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TABLE OF CONTENTS BASICS IN ELECTRICITY 4 • Definitions & major concepts • Wire calculations • Useful formulas HARNESS FUNDAMENTALS • Harness Basics • Wiring Clor Codes • Wiring Schematic • Tools of the Trade TROUBLESHOOTING 12 16 • Federal Requirements • ID Codes • Most Common Legal Questions DIAGNOSING HARNESS FAILURE 20 HARNESS REPAIR METHODS 26 INDEX / GLOSSARY 32 • • • • • • • • Diagnosing Harness Failure Connector Damage Harness Damage Mechanical Damage Harness Repair Methods Splicing New Wire Stripping and Crimping Basics Sealing New Wire ©2007 All rights reserved. Truck-Lite Co., Inc.  Definitions A comparison between electrical energy and water flow will be useful in explaining and understanding electrical concepts, but remember water and electricity generally should not be mixed. SECTION OBJECTIVES 1. Definitions & Major Concepts 2. Wire Calculations 3. Useful Formulas

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Intake Kit Installation Instructions: 2005-2007 Toyota Tacoma V6-4.0L (1GR-FE) Stage 2 Cx Kit Part # Make: Model Tacoma Year 2005-2007 Engine V6 - 4.0L P.O. Box 1719 Corona, CA 92878 Support: 951-493-7100 Step 1 Complete kit with parts. Step 6 Install 3/4” trim seal to housing. Place new housing into vehicle. Step 11 Remove M6 insert from OE airbox, loosen using adjustable wrench. Re-install onto new tube and tighten. 1) Clamp #048 1) Air filter P/N ( 24-90023, or Pro Dry S 21-90023 ) 2) Spacers, nylon 3/8” 1) Intake tube 1) 5/32” hose @ 17”L 1) Housing 3) Washer, flat: 1/4" 1) Coupling, hump: 4-1/8" x 3"L 2) Screws M4 x .7 x 16” 1) Coupler, reducer 3-1/8” x 2-15/16” x 3”L 1) Gasket, MAF sensor 3) Screws, hex M8 1) Clamp #052 Toyota Tools Required: 5/16” nut driver 10mm socket w/ extension and ratchet 12mm socket w/ extension and ratchet 13mm socket w/ extension and ratchet Flat head/slotted screwdriver Part List: 2) Clamp #064 51/54-11352 1) Brass fitting, hose 3/16x1/8” 1) 3/4” Trim seal @ 36”L Step 2 Complete stock intake. Step 7 With 13MM socket, tighten housing down using the M8 screws and 1/4” flat washers provided. Step 12 Temporarily install engine cover and position tube to align stud. NOW Tighten coupler clamps with 5/16” nut driver. Step 3 Remove engine cover with 10mm socket. With 10mm socket remove the 2 bolts holding in OE airbox. Disconnect the MAF sensor. Save the 2 cover nuts. Step 8 Remove MAF sensor from OE airbox using phillps screwdriver. Re-install to new aFe tube with hardware provided (make sure gasket and nylon spacers are between tube and sensor) using flat head screwdriver.Install brass hose fitting. Step 13 Install engine cover and use the two cover nuts from step 3 and tighten using 10mm socket. Step 4 With 12mm socket, loosen the two bolts holding in OE intake snorkel. Disconnect MAF sensor harness. Step 9 Place couplers on to tube with clamps provided, and install loose to allow repositioning. DO NOT TIGHTEN CLAMPS!

2007-2014 Toyota 5.7L iForce - Hypertech

2007-2014 Toyota Tundra 5.7 iForce, 2008-2014 Toyota Sequoia/Land Cruiser 5.7 iForce, & 2008-2014 Lexus LX570 5.7 iForce- Part #706001 Hypertech’s new product, the Interceptor, is a smart technology design that works with today’s generation of complex engine computers. The Interceptor easily mounts under the hood of a vehicle and plugs into the factory connectors to constantly monitor the vehicle’s functions. It then automatically recalculates the factory’s computer performance calibrations with legendary Hypertech Power Tuning. This means more horsepower and torque, quicker acceleration, better driveability, and improved MPG. The Interceptor Controller easily installs under the hood in about fifteen (15) minutes. The Interceptor Accelerator Pedal Controller installs in the vehicle’s interior on the driver’s side above the accelerator pedal in about fifteen (15) minutes. BEFORE installing the Hypertech Interceptor: Make sure the vehicle engine and ignition is turned OFF prior to beginning the installation. Tools needed for Interceptor installation: • flashlight Underhood sensor locations for installing the Hypertech™ Interceptor ™ Cam Sensor 1 (3-Pin) ...

