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Partai Demokrat - KPU Kabupaten Pati
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PARTAI DEMOKRAT KABUPATEN PATI DAFTAR LAPORAN PENERIMAAN SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE Periode tanggal 28 Desember 2013 s/d 2 Maret 2014 No 1 Asal Sumbangan Partai Politik Caleg Anggota Legislatif a. Daerah Pemilihan: 1 1 Nomor Urut: 1 H. Joni Kurnianto, ST, MMT 2 Nomor Urut: 2 Devy Septania, ST 3 Nomor Urut: 3 Budi Pujiharto, SE 4 Nomor Urut: 4 Drs. Bambang Mursito, MPd 5 Nomor Urut: 5 Tiningsih 6 Nomor Urut: 6 Prastowo Teguh Darmono 7 Nomor Urut: 7 Agung Eko Prahmono 8 Nomor Urut: 8 Sumbaryati Ely Purnomo 9 Nomor Urut: 9 Heny Yulianti # Nomor Urut: 10 Suparno, SH b. Daerah Pemilihan: 2 1 Nomor Urut: 1 Sutrisno 2 Nomor Urut: 2 Erda Setiyoko Wibowo 3 Nomor Urut: 3 Amanah, S.Pd 4 Nomor Urut: 4 Khoirun Nisak 5 Nomor Urut: 5 H. Ahmad Rofid 6 Nomor Urut: 6 Junianto Joko Nugroho 7 Nomor Urut: 7 Uang Rp 10.000.000 Bentuk Sumbangan Barang Rp Unit Rp Jasa Jumlah Unit 56.200.000 31.300 23.300.000 23.700 12.175.000 6.630 6.300.000 2.400 2.750.000 2.100 5.880.000 2.860 4.060.000 1.260 12.176.000 1.906 6.360.000 2.920 18.800.000 12.900 27.230.000 13.240 27.300.000 13.100 10.550.000 7.600 6.950.000 6.400 11.750.000 6.650 6.420.000 3.355 10.000.000 56.200.000 23.300.000 12.175.000 6.300.000 2.750.000 5.880.000 4.060.000 12.176.000 6.360.000 18.800.000 27.230.000 27.300.000 10.550.000 6.950.000 11.750.000 6.420.000 -

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PARTAI DEMOKRAT DEWAN PIMPINAN CABANG KOTA CIREBON DAFTAR LAPORAN PENERIMAAN SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE PERIODE I / PERIODE II*)3 BENTUK SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE ASAL SUMBANGAN DANA KAMPANYE NO UANG 4 BARANG (Rp.) PARTAI POLITIK 2 (Rp.) 5a ( UNIT ) 5B (Rp.) 6A - 1 JUMLAH (Rp) 7 JASA 6 5 - - - (BENTUK) - KETERANGAN 8 - Nihil 6B Calon Anggota Legislatif 10 a. Daerah Pemilihan : Kota CirebonDapil 1 1) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 1 : MOH. HANDARUJATI K,S.Sos 2) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 2 : WIWID WULANDARI 3) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 3 : R. PANJI AMIARSA, SH,MH 4) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 4 : Ir. SRI SUPANTI, MM 2.000.000 5) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 5 : IIS SOFHIA, S.Pd.Aud 1.000.000 100.000.000 150.000.000 50.000.000 100.000.000. 000 20.000.000 Mobil 100.000.000 Mobil Avanza 7.000.000 5.000.000 150.000.000 20.000.000 Motor 2.000.000 1.000.000 6) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 6 : TUTI ALAWIYAH, MPd.I 1.000.000 7) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 7 : DADANG SUHERMAN, S,Sy 6.906.500 2.000.000 8) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 8 : ADI JAYA MULYADI 2.500.000 6.500.000 9) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 9 : NOVIE WACHYU AJIE, SH 10) Nomor Urut Nama Calon ; 10 : DEDDY MASHUDI 50.000.000 11) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 11 : MOCHAMAD RUSDI 25.000.000 25.000.000 12) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : : 25.000.000 25.000.000 12 YANTO 1.000.000 8.906.500 Motor Mio - 9.000.000 - 100.000.000 Mobil 150.000.000 b. Daerah Pemilihan : Kota Cirebon Dapil 2 1) Nomor Urut : 1 Nama Calon : H. YULIARSO, BAE 100.000.000 150.000.000 Mobil 250.000.000 2) Nomor Urut : 2 Nama Calon : H. DADANG SUPRIYADI 50.000.000 50.000.000 3) Nomor Urut : 3 Nama Calon : SUCI HATI HANDAYANI 20.000.000 20.000.000 4) Nomor Urut : 4 Nama Calon : ANDRIAN RAHARDJO, SAP 5) Nomor Urut : 5 Nama Calon : Drs. SALMON 7.000.000 725.000 2.400.000 9.400.000 725.000 Nihil 6) Nomor Urut : Nama Calon : 6 SUARNI 50.000.000 5.000.000 11.000.000 15.000.000 2 buah Motor 26.000.000 8) Nomor Urut : 8 Nama Calon : TITIN SETIAWATI UMROH , SE 5.000.000 53.000.000 Mobil & Motor 58.000.000 9) Nomor Urut : 9 Nama Calon : JETTY RAHMAWATI, SH, MH 1.200.000 1.200.000 70.000.000 70.000.000 70.000.000 70.000.000 7) Nomor urut : 7 Nama Calon : EDHI PRAYITNO 10) Nomor Urut : 10 Nama Calon : N. DJOKO POERWANTO 55.000.000 c. Daerah Pemilihan : Kota Cirebon Dapil 3 1) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 1 : H. M. AYATULLAH RONI, SE 2) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 2 : MOHAMAD JUNAEDI, SH 3) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 3 : TITIN PRIALIANTI 4) Nomor Urut Nama Calon : 4 : HARSONO 50.000.000 7.000.000 5) Nomor Urut Nama Calon

