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Quartus II Introduction Using Schematic Design - FTP - Altera

This tutorial presents an introduction to the Quartus R II CAD system. It gives a general overview of a typical CAD flow for designing circuits that are implemented by using FPGA devices, and shows how this flow is realized in the Quartus II software. The design process is illustrated by giving step-by-step instructions for using the Quartus II software to implement a very simple circuit in an Altera FPGA device. The Quartus II system includes full support for all of the popular methods of entering a description of the desired circuit into a CAD system. This tutorial makes use of the schematic design entry method, in which the user draws a graphical diagram of the circuit. Two other versions of this tutorial are also available, which use the Verilog and VHDL hardware description languages, respectively. The last step in the design process involves configuring the designed circuit in an actual FPGA device. To show how this is done, it is assumed that the user has access to the Altera DE2 Development and Education board connected to a computer that has Quartus II software installed. A reader who does not have access to the DE2 board will still find the tutorial useful to learn how the FPGA programming and configuration task is performed. The screen captures in the tutorial were obtained using the Quartus II version 8.0; if other versions of the software are used, some of the images may be slightly different. Contents: Typical CAD Flow Getting Started Starting a New Project Schematic Design Entry Compiling the Design Pin Assignment Simulating the Designed Circuit Programming and Configuring the FPGA Device Testing the Designed Circuit 1 Computer Aided Design (CAD) software makes it easy to implement a desired logic circuit by using a programmable logic device, such as a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chip. A typical FPGA CAD flow is illustrated in Figure 1.

Illinois Guide To Payday Loans - Illinois Department of Professional ...

Consumer Rights & Protec tions • Know your loan. A Payday Loan is a loan with a finance charge exceeding 36% and with a term that does not exceed 120 days. An Installment Payday Loan is similar to a Payday Loan but has a term of not less than 112 days and not more than 180 days. • You cannot be charged fees of more than $15.50 per $100 borrowed and you have the right to full disclosure in your contract of all fees and the annual percentage rate (APR). • The maximum amount you can borrow varies depending on your income, but in no event can your monthly payment on a Payday Loan or Installment Payday Loan exceed $1,000. • For Payday Loans you can request a repayment plan after 35 days of outstanding debt. Once in the repayment plan you cannot be charged interest, finances charges or fees of any kind. Installment Payday Loans are not eligible for a repayment plan. • A lender cannot charge you for attorney’s fees or court costs to collect the outstanding debt. • Members of the military have additional protections including: a ban on wage garnishment, deferral of collection activity for personnel deployed to a combat area, and a prohibition on contacting your commanding officer. • You can cancel a wage assignment at any time by contacting the lender. • For a complete copy of the law establishing Payday Loans or to file a complaint against a loan company, got to and click on “Other Financial Institutions.”

Samo jedna rec moze da opise Zapad  BOLESNICI. Ili, sto dublje tonu utoliko vise mrze i zavide

ovo je siromasni delic onog uzasa koji je proizveden u Zapadnim medijima o Sociju. Posto zivim na Zapadu, meni je toliko bila muka, da sam iskljucio ton na televizoru i gledao sve prenose bez tona. Ovo izvestavanje Zapadnih medija potseca na ono od slavne britanske TV ekipe ITN iz Trnopolja, gde se postavila iza ograde od bodljikave zice oko trafo-stanice da bi slikala ljude kao kroz bodljikavu zicu. Samo jedna rec moze da opise Zapad: BOLESNICI. Ili: sto dublje tonu utoliko vise mrze i zavide

Vehicle Dealer Complaint (D-13) - Kansas Department of Revenue

Please see reverse side for additional information! Please attach to this complaint copies of all the documents which support your complaint. For those items marked with an asterisk (*), copies of supporting documents are very important. Such documents may include, for example, newspaper or other advertising, contracts, certificates of title, manufacturer’s statement of origin, odometer disclosure statements, repair or work order(s), bill of sale, litigation documents (Petition, Answer, Journal Entry of Judgment), vehicle transfer ownership agreement, foreign title assignment affidavit, power of attorney, secured power of attorney, affidavits to a fact, temporary registration permits and any (and all) documents related to this complaint. Please note: This is a formal complaint to the Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles, Vehicle Dealer Licensing Bureau. As such, the information provided below will be used to conduct investigative efforts deemed necessary and sufficient by the Department for enforcement of the Kansas Vehicle Dealer & Manufacturer Licensing Act, K.S.A. 8-2401, et seq. The complaining party is providing this information for the express purpose of enabling the department to fulfill its statutory enforcement duties and if the result of any investigation conducted following this complaint determines such violations the licensee (dealer) found in violation, following an opportunity for administrative hearing in accordance with K.S.A. 8-2411, may be subject to fines from $50.00 to $1,000.00 or suspension, revocation or non-renewal of license or both. The Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles, though, does not have the following authority: ...the authority to order a dealer to deliver title to a purchaser; ...the authority to order a dealer to return to a vehicle purchaser any of the purchase price of a vehicle; ...the authority to order a dealer to perform any specific act in conjunction with a sale or service transaction with any customer. Use the below lines to continue your narrative.

