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Furniture for Libraries - Libris Design

Planning for furniture cannot occur too early in a project. The amount of furniture and equipment required to support a library’s program will drive the amount of space and funding required to complete the project. Many planners begin to identify furniture and equipment needs during the programming phase. Planning for the furniture for a library project requires careful scheduling and budgeting and the assistance of a design professional with experience in the selection, evaluation, and procurement of specific items. When furniture is an afterthought it is frequently unavailable, mismatched to the architecture, or ill-suited for the intended location or purpose. Furniture is an essential element that makes a space functional. Without it, people cannot work, customers cannot be served, and the equipment and tools of the business cannot be housed. It typically supports all of the functions and services that must occur on a daily basis. Often, however, little attention is paid to it until just before it is needed. When it is addressed early, an adequate budget and production and delivery schedule can be built into the project. Additionally, with pre-planning coordination issues, such as architectural design and electrical and data placement, can be discussed and resolved. A furniture program provides a formal method for establishing the standards and requirements for all furniture, equipment, and sometimes millwork for the library project. It should list all of the furniture items to be placed in each area of the library, along with preferred dimensions, quantity, equipment to be housed, and any electrical and data requirements. It should also incorporate any staff workstation standards that are to be used. The program may be adjusted as the furniture plan and building design develops, since it provides the basis for the final furniture list and specification. Existing furniture to be reused should also be noted indicating any refurbishment specific items might require. ...

Understanding Furniture Decision Making Process and Design ...

This research is a web-based investigation utilizing advanced computer/network technology in order to understand factors considered for furniture purchase and furniture style preference. In interior design, specifically for residential environments, furniture has significant meaning, not only because household furniture is the second largest portion in personal consumption expenditure following a house (Lihra & Graf, 2007; US Census Bureau, 2005; Toosi, 2002), but because furniture is a mode to project one’s self-image (Altman & Chemers, 1984; Cooper, 1976). Despite the significance of furniture, little is known about different factors affecting consumers’ selection of furniture and preferred furniture styles. The purposes of this research are (1) to find important features that consumers consider for residential furniture purchases and (2) to identify consumers’ preferences for furniture design in terms of style, which will finally lead to a better understanding about furniture purchase behavior. METHOD For the current study, an on-line accessible VR integrated system VRIS was developed. The VRIS allows users to try mix-and-match combinations of furniture items from a 3D model database. A total of 624 people, 284 males and 340 females, participated in this research. Eight possible factors of consideration for furniture choices were extracted from focus group interviews: style, color, price, construction quality, ease of maintenance, comfort, material, and match with other items. Living room furniture models (total 117 items- 51 sofas, 38 chairs, and 28 tables) from three styles (modern, casual, and traditional) were selected by a focus group consisting of furniture marketing and design experts. Using a series of questionnaires, participants reported 1) their perception of importance of eight considering factors in sofa, chair, and table purchases; 2) preferred furniture design options by selecting candidates for purchase; and 3) their final choice of purchase. The collected data was statistically analyzed using SPSS.

Furniture Design Project - MIT
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Students will learn the experience of product design by designing, building, and refining a piece of original furniture from scratch. Basic design principles such as ergonomics, mechanical robustness, and manufacturability will be taught in conjunction with traditional drawing skills and computer‐aided drafting techniques. Building techniques will be taught in the mockup and prototyping stages, beginning with handheld layout and cutting tools, progressing to machine‐powered hand tools and finally computer‐controlled fabricators, including 3D printing, waterjet and CNC mill. The final project will be a finished, finalized version of their furniture piece. Instructors Brian Chan ( Hayami Arakawa ( Materials Provided: White and graph paper, Mechanical and drawing pencils, Computer Ken Stone ( Limit 10 students 12 units 4 Lectures – 4 Recitation – 4 Independent work layout tools Autodesk Inventor, OMAX software fabrication tools Office: MIT Hobby Shop W31‐031 Details $200 per student for building materials Introduction ‐ Course Overview. Design principles 1 fulfilling a need or desire improving or replacing an existing product inventing a product for a new activity function(s) appeal/style Why furniture? Furniture specifics. tables, chairs, cabinets, beds novel categories of furniture? new inventions? Shop Assignments SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY wear safe clothing and protection have a clear mind using resources responsibly measurement and marking square protractor ruler + tape measure calipers understanding materials metal Acquire the following: OMAX Autodesk Inventor drawing paper (no lines, etc) graph paper mechanical pencil + eraser drawing pencils plastics wood paper + composites Do a little research. Take a trip on your own time to the Design Within Reach store and neighboring furniture stores in Central Square. Take note of your favorite furniture piece(s). Why do you like them? Start thinking of some interesting, novel, and/or improved furniture ideas. Draw a rough sketch of your idea(s). 

