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Microsoft Excel 2010 Product Guide

Microsoft® Excel® 2010 delivers rich, new and enhanced features to the world’s most popular productivity suite. Excel 2010 makes it possible to analyze, manage, and share information in more ways than ever before, helping you make better, smarter decisions. With new data analysis and visualization tools, along with managed self-service business intelligence technologies, you can create effective business or information insights that track and highlight important data trends and communicate your results through high-quality charts and graphs. You can also easily share your insights with others through Microsoft SharePoint® 2010 or your Windows Live™ account. Work better together by working simultaneously with others online and accomplish your most important tasks faster. Your information is never far away as you can access your files from almost anywhere—from your PC, a Web browser, or smartphone.1 With Excel 2010 you can work when and where you want. Whether you’re producing financial reports, managing personal expenses, collaborating with a team on school or work projects—even if your workbooks exceed a million rows—Excel 2010 makes it easier to get what you need done more quickly, with more flexibility, and with better results. Welcome to Excel 2010—our most powerful and intuitive version yet.

Excel 2010 Shortcuts - Wall Street Prep

Note: Some third party utilities, macros and add-ins can overwrite native shortcut keys, in which case they will not work. Formatting shortcuts Bold Italic Underline Format Box Clear cell Outline border Remove border Insert a comment CTRL + B CTRL + I CTRL + U CTRL + 1 ALT + H + E + A SHIFT + CTRL + & SHIFT + CTRL + _ SHIFT + F2 Copy Paste Paste Special Cut Repeat Undo Delete selected cells CTRL + C CTRL + V ALT H + V + S (ALT + E + S still works) CTRL + X CTRL + Y CTRL + Z CTRL + Minus sign Workbook navigation shortcuts Toggle Excel workbooks CTRL + TAB Split Screen ALT + W + S (F6 to jump from pane to pane) Freeze pane ALT + W + F New workbook CTRL + N Print CTRL + P Open workbook CTRL + O (CTRL + F12) Save workbook CTRL + S Activate menu bar ALT or F10 Min / Restore Ribbon CTRL + F1 Print preview ALT + F + W + V (CTRL F2) Close window CTRL + W (CTRL + F4) Close program ALT + F4 Other useful shortcuts Excel Options Recalculate all workbooks Display a drop-down list Display “Insert Function” box Display “Name” box Enter array formula Auditing shortcuts Trace immediate precedents Trace immediate dependents Remove tracing arrows Evaluate formula Track changes Zoom to selection Go to precedent cells Go to dependent cells Go back to original cell “Go to” ALT + F + T F9 ALT + up/down arrow keys ALT + I + F (SHIFT F3) CTRL F3 SHIFT + CTRL + Enter ALT + M + P ALT + M + D ALT + M + A + A ALT + M + V ALT + R + G ALT + W + G CTRL + [ CTRL + ] F5 + Enter F5 Tab navigation Move/ Copy a tab Change tab name Moving to left/right tabs New tab ALT + H + O + M ALT + H + O + R CTRL + Pg Up/Down SHIFT + F11 Row / column shortcuts Select column Select row Delete row(s) / column(s) Add row(s) / column(s) Group / ungroup rows and columns Fit column width CTRL + Space Shift + Space CTRL + 'minus sign' CTRL + SHIFT + 'plus sign' SHIFT + ALT + left / right arrow key ALT + H + O + I Data editing shortcuts Select All Fill Down Fill right Find Replace CTRL + A CTRL + D CTRL + R CTRL + F CTRL + H Edit cells Start a formula Insert AutoSum formula...

Website security company
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Webimprints is one of the most famous Cloud Computing Company in Mexico that offers all type of information security services to protect your organization confidential data assets.

Appthority App Risk Management, Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects

Appthority App Risk Management provides service that employs static, dynamic and behavioral analysis to immediately discover the hidden actions of apps and empower organizations to apply custom policies to prevent unwanted app behaviors. Only Appthority combines the largest global database of analyzed public and private apps with advanced policy management tools to automate control over risky app actions and protect corporate data.

How to change the oil and filter on a KTM LC4 ... - Adventure Rider

How to change the oil and filter on a KTM LC4 Revised on 10-26 This guide pertains to the following models: Adventure, SMC, Duke II & LC4E and is intended for the beginner. Some of the “tricks” described may be advantageous to the more seasoned owner. By no means is this guide to be construed as the “best” or only way to do this job. It is simply the way that works for me. Read it at your own peril. If you have read the previously posted valve inspect/adjust guide, you already know I'm a big fan of a clean and tranquil work space. No pets, wife, kids, gerbils... whatever. Drifty likes to play his laid back blues music, ... but if Godsmack relaxes and focuses your mind... Crank it! Successful wrenching is good mental therapy... Tool list This list is for the ’03 and later 640 Adventure. There appear to be a number of fastener and plug variations for prior years. The most notable differences are the switch from “outside” to “inside” frame drain locations; the size of frame filler plug and the change from a cartridge filter cover oring to a gasket. Revison 10-26-04 After input from Rad, rapiti, Markjenn and dirtrider... we have come to the conclusion that KTM if fond of making running changes in production without updating reference material. As far as I can tell, in mid '01 KTM switched from the o-ring cartridge filter cover to a gasketed cover. The lower right frame section, unless someone has more accurate data, remained a oval tube until, as far as we can tell...

Keypad Scanner and Encoder - University of Colorado Colorado ...

