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BDCS Exam Guide - NCARB
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Design a ramp and stairway connecting two levels that complies with accessibility and code requirements. Design a stairway connecting multiple levels that complies with accessibility and code requirements. Design a sloped-roof plan for the removal of rainwater and locate accessories and equipment. The division has been broken down into a listing of knowledge and skills directly related to each major content area. Space Planning and Facility Planning/Management Initiate schematic design and design development decisions including spatial visualization and modeling. Consider the impact of human behavior, historic precedent, and design theory in the selection of systems, materials, and methods on building design and construction. Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment, and Finishes Assess the selection of fixtures, furniture, equipment, and finishes made in schematic design and design development. Develop tasks, procedures, and methods associated with schematic design and design development such as basic engineering principles, spatial visualization and modeling. Design Principles and Design Impact on Human Behavior Assess the affect of form, scale, color, texture, ergonomics, lighting, universal design, spatial organization, and acoustics in building design to meet user needs and client requirements.

Wood & Metal Stairs Custom Designed From ... - Stairways Inc.

Experience: Three generations of craftsmanship and experience go into each stairway. Skilled engineering and cost efficient construction techniques are combined to create detailed stairways in metal and wood. Stairways are fully fabricated to the dimensions of your building. Each stair is built one step at a time. Custom stair work has been our speciality throughout the years and our stairways are simply the best available. In addition to spiral stairways, we manufacture all other types of stairs including circular and straight stairs. These stairs are available in many materials including mild steel, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Quality: Our stairs are manufactured from only premium grade materials. We at Stairways believe this to be one of the most important qualities of our stairs. We also provide designers, architects and engineers alike with the support necessary to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. Experience throughout the years has elevated us to national recognition as a leader in the design and manufacture of spiral and custom stairs with the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship in mind, at the lowest possible cost to you. Our fully equipped shop and experienced craftsmen can help you with your design. For years now we have set the industry standards for quality, reliability and on-time delivery of precisely manufactured factory built stair systems. Facilities: Our manufacturing facilities are situated on a two acre site in Houston, Texas. Here we house our metal and wood manufacturing plants along with our showroom filled with recently updated samples from our product line. We are continuing to develop new designs to better meet industry demands and provide the widest possible selection to meet your spiral stair needs, Newly acquired automated manufacturing equipment used by our experienced staff help in the timely delivery of your stair by enhancing the production process. Please visit our showroom to personally see our choices in balusters, treads and handrails to name a few, as well as meet with our professional staff to discuss your stair creation. Custom Capabilities: Through the use of modern technologies we are able to create almost any stair to fit your needs, Stairways Inc. has the ability to unite your choice of wood or metal components, patterned or smooth to add that personal touch to your stair. Our craftsmen take the time to listen to your ideas, requirements and concerns and are equipped to provide you with the options that are best suited to your needs.

Logic Puzzle Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, a novel by J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are trapped in a room with only two exits, both blocked by flames. On a table in the room are seven differently shaped bottles along with the following clues on a roll of paper: Danger lies before you, while safety lies behind, Two of us will help you, whichever you would find, One among us seven will let you move ahead, Another will transport the drinker back instead, Three of us are killers, waiting hidden in line. Choose, unless you wish to stay here forevermore, To help you in your choice, we give you these clues four: First, however slyly the poison tries to hide You will always find some on nettle wine’s left side; Second, different are those who stand at either end, But if you would move onward, neither is your friend; Third, as you see clearly, all are different size, Neither dwarf nor giant holds death in their insides; Fourth, the second left and second on the right Are twins once you taste them, thought different at first sight. (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Rowling, 1998, p. 285)

Harry Potter's Marauder's Map: Localizing and Tracking Multiple ...

A device just like Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map, which pinpoints the location of each person-of-interest at all times, provides invaluable information for analysis of surveillance videos. To make this device real, a system would be required to perform robust person localization and tracking in real world surveillance scenarios, especially for complex indoor environments with many walls causing occlusion and long corridors with sparse surveillance camera coverage. We propose a tracking-by-detection approach with nonnegative discretization to tackle this problem. Given a set of person detection outputs, our framework takes advantage of all important cues such as color, person detection, face recognition and non-background information to perform tracking. Local learning approaches are used to uncover the manifold structure in the appearance space with spatio-temporal constraints. Nonnegative discretization is used to enforce the mutual exclusion constraint, which guarantees a person detection output to only belong to exactly one individual. Experiments show that our algorithm performs robust localization and tracking of persons-of-interest not only in outdoor scenes, but also in a complex indoor real-world nursing home environment.

