common in the industry. In addition, SolarWorld is offering a product warranty, which has been extended to 10 years.* *in accordance with the applicable SolarWorld Limited Warranty at purchase. Plus SW 280 mono PERFORMANCE UNDER STANDARD TEST CONDITIONS (STC)* PERFORMANCE AT 800 W/m², NOCT, AM 1.5 Maximum power Pmax Maximum power Pmax Open circuit voltage Voc 39.5 V Open circuit voltage Voc 36.1 V Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 31.2 V Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 28.5 V 280 Wp 209.2 Wp Short circuit current

Designing a Solar Cell Battery Charger - Linear Technology

Figure 1. A solar cell produces current in proportion to the amount of sunlight falling on it, while the cell’s open-circuit voltage remains relatively constant. Maximum power output occurs at the knee of each curve, where the cell transitions from a constant voltage device to a constant current device, as shown by the power curves. below a certain set point, the charge current is reduced. The charging current is adjusted via a control voltage across a current sensing resistor in series with the inductor of the buck regulator charging circuit. Decreased illumination (and/or increased charge current demands) can both cause the input voltage (panel voltage) to fall, pushing the panel away from its point of maximum power output. With the LT3652, when the input voltage falls below a certain set point, as defined by the resistor divider connected between the VIN and VIN_REG pins, the current control voltage is reduced, thus reducing the charging current. This action causes the voltage from the solar panel to increase along its characteristic VI curve until a new peak power operating point is found. If the solar panel is illuminated enough to provide more power than is required by the LT3652 charging circuit, the voltage from the solar panel increases beyond the control range of the voltage regulation loop, the charging current is set to its maximum value and a new operation point is found based entirely on the maximum charging current for the battery’s point in the charge cycle. If the electronic device is operating directly from solar power and the input voltage is above the minimum level of the input voltage regulation...

Updated Point SYstem
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Essential ComPonents of Fractal Geometry Self-Similaritv: a self-similar object is exactly or approximately similar to a part of itself (i.e. the whole has the same shape as one or more of the Parts). Essential Components of Fractal Geometry Recursion: a process of repeating objects in a self-similar waY. Essential Components of Fractal Geometry . Scalinq: a linear transformation that enlarges or increases or diminishes objects; the scale factor is the same in all directions Essential Components of Fractal Geometry . lnfinity: A concept that refers to a quantity without bound or end Essential Components of Fractal Geometry Fractional Dimension (sometimes referred to as Fractal Dimension): The in-between dimension Scaling . We were introduced to the concept of scaling: "Windscreens from the Sahel". ln the Sahel . . . The weaver said that, "the long rows use less straw and less time. But here in the Sahel, we have strong winds and dust. The shortest rows are the ones ihat keep out dust the best, because they are the tightest weave. "We know that the wind blows stronger as you go up from the ground, so we make the windscreen to match -that way we only use the straw needed at each level." Mathematically Sound . The scaling exponent was close to that in the Wind Engineering Handbook A33utun9 FmtBl@ ftceae n w'nd 6 reci@l ot treth (wndergineert: d'l/3r I -ool ^t j'061 ;l -oB+ 9 I ''o+ ro.e u". v,nr - v, pf ln Euclidean geometry, uniform scaling or isotropic dcaling is a transformation that enlarges/increases or diminishes objects With uniform scaling, the oroduct is similar to the oriqinal. lsotropy . . Uniformity in alldirections The geometry is the same regardless of direction. Scaling an object means multiplying every linear dimension of it by the same factor. Thus you chanqe the size of the object, but not its shape. ln the Figure on the left, we see a cube that's one inch long, one inch wide, and one inch high. The area of each of jts sjx square faces is one square inch, and slnce it has six faces its total (surface) area is six square ,nches' The volume of the cube is one cubic inch. S,tilrr.r rr{l Ctr.J . . . . When multiplying the length, width, and height of that cube by two we get a new cube lt's bigger, but still a cube It has the same shape as the original; its volume is now 8 cubic inches The new cube was constructed by piling up eight of the old cubes in two layers of four cubes each. Sqilxrri i!(l Cill)e\

Multi-Channel USB and USB/GPIB Programmable DC Power Supplies

• All channels are independently controlled and have isolated outputs for maximum flexibility • All channels have remote sensing to ensure that programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load • Two 30V channels can be combined either in series to double output voltage or in parallel to double output current • 0.03% basic voltage output accuracy and 0.1% current accuracy ensure quality test data • Low noise, linear regulation with <3mVpp ripple and noise • Voltage and current outputs for all channels are displayed simultaneously for easy observation of each output state • Keypad entry allows fast, precise entry of output values • USB interface standard on all versions for remote control; “G” versions include USB and GPIB interfaces

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