Lab #5: Design Example: Keypad Scanner and Encoder - Part 1 (120 pts) Objective The objective of lab assignments 5 through 9 are to systematically design and implement an FPGA-based keypad scanner. The keypad scanner will utilize a FIFO for data storage and retrieval, a display mux, and the seven-segment displays, slide switches, and LEDs of the Digilent Spartan3 prototyping board. The top level block diagram of the system is shown in Figure 1 and the I/O in Table 1. When a button of the hex keypad is pressed the system must decode the button and store the data in an internal FIFO. The read button will be used to read data from the FIFO and display the data on the seven-segment displays. The mode_toggle input will be used to toggle between display states so that more than eight signals can be presented for view on the LED’s. The LEDs will display the status of the FIFO and other information. The hardware prototype will be verified to operate with the Grayhill 072 hex Keypad. A system partition is shown in Figure 2. As input mode_toggle is depressed output DGrp will toggle between DGrp1, DGrp2, and DGrp3 as denoted in...

XY-Matrix Keypad Interface to MicroConverter ... - Analog Devices

Using a keypad input in a MicroConverter application is sometimes required for specific operations. It may be used to input data following a request from the MicroConverter or simply to trigger the MicroConverter to initiate a particular operation. The MicroConverter can be configured to poll the keypad continuously for an input, or the keypad interface can be configured in an interrupt driven system, depending on the system requirements. KEYPAD The keypad used for this application is a 16 - way XY-Matrix hexadecimal keypad (, Mfgr. No. ECO 16250 06, Farnell order code: 467-212). This keypad has eight connections at the rear—four columns (X1–X4) and four rows (Y1–Y4). Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the front and rear of the keypad. OPERATION There are two methods of operation: continuous polling, where the MicroConverter spends most or all of its time checking the keypad for a key press; and interrupt driven, where the MicroConverter is free to perform whatever other tasks are required and checks...

Parallel I/O and Keyboard Scanning
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Microprocessors can monitor the outside world using input ports. They can also control it using output ports. The 68HC9S12C32 performs I/O using 11 ports (although you will have access to only 6 I/O ports on board). Computer keyboards are typically wired as rows and columns of individual key switches. This switch matrix is then scanned to determine if a key is pressed, and if so, which one. The I/O capability of the 68HCS12 can be used to do this scanning. In this lab, you will learn, • How to perform simple parallel input and output transfers using ports M and T. • How to use polling to do data transfers. • How to interface the keypad with the 68HCS12. • How to scan the keypad and detect that a key has been pressed. • How to de-bounce the keypad using software. 7.2 Related material to read: • Basic Concepts of I/O: Section 7.2 in the text, page 230. • Overview of 68HC12 Parallel Port: Section 7.5 in the text, pages 234 – 242. • Interfacing with Simple Input & Output Devices: Section 7.6 in the text, pages 242 – 258. • Interfacing the 68HC12 to a Keypad: Section 7.8 in the text, pages 264 - 269. -1- Lab 7 • Parallel I/O and Keyboard Scanning Detailed register map: MC9S12C Family Device User Guide, pages 33 – 50. 7.3 Parallel I/O using 68HCS12: The 68HC12 has eleven 8-bit I/O ports, but for this lab you will only use ports M and T. The microcontroller uses its address, data, and control buses to control I/O hardware as if...

Keypad 4x4 User Manual - MikroElektronika

The keyboard is usually used as follows: 1. Four microcontroller’s pins should be defined as outputs, and other four pins should be defined as inputs. In order the keypad to work properly, pull-down resistors should be placed on the microcontroller’s input pins, thus defining logic state when no button is pressed. 2. Then, the output pins are set to logic one (1) and input pins’ logic state is read. By pressing any button, a logic one (1) will appear on some input pin. 3. By combining zeros and ones on the output pins, it is determined which button is pressed. Figure 3: Keypad 4x4 connection schematic A far easier way to load data by using keypad 4x4 is by employing ready-to-use funtions provided in the Keypad Library of any Mikroelektronika’s compiler. On the following pages there are three simple examples written for PIC16F887 microcontrolller in mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal programming languages. In all cases, the number loaded via keypad is converted into the equivalent ASCII code (0...9, A...F) and then it is displayed in the second line of LCD display. In this case, pull-down resistors are placed on output pins RD0 - RD3 and are used to determine logic zero (0) in idle state.

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KUNCI JAWABAN LATIHAN SOAL UJIAN SERTIFIKASI AKUNTAN PUBLIK (Certified Public Accountant – Exam) AAS APK AMSI (Audit & Assurance) (Akuntansi & Pelaporan Keuangan) (Akuntansi Manajemen & Sistem Informasi) No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI 1 A 2 C 3 C 4 C 5 D 6 B 7 B 8 B 9 D 10 B 11 D 12 B 13 A 14 D 15 A 16 D 17 D 18 D 19 B 20 C 21 C 22 B 23 B 24 B 25 C 26 C 27 D 28 A 29 D 30 A D D B A No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI A 31 D C 32 A C 33 D D 34 A B 35 C C 36 C B 37 A C 38 C A 39 C D 40 A C 41 D B D D B D D C D A C A A C C C A C A C C C B 42 D A B C 43 B A C B 44 D D C B 45 A C D B D 46 D B B C B 47 D D A D C 48 C C D D B 49 B B B D D 50 A C A C A 51 C A B C D 52 C C C B D 53 D B B C B 54 A D C B B 55 D A B C B 56 C C A A C 57 C C B B B 58 B B C C D 59 D D A D D 60 A A C C D A B C C C D A A C No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI 61 C A C 91 C B 62 A B C 92 A 63 B C B 93 B C B 64 A A C 94 D D 65 A B C 95 D D 66 A B A 96 B 67 D C C 97 C B B 68 A A A 98 D B 69 A C B 99 D D 70 D D B 100 A D 71 D D B 72 A B B 73 C D C 74 A A C 75 B D C 76 A B 77 D D 78 B C 79 B C 80 A B 81 B C 82 D B 83 A A 84 D D 85 D B 86 C C 87 B C 88 A B 89 D A 90 B A