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MG Dentistry's In Office Teeth Whitening

MG Dentistry’s In Office Teeth Whitening Informed Consent Form To the CLIENT: You have a right to be informed about your condition and its treatment, so that you may decide whether or not to undergo the procedure after knowing the risks and hazards involved. This disclosure is not meant to scare or alarm you; it is simply an effort to make you better informed so you may give, or withhold, your consent for treatment. 1) I ___________________________understand that I will undergo Teeth Whitening treatment(s) using a high concentrated gel that is only to be administered by a dental professional. 2) I understand that multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results. Treatments can take from 30 minutes up to one hour. Additional treatments may be necessary to maintain desired results. Teeth Whitening works best on yellow stained teeth. Gray teeth are more difficult to whiten, or may not respond to treatment. Such cases may require porcelain veneers to achieve the desired result. No guarantee, warranty, or assurance has been made to me as to the results that may be obtained. Results will vary per patient. I agree to adhere to all safety precautions and regulations during the treatment. 3) Possible Side Effects can include but are not limited to: Allergic reaction to the gel solution, tooth sensitivity and irritation of the soft tissues (particularly the gums). 4) I understand that if I am not actively being treated by a dentist, my technician has no dental qualifications to diagnosis and that my teeth are not being examined for health, cavities, etc. 5) I am aware that I should be examined by a dentist prior to treatment. I will advise my technician if I...

treatment_options - Edgewater - Edgewater Pediatric Dentistry

Treatment Options Most children are calm, comfortable and confident in a pediatric dental office. The office is designed for young people, and pediatric dentists have additional training in caring for infants, children and adolescents. Staff members choose to work in a pediatric dental office because they like children and want to cater to their special needs. These elements combine to make your child feel relaxed and special. Sometimes, however, a child may feel anxious before or during treatment. Your child may need more support than a gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable. I. NITROUS OXIDE: multiple visits but very safe and effective Q: What is nitrous oxide/oxygen? Nitrous oxide/oxygen (N2O-O2) is a blend of two gases -- oxygen and nitrous oxide. A fitted mask is placed over the nose and, as the patient breathes normally, uptake occurs through the lungs. At the end of treatment, it is eliminated after a short period of breathing 100% oxygen and has no lingering effects. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a safe, effective sedative agent used to calm a child’s fear of the dental visit and enhance effective communication. Additionally, it works well for children whose gag reflex interferes with dental treatment Q: How will my child feel when breathing nitrous oxide/oxygen? Your child will smell a faint, sweet aroma and experience a sense of well-being and relaxation. Since it may produce a feeling of giddiness or euphoria, it is often called "laughing gas." Children sometimes report dreaming and their arms and legs may feel "tingly." It raises the pain threshold and may even make the time appear to pass quickly. If your child is worried by the sights, sounds or sensations of dental treatment, he or she may respond more positively with the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen. Q: How safe is nitrous oxide/oxygen?...

Choice of Lounges for Holidaymakers at Abu Dhabi Airport  080114 33

Abu Dhabi International Airport, one of the busiest in the UAE, offers a host of amenities and services to passengers

User's Manual - Projector Central
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This projector is designed compact in size and weight. It is easy to carry and installed anywhere you wish to use. The Power management function reduces power consumption and maintains lamp life (p.58). ◆ ◆ Functionally Rich Multi-use Remote Control ◆ Use the remote control as wired and wireless, or as a PC wireless mouse. Eight remote control codes and selectable pointer shapes are also available. Simple Computer System Setting Useful Functions for Presentation ◆ - Digital zoom function allows you to focus on the crucial information during a presentation (pp.15, 51). ◆ Security Function The Security function helps you to ensure security of the projector. With the Key lock function, you can lock the operation on the top control or remote control (p.59). PIN code lock functions prevents unauthorized use of the projector (pp.59–61). ◆ Logo Function The Logo function allows you to customize the screen logo (pp.55–56). You can capture an image for the screen logo and use it for the starting-up display or between presentations. The projector has the Multi-scan system to conform to almost all computer output signals quickly (p.38). Up to UXGA resolution can be accepted. ◆ Network-capable Through an optional Network Manager, you can operate and control the projector. ◆ ◆ Multilanguage Menu Display Operation menu is available in 12 languages; English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (p.54). This projector has many useful functions such as lens shifting, ceiling and rear projection, 360-degree projection, variety of lens options, etc. ◆ Power Management Helpful Maintenance Functions Lamp and filter maintenance functions provide for better and proper maintenance of the projector. ◆ Multiple Interface Terminals The projector has several interface terminals that can support various types of equipment and signals (pp.11–12). Lamp Control Brightness of the projection lamp can be selected (p.54). ✔Notes: •The On-Screen Menu and figures in this manual may differ slightly from the product. •The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.

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