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Your Simple Guide to the Sample Research Paper: - Luther Rice ...

Your Simple Guide to the Sample Research Paper is offered as a companion document to be used with the paper “Hell: The Necessity and Nature of Divine Retribution.” A student of Luther Rice Seminary wrote the latter paper some years ago as a class assignment. With that student’s permission, the paper was slightly revised and has been used for several years to help other students see how to format a research paper according to the guidelines published in Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 6thed., rev. John Grossman and Alice Bennett (Chicago: University of Chicago Press,1996). Mrs. Sandra Kinnebrew has always had a heart for struggling ministerial students, and there is probably no task that causes as much consternation for a new student as that of mastering the rules of academic writing. Seeing this, Mrs. Kinnebrew began conducting a two-hour tutorial on the LRS campus to teach local students how to write a Turabian-style paper. As the tutorial students look at what has come to be known simply as “that hell paper,” Sandy explains pointby-point the various form and style issues reflected there. Students participating in the tutorial have always been very vocal in their enthusiastic appreciation of the instruction afforded them. Many, even on the doctoral level, have testified that it was the most important two hours of their student career! Though there is no substitute for the personal attention offered at the tutorial, the present document follows the broad outlines of Mrs. Kinnebrew’s instruction and is offered to those who cannot attend in person. With “that hell paper” in one hand and the PC mouse in the other, the student will walk through the sample paper noticing important aspects of seven different items as they are pointed out in the Guidebook. It would be a good idea to take notes right on the “hell paper.” (There will be a test!) The instructional tour begins on the first page with the course cover sheet and ends with the final page, the Selected Bibliography. Though it’s not a difficult trip, there is a good bit of ground to cover; so let’s take a walk!

TUMOR and STAGING DATA cont. AJCC TNM Staging ... - Mass.Gov

TUMOR and STAGING DATA cont. Extensive material in this section comes with permission from the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Sixth Edition, Springer-Verlag, New York 2002. See the Permissions page. AJCC TNM Staging System At this time, it is the COC's plan to continue collection of "manual" TNM staging even after Collaborative Staging goes into effect. The MCR now plans to NOT collect these fields for diagnoses made beginning in 2004. The AJCC staging fields are all required for pre-2004 diagnoses for the MCR. Cases diagnosed beginning in 2003 are TNM-staged using the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Sixth Edition (with updates). The codes used to record the staging information can be found in the FORDS Manual and this MCR Manual. Both the staging manual and a coding manual must be used to record AJCC staging fields. Both clinical and pathologic staging fields are collected by the MCR. If you have enough information to specifically stage a case clinically and pathologically, then both stages should be specifically reported. The FORDS Manual, on its p. 23, and the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Sixth Edition note that both clinical and pathologic staging should be recorded. Use the codes for "unknown" and "not applicable" to complete the staging fields whenever appropriate. Some physicians seem to feel that a case with an unknown stage (for example, only an incisional biopsy of the primary tumor has been done) "cannot be staged"; everyone should be aware that a case with a correct "unknown" or "not applicable" stage assignment has been staged and can be recorded with appropriate codes (that do not appear in the Cancer Staging Manual)....

Takvog kralja ne bi poželeo baš niko.Kada je kineski ambasador bio na jednoj izložbi u Zrenjaninu, perfektno je govorio srpski

takvog kralja ne bi poželeo baš niko.Kada je kineski ambasador bio na jednoj izložbi u Zrenjaninu, perfektno je govorio srpski, ja sam bila fascinirana,a kad čujem onog iz Beograda pripadne me muka

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