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Fact Sheet: Comparative Economic Analysis for Raleigh County

Significant Quotes from the Downstream Strategies Economic Study: Based on the findings of this report, state and local leaders should reconsider their singular focus on the extraction of coal resources in southern West Virginia and chart a common path forward with local citizens that not only preserves private profits, but also strives – as a central objective – to sustain the local economy over the long term.” “As demonstrated by these calculations (in the report), a wind farm on Coal River Mountain combined with a new local wind industry would provide the greatest long-term economic benefits to the citizens of Raleigh County. In contrast, mountaintop removal coal mines would provide larger short-term economic output and greater profits to the landholding companies that own the coal and the mining company poised to begin mining. But these profits would come at the cost of generating human health and environmental externalities.” “In short, the private interests of the landholding companies and the leaseholders suggest one course of action (MTR), while the long-term benefits to local citizens and the county suggest an alternative (wind).” “As shown (in the study), should a local turbine manufacturing (plant) be available, the number of jobs and the associated earnings and economic output would be much more significant (than the proposed MTR) for the Coal River Mountain wind farm. In the lon ...

Global Microdisplays Market in 2016

Microdisplays Market research report categorizes the global market on the basis of different products, applications, the technology being used to develop the microdisplays.

Hot Melt Adhesives Market is Expected To Reach $7 Billion by 2018

Hot Melt Adhesives Market report categories the Global Market by Products (EVA, Styrenic Block, Polyolefin, Polyurethane, & Others), By Applications (Packaging, Non-Woven, Pressure Sensitive, Construction, Bookbinding, & Others), by Geography

Global Solid State (Smart) Transformer Market

The growth of the Solid state (smart) transformer market is expected to be exponential; in 2020 the market is expected to reach $ 5,043.39 million at a CAGR of 82.3% from 2012 to 2020. The report is segmented into four major geographical regions; namely Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World.

Mass Spectrometry Market in 2018

Mass Spectrometry Market report categories the Global market by Application (Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Environment/Food & Beverages), Technology & Geography.

Why A Skip Trace Service Is The Best Way To Locate People For Legal Matters | A skip trace can be the fastest and most cost effective way to locate a missing person for the purposes of legal matters. The request must come from an attorney and results are usually obtained within 3 weeks. Qualified, trained investigators carry out the searches and report back to clients with guaranteed results if the missing person is located.

Why Process Servers Can Make Your Life Easier | Civil process servers can save time and money because they are dedicated to one task – finding people and serving legal papers. They have the training, local area expertise and computerized resources to complete the task and report back in a timely manner that will hold up in court.

PCB Design Guidelines for 0.4mm Package-On ... - Texas Instruments

Ball grid array (BGA) packages having 0.4mm ball pitch require careful attention to printed circuit board (PCB) design parameters to successfully yield reliable and robust assemblies; the standard rules of thumb don’t apply anymore. In fact, the design guidelines for 0.4mm and 0.5mm differ primarily due to issues surrounding shorts or opens between balls under the processor. In addition to the design rules, fine-pitch board design is a team effort. Close coordination and communication between the device supplier, the PCB designer, the board fabricator, and the assembly shop is mandatory. The following factors have a major effect on the quality and reliability of PCB assembly: pad design, via-in-pad (VIP) guidelines, via finishing, stencil design, solder paste requirements, solder paste deposition and reflow profile. This application report provides a starting point for understanding the current set of guidelines. It is strongly recommended that you perform actual studies in conjunction with your assembly house and board supplier to optimize the process.

A generic structure for business process modeling

Business process reengineering (BPR) is a popular term since the 1990s, especially after Hammer, Champy, and Davenport published books to elaborate BPR related issues and cases (Hammer and Champy, 1993; Davenport, 1993). Several companies and organizations report their successful experiences by applying revolutionary approaches to obtain dramatic, radical, and fundamental changes as Hammer and Champy (1993) suggested. However, people rethought the myths of BPR after recognizing that 70 percent of BPR’s efforts failed (Davenport and Stoddard, 1994). One of these myths is that business process redesign does not come from a clean slate to build new processes from scratch. Generalized from various BPR methodologies as shown in Table I, we identify one common task of these methodologies: to model the existing and new business process (Davenport, 1993; Kettinger et al., 1995). Notably, business processes modeling (BPM) is essential within a BPR life cycle. The BPM within BPR mainly plays two important roles: (1) to capture existing processes by structurally representing their activities and related elements; and...

Refurbished Medical Equipments Market 2017

[314 Pages Report] Refurbished Medical Equipments & Devices Market Report analyzes the market potential for devices used for refurbishing for different medical usages.