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SAMPLE COVER LETTER TEMPLATE Your Return Address City, State Zipcode Date (4 SPACES) Employer’s/Hiring Manager’s Name Title Company Address (2 SPACES) Dear Mr. (or Ms.) Person’s Last Name: (2 SPACES) First Paragraph (Why I’m Writing): Provide your reason for the cover letter including the position title or type of work and the source from which you obtained the opening (CareerQuest, internet job board, friend, employment service). Be sure to arouse the employer’s interest and include one tidbit about what you can offer the company (i.e. education experience, etc.). Middle Paragraph(s) (How and Why I’m Right): Explain why you are interested in the position, the company, its products or services. Be sure to relate yourself to the company, proving that you a good match for the position. Focus on what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you. You can also cite personal characteristics with ways you could use them on the job. Try not to repeat the same information the reader will find in the resume. Final Paragraph (How to Me or What Steps I’ll take to Contact You): Focus on action in the closing paragraph. Request an interview and thank the employer for their consideration. Provide contact information including your phone number and email address. Finally, close your letter with a statement or questions that will encourage a response. Be sure to mention your resume if it is enclosed. (2 SPACES) Sincerely, (4 SPACES for handwritten signature) (2 SPACES) Your typed name

“Operation Dot Com” targets illegal drug sales on Craigslist: 21 ...

“Operation Dot Com” targets illegal drug sales on Craigslist: 21 arrested BRIDGET G. BRENNAN, New York City’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor, and RAYMOND W. KELLY, New York City Police Commissioner, announced today the indictment and arrests 21 defendants who made illegal sales of prescription drugs and illicit narcotics to undercover NYPD officers after posting advertisements on the website Craigslist. The arrests were the result of an 11-month investigation by the NYPD’s Manhattan South Narcotics, dubbed Operation Dot Com, which centered on independent drug sellers who connected with buyers through Craigslist. The majority of the defendants were arrested over the past month, with the final two arrests this morning. The earliest arrests took place in December 2011 and July 2012. During the investigation, undercover police officers made 63 drug purchases for over $29,400, including approximately $19,000 in pills and $10,400 in cocaine. The defendants sold more than 1,000 prescription pills, including as Roxicontin, Adderall, Ambien, Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax, Suboxone, Opana, Klonopin and Valium. The officers also purchased quantities of heroin and ecstasy. Sales took place in the vicinity of Union Square and Washington Square Park, on street corners and in meeting spots such as coffee shops, grocery stores and a book store, among other locations. Undercover officers also met sellers in Midtown Manhattan, near Penn Station and in the MetLife Building, and in SoHo, the West Village, the Lower East Side and the Upper East Side. The defendants range in age from 22 to 62 and represent a broad spectrum of occupations, from student, teacher’s aide and human resource professional to celebrity photographer and dot com entrepreneur. Some individuals have no identifiable source of legitimate income. Many of the Craigslist postings advertised “study aids” or “pain relief.” One ad stated, “Friendly Nyu student who can offer pain relief and anxiety relief. Easy, non-sketchy, straightforward meeting” and listed “perc roxy.” Another posting read, “Study longer and without anxiety! Be professional and not law enforcement.” Half of the defendants arrested in Operation Dot Com were selling either Adderall (prescribed for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or Xanax (used to treat anxiety disorders). Over the past five years, the number of Adderall and Xanax prescriptions filled by pharmacies in New York City has soared. Data from the New York State Health Department’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement shows the rate of Adderall prescriptions being filled in New York City more than doubled between 2007 and 2011, with nearly 300,000...

Dveri su prosle kroz evoluciju, i u zadnje vreme zaista nasli sebe i artikulirali svoj polozaj

Ne verujem da ce im biti lako -- i sistem ce se potruditi da ih marginalizira. Ali njihovabuducnost moze biti pozitivna ako ostanu da se organiziraju na terenu kroz grupe aktivista, dobrovoljaca. To je proces -- ali ako istraju, brojke ce to pokazati. iako su mali, rezim ih vec sada pokusava sputati, Njihov spisak delegata nije odobren, jer navodno moraju u roku 48 sati da razjasne mjesto boravka nekih kandidata, kao i drzavljanstvo.

