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670-A and 770-A Security Command® Keypads - Digital Monitoring ...

The DMP 670-A and 770-A Security Command keypads provide an attractive, user friendly control with optional 2-button Panic keys for use with DMP Command Processor™ panels. Each keypad also provides supervised or unsupervised operation, an easy to read 16 character fluorescent blue display, AC LED, backlit keyboard, low profile styling, and six designer colors to compliment a variety of room decors. Security Command keypads operate on 6 to 16 VDC at 100mA with an unlit display. Current increases to 125mA with the display lit. Keypads can be installed on individual wiring runs of up to 500' using 22 gauge wire or up to 1,000' using 18 gauge wire. 2-Button Panic Keys The Panic key function of the 670-A and 770-A keypads lets users easily send a Panic, Emergency, or Fire report to the central station from DMP panels. The user must press and hold the appropriate two Select keys for two seconds until a beep from the keypad is heard. At Top row SELECT keys the beep, the panel sends an alarm report to the central station Labelshows } iconsonly with the following loop numbers: 19 - Panic, 29 - non-medical Emergency, and 39 - Fire.

People Responsible Business Report 2013 ... - Freshfields

We strive to mitigate our contribution to climate change and to reduce our use of resources. In addition, we offset our carbon emissions and support climate change adaptation projects. We want to conduct our business in an ethical and sustainable manner. As part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact (UNGC), we have sought to integrate the 10 UNGC principles into our business, including through our values, culture, operations and business decisions. This report outlines our progress to date. To be the leading international law firm, we need to recruit, develop and retain the best people. Talent can come from anywhere, and our employees want to work in a culture that’s diverse and inclusive. We aim to be open and transparent in reporting on our responsible business activities. Turnover... Beyond regulatory compliance, we want to conduct – and be known for conducting – our business ethically and with integrity. We have the most impact when we do what we do best: giving legal advice, whether to tackle the complex multi-jurisdictional issues that NGOs face, or to help vulnerable individuals navigate a legal system.

Business as Usual is Not an Option - NYU Stern School of Business

About the Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University Stern School of Business “At NYU Stern, we develop people and ideas that transform the challenges of the 21st century into opportunities to create value for business and society. Our Center for Business and Human Rights is the embodiment of that mission. By creating a safe haven for open dialogue and convening relevant voices for discussion around practical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, the Center, and by extension this report, demonstrate that profit and principle can co-exist. ” –Peter Henry, Dean NYU Stern School of Business Dean Henry launched the Center for Business and Human Rights in March 2013 with a strong belief in the power of business to create positive change in society. In that spirit, the Center’s mission is to challenge and empower businesses to make practical progress on human rights in their own operations. It is the first center to focus on human rights as an integral part of a business school. We start from the premise that business can and does work for the good of society. We support the goal of business to create value while emphasizing high standards for human rights performance. Each year, we take on a major project around a set of human rights challenges in a sector that is of foremost concern for companies, consumers, regulators, and investors. We use the convening platform of the NYU Stern School of Business to bring together groups of companies from different sectors and different parts of the world, along with outside stakeholders and experts.


Partnering again with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), commissioned a national survey of NAWBO members to gather insights about business challenges women-owned businesses are facing in 2014 and understand their perceptions about the future of small business marketing. The online survey, fielded by GolinHarris from January 22 – February 11, 2014, had 606 total respondents. The survey has a +/- 4.00% – 4.25% margin of error at 95% confidence. Some of the prominent themes emerged from the survey which are explored in this summary, including: Optimism for Small Business in 2014 Concerns and Priorities Online Marketing is the Future The report, shows that while the state of the economy is the top concern, the majority of women business owners are also optimistic about their overall business performance this year. This includes optimism for their businesses’ economic growth, overall performance and increase in other women venturing to start new businesses in 2014.

The 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

T his report was commissioned by American Express OPEN and published in March of 2013. The information contained in this report was prepared from sources and data that we believe to be reliable, but we make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and we assume neither responsibility nor liability for any damages of any type resulting from any errors or omissions. The report is provided solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as providing advice, recommendations, endorsements, representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever. Opinions and analysis contained in this report represent the opinions and analysis of Womenable, a research, program and policy development consultancy, and do not necessarily represent the opinions or analysis of American Express Company or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries or divisions (including, without limitation, American Express OPEN). Our sincere thanks are extended to the Economic Census Branch of the Company Statistics Division of the U.S. Census Bureau, which provided invaluable insights during the preparation of this analysis. Visit

Small Business Report -
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This report focuses on the vital role that America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners play in strengthening the U.S. economy. The Obama Administration has put new initiatives and increased incentives in place to support small businesses – including seventeen tax cuts, improved access to capital and expanded support for high growth businesses – as they continue to out‐compete, and out‐innovate the rest of the world. Over the past two and a half years, President Obama has enacted sweeping changes to support, reinvest, and revitalize America’s economy in the wake of a major recession. As a result, large U.S. firms are now making powerful new investments, including building new facilities and buying new equipment. With regards to job creation, however, we know that America’s small businesses pack the biggest punch, creating two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year. These small businesses are the cornerstone of our communities. They are the source of pride for working families. And, every day, we see America’s entrepreneurs continue to step out and take risks with new ideas in order to help us win the future. This report details the many investments this Administration has made since January 2009 to support small businesses, investments that include: expanding access to capital, supporting startups and high‐growth firms, training America’s workforce, reducing barriers to entrepreneurship, increasing small business exports, and much more.

