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Kunci Jawaban Soal Essai Paket A.pdf

Kunci jawaban Babak FINAL Jenis soal : ESSAY 1. Kinerja bensin diukur berdasarkan nilai oktan (octane number) yaitu keberadaan senyawa 2,2,4 - trimetil pentane (isooktana) dengan nilai oktan 100, sedangkan nheptana nilai oktannya adalah nol. a. Gambarkan struktur 2,2,4 – trimetil pentane dan n – heptana (20 Point) Penyelesaian : b. Gambarkan semua isomer struktur n-heptana dan namai secara IUPAC (30 Point) Penyelesaian : c. Gambarkan struktur dan nama IUPAC alkena paling sederhana yang mempunyai isomer cis dan trans. (30 Point) Penyelesaian : d. Jelaskan pengertian bensin dengan angka oktan 75 % (20 Point) Penyelesaian : Angka oktan pada bensin ditentukan dengan adanya senyawa trimetil pentane dan nheptana dimana apabila pada bensin memiliki angka oktan 100 % maka pada besin tersebut terkandung senyawa trimetil pentane banding senyawa n-heptana yaitu 100 : 0, sehingga apabila bensin dengan angka oktan 75 % maka dalam bensin tersebut terkandung 75 % senyawa trimetil pentane dan 25 % senyawa n-heptana. 2. Reaksi : 2NOBr (g)  2NO (g) + Br2 (g) H = +16,1 kJ Diketahui : Tekanan awal NOBr = 0,65 atm. : NOBr telah terurai sebanyak 28% (Saat Kstb) (a) Tuliskan bentuk tetapan kesetimbangan, Kp. (10 poin) Penyelesaian : Kp  [p NO ] 2 [p Br2 ] [p NOBr ] 2 (b) Tentukan tekanan parsial gas NOBr, NO, dan Br2 setelah tercapai keadaan kesetimbangan. (30 poin) Penyelesaian : 100  28 p NOBr   0,65 atm  0,468 atm 100 28 p NO   0,65 atm  0,182 atm 100 p Br2  28 2 100  0,65 atm  0,091 atm (c) Tentukan tekanan total sesudai tercapai kesetimbangan (20 poin) Penyelesaian : (100  28 )  (28  14 ) 114 p tot  [ ]  0,65 atm   0,65 atm  0,741 atm 100 100 (d) Hitung nilai tetapan kesetimbangan, Kp pada temperatur tersebut. (20 poin) Penyelesaian :

Currency Trading Basics - Forex Factory

Currency Trading Basics 10 Facts You Need to Know to Enjoy Forex Trading Success! In Forex trading 95% of all traders lose money and while this is a huge percentage, it's a fact that Forex trading can be learned by anyone with a desire to succeed and a willingness to work at the basics. Someone once said to me, “Forex trading is simple but its not easy” and this statement, is very true; anyone can learn to trade but with the rewards on offer, you wouldn't expect it to be easy. The good news is anyone can be a successful Forex trader and for the effort you have to put in, no other business can reward you with so much in terms of profits. Forex trading remains the final frontier of the free market economy and is one of the few ventures in life, where traders can start with small stakes and build serious wealth quickly. If you read and understand the Forex facts below, you could soon be on you way to a great second or even life changing income. Cheap Forex Robots and Expert Advisors Lose Money The most common way for new traders to seek currency trading success is to buy one of the cheap Forex software packages sold online. These Forex Robots and Expert Advisors however don't work and anyone who buys them losses their money quickly and the reason why is...

