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The Truth about Teeth Whitening - Friendly Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry

The Truth about Teeth Whitening Who doesn’t want a bright white smile? Fortunately, we have many choices in whitening products to choose from to achieve a beautiful white smile. This guide provides information on different teeth whitening procedures, answers commonly asked questions about teeth whitening, and lets you know what foods and beverages are most likely to stain your teeth. This guide ends with information on the White Smile for Life program that Friendly Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry offers to its patients in which enrolled patients get free teeth whitening for life!* Stacey Sell has been a Dental Hygienist since 1995 and enjoys helping many people achieve bright and healthy smiles. She started out as a Dental Assistant in 1992 and soon after that, decided that she wanted to continue her education and was accepted into the dental hygiene program in 1993 at North Dakota State College of Science. Stacey graduated with an Associate's degree in Dental Hygiene in 1995. She has been a part of the Friendly Smiles Team since January 2006 and enjoys working with Dr. Barfield and the rest of the team immensely. Her main focus is as Clinical Manager at Friendly Smiles but she also enjoys working in hygiene as well. Stacey loves being able to have the opportunity to help people achieve a bright and healthy smile that they will enjoy forever.


Pursuant to the Accelerated Examination Program, an applicant may have an application granted accelerated examination status provided certain conditions are met. In order to receive accelerated treatment, applicants must file a petition to make special under 37 CFR 1.102 entitled “Advancement of examination.” Key requirements include the following: (1) the application must be filed via EFS-Web with a petition to make special along with (a) required petition fee or (b) a statement that the claimed invention is directed to environmental quality, development or conservation of energy resources, or counter terrorism; (2) the application must be complete and in condition for examination; (3) the application must contain three or fewer independent and twenty or fewer total claims, and must not contain any multiple dependent claims; (4) the claims must be directed to a single invention; (5) the petition must include a statement agreeing to have an interview; (6) applicant must provide a statement that a pre-examination search was conducted that meets certain requirements; and (7) applicant must provide an accelerated examination support document that satisfies certain requirements. Effective Dates Permanent Program Start Date Aug. 25, 2006 Examination Support Document Complete Examination Support Document Required Program Fees Terms of Acceleration US $130 Petition Fee to Request Accelerated Examination

An Abney Associates Fraud Awareness Program: The resurgence of data-entry phishing attacks

How do you solve a problem like data-entry phishing? ‘Old school’ email social engineering or data-entry phishing is an attack method that has been on the rise in recent months, notably employed by the Syrian Electronic Army to hack seemingly every major media outlet in the Western hemisphere. Data-Entry phishing emails lure employees into freely giving up their login credentials by taking them to a seemingly legitimate landing page. Attackers then use the credentials to establish a foothold in the network. When spear phishing, data-entry style emails contain a link that takes the recipient to a webpage that appears to be a genuine corporate or commercial site soliciting login information. Despite their pervasiveness and high-success rate, data-entry attacks seeking login credentials and other sensitive information have been a secondary concern for enterprises.

Elementary Teacher Guide and Student Materials - Stairway ...

Dear Educators: Preprimary thru Elementary age children and our elderly are within the two demographics with the highest incidence of stairway related injuries, most of which happen in the home. The Stairway Manufacturers’ Association members are professional stairbuilders and stair part manufacturers dedicated to reducing stairway accidents through building code reform and education of the industry and the public. This program is part of that effort and presents an opportunity, which you as educators can compliment and reinforce, as our children develop habits essential to life safety. Learning these important lessons will enable them to ―Use Stairs Safely‖ within the built environment and to transfer their knowledge to others by example. This program has been developed by a team of elementary educators and stair professionals and has been classroom tested. We invite your comments and critique to help us improve the program and to learn of the needs of our students and school systems. To contact us simply email . You will find additional information related to stairways and the industry at . What is the SMA Student Stair Safety Program?  This is a program designed for students that can be customized for students of any age to introduce them to the basics of stair safety.  The curriculum includes downloadable graphics, lesson plans, coloring/activity book, basic mathematic materials and introduction to stair codes. Why spend classroom time focusing on stairs and stair safety?  According to the Home Safety Council's national report on home injuries, the State of Home Safety in America™ (2004), falls accounted for nearly one-third of all unintentional home injury deaths each year. Falls from stairs and steps were the second leading cause of death due to falls.  Research has shown that the largest percentage of the falls that result in serious injury are not the result of faulty stair design regulated by building code but rather stairs that are in poor condition or unsafe stair usage that we might significantly affect through education.  Not only do stairs present a significant safety risk, but they also present a hands-on learning opportunity for students of all ages to be involved in learning measuring and mathematics.

PHP Web Authoring for Database Management based on MVC Pattern

Nowadays, the MVC pattern is the effective method for the development of modular applications. The MVC design pattern breaks the application into three modules: model, view, and controller. However, developers must have programming skills for creating each module. In addition, they must have the knowledge about Structured Query Language (SQL) for database management. The PHP web authoring (PHP-WA) proposes to remedy these problems. The PHP framework was designed and embedded in the PHP-WA to handle the database. We’re prepared tools that automatically generate the program code for the view module and controller module. Index Terms—MVC, SQL, PHP Web Authoring (PHP-WA) PHP is a server-side scripting language for developing dynamic web applications. One of the defining features of PHP is the ease for developers to access a database. There are several ways to connect to a database, for example, PHP extensions, Active Data Objects DataBase (ADODB), PHP Data Objects (PDO), etc. However, one of the difficult issues in database manipulation is coding the Structured Query Language (SQL). Indeed, several studies suggest that traditional database query language is not very simple to use, for non skilled users of database technologies, as a consequence of the fact that interaction is based on a textual language such as SQL [1]. One way to solve the problem is to develop a web application framework that provides libraries for database manipulation. A web application framework usually implements the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. The MVC pattern breaks an application into three associated modules: model, view, and controller. The model module is the business logic of the application and is the core of the application [2]. The View is the user interface of the controller. It is the public face of the user event’s response [3]. The Controller component implements the flow of control between the view and the model [4]. The MVC pattern is interesting to research because its simplicity makes it more acceptable to developers. Unfortunately, developers must have programming skills. They will have to design and create a model module that contains the underlying classes whose instances are to be used for manipulating the database. In addition, they must create a controller module Manuscript received May 6, 2011; revised June 1, 2011.