Famous song campaign with adopting promo webpages

Are you still bewildered for you to select one way for the purpose of records advertising and marketing? There are various ideas in shops to advance mp3. Each some of which on the web promotional is known as the single most wonderful method by which. This'll help in order to provide enormous coverage you may want whilst your music band. You may find it easy to stretch new music some of people today by having a straightforward plan of action.

Recognition Letter Template [DATE] [NAME] [ADDRESS] [CITY ...

Recognition Letter Template [DATE] [NAME] [ADDRESS] [CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE] [COUNTRY] Dear [NAME]: Thank you for your service as a [VOLUNTEER POSITION] for [CHAPTER NAME] of STTI. The talent and expertise you have contributed is appreciated and important to grow our organization. We hope you found your experience to be rewarding on both a personal and professional level. Your dedication has made a difference to our members, chapters and STTI. Through volunteers like you, the legacy of our founders is renewed for current and future members. Thank you for your commitment and service. [USE NEXT PARAGRAPH OR TWO TO HIGHLIGHT SPECIFIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS, SUCH AS TASKS COMPLETED, NUMBER OF HOURS WORKED, ETC.] We look forward to your continued involvement and invite you to complete or update your Volunteer Interest Profile (VIProfile), a database of information on the interests, talents and skills of our members. To access VIProfile, visit, and click on “Volunteer Connect.” Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE]

BlackBerry Z10 specs sheet (PDF)
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BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Specifications Size (L x W x D) 130mm x 65.6mm x 9mm Weight 135.4 g Display 4.2”, 4 point multi-touch IPS LCD display, 1280 x 768 resolution at 356 PPI Touch On Lens Software BlackBerry 10 OS Memory 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Flash Hot Swappable microSD slot (up to 32 GB) Processor Dual Core 1.5 GHz Camera 8 MP rear facing camera, Auto Focus, 5x digital zoom 1080p HD video recording, LED flash 2MP front facing camera, 3x digital zoom 720p HD video recording GPS Assisted, Autonomous, and Simultaneous GPS Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy NFC NFC-enabled to support mobile payments and file exchange HDMI microHDMI out port Advanced Sensors Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity, Gyroscope Ambient light sensor Wi-Fi Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n, Mobile Hotspot Network Connectivity 4G LTE or HSPA+, support for global roaming Battery Life1 Talk Time: Standby Time: Audio Playback: Video Playback: up to 10 hours on 3G up to 305 hours on 3G, up to 316 hours on 2G up to 60 hours up to 11 hours 1 Many factors affect battery life including network, transmission environment, location, usage, software and feature configuration, and battery age. BLACKBERRY Z10

Blackberry Z10 Product Datasheet Yes No Design Style ... - Vodafone

Blackberry Z10 Product Datasheet Design Style Qwerty Keypad Slide Touch Screen Model of Handset Calling and Messaging PXT Messaging MMS Video Calling Voice dialling Fixed dialling Handsfree Speakerphone Yes No N/A No No Yes Capacitive Z10 BlackBerry Z10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Via BBM video Connectivity Coverage 3G Extended 900/2100mhz 3G GSM (frequency bands) Bluetooth (Version) Stereo Bluetooth Wi-Fi USB Calendar Synchronisation Contacts Synchronisation Expandable Memory GPS or A-GPS HSDPA HSUPA HDMI Output TV/AV Output DLNA Type of Charger Carkit Compatible Flight Mode USB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Micro SD Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes 3G Band 1,2,5/6, 8 GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 4 LE (low energy) 802.11 a/b/g 2.0 High Speed upto 64 GB +5V DC / 750 mA AC power adapter Battery Specifications Charge time (min) 2.5G standby days 2.5G talk time (min) 3G standby days 3G talk time (min)

