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Outdoor Hillside Elevator Tram Lift Systems

This customer needed access to a sailboat on the San Francisco Bay. Poor soil conditions and seismic (earthquake) conditions required extra efforts to ensure structural stability. We worked with a local contractor who screwed helical anchor points into the hillside to a depth of 40 feet, and we mounted the system on a concrete continuous grade-beam.

Rocket® Colposcopy Range - Rocket Medical plc

Caring - We work hard for you, our customers and always aim to meet and ideally exceed your expectations. Dedicated Design Team - Rocket Medical has its own dedicated design team using the latest design software systems.We also collaborate with external specialist design houses and universities to expand our capabilities. Regulatory - We take quality seriously. We are registered to the stringent requirements of ISO9001, US FDA and also the dedicated European medical standard ISO13485 Innovative - Rocket Medical is always seeking new ideas, new techniques, new materials and new manufacturing processes to bring the best available products for your patients. Bio-compatibility - Rocket Medical is committed to ensuring you receive products of the highest quality and to achieve this we only use materials with bio-compatabilities established for long term usage. Our products are independently tested to FDA and European standards. Open, Approachable - You are always welcome to visit our factory and discuss our products and services. Many of our new product ideas come directly from you, our customers. Flexible - Where ever possible, we offer you the opportunity to customise our standard products to meet your own particular needs. Wide range of manufacturing skills - To better support you, Rocket Medical has assembled a remarkable range of manufacturing skills from large scale injection moulding to complex insert moulding, extrusion and fine detail tube finishing. High grade cleans rooms provide for the assembly of an increasingly wide range of products for Infertility, Interventional Radiology and Cardiothoracic applications. Longevity - Rocket Medical has been in existence since 1964 and has grown steadily. We are a privately owned company that plans and invests for the future so you can be assured of long term service and support.

Essay Solutions Methods: Know how to Invest in Essay Properly

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Connect to Care - Cisco
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We must address how we can extend access, improve outcomes and lower costs across the entire community of stakeholders. If we put our patients – their outcomes and information at the center, we can begin to build a picture of a connected health vision. Here’s a look:... Connect to Care Interactive map 1. Injury and Treatment Take a tour of an injured wrestler’s journey through Cisco’s Connect to Care Vision Injured Wrestler is initially treated by paramedic. Paramedic uses IP-enabled radio to inform local clinic of incoming patient. Click the hyperlink buttons below to learn more about Cisco’s solutions for Injury and Treatment: Unified Emergency Communications Secure Wireless Communications Interoperability Interoperability Systems previous Click the bubbles for a more detailed view of Connect to Care home next Connect to Care Interactive map 2. Treatment at Local Clinic Take a tour of an injured wrestler’s journey through Cisco’s Connect to Care Vision Wrestler is transported to local clinic and treated. Clinicians conduct remote consultations with specialists at primary hospital via Cisco TelePresence™, Expert on Demand and/or share images and collaborate through the Collaboration and Reporting solution. Click the hyperlink buttons below to learn more about Cisco’s solutions for Treatment at Local Clinic: Expert on Demand Secure Wireless TelePresence Collaboration and Reporting previous Click the bubbles for a more detailed view of Connect to Care home next Connect to Care Interactive map Take a tour of an injured wrestler’s journey through Cisco’s Connect to Care Vision 3. Admission to Primary Hospital Admitting personnel use wireless tablet computers to conduct initial exam and to fill out consent forms prior to ordering tests. Click the hyperlink buttons below to learn more about Cisco’s solutions for Admission to Primary Hospital: Mobile Collaboration previous Click the bubbles for a more detailed view of Connect to Care home next Connect to Care Interactive map 4. Security and Safety Take a tour of an injured wrestler’s journey through Cisco’s Connect to Care Vision Patient is placed in a room monitored by Cisco’s Physical Security for Healthcare solution, which can monitor room conditions. Click the hyperlink buttons below to learn more about Cisco’s solutions for Security and Safety: Medical-Grade Network (MGN) Nurse Connect EXTENSION Solution Suite

