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Elite Home Insurance policy document
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RBS Elite Home Insurance Policy Welcome to RBS Elite Home Insurance Thank You for choosing RBS Elite Home Insurance which is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited. This Policy booklet gives full details of Your cover and should be read along with Your schedule and confirmation. Please keep all Your documents in a safe place. If You have any questions about Your Policy, please call Us on the number shown in the schedule. Policy Wording Document These policy conditions are part of your insurance contract, along with your schedule. Please read your schedule and these policy conditions to make sure you know exactly what your insurance covers. Check all the policy details and your proposal confirmation, which sets out the information you have given us, carefully. If you think there is a mistake or you need to make changes, you should notify us immediately. Failure to provide correct information or inform us of any changes could adversely affect your policy, including invalidating your policy or claims being rejected or not fully paid. Under European law, you and we may choose which law will apply to this contract. English law will apply unless both parties agree otherwise. Important information 1 How to make an insurance claim To make a claim phone 0845 303 5783

A utodesk Revit Architecture C ertified U ser Skills - Autodesk Digital ...

Welcome to the Autodesk® Revit® Architecture Certified User Skills. This document was designed to help educators and educational institutions teach Revit Architecture software skills. Created using valuable input from Project Lead the Way and other respected educators and designers, it sets forth important skill standards for developing a high-quality user certification exam and curriculum resources The Revit Architecture Certified User Skills serves to standardize the core competencies for fundamental-level instruction with Autodesk Revit Architecture for a two-semester class and provides a content framework and reference guide for the Autodesk® Revit® Architecture Certified User exam. TIP:  Although this document is designed to facilitate teacher-led courses and lessons, it may also be referenced for self-paced learning through the use of the Autodesk® Digital STEAM Workshop and the Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop. Using This Document This easy-to-read document lists industry-specific topics pertaining to a function or feature set of Autodesk Revit Architecture software. Topics are organized into three substructures logically sequenced for classroom presentation: • Topic: A standard functional subject area and/or feature set available in Autodesk Revit Architecture software. Example: Views • Subtopic: A subtopic provides more detail on the topics and what the topics support. Example: View Types • Content: The content provides more detail about the subtopic and what should be taught and learned. Example: Elevations • Learning Objective: The learning objective exemplifies what the student is expected to understand. Example: Modify, crop, and place elevation views on a sheet.

HQ Aviation Provides the Most Knowledgeable Training for FAA Helicopter License, PPLH Florida

HQ Aviation is the leading Helicopter training company in the UK, now with a base at Orlando Executive Airport, Florida. They take pride in themselves on the quality of service, the highest in safety standards and personal touch with each student.

Photography Rules & Guidelines - Music Center

Photography Rules & Guidelines I want to apply! Am I eligible to participate? 1. Are you enrolled in a high school, approved independent study, or home school program at the application deadline? OR If you attend a correspondence school, do you live in Southern California? 2. Do you live or attend school in any of the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, or San Diego? If you answered YES to both questions, you are eligible! Other notes of interest:  Previous grand prize finalists are not eligible  Previous participants, semifinalists, and honorable mentions are eligible  If you have any relationship with a Spotlight judge (family, friend, or instructor) please let us know. Not sharing this information may result in disqualification  You can apply to more than one category; however you will only be allowed to advance to finals in one, determined by which category you advance to the finals first.  You can only submit one photograph for this category. If you create multiple accounts to submit more than one photograph in this category, you may be disqualified For International Students: In order to be eligible to receive scholarship and/or prize money, students must have a Social Security Number (SSN) or United States Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). The processing time required to receive an SSN or ITIN can take several weeks. International students applying for the Spotlight Program are strongly encouraged to apply for an SSN or ITIN at the same time. Please contact the Spotlight office if you have any questions. *All artwork, recordings, and photographs (including student application submissions) pertaining to the Spotlight program are the property of The Music Center. The Music Center will have the right to reproduce any and all such materials for any...

