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Sample Research Proposal - - Drew University

Title of Project: Give your project a working title, which may or may not become the title of your paper. 2 Statement of purpose: Explain what you hope your research will find or show. State your question or series of questions before you begin your research. After you have conducted significant research you should be able to answer your question(s) in one or two sentences, which may become the thesis of the final paper. 3 Background: Explain your interest in and experience with this topic. Describe any previous research you have conducted on this or related topics, any classes you have taken on this or related topics, or any reading you have already done in the field. If you have personal experience that has lead you to want to do more research, describe that here too. 4 Significance: Explain why this topic is worth considering, or this question or series of questions is worth answering. Answer the following questions: why should your instructor let you select this topic? what do you hope to learn from it? what will this new knowledge add to the field of knowledge that already exists on this topic? what new perspective will you bring to the topic? what use might your final research paper have for others in this field or in the general public? who might you decide to share your findings with once the project is complete? 5 Description: Describe the kind of research you will conduct to complete this project (library research, internet research, interviews, observations, ethnographies, etc.) 6 Methodology: Explain how you will conduct your research in as much detail as possible. If you will consult others (such as a statistician, an ethnographer, or a librarian) explain what role they will serve and how you hope they will enhance your development of an appropriate methodology for this project. Discuss the kinds of sources you hope to consult and the methods you will use to extract and process the information you gather in as much detail as is possible at this stage. (As the project is underway you might find the need to revise your methodology, explore new types of source material, and/or adopt new methods of gathering and processing data. If this happens, revise this section of the proposal.)

Stihl Saw Injury pdf.pdf - assets.highways.g...

Whilst cutting the final 40 mm diameter rebar on a cage with a stihl saw in the position depicted above, the saw has jammed in the cut and violently kicked back at the operative causing him the injury you see above. He was very lucky it was not a lot worse. The operative was competent, experienced and the tool was in good condition with no faults found. Causal factors include Position of material being cut Position of operative in relation to the work piece Guard not fully down in position As a result of this accident we have produced a 55 point comprehensive guidance sheet on use of disc cutters. A check sheet is also to be used and completed for use of these tools. We have also put into place other measures such as use of full face visor worn over safety eye protection.

EECE 418 – Pre-proposal: The Interface on the LG Chocolate ...

I have chosen the interface of the LG Chocolate TG800, a popular last-generation GSM cellular phone. The LG Chocolate was originally marketed as a mid-level slide-up camera phone for the style-conscientious user. The TG800 is a slide phone; the phone is unlocked and ready to receive input when the top section of the cell phone is slid upwards, revealing a standard T9 keypad as indicated in the figure below. Figure 1: LG Chocolate TG800 Slide Phone The entire region surrounding and inside the silver box on the top of the phone acts as nine different buttons, all of which are touch-sensitive. On either side of the phone are two tactile buttons. The three interface problems I am addressing with the TG800 are: 1. User has no visual cues to suggest what the four short-cut arrows do. 2. The button which allows the user to access certain features during a call (such as to hold the call or mute) is immediately adjacent to the end-call button. 3. The buttons on one side of the phone allows for volume adjustments while the buttons on the other side of the phone allows the user to turn off the phone or hang up; it is easy to accidentally press the power button when we simply wish to adjust the volume. These problems will be explained in further detail in the next section.