An Evaluation of Concrete Saw Blades for Noise Reduction

An Evaluation of Concrete Saw Blades for Noise Reduction Susan Shepherd ScD, M. Abbas Virji ScD and Susan Woskie PhD CIH University of Massachusetts Lowell This study was funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) through a grant to the Center to Protect Workers Rights (CPWR) Noise exposure levels in construction Large equipment, but also hand held tools Concrete cutter: 105 dBA1 Cut-off saw: 98 – 102 dBA; peak: 118 dBA2 Gas saw, carbide blade: 95 dBA (5 ft.) est. source: 109 dBA3 1. Methner etal. JOEH 15(11), 2000 2. OSH Service, Dept of Labor, New Zealand, 2002 3. Greenspan etal, Appl Occ Env Hyg, 10(1), 1995 Hearing Loss in Construction 90% of SMW ages 50-59 lost >30dB @ 4k Hz (Byggahlsan study)1 49% of 5000 construction workers studied by Workers Comp Bd of BC1 1. Schneider etal STAR Construction Health & Safety, 1995 Experimental Methods Personal noise dosimeter (Larson Davis 706 Type 2) 3 Area noise dosimeters 1 Sound level meter (Larson Davis Type 1) with octave band analysis 5 saw blades Reinforced concrete pipe Each worker uses all five blades (wet and dry) Personal dust exposures (Thermo pDR w/cyclone)

Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free Car Kit - Motorola

Welcome to Motorola’s “connected” world of Bluetooth™ personal area wireless networking. The Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free Car Kit makes wireless connection simple and quick. The advanced, sophisticated Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free Car Kit offers these features: • seamless, wireless hands-free audio through Bluetooth link • digital audio interface with high quality, full-duplex, hands free speech • Voice Recognition • voice user interface • entertainment mute—automatically mutes radio during calls • noise reduction and acoustic echo cancellation • automatic volume control • Ignition sense—continue an active call after car is turned off • compliance with Bluetooth Headset v1.1 and Bluetooth Hands Free 0.96 profile Note: There may be differences between the performances of the Bluetooth headset profile and the Bluetooth Hands Free profile. See the “Using Your Car Kit” chapter for details.

2014 Toyota Camry Accessories Brochure

ACCESSORIES 2014 Camry Elevate your Camry’s style. Do it right with Genuine Toyota Accessories. Exterior Make Camry uniquely yours with Genuine Toyota Accessories, designed for an ideal fit and built to Toyota standards for quality, fit and finish. Interior Electronics Illuminated Door Sills Don’t just step into your Camry, make an entrance. Made of durable, brushed stainless steel with polished accents that help protect your door sills from scuffs and scrapes. The front door sills feature a sculpted LED Camry logo, encased in a protective display, that illuminates cool ice-blue when the front doors are opened. Exterior Accessories As distinctive as they are durable. Rear Spoiler (A) Sharpen your profile with a contoured rear spoiler. •  recision-sculpted P of lightweight, durable material and color-matched to your Camry Alloy Wheel Locks (B) Precision-machined, weightbalanced alloy wheel locks offer added protection for your Camry’s wheels and tires. A •  eight-matched W to the stock lug nut weight, making rebalancing unnecessary •  riple nickel chrome plating helps ensure corrosion T protection and lasting shine Mudguards (C) Help protect your paint finish from road debris and the damage it causes. • ntegrates I seamlessly with Camry’s styling B C 17-in. Liquid-Metal Finish Wheels Precisely balanced 10-spoke wheels1 feature a gleaming, liquid-metal finish. Con­ tructed of lightweight aluminum alloy, they are tested to s strict Toyota standards for maximum performance and durability. See footnote 1 in disclosure section on back cover.

Download - D-Link
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D-Link, an industry pioneer in wireless networking, introduces a solution for businesses seeking to deploy next generation draft 802.11n LANs. D-Link unveils its new AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Access Point (DAP-2590), designed specifically for business-class environments such as large or enterprise corporations to provide secure and manageable dual band wireless LAN options for network administrators. Versatile Access Point The AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Access Point allows network administrators to deploy a highly manageable and extremely robust dual band wireless network. All three dual band antennas are detachable and can provide optimal wireless coverage in either 2.4GHz (802.11g and draft 2.0 802.11n) or 5GHz (802.11a and draft 2.0 802.11n) bands. Enclosed in a plenum-rated metal chassis, the AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Access Point adheres to strict fire codes for placement in air passageways. For advanced installations, this new high-speed Access Point has integrated 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, allowing installation of this device in areas where power outlets are not readily available.