Cisco Connected Health
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Cisco Healthcare Solutions As a worldwide leader in networking, Cisco is well positioned to help improve the future of healthcare through networked technologies that transform how people connect, access and share information, and collaborate. Cisco® technologies can benefit all stakeholders, from patients to medical providers, payers, and life sciences organizations. Cisco Connected Health solutions enable care team collaboration and business efficiency while promoting a higher quality of care. • Better information at the point of care • Improved and integrated communications • Safe care environment • Privacy and protection of patient information Today, the average hospital network runs more than 300 applications. Patient data is scattered across disparate systems in public and private entities, and it can be difficult and costly for healthcare professionals to share vital medical, clinical, and patient information. Healthcare Industry Objectives Cisco helps simplify healthcare communications using a network of interoperable technologies that better connect patients with medical providers, payers, and life science organizations. Cisco solutions link critical information, people, and knowledge to help improve the healthcare experience. Our vision is a Connected Health ecosystem that helps to shape a world of health without boundaries. The Cisco Medical-Grade Network provides a network foundation that enables reliable, seamless, and secure health data communications within the healthcare community (Figure 1). This framework allows integration Figure 1. The Connected Health Community ...

2013 GMC Acadia Catalog_Spreads.indd -

GMC is dedicated to pushing the limits of what’s possible. Our commitment is to one ideal: building professional-grade vehicles that are engineered to offer the best in performance, innovation and versatility. Like you, GMC believes that just being good enough is never enough and jobs worth doing are worth doing right. It’s why the 2013 Acadia is a crossover without compromise. Designed to offer room for up to eight, its spacious interior can quickly transform to open up more cargo capacity than any competitor in its class. Power, refinement and advanced technologies combine to elevate Acadia above the ordinary. GMC. Engineering that never says never. A CROSSOVER WITHOUT COMPROMISE. The Denali name signifies a level of design and craftsmanship that is at the pinnacle of GMC engineering. Acadia Denali combines premium materials, distinctive style and advanced technologies to make this the premier choice in the crossover category. DENALI FEATURES For details, see corresponding page listed below. ...

2013 Acadia Brochure -

GMC is dedicated to pushing the limits of what’s possible. Our commitment is to one ideal: building professional-grade SUVs, trucks and vans. We engineer our vehicles to offer our best in performance, innovation and versatility. Because just like you, GMC believes that things worth doing are worth doing right. The 2013 Acadia is designed to help you get more out of your life. By redefining what a crossover can be, our newest model will exceed your expectations. Built with the latest technology, the new Acadia offers available seating for up to eight and a one-tank highway driving range of up to 528 miles.2 Combine that with modern utility and progressive safety advancements, and it will be our best Acadia yet. That’s what happens when our engineers never say never. That’s GMC. We Are Professional Grade. For a more in-depth look at the new Acadia, visit Coming late fall 2012. 1 EPA-estimated 24 hwy mpg (FWD). 2 A c a d i a D e n a l i i n w h i t e d i a m o n d t r i c o at a n d A c a d i a SLT i n c ry s ta l r e d t i n t c o at shown with available equipment. 1. s i g n at u r e G r i l l e Acadia Denali | Design. Refreshed. 2. B o dy- c o lo r fro nt & r e a r faS C ias 3. T w e n t y- IN C H W H EELS 4. F l o w -t h r o u g h D u a l E x h a u s t D i s t i n c t i v e p r e s e n c e . 1. Acadia Denali’s commanding presence is signaled by the distinctive look of its unique chrome grille. 2. Seamless style and smooth lines are highlighted by a uniformed look wrapped around the entire vehicle. 3. Twelve-spoke 20-inch aluminum wheels accentuate Acadia Denali’s athletic stance. 4. Dual outlets allow a more even exhaust flow and give Denali a clean, integrated look. 5. Acadia Denali in White Diamond Tricoat shown with available equipment. ...

2011 GMC Acadia Brochure - Optima

At GMC, more is what we do. Our dedication to engineering excellence leads us to constantly examine and refine the ideas that help give you more capability, power and control. For 2011, we are proud to introduce the redesigned GMC Sierra HD, including the first-ever Denali HD, our strongest, smartest and most powerful Sierra pickups ever, as well as the first-ever GMC Acadia Denali. These new vehicles join the legendary GMC Sierra and Yukon that offer the widest array of full-size hybrids available, and the GMC Terrain, with best-in-class highway fuel economy. 1 Together, they show how experience and innovation can overcome compromise. It’s why we never say never. GMC. We are Professional Grade. GMC ACADIA IS ENGINEERED WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE. WITH FLEXIBLE INTERIOR SPACE, CLASS-LEADING CARGO CAPACITY, BLUETOOTH®1 CONNECTIVITY AND ONSTAR,2 IT’S DESIGNED TO HELP YOU TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DAY, WHATEVER DIRECTION IT MAY TAKE. THIS IS ACADIA. A PREMIUM CROSSOVER THAT CAN TAKE ON ANY CHALLENGE YOU SEND ITS WAY WITH CONFIDENCE. IT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU NEVER SAY NEVER. ENGINEERED TO MAKE IT EASy.