Örnek Çalışma Raporu - Delta Yapı

Hatipoğlu İnşaat ile Delta Yapı. Ltd. Şti arasında imzalanmış olan sözleşme gereği, tarihi nitelikteki Dworez Binasının, hasarlarının incelenmesi ve mevcut hasar durumuna göre yapının dokusuna zarar vermeden, taşıyıcı yığma duvarların onarım ve sağlamlaştırılması çalışması kapsamında bahse konu rapor düzenlenmiştir. Bina hakkında yorum yapılabilmesi için, değerlendirme öncesi bazı teknik değerler aşağıdaki şekilde belirlenmiş ve kabul edilmiştir. Taşıyıcı Sistem Tespiti: Söz konusu yapıya ait taşıyıcı sistem geometrisi ve eleman boyutları daha önce bina üzerinde röleve çalışması yapan Hatipoğlu İnşaata bağlı mimari gurubun çalışmaları (röleve çizimleri) baz alınarak belirlenmiştir. Bu çalışmaların bir kopyası Hatipoğlu İnşaat tarafından faydalanmak amacıyla Delta Yapı’ya teslim edilmiştir. Yapıdaki Duvar Malzemesi Dayanım ve Elastisite Modülü Tespiti: Bahse konu yığma yapıda önerilen onarım metotlarında kullanılacak malzemelerin, yapıyı oluşturan taşıyıcı eleman ve bileşenleri ile uyumlu çalışabilirliğinin tespiti amacı ile uygulama öncesinde malzeme dayanımlarının ve elastisite modüllerinin belirlenmesi gerekmektedir. Fakat durumun aciliyeti, kısıtlı zaman ve yapının duvarlarından örnek alınmasındaki güçlük, kesme ve basınç dayanım deneylerinin yapılmasına imkan tanımamaktadır. Bu sebeple taşıyıcı eleman ve bileşenleri hakkında gözlem yapılmış, gözlemde tespit edilen malzemelerle ilgili bilimsel literatür taranarak aşağıdaki örnekler ile bilimsel çalıma verileri elde edilmiş, yaklaşık kabul edilebilecek değerlere ışık tutulmuştur. Çeşitli tarihi yapı duvarlarından ölçülmüş bazı mekanik dayanım değerleri aşağıda sıralanmaktadır:...

Riflescope Instruction Manual - Bushnell

Congratulations on your choice of a Bushnell® riflescope. It is a precision instrument constructed of the finest materials and assembled by highly skilled craftsmen for a lifetime of trouble-free use under the most demanding conditions. This booklet will help you achieve optimum performance by explaining how to use it’s various features and how to care for it. Read the instructions carefully before mounting and using your scope. The following photographs are guides to the nomenclature and location of the riflescope parts mentioned throughout this text. Power Change Ring Elevation Adjustment Objective Lens Shoulder Fast Focus Eyepiece ZEROING Final sighting-in of your rifle should be done with live ammunition, based on your expected shooting distance. If most of your shots will be at short range, zero-in at 100 yards. But, for long-range shooting at big game, most experienced shooters zero-in about three inches high at 100 yards. Three-shot groups are useful for averaging the point of impact.

Contact Tree Pruning Services relating to Strong Bush Proper grooming

Plant masters maintain shown a good deal pertaining to shrubbery in addition to their habits inside of botany novels. Looking after is a crucial activity meant for bushes. Keep in mind this maintains these products nutritious and consequently exempt from health issues. Owing to worthless diet program, shrubs never stay away from germinal sicknesses. The application frequently is the way they produce and also be great coupled with hefty. Often the compressed actually leaves refrain the within by way of decent sunrays and so sky. As a result typically the tissues end up being exhausted and tend to drop as a final point. Visitors needs to spend less them from all of these destructive threats. But the truth is, primary industry experts can do a job.

Extremely fast Diet programs to get Weight Conscious People

You are able to complete a really fast diet routine to lose kilograms. Perhaps it is complicated nonetheless motivation have to trigger as well as delight on the other hand favorable well-being final results in addition. Not only will it contribute to weight reduction nonetheless psychological and mental also physical assistance. Unfortunately, the perfect going on a fast dishes are actually reactive which makes it crucial to talk to medic well before working to concerned with weight loss plan going on a fast.