Technical Analysis Software - Linnsoft
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The days of using chart books and hand-plotted charts to track price movement are long gone. Basic technical charts and indicators are provided by virtually all investment-related Web sites. If your charting activities are confined to a quick study of a stock’s historical bar chart and the application of a few basic indicators, your needs should be meet by Web-based tools. However, if you wish to explore various chart types, experiment with a full range of indictors, test and optimize a trading strategy, and screen using technical factors, then software should be considered. Investors interested in technical analysis software will find a wide range of programs from which to choose. There are hundreds of technical analysis programs on the market today, ranging from simple charting software to programs that base buy and sell signals on astrological cycles. Faced with countless choices, it is important to identify what type of analysis you wish to accomplish with software. From there, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the features and functionality of a given software package to see if it meets your investment and analysis needs. The goal of this comparison article is to introduce you to some of the more popular technical analysis programs currently on the market. The programs included here all analyze stocks, provide some level of charting, and contain technical indicators. All of these programs can be used for end-of-day analysis, while some also handle intraday (delayed or real-time) data. The comparison grid on pages 1417 examines the features and functions that many of these programs have in common. It is a list of features that a comprehensive, robust technical analysis program should provide. Furthermore, Table 1 on pages 10 and 11 outlines some of the more popular March/April 2002

An Abney Associates Fraud Awareness Program:  Identity fraud is on the increase

Abram Mashego and Omphemetse Molopyane Recent statistics by the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) reveal that identity fraud is on the increase. Based on the year-to-date figure, 1 370 cases had been reported to the SAFPS as at the end of April. Experts warn that the figure could be the tip of the iceberg as the statistics only indicate the cases that have been recorded.

Get the Most From Your Digital SLR - Digital SLR Guide

Digital SLR cameras are quite simple. I can hear the cries of outrage right now, but this first statement is true. Let's compare operating a digital SLR to using your television set. These days, TVs come with a wealth of options: memory scan, picture in picture, color correction, sound options. Do you have to use all of these features to watch TV? Not at all. In fact, you only need to know 3 things to watch TV: 1. How to turn it on 2. How to change channels 3. How to increase and decrease the volume Here's the thing: with a digital SLR camera, you ALSO only need to know 3 things: 1. How to turn it on 2. How to change the aperture 3. How to change the shutter speed All text and photos copyright © 2008 The Digital SLR Guide This document may not be reproduced without permission. That's it! OK, you're right. You don't even have to know that much, since many people use their digital SLRs without ever changing aperture or shutter speed. It's easy to use a digital SLR camera in AUTO or PROGRAM mode but this defeats the purpose of owning an SLR camera. One of the benefits of an SLR over a compact point-and-shoot is that you have control over every photo you take. YOU make the decision about how every photo is going to look NOT the camera. Why is this important? Because your digital SLR is - in the end - just a small computer. While it excels at processing millions of colored dots of information, it makes pretty poor judgment calls about the artistic qualities of your photos. Once you wrestle control of aperture and shutter speed away from the camera and make them your own, you'll see a remarkable improvement in all of the photos you take. Before You Begin Before you get too deep into this lesson, I'd like you to do something for me. Go out and take a few shots with your camera. The subject doesn't have to be anything special - just find something (or someone) you enjoy photographing. You also don't have to go crazy, just 10 or 20 photos will do. I'll tell you what this is all about when you're done with the e-course. Definitions Here comes the tough part of this week's digital SLR course - the definitions. While I try to keep these as simple as possible, it's inevitable that some of the finer points won't be immediately understood. Don't despair. These definitions will become clear over time - the most important thing is that you practice a lot and see for yourself what effect each camera setting has on your photos. We'll take care of the practice part in the Exercises, but those come later.

An Abney Associates Fraud Awareness Program: Little reform since Snowden spilled the beans

LONDON – A year has passed since the American former intelligence contractor Edward J. Snowden began revealing the massive scope of Internet surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency. His disclosures have elicited public outrage and sharp rebukes from close U.S. allies like Germany, upending rosy assumptions about how free and secure the Internet and telecommunications networks really are. Single-handedly Snowden has changed how people regard their phones, tablets and laptops, and sparked a public debate about the protection of personal data. What his revelations have not done is bring about significant reforms. To be sure, U.S. President Barack Obama, spurred by an alliance between civil society organizations and the technology industry, has taken some action. In a January speech, and an accompanying presidential policy directive, Obama ordered American spies to recognize that “all persons should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their nationality or where

Uptown School   Extra Curricula Activities (ECA)

Uptown School is an authorised International Baccalureate (IB) Primary Years School and PYP IB World School. Uptown School is in the candidacy process for its IB Middle Years Programme, with the IB Diploma Program to follow. Uptown delivers the IB curriculum to grades Pre-K (3 by September 15) to Grade 9. In academic year September 2014 Grade 10 will be added with Grades 11 and 12 in 2015 and 2016.