iOS 6 vs. Ice Cream Sandwich: The Ultimate Comparison - 1

iOS 6 vs. Ice Cream Sandwich: The Ultimate Comparison iOS 6 is coming soon(ish) to an iPhone and iPad near you. But how does Apple's latest and greatest compare to the latest and greatest out of the Android camp, a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich. Gladiators, step forth! For the record, this is not a review. There will be no review until we have spent some quality time with the final version of iOS 6. This is a look at how these two stack up on paper in 10 key categories. Apps Apple: 650,000 apps. 225,000 for iPad. That's one ginormous ecosystem. Android: Android is currently at 450,000 apps for Android. While most of those will work on tablets, the number of apps that have been specifically optimized for Android tablets pales in comparison to iOS. Maps Full size Apple: Apple finally has its own Maps, which is a move that surprised no one, since Apple has been buying up mapping companies for years, and because Apple and Google aren't exactly getting along smashingly. From what we can tell, it's an elegant solution, with plenty of overlayed information, traffic updates, and yes, finally, turn-by-turn directions (narrated by Siri). It also has a 3D flyover mode (with vector-based graphics) which looks great, but it raises a question: Since none of the iPhones have 4G LTE radios, would 3D maps even be practical when you aren't firmly tethered to Wi-Fi? This, however, may be a non-issue, as 4G iPhones will likely be out in time for iOS 6 to drop. Big notable omissions: transit directions, bike directions, walking directions, and Street View.

Limited Power-train Warranty -

This is a limited power-train warranty for a period of 3 months from the date of the original sale or 3000 miles from the mileage at the time of the original sale, (whichever occurs first), for repairs which are required as a result of defects due to material and/or workmanship to the power-train components as listed below: What Is Covered Engine All internally lubricated parts including: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters;. The engine block and heads are also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered components. Transmission All internal parts; torque converter; vacuum modulator and mounts. Does not include clutch assembly; pressure plate; flywheel; throw out bearing; worn synchronizers; cables or electrical items. The case is also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered items. Drive Axle All lubricated internal parts contained within the housings. Axle shafts, differential housing, transaxle housing & final drive housing.

Elite Home Insurance policy document
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RBS Elite Home Insurance Policy Welcome to RBS Elite Home Insurance Thank You for choosing RBS Elite Home Insurance which is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited. This Policy booklet gives full details of Your cover and should be read along with Your schedule and confirmation. Please keep all Your documents in a safe place. If You have any questions about Your Policy, please call Us on the number shown in the schedule. Policy Wording Document These policy conditions are part of your insurance contract, along with your schedule. Please read your schedule and these policy conditions to make sure you know exactly what your insurance covers. Check all the policy details and your proposal confirmation, which sets out the information you have given us, carefully. If you think there is a mistake or you need to make changes, you should notify us immediately. Failure to provide correct information or inform us of any changes could adversely affect your policy, including invalidating your policy or claims being rejected or not fully paid. Under European law, you and we may choose which law will apply to this contract. English law will apply unless both parties agree otherwise. Important information 1 How to make an insurance claim To make a claim phone 0845 303 5783

Revit and Civil 3D Interoperability BIM in Architecture - MasterGraphics

Revit and Civil 3D Interoperability BIM in Architecture and Engineering Autodesk defines Building Information Modeling (BIM) as “the creation and use of coordinated, consistent, computable information about a building project in design and construction.” To successfully implement BIM, a company must consider not only the technology, but also people and processes. As BIM becomes more prevalent in the AEC industry, processes are changing to encompass a cross-disciplinary design workflow including civil engineering, mechanical systems and construction. From conceptualization through the final turnover of the project to the owners and tenants, Autodesk has software programs for all phases. The interoperability of these applications is continuously maturing. Autodesk has responded to industry demand for greater compatibility between applications by focusing on development in the vertical products. An immediate need is the ability to allow civil engineers and architects to work concurrently with Civil 3D and Revit Architecture. Whether in schematic design or design development, architects require the definition of the site topography. Using surface elevations imported from Civil 3D, the architect can begin his project with an accurate representation of the proposed site. Civil 3D and Revit are both parametric platforms, therefore enhancing each other when used in tandem. Changes in design are inevitable. Adding a reference to corresponding intelligent models improves the designers’ ability to react to changes throughout the project lifecycle. Civil engineers and architects can exchange their respective designs using the Import/Export tools. This white paper explains some of the basic interoperability...