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TOYOTA/SCION 2012 DEALER MODEL REFERENCE FINAL as of November 2011 Model PRIUS C + 1201 + 1203 + 1205 + 1207 V.D.S. Body Style HYBRID (4 Models) KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback One KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback Two KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback Three KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback Four Transmission Engine Code CVT CVT CVT CVT 1NZ 1NZ 1NZ 1NZ Transmission Engine Code 3Dr. Hatchback 3Dr. Hatchback 3Dr. Hatchback 3Dr. Hatchback 6AT 6MT 6AT 6MT 2AR 2AR 2AR 2AR 5Dr. Hatchback 5Dr. Hatchback 5Dr. Hatchback 5Dr. Hatchback 4AT 5MT 4AT 5MT 2ZR 2ZR 2ZR 2ZR 3Dr. Hatchback CVT 1NR 6AT 6AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 1AR 1AR 2GR 2GR 2GR 2GR 2GR 2GR CVT CVT 2GR 2GR 5MT 4AT 5MT 4AT 6MT 4AT 5AT 4AT 4AT 5AT 5AT 2TR 2TR 2TR 2TR 1GR 2TR 1GR 2TR 2TR 1GR 1GR 5MT 4AT 5MT 4AT 6MT 5AT 6MT 5AT 5AT 2TR 2TR 2TR 2TR 1GR 1GR 1GR 1GR 1GR 5Dr. Wagon SR5 ( V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 4WD ( V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 4WD ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Limited ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Limited 4WD ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Platinum ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Platinum 4WD ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 4WD ( Large V8 FFV) 5Dr. Wagon Limited 4WD ( Large V8 FFV) 5Dr. Wagon Platinum 4WD ( Large V8 FFV) 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 1UR 3UR 1UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR TUNDRA 2WD (12 Models) 8202 JU5F1 4x2 Reg. Cab Tundra Grade ( V6) 8204 LU5F1 4x2 Reg. Cab Tundra Grade ( V6) 8215 RU5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( V6) 8222 JM5F1 4x2 Reg Cab Tundra Grade ( V8) 8228 LY5F1 4x2 Reg Cab Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8239 RM5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( V8) 8241 RY5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8245 TY5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8252 SY5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Limited ( Large V8) 8259 EM5F1 4x2 CrewMax Tundra Grade ( V8) 8261 EY5F1 4x2 CrewMax Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8272 FY5F1 4x2 CrewMax Limited ( Large V8)

Sistem Aplikasi Laporan Bencana
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1. Klik pada Login Staff 2. Masukkan ID dan kata Laluan 3. Jika Berjaya, Klik pada button OK 4. Klik pada Button Laporan Bencana 5. Klik Pada Sistem Aplikasi di sebelah kiri 6. Klik Pada Laporan Bencana di sebelah kiri 7. Klik Laporan Bencana di sebelah kanan 8. Isikan maklumat utama seperti dibawah. 9. Klik OK 10. Isikan tarikh kejadian dan masa berlaku bencana. Untuk pengisian lokasi berlakunya bencana, Koordinat GPS diperlukan, klik butang RUJUK. 11. Paparan berikut akan dipaparkan, Klik pada Icon dan heret ke lokasi kejadian, contohnya di Pulau Pinang. 12. Setelah anda mengenalpasti lokasi koordinat bencana, Tekan butang Salin. ** TIPS : Klik Zoom ataupun pilih imej Satellite untuk paparan yang lebih jelas. 13. Jika ada laluan alternatif, tekan butang RUJUK.

Screening for Gestational Diabetes - US Preventive Services Task ...

Understanding Task Force Recommendations Screening for Gestational Diabetes The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (Task Force) has issued a final recommendation statement on Screening for Gestational Diabetes. This final recommendation statement applies to pregnant women who have not already been diagnosed with diabetes. The recommendation statement summarizes what the Task Force learned about the potential benefits What is gestational diabetes? and harms of screening for gestational diabetes: (1) All women should be screened after 24 weeks of pregnancy. (2) There is not enough evidence to judge the benefits and harms of screening women before 24 weeks of pregnancy. This fact sheet explains these recommendations and what they might mean for you. This condition is diabetes that begins during pregnancy. Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not make enough insulin (a hormone) or use it correctly. When this happens, the body can’t turn starches or sugars from foods and beverages into the energy it needs to function. As a result, blood sugar levels become too high and this can cause many health problems.