Ta ista metodologija se koristi na Soci, to jest, '...koliko novaca je Putin razbacao dok su mnogi siromasni..'

Primer Iran. Iako je na trgovini energenata postojao skoro 100% sankcije kontrolirane dolarim i eurima. Ni jedna zemlja -- osim onih koje je US "pomilovala" i dala im pravo da kupuju zbog otezujucih uslova. To je slucaj Grcke, kojoj je bilo "dozvoljeno' da kupuje izvesnu kolicinu energenata. Medjutim, Iran je izvozio u 2013 godini vise nafte nego u 2012. Iran, na primer, je prodavao Turskoj gas (i naftu) za Turske lire, sa razumevanjem da Iran odmah za te lire kupuje zlato u Turskoj. Kada je US provalila taj sistem, i naredila Turskoj da to obustavi, Turska je odbila zahtev US -- jer takve tranzakcije nisu bile dio nikakvih sankcija. Kako je Iran placao za Rusku nukleranu elektranu? Prodajom energenata Rusiji.

Partai Demokrat dan Nazarudin: - FBE
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Partai Demokrat dan Nazarudin: the prodigal son ✤ Answer the questions in the form of a short paper consist of: ✤ cover ✤ 1 page of chronology description of the case. ✤ 5 pages (max) analysis in A4 size, ✤ list of references. ✤ All the related appendixes (journals/articles/etc) must be submitted in soft-copy (burned on CD). ✤ The font should be times new roman size 13, with 1,5 line spacing. ✤ Margin should be 4, 4, 3, 3 (thesis standard). ✤ The cover of the paper and the CD must contain information as follows: ✤ ✤ ✤ Name, NRP, No urut presensi, KP. The paper should consist only the analysis / answers of the questions. Any theoretical review should be very concise (please follow the quotation rules). Remember, you only have 5 pages max. The paper should be submitted in the class at the schedule of MCS final exam. All the final exam regulations applied.


Konvensi merupakan salah satu cara menjaring calon presiden diyakini sebagai metode yang lebih demokratis. Salah satunya adalah Konvensi yang dilakukan oleh Partai Demokrat. Konvensi ini selain memiliki kelebihan, antara lain untuk menghapuskan sistem oligarki partai, juga memiliki beberapa kelemahan, antara lain ketidak-laziman dalam mengundang kader atau kandidat dari luar Partai Demokrat. Ini menunjukkan bahwa Partai Demokrat tidak optimal dalam melakukan kaderisasi dalam tubuh partainya sendiri, sehingga perlu orang-orang dari luar partai untuk menjadi Calon Presiden 2014. ditetapkan menjadi Ketua Umum Partai Demokrat. Setelah menjabat Sebagai Ketua umum SBY memang terlihat terus berekspresi untuk “mendongkrak” suara Partai Demokrat pada Pemilu 2014 mendatang, yang salah satunya adalah mengadakan Konvensi Capres. SBY sengaja membuka konvensi capres, untuk memancing tokoh-tokoh kuat di luar parpol agar bergabung bersama Partai Demokrat. Walaupun hasil konvensi bisa saja setengah hati, hanya untuk memasukkan tokoh di luar parpol ke Partai Demokrat, ide ini betulbetul dapat mengubah sistem pengambilan keputusan di tubuh Demokrat yang selama ini dinilai sentralistis menjadi betul-betul demokratis. Konvensi belakangan ini ramai digunakan partai politik (parpol) untuk mencari pemimpin hingga calon presiden (capres) tahun 2014. Salah satunya adalah yang dilakukan Partai Demokrat. Partai Demokrat berencana mengundang sejumlah tokoh di luar partainya untuk ikut dalam konvensi. Salah satunya, kader Partai Nasional Demokrat (NasDem) Endriartono Sutarto. Alhasil, mantan Panglima TNI ini harus kehilangan jabatannya sebagai Ketua Dewan Pertimbangan NasDem. Sebagai hasil Kongres Luar Biasa Partai Demokrat yang digelar di Bali 31 Maret 2013 yang lalu, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) ...

Finding Jobs Online
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