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At GMC, we engineer all our trucks, vans, SUVs and crossovers to a higher standard. As a result, our Acadia performs without the compromises other crossovers require. There’s abundant space for up to eight adults in the well-appointed cabin. And when you need to haul serious cargo, Acadia reconfigures easily to help get the job done. The 288-horsepower 3.6-litre DOHC V6 engine puts performance at your disposal, yet Acadia consumes a mere 8.4 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres on the highway.* Acadia drivers also enjoy the assurance of the best coverage in Canada, including a 5-year/160,000 kilometre limited powertrain warranty. There’s even a range of models to help you choose the one that best suits your needs, including a choice of front or all-wheel drive and the new luxurious Acadia Denali. The 2011 Acadia from GMC. Why settle for less than professional grade? * 2011 Acadia FWD fuel consumption ratings based on GM testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. For more information go to LEFT: ACADIA SLT-2, shown in Red Jewel Tintcoat. RIGHT: ACADIA DENALI, shown in White Diamond Tricoat. 02 _ ACADIA

Fact Sheets - Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Rebuilding the Future The new World Trade Center embodies a bold vision: to remember, renew, and rebuild the future. With One World Trade Center, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, a state-of-the-art Transportation Hub, Vehicular Security Center, and more, the new site represents the triumph of the human spirit. The new World Trade Center is destined to become, once again, the world’s premier destination for commerce, culture and community. Fact Sheet 9/11 Memorial The National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center will memorialize the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, a national tragedy that changed the course of history. Visitors will be able to learn, remember and pay tribute to those who lost their lives in New York, N.Y.; Shanksville, P.A.; and Washington, D.C., as well as the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. “Reflecting Absence,” the Memorial, consists of two massive voids sized over the footprints of the original Twin Towers with waterfalls cascading down their sides. The names of those who perished as a result of the attacks are inscribed around the edges of the Memorial waterfalls. The Memorial Plaza serves as a contemplative space amid the cacophony of sights and sounds of Lower Manhattan. A state-of-the-art museum, featuring interactive exhibitions, artifacts, memorabilia, a resource center, and areas for reflection will complement the Memorial. Monthly Highlights The Plaza is now open to the public daily. Visitors use kiosks with interactive displays to direct them to the names on the bronze parapets. Concrete work continues in the remaining northeast quadrant of the plaza as work progresses in the Pavilion and the below-grade Museum. construction progress Project particulars • Steel erection commenced  on September 2, 2008, with the erection of a 7,700 pound column located near the footprint of the original World Trade Center’s North Tower. • A 65-foot-high by 62-foot wide piece of the original foundation wall, or slurry wall, is being preserved to allow visitors of the Memorial Museum to view it. A reinforcing wall was built behind this section to ensure the slurry wall’s integrity. • A total of 65,000 cubic yards  of concrete, coupled with 8,658 tons of steel, are being used to build the Memorial. • The design for the Memorial  was conceived by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker. More than 5,200 entrants from 63 nations completed in the Memorial Design Competition. Pavilion The Pavilion electrical contractor is pulling lines to feed power to equipment on the 3rd floor while maintaining temporary light and power during work hours. The miscellaneous metals contractor is installing miscellaneous steel throughout the site. The concrete contractor will be stripping formwork on the roof and the 3rd floor. Memorial Museum The plumbing contractor is working on punch list items while maintaining temporary water. In addition, the carpenter is installing sheetrock around the pick hole with the use of a lift on elevation 242' as well as plastering sheetrock walls around the South Footprint. The electrical contractor is maintaining temporary light and power. Johnson Controls will be working on start-up equipment in the north and south mechanical rooms at elevation 284' and elevation 264', respectively. Five Star is working on IT at the Telecom Main Distribution Frame (MDF), and working on fire alarm systems throughout the site. The contractor is installing light fixtures on the catwalk above the west chamber ceiling. The concrete contractor is installing formwork and rebar at elevation 284' by the Grand Staircase.