Kao i Madjarska, Srbija mora traziti pomoc od Rusije i drugih Azijskih zemalja da osigura kredit za isplatu MMF a

Sa druge strane -- od Rusije do Kine, i sve izmedju, otvara se novi svet ekonomskog rasta i saradnje. I toga se Evropljani i patriote u oblandama najvise boje -- jer se stavaljaju na ispit, i kolobanje i izvlacenje otrcanim frazama ih RASKRINKAVA. Jedan pogled na Madjarsku i postaje jasnije da je snazan osjecaj za nacionalni interes u narodu ojacao vladu da se odupre Evropskim propisima, da mjenja ustav bez dozvole Brisela, da mjenja bankarski sistem bez dozvole Brisela, i da namece visoke poreze na bankarstvo, strane telekomunikacije i strane kompanije energetike.A to je dovelo do SMANJENJA poreza, SMANJENJA cene goriva, i SMANJENJA nezaposlenosti -- sada skoro najnizi nivo u Evropi.


VIN DETAILS The VIN consists of 17 characters 1. World Manufacturer’s Code 2. Vehicle Line 3. Model & Series 4. Body Type 5. Restraint System (Front Seat) 6 : Engine Type 7. Check Digit 8. Production Year 9. Production Plant 10. Vehicle Production Sequence Number KMH – Hyundai Motor Company, Korea C: LC, Lci 3: 3 Door sedan 4: 4 Door sedan 5: 5 Door sedan F: Standard G: Deluxe H: Super deluxe 0: Both sides (None) 1: Both sides (A/Belt) 2: Both sides (P/Belt) 3: D/Side (A/Belt & A/Bag), P/Side (A/Belt & P/Belt) 4: Both sides (A/Belt & A/Bag) 5: Depowered (A/Bag) B: 1495 DOHC F: 1341 SOHC G: 1495 SOHC Mathematically determined to validate frame numbers ; 0 – 9, X W: 1998 X: 1999 Y: 2000 I: 2001 U: Ulsan Plant (Korea) M: Chennal (INDIA) 000001-999999 Page 3 HYUNDAI ACCENT ENGINE NUMBER DETAILS The engine identification number consists of 11 digits. 1. Engine Fuel 2. Engine Range 3. Engine Development Order 4. Engine Capacity 5. Production Year 6. Engine Production Sequence Number G: Gasoline L: LPG D: Diesel 4: In-line 4 cycle 4 cylinder A-Z A: 1.3 SOHC (MPI/CARB) B: 1.5 SOHC C: 1.5 DOHC W:1998 X:1999 Y:2000 1:2001 000001–999999 TRANSAXLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER LOCATION Description (Manual Transaxle) 1. Model 2. Model Year 3. Number of Teeth 3. Serial No. H: M5AF3 W:1998 X: 1999 Y: 2000 20: 73→1.3 (SOHC), 1.5 (SOHC) 19: 73→1.5 (DOHC) 18: 73→1.3 (Carburetor) 000001–999999 Page 4 HYUNDAI ACCENT Description (Automatic Transaxle) 1. Model 2. Product Year 3. Final gear ratio 4. Classification of detail 5. Spare 6. Serial No. T: A4AF3 W: 1998 X: 1999 Y: 2000 L: 3.656(1.3SOHC, 1.5DOHC, LCi1.5SOHC) K: 3.443(1.5SOHC, LCi1.3SOHC) C: 1.3SOHC, 1.5DOHC, 1.5SOHC(LCi) A: 1.5SOHC, 1.3SOHC(LCi)