IMS Business Report 2014 vFinal - International Music Summit

by Kevin Watson 1 IMS Business Report 2014 by The IMS Business Report 2014 covers five different aspects of the industry 1 2 3 4 5 Music Sales of tracks by country and analysis of most popular tune DJs & Live Acts Profiles of leading artists, including social media following Clubs & Festivals Popularity of festivals and focus on Indian market Companies & Brands Key players in industry, recent M&A activity and partnerships Industry Overall Updated estimate of value and growth of Dance Music globally Hint: follow the sections through the report by looking for the starred number at the top of each page IMS Business Report 2014 by 2 1 Music In the USA, Dance was the only genre to achieve positive growth in digital track sales in 2013 USA Digital Track Sales by Genre (YoY % Change 2013) •  For the second year in a row, Dance was the highest growing genre in terms of tracks sold

Workforce Training for the Electric Power Sector: -

Workforce Training for the Electric Power Sector: Transforming the Nation’s Electric Grid by Training Skilled Workers The deployment of a smart grid—modernizing the Nation’s electric power infrastructure—is currently in the public eye with attention paid predominantly to deployment of advanced equipment, technologies and applications. A less prominent but equally vital factor to the smart grid’s success is the need for a highly skilled electric power sector workforce. The current labor force is aging; a considerable number of the most knowledgeable workers are headed toward retirement. Furthermore, even the most experienced workers often lack the updated skills and training needed to successfully support the advanced systems, tools and devices that make up the smart grid. Critical electric power workforce challenges are highlighted in estimates provided by the U.S. Power and Engineering Collaborative.1 Approximately 45 percent of power system engineers will be eligible for retirement within five years [of the 2009 report date]. Electric utilities will need to hire over 7,000 new power engineers, and two or three times that number of professional engineers may be needed to satisfy the needs of the entire economy. In addition, about 40 percent of key power engineering faculty at U.S. universities will be eligible for retirement in five years. According to the Collaborative, “Few people doubt that, when they flip the switch, the power will be on. Aging trends in the electrical engineering workforce and in existing infrastructure will make it difficult to meet these reliability expectations unless action is taken today. Engineering workforce shortages are already occurring.” To address this need, the U.S.... infrastructure—is ...

Download report with cover - Human Rights Watch

Since 2001, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups in Gaza have fired thousands of rockets deliberately or indiscriminately at civilian areas in Israel. Such attacks virtually stopped during a ceasefire that began in June 2008 but escalated in November 2008 after an Israeli military incursion into Gaza. The rocket attacks continued during and since Israel’s three-week-long military offensive in Gaza that began on December 27. Palestinian rocket attacks – which have killed three Israeli civilians and wounded dozens of others since November – are an ongoing threat to the nearly 800,000 Israeli civilians who live and work in range of the rockets. Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups have sought to justify the attacks as appropriate reprisals for Israeli military operations and the ongoing blockade against Gaza, and as a lawful response to the Israeli occupation of Gaza. As noted below, international humanitarian law (the “laws of war”) does not support these asserted justifications. While Hamas has at times significantly decreased the level of rocket fire from Gaza, including by pressuring other armed groups to stop unauthorized attacks, it has taken no apparent action to prosecute or otherwise hold accountable Hamas forces or other Palestinian armed groups for launching unlawful rocket attacks against Israeli civilian areas. The rockets fired by Hamas and other armed groups are primarily locally made “Qassam” rockets, with a range of 16 kilometers. A smaller number are Soviet-designed “Grad” rockets, with a 21-kilometer range. The rockets have hit Israeli cities and towns close to the 1949 armistice line between Gaza and Israel, primarily Sderot; in 2008, rockets also struck Ashkelon and Netivot. Since late December 2008, some longer-range rockets have struck as far as 40 kilometers inside Israel, including, for the first time, the cities of Beer Sheva and Ashdod.

Quality landscaper fremont
by Fslandscape 0 Comments favorite 25 Viewed Download 0 Times | Our employees are uniformed, trained, equipped properly for both safety and efficiency. Each crew writes a daily work report of their property of the day and takes pictures with camera phones to explain clearly a problem or condition that may need attention. All account managers and irrigators communicate by phone and email to all customers. Pictures of irrigation repairs are sent with estimates prior to work being done.