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AERO magazine is published quarterly by Boeing Commercial Airplanes and is distributed at no cost to operators of Boeing commercial airplanes. AERO provides operators with supplemental technical information to promote continuous safety and efficiency in their daily fleet operations. The Boeing Company supports operators during the life of each Boeing commercial airplane. Support includes stationing Field Service representatives in more than 60 countries, furnishing spare parts and engineering support, training flight crews and maintenance personnel, and providing operations and maintenance publications. Boeing continually communicates with operators through such vehicles as technical meetings, service letters, and service bulletins. This assists operators in addressing regulatory requirements and Air Transport Association specifications. Information published in AERO magazine is intended to be accurate and authoritative. However, no material should be considered regulatory-approved unless specifically stated. Airline personnel are advised that their company’s policy may differ from or conflict with information in this publication. Customer airlines may republish articles from AERO without permission if for distribution only within their own organizations. They thereby assume responsibility for the current accuracy of the republished material. All others must obtain written permission from Boeing before reprinting any AERO article. AERO is not available by subscription. Please address communications to AERO Magazine, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, P.O. Box 3707, MC 21-72, Seattle, Washington, 98124-2207, USA. E-mail: Copyright © 2006 The Boeing Company AERO is printed on recyclable paper.

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Symbols G WARNING Warning notes make you aware dangers which could pose a threat to your health or life, or to the health and life of others. H Environmental note Environmental notes provide you with information on environmentally aware actions or disposal. ! Notes on material damage alert you to dangers that could lead to damage to your vehicle. i These symbols indicate useful instructions or further information that could be helpful to you. This symbol designates an instruction you must follow. Several consecutive symbols X indicate an instruction with several steps. (Y page) This symbol tells you where you can find further information on a topic. This symbol indicates a warning or YY an instruction that is continued on the next page. Display This text indicates a message on the display and the rear view camera monitor. X Publication details Vehicle distributor In the USA: In Canada: Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC One Mercedes Drive Montvale, NJ 07645-0350 Customer Assistance Center: 1-877-762-8267

Interior Design Major
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Interior Design Major This program will prepare students in areas of design, technology, digital skills, drawing, delineation and rendering, structures, history and professional practice. Students who wish to transfer to a 4 year degree program should understand that each transfer institution has its own set of transfer requirements. Those different requirements can be found on the individual transfer institution’s websites. Students are strongly urged to speak with architecture program faculty if they need assistance on understanding transfer requirements. The A.S. degree in Interior Design has strong emphasis on both Architecture and Art. The program will prepare them in areas of design, technology, digital skills, drawing, delineation and rendering, structures, history, professional practice, art history, and graphic design. Entry positions for which graduates who have received the degree of Associate in Science in Interior Design may qualify for employment positions that may include those of draftsperson; delineator; salesperson; furniture designer; and assistant in coordination of colors, fabric, furniture, lighting systems, and exhibits. Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this degree, students will be able to:  Create interior solutions to a set of project requirements including material and color selection.  Develop interior graphics using digital and analog tools that communicate design intentions and document construction requirements.  Analyze the historical periods and movements of Interior Design.  Explain the duties and responsibilities of stakeholders within the legal and regulatory environments.  Understand technical building and material systems and their interface with interior spaces. Courses Required for the Major in Interior Design Course Units First Semester (fall) ARCH 48 Intro to Architecture,...

Moving Roll Material With Forklift Carpet Poles

HOF equipment offers Forklift carpet poles for any warehouse that regularly moves carpet rolls. Visit http://hofequipment.comor Call us at 888-990-1150.

