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Economics is a discipline that deals with the production as well as consumption of services. This subject teaches the students on how to use scarce resources to advantage in terms of production, distribution, as well as consumption. It is a complex subject that overwhelms the students, giving them a feeling that hinders them from fully comprehending the topics.

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Students all over the globe within their studies

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Management Assignment
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Management accounting or also called the managerial accounting

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AustraliaBestTutors offers Online Assignment Help Services with affordable

iOSSyllabus - Graham
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Santiago Canyon College Computer Science 198, iOS Programming (CMPR¬198¬76448) Course Syllabus – Fall 2013 Instructor Name: Graham Smallwood Instructor Email: (Put “xCS198x” in the subject line.) Website:¬information/ Meeting dates/days/times: Wednesday 07:15PM ¬ 10:25PM, Room U¬90 Prerequisite: No official prerequisite as this is an experimental class, but at least one semester of an object¬oriented programming language is strongly recommended Course Description: Mobile application development for iPhones and other iOS devices. Introduction to fundamental programming Objective C concepts and skills. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs): Be able to discuss application development concepts, themes and issues. Be able to write, debug and test an app. Additional Course Goals: Gain experience in real¬world development procedures. Develop an app from design to finish. Course Requirements/Procedures/Policies: All programming assignments will be due at 4pm on Monday. No late assignments will be accepted. I will give feedback on any assignment turned in before “halftime”, which is Saturday at noon. Missing an exam without a valid documented reason is a 0. With a good reason the test will be treated as a 0 of 0. Missing two exams or the final for whatever reason is an Incomplete. Absence/Tardiness/Drop Policies: It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially from a course. However, because of enrollment demand a student may be dropped by the instructor when not appearing at the first class meeting. A student may also be dropped for excessive absences when the total hours of absence exceed 10% of the total scheduled hours of the class. (SCC Catalog p. 21) Note: For a 16¬meeting class, that means you are dropped for missing just two classes. Class Rules of Conduct: Code of Conduct. All students are responsible for maintaining appropriate conduct while enrolled in classes through the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD). Guidelines for student conduct are set forth in the RSCCD “Standards of Student Conduct” policy. (SCC Catalog p. 27) Students who violate the Standards of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action which includes, but is not limited to, removal from class, suspension and expulsion. Accommodations for Disabilities: Students with verifiable disabilities who want to request academic accommodations are responsible for notifying their instructor and Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) as early as possible in the semester. To arrange for accommodations, contact DSPS at (714) 628¬4860; (714) 639¬9742 (TTY¬ for hearing impaired students) or in person at the DSPS Center, E¬105. Academic Honesty Policy: Students enrolled in Santiago Canyon College instructional programs are expected to be honest and forthright in their academic endeavors and assume an obligation to obey the Academic Honesty Policy. For specific policy information and procedures followed in matters of student violation of academic honesty, please see the current SCC Catalog. The difference between collaborating with other students and plagiarism is easy to define in a programming class. You cannot email, speak, type, or otherwise copy actual code from an online source or another student. Any other form of conceptual discussion or help is encouraged...

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