Graduate electronics design engineer CV sample - Dayjob

Alan Higgins Graduate electronics design engineer AREAS OF EXPERTISE PERSONAL SUMMARY Display hardware A recently graduated electronics design engineer with a proven track record of repairing, researching, testing and producing precision components and systems. Focused with a in-depth understanding of designing, developing and maintaining electrical systems and components to required specifications. Network security Maintenance and repair Customer Service Possessing excellent communication skills & having the ability to communicate professionally with colleagues and clients. Alan is currently seeking a suitable electronics design engineer position with a reputable company. Fault diagnosis Negotiating Budget management Customer service 3D CAD systems ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS MSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering Nuneaton University 2007 - 2010 A levels: Maths (A) English (B) Technology (B) Science (C) Coventry Central College 2005 - 2007 WORK EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONAL Coventry Electronic Repair Services – Coventry ICT SUPPORT WORKER June 2010 - Present First Aid Responsible for meeting customer face to face, identifying their requirements and then professionally suggesting, explaining and providing technical solutions to them. PERSONAL SKILLS Time management Good team player Problem solving PERSONAL DETAILS Alan Higgins 34 Anywhere Road Coventry CV6 7RF T: 02476 888 5544 M: 0887 222 9999 E: DOB: 12/09/1985 Driving license: Yes Nationality: British Duties: Repairing customers LCD / TFT displays and other electronic products. Providing a comprehensive fault finding and repair service. Ensuring work place safety regulations are met. Dealing with a customers IT queries verbally or through demonstrations. Providing customers with quotations. Designing, assembling & testing optoelectronic & integrated electronic circuits. Checking and calibrating instruments to make sure they are accurate. Providing technical support to end users over the telephone. Having to mentor technical and non technical junior staff. Organizing routine servicing schedules for clients.


Subaru WRX/STi (2002-2006) QuickFit® And QuickFit Pro® Harnessbelts Safety through Technology Edition 01/2007 Patents granted in Patente wurden erteilt in DE GB I USA 3 735 077 2 211 070 1 207 344 4 854 608 Installation Operating Instructions Questions about Installation Package Contents Installation Operating Care and Maintenance Accessories and Spare Parts 01–12 02–03 04 04-07 07-11 11-12 12 INSTALLATION & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS This manual contains important information as well as DANGERs, WARNINGs and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONs regarding the proper installation, effective use and maintenance of the SCHROTH harnessbelt. Please be sure to read and thoroughly understand its contents before beginning installation and before using the system. Follow all instructions and SAFTEY INSTRUCTIONs carefully and be especially sure to heed all DANGERs and WARNINGs. Approvals: ® Subaru STi QuickFit Rallye 4 Harnessbelts Tested in accordance with applicable provisions of FMVSS 209 Always keep this manual in your car for reference and be sure to leave it with the car if you sell it with the harness belt system installed. Made in Germany by: Important information and instructions in this manual are shown: SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH Postfach 24 40 59714 ARNSBERG GERMANY Phone Fax DANGER deals with important points about the installation of the SCHROTH harnessbelt. Ignoring these warnings will create serious danger that can lead to serious personal injury or death. Congratulations! With the purchase of this SCHROTH asm® harnessbelt, you have chosen a sophisticated restraint system, which represents a further advance in harness restraint technology. Extensive research, testing and field experience has shown it to offer, when properly installed and worn, high levels of protection in head-on collisions. SCHROTH Subaru STi specific asm QuickFit® Series harness belts are only intended for installation at the left and right outboard front seating positions of designated Subaru STi model passenger cars which have been specifically evaluated by SCHROTH engineers for anchor point locations and suitability of available front seats. WARNINGS deal with important issues about installation, use, misuse or modification of the SCHROTH harnessbelt.

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MAZDA/SUBARU DUAL PORT Features both atmospheric and bypass ports. Easily converts to a full atmo or full bypass valve. Suits Mazdaspeed (MPS) 3 (BK Series), 6 and Mazda CX7, Subaru Legacy/Liberty GT, WRX MY08-current, Forester MY08-current. BLUE: BLACK: TS-0205-1009 TS-0205-1010 SUBARU DUAL PORT The Dual Port can be configured to vent to the atmosphere, back into the air intake or both! Plumb Back for the street, Supersonic for the race track, or Dual Port for the best of both worlds! Suits WRX MY01-MY07, STi MY01-current, Forester 05-07. BLUE: S S/R R S S/R M A U M AU R BLACK: NISSAN DUAL PORT Features both atmospheric and bypass ports. Easily converts to a full atmo or full bypass valve. Sequential ports provide a quiet operation on mild boost and full performance at full boost. Suits Nissan Skyline GTS-T and GT-R, R32, R33 and R34 (excluding R32 GTS-t). GT-Rs require x2 Dual Ports. SUBARU PLUMB BACK Street-legal! A full recirculating BOV, ideal for WRX enthusiasts who don’t want to be noticed. Easy to install and set up. Suits all 2001-2007 models, STi - MY01-current and Forester 05-07. BLUE: BLACK: S S/R R S S/R M A U M AU R BLACK: TS-0205-1026 S S/R R S S/R M A U M AU R TS-0205-1015 TS-0205-1016 TS-0205-1215 TS-0205-1216 S S/R R S S/R M A U M AU R NISSAN GT-R R35 DUAL PORT KIT SUBARU SUPERSONIC