Windows 7 XP Mode Application Note
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17741 Mitchell North, Irvine, CA 92614 USA Tel: 949-833-3355 Fax: 949-833-0322 Windows 7 XP Mode Application Note Using a MiniTerm with Legacy Software on Windows 7 This application note describes a scenario where you need to use a USB MiniTerm with some legacy software that is not compatible with Windows 7. The solution involves configuring the XP Mode serial ports to work with the Genovation virtual COM ports provided for the USB MiniTerm. Preface “The bespoke line-of-business application is a common feature of the corporate world, and a thing that has been instrumental in cementing Windows as the corporate desktop OS standard.”1 If you are using a legacy/custom Windows application that you know will not work on Windows 7, then you can utilize Microsoft’s XP Mode to run the old software. Although Windows 7 does a very good job of providing backward compatibility (and you did actually try to run your old software on Windows 7 didn’t you?), there are a few instances where only a vanilla XP OS will do. This document is not reference material for using XP Mode, but it does describe how to use a Windows 7 PC to communicate with a USB Miniterm via XP Mode. A true RS-232 serial MiniTerm will also work, of course, but since its installation is simple by comparison, this application note focuses on USB. It is assumed that the reader is capable of downloading and installing the XP Mode software from Microsoft’s web site.

the Byzantine East & the Early Christian West - Southern California ...

The Kappe Library Guides identify general resources on broad topics to help researchers begin their work. Individual projects and practitioners are avoided; guides, indexes and general introductions are preferred to specialized works. Book citations that include a call number can be found at the Kappe Library; other books are identified by author, title and date. Magazine articles are selected from the Avery Index, Art Full Text and JStor databases. Where full-text articles are available on-line, the article title is hyperlinked to the full text. Web versions of this and all other Guides are available at Submit questions and suggestions to the library manager directly at NOTE: This Guide covers the art & architecture of the late Roman Empire, divided into the Greek-speaking Eastern (Byzantine) Empire (4th to 15th centuries), and the Latin-speaking Western Empire (through it’s collapse in the 5th century, and up to its displacement by Charlemagne in the 8th century). Some material overlaps with Kappe Library Guides #79 Greece & Rome and #81 Carolingian, Romanesque & Gothic. THE LATE CLASSICAL EAST & WEST IN GENERAL John Beckwith, Early Christian and Byzantine art, N7832 .B3 Henry Scowcroft Bettenson, Documents of the Christian church, BR141 .D63 1999 G.W. Bowersock, Interpreting late antiquity: essays on the postclassical world, DE---3 .I6 2001 F.L. Cross, Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, BR--95.O8 1997 The Early Church Fathers, (English full-text) Internet Medieval Sourcebook, Richard Krautheimer, Early Christian and Byzantine architecture, NA4817 .K4 1986 The Labyrinth; resources for medieval studies, Liturgical Texts Project, (Extensive collection covering East & West)

The Tectonics of Byzantine Architecture - Epoka University

This study is part of an ampler research which seeks to answer the question of how to build Orthodox Christian churches today by investigating the architectural tradition of the past, and more specifically the material means through which identity and symbolism are infused into Byzantine church architecture. One of the facets of this research is to use tectonics—the poetics of construction as defined by Kenneth Frampton— to investigate the material aspects of Byzantine architecture. Frampton makes an important distinction between the ontological (core form for Bötticher, technical for Semper) and representational (artistic form for Bötticher, symbolic for Semper) elements of construction. Representational elements may be nonarchitectural symbols (the altar, iconostasis, or iconographic murals/mosaics in Byzantine architecture) or symbols of hidden structural elements (the undulating roofing revealing the shape of vaults, the blind façade arches representing the structural arches, the decorative façade masonry as a visually appealing facing of the structural masonry behind it). Another important aspect is the play between the tectonic and atectonic architectural expression. Richard Ousterhout makes a case for the former when he demonstrates the structural clarity of Byzantine architecture; he also shows examples of the “manneristic subversion” of structural clarity in late Byzantine churches, but argues they are the exception to the rule. Other aspects of Frampton’s theoretical framing of tectonics relevant to the study of Byzantine architecture are the multisensorial experience of architecture, the spiritual and cosmologic symbolism of the act of building, and the phenomenological approach to technology.

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Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin Disclaimer Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information presented in this book is accurate. However, the reader should understand that the information provided does not constitute legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. No Liability: this product is supplied “as is” and without warranties. All warranties, express or implied, are hereby disclaimed. Use of this product constitutes acceptance of the “No Liability” policy. If you do not agree with this policy, you are not permitted to use or distribute this product. Neither the author, the publisher nor the distributor of this material shall be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, consequential loss or damage) directly or indirectly arising from the use of this product. Use at your own risk. Related Products Wordpress User Manual Plugin Wordpress Classroom 2.0 Seopressor The Ultimate Blogging Theme Learn Wordpress Quickly Authority Pro Premium Wordpress Theme 2 Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin Amazon Associate Filter The Amazon Associate Filter is a great time saving tool for Amazon affiliates. It’s a very simple plugin. All it does is replace any links to Amazon with your affiliate link. That means that you can link to Amazon products just as you would normally link to it. You don’t have to create the links yourself; the plugin will do it for you. It’s done on page load, meaning the code in your pages and posts never change. If you want to disable the plugin or change your Amazon ID, you can do so with one click. Here’s how to setup and use Amazon Associate Filter. Step 1: Install Using WordPress’ plugin search, find Amazon Associate Filter and install the plugin. Step 2: Access the Settings Go to the settings page by clicking on “Amazon Associate Config” under “Settings.” 3 Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin Step 3: Enter Your ID Enter your Amazon Associate ID. Step 4: Create a Normal Link In your post or page, create a normal link to an Amazon product just like you would if you weren’t an associate. 4 Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin That’s all there is to it. Whenever someone loads your page, they’ll see a link that goes to your Amazon affiliate link instead. For example, the link above which has no affiliate codes becomes the link below, with the affiliate ID we entered in the previous step: Amazon Associate Filter isn’t a complex marketing plugin. Instead, it’s a time saving plugin that you can just let run in the background. It’ll help you make money using the Amazon Associate Program, without you having to do any extra work to insert affiliate links.

Infrastructure finance – surviving the credit crunch - PwC

A lot has changed in the few short months since we first published this opinion piece in July. Listed infrastructure funds’ share prices have declined on the back of concerns about the transparency of the underlying funds, their levels of indebtedness (in particular the refinancing of short-term debt), reduced operating revenues and the financial stability of sponsors and fund managers. Despite these difficulties, assets like Angel Trains and Belfast airport changed hands, although the mega-deal that was the Pennsylvania Turnpike sale failed to complete. The debt markets have all but dried up. The liquidity crunch that started with the housing market – wiping out the short-term commercial paper funding market and also claiming the CLO and CDO securitisation market – left banks with little source of liquidity and froze the interbank market. Governments across the world have stepped in to provide liquidity to banks, including full or partial nationalisation. The list is a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the project finance market: RBS, Lloyds/ HBOS, Dexia, Depfa, ING, Fortis. In addition, even though Lehmans was not a large infrastructure lender, their failure had an impact on liquidity as many lenders lost money on deposits and counterparty derivative positions. The US Government has also rescued and nationalised AIG with a two tranche financial injection – firstly $85 bn, then $38 bn (how does one actually spend $85 bn in the space of a few weeks?). This action provided a critical underpin to the CDS market where AIG were a dominant force. There are some early signs of improving markets conditions, with interbank lending rates crawling downwards on the back of government guaranteeing interbank lending. Regrettably this has not yet had any material impact on infrastructure finance liquidity. Also, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets is reported to have sold a €1 billion project finance-backed CLO structure to a single institutional investor.

Custom Leather Sewing
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Bison leather is a good example of the material used to create some of the beautiful, rugged things we can do with tanned hides, with or without the hair on. Bison leather can be used to make incredibly warm blankets and coats - as well as items such as chaps, gloves, boots, travel bags, hats and vests, to name a few.