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Effective Factors in the Implementation 0f ELT Curriculum Innovations

This paper highlights the complex process of the implementation of ELT curriculum innovations. It also confirms that teachers are not simply implementers of policies that are handed down to them, but they interpret, modify, alter, and implement these policies according to their beliefs and the context where these policies are being implemented. In addition, this paper, illustrates a number of factors which influence how teachers implement and make sense of ELT curriculum innovations. This paper provides significant implications and useful messages for curriculum developers, teachers’ education programs, and educational policy makers.

Certain Simultaneous Quadruple Series Equations

Integral and Series equations are very useful in the theory of elasticity, elastostatics, diffraction theory and acoustics. Particularly these equations are very much useful in finding the solution of crack problems of fracture mechanics. In this paper , a closed form solution of certain simultaneous quadruple series equations involving Konhauser Orthogonal Polynomials has been obtained.

An Empirical Study of Agile Software Development Methodologies A Sri Lankan Perspective

The challenges with developing software systems led to a switch from traditional software methodologies like Waterfall towards the Agile software methodologies. Agile methodologies are an established process for developing software nowadays and are relatively considered to be quick. These Agile software methodologies have become more and more popular in recent times, and Scrum in particular has been adopted by many companies.


This paper examines communication as a means through which skills acquisition can be transmitted effectively to students of tertiary institutions so they can be equipped for self-reliance. Over the years, students at the tertiary level of education seem to be faced with problems of communication. Such problems affect their enthusiasm or motivation for purposeful achievement in the area of skills acquisition. Effective communication, therefore, is one tool, which this paper prescribes in the process of equipping students with the requisite knowledge for entrepreneurial training.

Wind Energy Potential Assessment of Yola

This report present an assessment of wind energy potential of Yola town, the Adamawa State capital based on the Weibull Model using 15yaers mean monthly wind speeds covering (1986-2000) taken at height of 10m. Power densities were found to range from 0.594Wm-2 in November to 2.802Wm-2 in April and energy density was found to range from 0.442kWhm-2 to 2.082kWhm-2. Principles of extrapolation were applied at a height of 30m using roughness of 0.214. Power and energy densities at this height, were found to range from 1.203Wm-2 to 5.672Wm-2 and 0.894kWhm-2 to 4.215kWhm-2 respectively. Weibull’s distribution parameters k, c and Г functions were also computed and their average values were 2.537, 1.408ms-1 and 0.634 respectively. The Assessment reveals that Yola is not a good zone for generation of electrical energy from wind. However, it can be suitable for wind mills for water pumping and grinding or milling pulses and grains.


Most urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria that inhabit the intestinal tract as normal flora. Escherichia coli being one of the predominant inhabitants of the bowel have often been queried to cause of vast majority of the UTIs especially among women. Mid -stream clean catch technique was adopted in the collection of 500 urine specimens which were analyzed using standard method of urine culture technique.

The 2015 AEC Business Competition, Business Intelligent and Implications for Small Medium Enterprises Competitiveness

ASEAN Economic Community 2015 will be contributing to the high competition in Indonesia. The agreement which has been settled to bring the single market in ASEAN, with free flow of investment, services and even human resources in the region, should be considered by every enterprise both national and entity who does business in regional area. Intelligence Business is a right step to gather relevant information in order to manage into knowledge. Managing knowledge can be catalyzed as a Knowledge Management; aims to encourage every enterprise doing a value creation through new and unique knowledge as a form of innovation that can deliver a competitive advantage for the enterprise. Therefore, innovation is the competitiveness that deserves to be developed in order to bring the enterprise continuing to stand strong amid the competition itself.

Tahir Ilahi as behavior principles of representation for financial statements based on the Ten Commandments

The aim of this research is to understand management behaviour in financial statement representation. Sincerity is the starting point for building the desired behavior as explained in this paper. In Indonesia, research relating to the complicated issue of financial statements—and the representation of these (including their reporting)—is seldom addressed. Therefore, this particular research has been completed in-country (Indonesia) with the focus being made on the Synod of the Protestant Christian Church in Bali (GKPB).

Role of female education for their economic empowerment in rural areas A Case study of Jalalabad Union Parishad in Bangladesh

This study focused to analysis of the role of education for female’s economic empowerment in rural areas in the context of rural development. In rural areas their empowerment has increased and has taken a significant place in different development programs. The objectives of this study are to examine effects of education on female’s empowerment and its impact on rural development and in the economic sphere. About 160 million people live in Bangladesh. More the 70% people live in rural areas. Among rural people half is female.

Improving the Security of MANETs Oriented Military Intelligence using Biometrics Authentication Technologies

In many parts of the world, the military has been very busy in recent times engaging in terror and other related wars. This requires that men and materials have to be located in different parts of their strategic geographic centres. And in order to ensure a fast communication with these bases, the military often deploys Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs). MANETs carry such intelligence information as: deployment information, readiness information, and order of battle plans to their various bases. The nature of these information is such that any compromise on them could be disastrous to the courses of action of the bases. This paper identifies user authentication as a key issue in strengthening security concerns in MANETs. The paper further adopts biometrics technologies as the trending options for the purpose of obtaining a truer reflection of the identities of the users of ad-hoc networks. This paper therefore, reviews various biometrics technology implementation strategies available