National PTA Reflections® Program Photography Rules

National PTA Reflections® Program Photography Rules All participants must also follow General Rules for Participation. Description A photography entry must be an original black-­‐and-­‐white or color image produced by a photographic process. The entry must relate to the current Reflections Program theme. Entries are judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme. The entry may incorporate such techniques as photomontage, multiple exposure, negative sandwiches and photograms. Images may be manipulated conventionally or digitally. Images should demonstrate the student’s proper use of photographic techniques such as depth of field and exposure. The images may be created using various lenses, filters and light sources. Photographs with added graphics over the image, including lettering, are not acceptable. Presentation & Format • • • • A single print or collage may not exceed 11 inches by 14 inches, including matting. Mount all prints on a cardboard mat, poster board, or some other sturdy material. Protecting the work with shrink-­‐wrap or a transparent plastic cover is optional but highly recommended. Framed entries, original film (negatives or transparencies) and multidimensional pieces are not accepted.

Ameriprise Financial Abney Associates Team: ABCs of financial aid

Financial aid is money distributed primarily by the federal government and colleges in the form of loans, grants, scholarships, or work-study jobs. A student can receive both federal and college aid.

Edge of Seattle Cooking Classes
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cooking classes Master Chefs Executive Chefs Romantic Foods Gourmet Eating Cooking for Lovers Student Classes in Cooking Gourmet Cooking Classes.

The Impact of Energy Efficiency Standards on Standby Power

THE IMPACT OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY STANDARDS ON STANDBY POWER IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS DESIGN A Lattice Semiconductor White Paper May 2010 Lattice Semiconductor 5555 Northeast Moore Ct. Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 USA Telephone: (503) 268-8000 1 The Impact of Energy Efficiency Standards on Standby Power in Consumer Electronics Design A Lattice Semiconductor White Paper Regulatory Measures to Reduce Standby Power Squeezing every last microwatt from a system is a common objective for engineers who are designing battery operated equipment. And as more strict government regulations regarding power consumption appear, even traditional home and office appliances like LCD TVs, set top boxes (STBs) and multifunction printers (MFPs) are being scrutinized for ways to save power. To help ensure products are in compliance with the latest EnergyStar and European Commission Code of Conduct regulations, designers are seeking innovative ways to provide low-power modes of operation in a variety of product lines. This white paper examines design methods and practical advice for saving power using programmable logic devices (PLDs). The 1-Watt Plan is an energy saving proposal by the International Energy Agency ( to reduce standby power use in all appliances to just one watt. Standby power, also called vampire or phantom power, refers to the electricity consumed by many appliances when they are switched off or in standby mode. The typical power loss per appliance is low (from 1 to 25 W), but when multiplied by the billions of appliances in residential and commercial use, standby losses represent a significant fraction of total world electricity use. Research indicates that standby power accounts for as much as 7-13% of household power consumption. While the definition of standby power use depends on the product being analyzed, standby power includes at a minimum the power used while the product is performing no function. PLDs are increasingly being applied to maximize the amount of circuitry that can be unpowered or placed in a standby/sleep mode when the system is idle. Since modern programmable logic devices (PLDs) have very low static current requirements, often in the microampere range, they are ideal as system event...