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Adirondack Express Classifieds We Offer FREE Classifieds for private individuals selling personal merchandise or transportation. Up to 20 words, 4 issues, each additional word 20¢ CARS FOR SALE CARS FOR SALE CARS FOR SALE LEE BUICK GMC TRUCK INC. Rt. 12, Boonville • 315-942-2911 See Dick, Rick, Randy Or Mike • Facility Number 4330144 NOW IN STOCK - 2012 GMC TERRAINS 2012 Buick LaCrosse 2011 GMC Sierra Ext Cab SLE 4WD MSRP......................$31,290 Rebate......................-$1,000** MSRP......................$38,945 Rebate......................-$4,505* Sale Price..........$30,290 Sale Price..........$34,440 Stock #12645 Stock #12498 2011 GMC Sierra Crew Cab SLE 2011 GMC Sierra Reg Cab 4WD MSRP......................$38,175 Rebate......................-$4,505* Sale Price..........$24,910 Stock #12598 Stock #12666 *Or ask about 0% Financing for 12-60 months Plus $1,000 Rebate on Select Models **Or ask about 2.9% Financing for 12-60 months in lieu of rebate USED CARS Stk # Year Make & Model.....................................................Miles.................PRICE 12570A 2007 12714U 2008 12674A 2010 A Proud Member of the Carbone Auto Group AUTO PARTS, SERVICE 2002 GMC pickup, half ton. 92K. $5,000. (518) 894-3876 PARTS TRUCK-1987 Chevy pickup 4 wheel drive. Many new parts. $1000 firm. 518-234-3675 Cobleskill TRUCKS FOR SALE 1986 GMC Sierra Pickup, transmission needs attention, good shape, $800. (518)212-5496. Amsterdam 1997 FORD 150 XLT 4x4, V8, automatic, custom cab, tow, 59,000 miles. no rust. $8,000. (518)3592002. Piercefield ADIRONDACK EXPRESS CLASSIFIEDS IN PRINT & ONLINE PLACE YOUR AD NOW! (315) 369-2237

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What the !$#% was this plugin for anyway?! Maintaining a sustainable WordPress Multisite install Juliana Perry Web Services Project Manager Bryn Mawr College @JulianaBPerry Catherine Farman Front End Developer, WebLinc (previously Web Designer/ Developer, Bryn Mawr College) @cfarm 1 Who we are • Bryn Mawr College Web Services • Bryn Mawr College: 1,300 undergraduates, 400 graduate students • Tri-College Consortium with Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges 2 Our Setup Technology • WordPress 3.2 • • • Test & production Users • 390 blogs • 1,473 users • Students, Faculty, Staff from Tri-College Consortium What Blogs are used for... • Content Management • College news • Department news/events • Internal communications • Student/alumnae clubs • Faculty sites • Personal blogs 3 Bryn Mawr Blogs • Running WordPress since 2007 • Experiment/uncontrolled growth-> Core production service • Not recommended • But it happens... Helping Medical Professionals Find Sustainable Jobs

When looking for employment, serves as one the leading medical job boards online. With their extensive list of employment opportunities, candidates will be matched to a sales position where they can excel. They strive to provide an easy to use platform that save time and money when hunting for a career. With hundreds of new positions posted daily, there’s no easier way to find employment in the medical sales field.

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Triumph's Daytona 675 middleweight sports bike has drawn acclaim from riders, racers and the motorcycling press since its first appearance. Routinely occupying the front of the grid in both the British and World SuperSport series, the 675’s credentials on the racetrack have been proven beyond question. Triumph 675-based, racing & track day motorcycles custom-built up to British Supersport competition specification The engine at its heart follows Triumph’s trademark triple format, a configuration that combines the punchy mid-range exit drive of a v-twin with the peak power characteristics of an inline-four. The frame provides an ideal foundation of assured, agile and responsive handling. Triumph Daytona 675 Race & Track Day Bikes Since 2007, JHS Racing have specialised in developing and tuning the Triumph 675 for track use, refining both engine and handling to fulfil the specific demands of the circuit, adapting this exceptional base platform into a devastatingly effective Supersport weapon. JHS Racing have been creating competitive racing motorcycles for over a decade. We both build customer bikes to racing or track day specification as well as participating with our own race team in events up to and including the British Supersport series. In recent years we have specifically focused upon campaigning the Triumph 675. We are recognised as being among the UK’s foremost experts in optimising these motorcycles for maximum effectiveness on the racetrack. JHS Racing Limited Unit 3, Unity Court, Broadmead Lane, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1ST Tel: 0117 986 8844 email: Registered in the UK no. 6399852 See overleaf for full details of the customer race & track day motorcycles that we build to order. Learn more about us at: