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Printing from the Epson 3800 (PDF) - Art and Design

How to Print on the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 from Adobe InDesign CS5 Last modified 04/14/11 1. Select your paper size. a. Click the Setup tab (left-¬‐hand side of the menu). b. Set the paper size you are using. Make sure to select the proper tray! Selecting just the paper type (i.e. US Letter) will print from the normal tray. Selecting ‘Manual Tray’ (i.e. US Letter – Manual’) will print form the very back tray (should only be used for fine art or very thick papers like cardboard, cardstock is OK out of the normal tray). c. You can also set the paper size or custom paper size from the ‘Page Setup’ menu in the bottom left corner. d. (Optional based on your print): Scale the image to 100%, select “Constrain Proportions” and set the “Page Position” to “Centered.” Or ‘Scale to Fit,’ but this option may stretch/compact your image! 2. Select the General tab on the menu sidebar. a. Print one page at a time by selecting “Range.” 3. Select the Color Management tab. a. Next to “Printer Profile” select the proper paper profile for your paper! This must be set for proper results! Use the chart to the left of the printer for paper types and corresponding profile name. If you are unsure use “Pro38 EMP.” 4. Click the “Printer…” button at the bottom of the window. 5. Select “Printer Settings” from the dropdown menu. a. Set the media type (paper) you are using. This should correspond to the paper profile you selected in step 3. If you are unsure use ‘Enhanced Matte Paper’ b. Set the “Color Mode” to off. c. Set the output resolution to 720 dpi, 1440 dpi, or 2880 dpi depending on paper and image quality. For text heavy documents use a lower dpi, for high resolution images/graphics on a quality (i.e. thicker) paper use a higher dpi. 6. Load your paper and adjust the gray slider securely next to the paper. Select “Print” to print your document Note: This printer will print the top of your document first, face up on the paper (i.e. it will print on the side of the paper facing you).

iOS Publishing Companion Guide for Professional and ... - Adobe

Please note that the content in this guide is protected under copyright law even if it is not distributed with software that includes an end user license agreement. The content of this guide is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Systems Incorporated assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in the informational content contained in this guide. Please remember that existing artwork or images that you may want to include in your project may be protected under copyright law. The unauthorized incorporation of such material into your new work could be a violation of the rights of the copyright owner. Please be sure to obtain any permission required from the copyright owner. If you are reading this guide, you are in the process of creating an iOS app with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Single Edition license, download the “Step-by-Step Guide for Single Edition.” It’s available from the Help menu of the DPS App Builder. If you’re creating an app for Android or Amazon devices, see this article: This process of submitting an app to the App Store can be completed by anyone willing to read directions, pay attention to detail, and follow step-by-step instructions. Most of the steps do not require an understanding of Adobe InDesign. For this reason, you may choose to enlist the help of a co-worker or someone else in your company to help you with this process. Don’t wait until the last minute to read this guide. You can expect to spend two or three hours completing

Autodesk Navisworks Freedom Readme
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This Readme contains late-breaking information about Autodesk Navisworks Freedom 2013 that may not be included in the online documentation or in Help. For new and updated information about all Autodesk© products, visit our website at Installing Autodesk Navisworks If you have previously installed any beta version of Autodesk Navisworks Freedom 2013, you must completely uninstall these pre-release versions. Customer Involvement Program During the first week of Autodesk Navisworks Freedom 2013 use, a new window will appear to invite you to join the Customer Involvement Program (CIP). By joining, Autodesk Navisworks will send anonymous data to Autodesk related to the use of the application. We strongly encourage you to participate in the program, and assure you there is no risk to your privacy. We hope you will help us improve our product through this effort. What does CIP track? ■ Number of minutes you are running the software. ■ Number of sessions that end due to stability issues. ■ Menu actions triggered. ■ Import/export actions (including file extension used). ■ Scene statistics after a load or import (number of objects, faces, vertices, and so on). 1 ■ Machine configuration (resolution, hard disks). ■ Other Autodesk products installed. ■ Plug-in (DLLS) installed with Autodesk Navisworks. What does CIP not track? ■ There is no way for CIP to track any information related to the user. ■ There is also no way to track information outside of Autodesk products. Customer Involvement Program To turn the CIP on or off 1 Run Autodesk Navisworks. 2 On the InfoCenter toolbar, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Help button . 3 Click Customer Involvement Program. 4 In the Autodesk Customer Involvement Program dialog box, select to start or stop participating. ...

Quick Setup Guide NS-NAV02R GPS - Insignia

Using your GPS 1 Turn on your GPS. When you turn it on for the first time, the Language screen opens. 2 Touch the language you want. You can select English or Español.The Voice screen opens. 3 Touch the voice your want to use for the speech feature. The Time Zone screen opens. 4 Touch the time zone where you are currently located, then touch OK. A splash screen appears for a few seconds, then the safety Warning appears. 5 To continue on to the device features, touch I Agree at the bottom right of the screen. The Home screen appears. Using the Home screen From the Home screen, you can see where you are, find a route to a place of interest, or change settings. • To see where you are, touch Map • To find a route: 1 Touch Go to. The Main menu opens. 2 Touch Address. A keypad opens. 3 Enter an address. The GPS automatically calculates the best route choice to direct you to that address. See Creating a route to an address in your User Guide for more detailed instructions. • To change settings, touch Settings at the bottom right corner of the screen. To learn more about these settings, see Setting up your GPS preferences in your User Guide. Using the Main menu On the Home screen, touch Go to. The Main menu opens. • Go home — Touch to calculate a route to your home address from wherever you are. To learn more about setting your home address, see your User Guide. • Favorites — Touch to get directions from your location to places you have saved as Favorites. To learn more about adding favorites, see Adding or removing an address on your Favorites list in your User Guide. • Search — Touch to enter locations or points of interest for directions to restaurants, theaters, public services, and more. • Address — Touch to navigate to an address or intersection near the address. • Recent — Touch to navigate to your most recent destinations without having to enter them again. • Browse — Touch to search categories, including gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest. • Back—Touch to return to the previous screen. • Menu—Touch to go to the Home screen....

English - Insignia
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Creating a route to an address 1 Touch Go to on the Home screen. The Main menu opens. 2 Touch Address on the Main menu. The city in which you are located is displayed, along with cities to which you have recently navigated. If this is the first time you are using the GPS, only the name of the city of your current GPS location is shown. 3 Touch the name of the city to which you want to navigate. The Enter House number keypad opens. - OR To go to a city that is not listed, touch Other city to open the Enter City name keypad, then enter the name of the city you want and touch Next. The Enter House number keypad opens. 4 Enter the house number, then touch Next. The Enter Street Name keypad opens. 5 Enter the name of the street. After entering a few characters, the GPS displays a list of street names that include those characters. 6 Touch the street name you want. If the street name is not on the list, touch the back arrow and re-enter the street name, then touch Next. The address card for your destination opens. 7 Touch Go. The GPS calculates your route. When the calculation is complete, the route is highlighted on the map view and the voice prompts begin. • To view the turn-by-turn maneuvers, touch the distance to next maneuver button at the top left of the map view. • To zoom in, touch the + button on the right side of the screen. • To zoom out, touch the - button on the side of the screen. • To pan across the map and view portions that are beyond the limits of the screen, touch the map anddrag your finger. When you do this, the GPS displays “Pan Mode” at the top of the screen. • To return to your last known location from Pan Mode, touch center car at the bottom of the screen. • To return to the Map view, touch the back arrow at the bottom left of the screen.

English - Insignia
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WARNING: The assembly must not be mounted so that it impairs the driver’s view of the road. Make sure that your car’s airbags are not obstructed by the GPS. Use the supplied mounting bracket and cradle to mount your GPS in a vehicle. 1 Slide the mounting cradle onto the end of the mounting bracket to secure it. 2 Set the bottom edge of the GPS onto the mounting cradle. Then push the retaining bracket at the top of the mounting cradle (1) toward the GPS unit. To remove the unit, push the retaining bracket at the top of the mount cradle toward the back of the GPS. 3 Lift the suction cup lever, then press the suction cup to the windshield. Press down on the suction cup lever (2) to secure the bracket to the windshield. 4 Rotate the mounted GPS (3) to a comfortable viewing position. Connecting power to your GPS Connecting to a cigarette lighter socket CAUTION: Disconnect the GPS from the DC power adapter when starting the vehicle. • Plug the USB connector on the DC power adapter into the USB port on the side of the GPS, then plug the DC plug into the vehicle’s 12-24V DC accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket). Getting started Using your GPS 1 Turn on the GPS. A splash screen appears for a few seconds, then the Safety Warning appears. 2 To continue using the GPS, touch I Agree at the bottom right of the screen. The Main menu opens....

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Enjoy a World Class Massage from one of our talented Massage Therapists who each have over 18 years of experience. Call 805-544-2040 or dial 0 from your room. Swedish Massage Our relaxation massage uses light to medium pressure with long, flowing, connecting strokes. The results are increased circulation and flexibility. 25 minute $60 55 minute $85 80 minute $120 Deep Tissue Massage Our therapeutic massage reaches deeper layers of muscle tissue using a combination of medium to deep pressure, relieving chronic pain, stiffness, and discomfort. 25 minute $70 55 minute $100 80 minute $140 Apple Cider Shea Butter Massage & Face Wrap A series of acupressure points to the back, neck, and shoulders are followed by an all over deliciously rich Shea Butter massage. A face wrap and scalp massage conclude the session. 25 minute $65 55 minute $95 80 minute $135 Pomegranate and Jojoba Oil Massage Pomegranate seed oil is perfect for an autumn rejuvenation massage, rich in anti-oxidants vital to health and wellbeing. As a natural moisturizer, it helps to restore vitality and relieve muscular aches. 25 minute $65 55 minute $95 80 minute $135 Luxurious Rose Oil Massage A soothing Swedish massage using therapeutic grade essential rose oil is followed by aromatic steamed towels, a toning face massage and finished with a lovely rose spritz. 25 minute $70 55 minute $100 80 minute $140 Aromatherapy Massage Enjoy an aromatherapy massage to relax the body and soothe the mind. You and your therapist will consult to determine the best essential oil blend to meet your needs. 25 minute $65 55 minute $95 80 minute $140 Massage for Mothers-To-Be Enjoy a massage designed for the unique needs of expectant mothers at any stage of their pregnancies. This therapeutic massage increases circulation and restores mental clarity. 25 minute $70 55 minute $95

“BRAVIA” | i-Manual online | KDL-55HX729/46HX729 -

How to Use i-Manual “BRAVIA” TV Features Watching TV Settings/Home Menu Using Other Equipment/Internet Trademark information Parts Description Troubleshooting Bookmarks Displays the on-screen instruction manual (this manual). Settings/Home Menu Using Other Equipment/Internet Parts Description Troubleshooting Bookmarks Index Displays the on-screen instruction manual (this manual). Please review the Setup Guide (Operating Instructions) accompanying this television for important information on usage. Indicators on the i-Manual screen i-Manual online map : Previous page indicator : Previous layer indicator : Next page indicator Color button operation indicator i-Manual operations To return to the previous layer/proceed to the next layer, press To step through pages, press To jump to the top page of i-Manual, press the corresponding color button. To bookmark the page/remove bookmark, press the corresponding color button. To operate the TV or change settings, press i-MANUAL to exit i-Manual. Some features can be started directly from the i-Manual. Press this feature] is displayed at the bottom of the screen. to start the feature when [Use “BRAVIA” TV Features 3D Feature Presence Sensor “BRAVIA” Internet Video Settings/Home Menu Wireless LAN Using Other Equipment/Internet “BRAVIA” Sync with “Control for HDMI” Parts Description TrackID™/Music Search/Video Search Skype Ready Troubleshooting Bookmarks 3D Feature Rovi On Screen Guide™ Favorites Wide Mode Using Other Equipment/Internet Picture Mode Parts Description Twin Picture (PIP) Troubleshooting Photos/Music/Videos Twin Picture (P&P) Settings/Home Menu About the Home Menu Settings Picture & Display Settings/Home Menu Sound Using Other Equipment/Internet Preferences Parts Description Channels & Inputs Troubleshooting i-Manual Network Product Support Bookmarks ...

Text, Web, and Editing Programming Guide for iOS - Apple Developer

Contents Configuring the Keyboard for Web Views 39 Managing the Keyboard 40 Receiving Keyboard Notifications 40 Displaying the Keyboard 42 Dismissing the Keyboard 42 Moving Content That Is Located Under the Keyboard 42 Copy, Cut, and Paste Operations 47 Copy-Paste Operations in UIKit 47 Pasteboard Concepts 48 Named Pasteboards 48 Pasteboard Persistence 49 Pasteboard Owner and Items 49 Representations and UTIs 49 Change Count 51 First Steps: Identify the Selection and Display the Edit Menu 51 Copying and Cutting the Selection 51 Pasting the Selection 53 Ending an Operation 54 Custom Views for Data Input 55 Input Views and Input Accessory Views 55 Playing Input Clicks 57 Adopting the UIInputViewAudioFeedback Protocol 57 Playing Input Clicks 58 Displaying and Managing the Edit Menu 59 Managing the Selection and the Edit Menu 59 Adding Custom Items to the Edit Menu 62 Dismissing the Edit Menu 63 Using Text Kit to Draw and Manage Text 64 Primary Text Kit Objects 65 Text Attributes 66 Character Attributes 66 Paragraph Attributes 67 Document Attributes 67 Attribute Fixing 67 Changing Text Storage Programmatically 68 Working with Font Objects 68 Document Revision History 105 2013-10-22 | Copyright © 2013 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2013-10-22 | Copyright © 2013 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Welcome to the world of Motorola digital wireless communications! We are pleased that you have chosen the MOTORAZRTM V3 GSM wireless phone. Smart Key Voice Key Create voice records & voice dial names. Volume Keys Left Soft Key Perform function in lower left display. 040128o Menu Key Right Soft Key Perform function in lower right display. Operator Key Send Key Make & answer calls. Accessory Connector Port Insert charger & phone accessories. Message Key 4-Way Navigation Key with Center Select Power & End Key Turn phone on/off, end calls, exit menu system. 1 Check It Out! Camera Lens Smart Key Take self-portrait photo with camera when flip is closed. Feature Take Photo Take Self-Portrait (flip closed) Send Photo 2 Bluetooth® LED Indicator External Display View incoming call information, use as camera viewfinder when flip is closed. Description Press CAMERA (+) to activate the camera, point lens at subject, press CAPTURE (+) to take a photo. Activate the camera, close the flip, use viewfinder to aim lens, press smart key to take a photo. Send a photo to a phone number or email address: Take photo, then press STORE (+) > Send In Message. Feature Set Photo as Picture ID Send Multimedia Message Wireless Connection Description Assign a photo to a phonebook entry to allow picture caller ID: Take photo, then press STORE (+) > Apply as Phonebook Entry. Send a multimedia message with pictures, animations, sounds, and videos: E > Create Message > New Multimedia Msg Set up a Bluetooth® wireless connection to a headset accessory, car kit, or external device: M > Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Setup > Power > On, press BACK (-), press > Handsfree > [Look For Devices] 032380o