Sales Tax Exemption Administration - State of New Jersey

Sales Tax Exemption Administration (S&U-6) is currently being revised and some information contained in the current version may not be accurate. For answers to Urban Enterprise Zone program questions, contact the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Help Desk at To view the publication in its current form, click here. T New Jersey Division of Taxation AX OPIC Sales Tax Exemption Administration Sales Tax Exemption Administration Bulletin S&U-6 Introduction The New Jersey Sales and Use Tax Act (the “Act”) imposes a tax of 7% on the receipts from every retail sale of tangible personal property and some services (except as otherwise provided in the Act). Under certain conditions, exemptions are provided for otherwise taxable transactions. This bulletin explains the proper completion and use of the following New Jersey exemption certificates used to make qualified exempt purchases: Form UZ-4 Form ST-3 Resale Certificate Form ST-3NR Resale Certificate for Non-New Jersey Vendors Form ST-4 Exempt Use Certificate Form ST-4 Sales and Use Tax Exemption (BRRAG) Certificate Form ST-5 Exempt Organization Certificate Form ST-6A Direct Payment Certificate Form ST-7 Farmer’s Exemption Certificate Form ST-8 Certificate of Capital Improvement Form ST-10 Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Exemption Report Form ST-10-A Aircraft Dealer Sales and Use Tax Exemption Report Form ST-10V Vessel Dealer Sales and Use Tax Exemption Report Form ST-13 Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate Form ST-16 Exemption Certificate for Student Textbooks Form ST-SST Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Under New Jersey law, some items are exempt from sales and use tax regardless of who buys them or how they are used. Examples of exempt items include most clothing, most items of food and drink (except when sold in or by restaurants or similar establishments) and prescription drugs. There are however, items which are exempt from tax only under certain conditions. The New Jersey Division of Taxation issues several exemption certificates which allow qualified individuals and businesses to purchase taxable merchandise and services tax-free. Each exemption certificate has its own specific use. In addition, New Jersey sellers and purchasers may accept and issue the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (ST-SST) in lieu of the exemption certificates issued by the Division. Rev. 1/95 Rev. 08/07 Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate - Urban Enterprise Zone Form UZ-5-SB Urban Enterprise Zone Exempt Purchase Certificate Form UZ-6 Urban Enterprise Zone Energy Exemption Certificate Form SC-6 Salem County - Energy Exemption Certificate NJ Exemption Certificates Agencies of the Federal government and the United Nations as well as the State of New Jersey and its political subdivisions are exempt from paying sales tax provided the agency making the purchase supplies the seller with a copy of a valid purchase order or contract signed by an authorized official. See page 13 for further information. 1 Bulletin S&U-6 Registration (There is a fee associated with the Public Records Filing.) Any person or organization engaged in selling taxable goods or services in this State must register with the State for sales tax purposes by filing a business registration application (Form NJ-REG) at least 15 business days before starting operations or opening an additional place of business in this State. If your application indicates that you will collect sales tax or purchase items for resale, you will be sent a New Jersey Certificate of Authority (Form CA-1) for sales tax. This certificate is your authorization from the State of New Jersey to collect sales tax and to issue or accept exemption certificates. Streamlined Sales Tax Central Registration New Jersey Registration The packet containing your Certificate of Authority will also contain your assigned New Jersey tax identification number, which is usually based on your Federal employer identification number (FEIN). However, for security purposes, only a portion of that number is printed on Form...

Sales Tax Holiday for Clothing and School Supplies Lists of Exempt ...

Sales Tax Holiday for Clothing and School Supplies Lists of Exempt Items APPENDIX A List of School Supplies Eligible for the Exemption “School supply,” means an item that is commonly used by a student in a course of study. For purposes of the sales tax holiday, the term includes, “school art supply,” “school instructional material,” and “school music supply.” The term does not include computers or “school computer supplies”, and such items may not be purchased exempt of the tax. The following is an all-inclusive list of items that are included in the term “school supply” and are therefore exempt from tax during the sales tax holiday period, provided their sales price is $20 or less per item. Only the following items are exempt as school supplies. Items need not be intended for use in school or in connection with a school activity to be eligible for the exemption. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Binder pockets Binders Blackboard chalk Book bags Calculators Cellophane tape Clay and glazes Compasses Composition books Crayons Dictionaries and thesauruses Dividers Erasers (including dry erase marker erasers and dry erase marker cleaning solution) Folders: expandable, pocket, plastic, and manila Glue, paste, and paste sticks Highlighters Index card boxes Index cards Legal pads Lunch boxes Markers (including dry erase markers and dry erase marker kits) Musical instruments, musical instrument accessories, and replacement items for musical instruments Notebooks Paintbrushes for artwork Paints (acrylic, tempera, and oil) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paper: loose leaf ruled notebook paper, copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored paper, poster board and construction paper Pencil boxes and other school supply boxes Pencil sharpeners Pencils Pens Protractors Reference books Reference maps and globes Rulers Scissors Sheet music Sketch and drawing pads Textbooks Watercolors Workbooks; and Writing tablets “School computer supply” is an item commonly used by a student in a course of study in which a computer is used. For purposes of the sales tax holiday, the term “school computer supply” is not included under the term, “school supply.” Any school computer supply is ineligible for exemption during the sales tax holiday. The following is a list of examples that constitute school computer supplies:...