ENGINE GUARD KIT 983152 The dedicated engine guard kit is made of black powder coated steel and ensures effective protection of the engine from low speed drops. Compatable with the optional foglight support and aluminum engine guard. Le kit de protection moteur est fabriqué en acier avec un revêtement spécial de couleur noire et assure une protection efficace du moteur en cas de chute à faible allure. Compatible avec le support anti-brouillard optionnel et le sabot moteur en aluminium. Aluminum BELLY PAN 983153 983153 The aluminum bellypan is made of 3mm thick high-strength aluminum alloy, to offer protection of the oil pan from impact or gravel kicked from the front wheel, assists in engine cooling. Compatable with the engine guard kit. Le sabot moteur aluminium est fait en alliage aluminium haute résistance (3mm d’épaisseur) offre une protection du carter d’huile contre les chocs, le gravier chassé par la roue avant et participe au froidissement du moteur. Compatible avec le kit de protection moteur. FINAL DRIVE GUARD 983173 983173 Protects the end of the swing arm/drive shaft from bumps or low speed drops, made of powder coated steel. Also works with Breva 1100, Breva 1200 Sport, Griso 1100, Griso 1200, Norge 1200 GT. Protège l’extrémité du bras oscillant / arbre de transmission des chocs à basse vitesse ou chutes à faible allure, en acier avec un revêtement spécial de couleur noire. Fonctionne également avec Breva 1100, Breva 1200 Sport, Griso 1100, Griso 1200, Norge 1200 GT. TOM TOM RIDER 2 INSTALLATION KIT 983151 983151 Specially designed to mount the Tom Tom to the Stelvio, this mounting bracket is billet aluminum, mounting hardware and replaces part of the handlebar mount. Works with the dedicated power connector already on the Stelvio. Spécialement conçu pour fixer le navigateur par satellite Tom Tom sur le modèle Stelvio, ce support est en aluminium usiné, remplace une partie du guidon. Fonctionne avec le connecteur d’alimentation déjà disponible sur le modèle Stelvio. HEATED HANDGRIPS 983155 2 983155 The heated grip kit allows year round riding by helping keep your hands warm. 3 levels of heat available, increasing the comfort of travel during the colder periods. Works with the hardware and software already programmed into the Stelvio, uses the vehicle display and left mode switch. Display allows the rider to quickly and easily see the on / off and the level of heat selected, please see vehicle owners manual for instructions on use.

Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 - Motorcycle Consumer News

Model Evaluation Judged on the drivability of their respective powertrains, we’d have to give the edge to the Moto Guzzi. Despite BMW’s improvements to its fuel injection, finally banishing the infamous “surging” problem to the history books, the new counterbalanced Hexhead engines still have significant driveline lash, which can be felt strongly with any throttle openings and closings at rpm below 4000 (most of the time). You quickly learn not to change the throttle in corners. By comparison, the Guzzi’s Marelli injection is not at all abrupt with throtby Dave Searle tle transitions, and its final drive has very effective shock dampers on both ends, which suppress lash. Except for some clashing in the driveline which can still be felt at very low rpm, the Guzzi is extraordinarily smooth running and feels completely devoid of lash. You adjust the throttle as you flow with the road, without negative effects, just as you do the steering and brakes. Building on the advantage, the Guzzi’s transmission is also exceptional, with very short shift lever travel and buttery smooth gear changes. Blipping downshifts on the Norge is so easy and intuitive partly because the engine’s throttle response is so perfectly matched to the job. And don’t underestimate how constantly satisfying such effortless shift quality can be, particularly on a winding road, where matching drive and engine braking to the road makes such a difference to performance and rider control, subtly transforming a good ride into to a great ride. The BMW uses a bore and stroke of 101mm x 73mm to make 1170cc, while the Guzzi’s bore/stroke measures 95mm x 81.2mm to displace 1151cc. Note that Guzzi’s 90° vee doesn’t put such a penalty on engine stroke as it doesn’t have to worry about cornering clearance to wide-set opposed cylinder heads like the BMW. And while the BMW’s shorter stroke and four-valve heads, vs. the Guzzi’s two-valve types, might be expected to have a rev-range advantage, the BMW has the lower redline instead, 7500 on the RT’s rev limiter vs. 7800 at the Guzzi’s indicated redline plus the ability to climb even higher—the dyno measured 8250. In addition, the Guzzi’s lower first gear pulls harder and makes it easier to launch. Both bikes also share automotive-style dry clutches which aren’t ideal for hot starts, and the BMW’s taller gearing means it has to work harder. Compared to its cousins the Breva and Griso, the Norge has shorter gearing overall, with a 1.45:1 primary drive ratio, to the Griso’s 1.38:1 or the Breva’s 1.31:1 (all other ratios being the same).