Contract for Secondary Employment of Raleigh Police - City of Raleigh

Greetings, Thank you for contacting the Raleigh Police Department regarding the hiring of officers for off-duty employment. A Contract for Secondary Employment of Raleigh Police Officer must be completed and a Certificate of Insurance must be produced to accomplish this. Please carefully read over the instructions provided here. When completing the contract, the red-outlined boxes must be filled-in. If the Secondary Employer is a corporation then a president or vice president must sign the contract-which must be attested to by another corporate officer. (Note: the Notary should not simultaneously sign as Attest on the contract). If the organization is an LLC, then a Managing Member must be the signatory (an Attest is not required in the case of an LLC or in the case of a General Partnership). The notarization date must match the date signed by the Secondary Employer (page 8 of contract). A Certificate of Insurance (C.O.I.) that shows liability and workers compensation coverage amounts as described in the contract must be provided. Employers must meet or exceed the city’s liability requirements as well as the statutory limit of workers comp coverage. The name of the Secondary Employer must precisely match the name of the Insured party listed on the C.O.I. Also, the C.O.I. must list the City of Raleigh as a Certificate Holder with the Raleigh Police Dept. Front Street address. Additional Important Information: • Please be aware that the minimum pay rate for an off-duty officer is $35.00 per hour and the minimum length of a shift is 3 hours. A supervisor may be required due to the nature of the assignment or the number of officers working at the job site. In such cases, a supervisory rate of $40.00 per hour will apply for locations where the Department mandates the presence of a supervisor. • Individual contracts must be prepared for each officer hired (e.g. – if 2 officers are to be hired then two contracts are needed, 3 officers hired=3 contracts, etc.) RALEIGH POLICE DEPARTMENT 1221 Front Street • RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 27609 • 919-996-1444

Middle Byzantine Architecture -

It is difficult to succinctly characterize Middle Byzantine architecture because the Byzantine Empire was so expansive during this period that regional building traditions exerted just as strong an influence over building styles as did contemporary trends.1 Therefore, rather than studying “Middle Byzantine architecture,” it is more useful to study “Middle Byzantine architecture in the West,” “Middle Byzantine architecture in Greece,” etc. By way of introduction to architecture in this period, this reading assignment will provide you with examples of major architectural monuments from three different regions in the Byzantine Empire: Greece, Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul), and the West. Although it is difficult to ascribe particular styles to Middle Byzantine architecture, there are a few general features that are associated with architecture of this period. To begin with, societal changes that had taken hold by the early days of the Middle Byzantine Period changed the purpose, function, and patronage of Byzantine churches. The population had declined and there was greater instability in the culture, owing in part to the chaos and unrest of the earlier iconoclastic period. Christian services became smaller and more intimate, and with the growth of monasticism, patronage shifted away from church authorities towards monasteries. Ultimately, this shift resulted in the emergence of smaller, more intimate churches and the development of a condensed, centralized church plan. Worship also became a quieter, more individual experience involving private prayer, in contrast to the large-scale, public services of the Early Byzantine period. This new type of worship necessitated a new church style with more than just a large hall for Christian ceremony. The newer churches, which tended to be smaller than the earlier counterparts, included a number of secondary spaces for private worship and contemplation.2 Other features common to Middle Byzantine churches include brick construction, a cross-in-square plan, and extensive interior mosaic decoration. Myrelaion Church, Istanbul, 10th Century relevant images of this building: Exterior.) ...

ISBM Sample Exam Questions
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Examples of the kinds of questions that will be asked are shown below. Sample Questions For each question indicate the single best answer out of the five possible options. 1.In a study, over a period of two months, 5 out of 100 men aged 30-35 years old reported having migraine headaches. Over a period of four months, 20 of 100 women aged 30-35 years old reported having migraine headaches. In this study, the relative risk of women developing headaches compared to men was (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 2.A new serological test has been developed for diagnosis of bovine paratuberculosis. This test was used on 200 dairy cattle known to be infected with bovine paratuberculosis based on isolation of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis from fecal samples, and 300 dairy cattle designated free of disease. Among the 200 dairy cattle known to be infected with bovine paratuberculosis, 120 had a positive test. and 80 had a negative test. Among the 300 dairy cattle designated free of bovine tuberculosis, 30 had a positive test and 270 had a negative test. The sensitivity of the serological test for detecting bovine paratuberculosis is (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 3.The major purpose of random assignment in a clinical trial is to: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 4.Help ensure that study subjects are representative of the general population Help ensure double blinding Help ensure that the study groups are comparable on baseline characteristics Facilitate adherence to the intervention Facilitate measurement of the outcome variables A case control study is characterised by all the following except: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 5.A study to test the hypothesis that volcanic dust causes silicosis is to be tested by comparing the population of an island very close to a volcanic eruption with the population of an island not so exposed. After 5 and 10 years the incidence of silicosis will be measured and compared in both populations. This study is (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)  ...

menggunakan buku pelajaran dengan efektif.pdf - Staff UNY

Buku pelajaran merupakan salah satu sumber belajar yang memberikan andil cukup besar dalam upaya memperluas kesempatan memperoleh pendidikan dan meningkatkan mutu proses dan hasil pembelajaran (B.P. Sitepu, 2005: 114). Kebutuhan akan buku pelajaran semakin terasa ketika jumlah dan mutu guru yang tersedia belum memadai. Di tempat-tempat tertentu, masih banyak guru yang mengandalkan buku pelajaran sebagai satu-satunya sumber belajar dan pembelajaran. Guru mempersiapkan, melaksanakan, dan mengevaluasi pembelajaran dengan mengacu sepenuhnya pada isi buku pelajaran. Siswa juga menggunakan buku pelajaran di sekolah dan di rumah sebagai sumber belajar utama. Kebijakan tiap sekolah dalam memberikan buku pelajaran secara gratis untuk setiap siswa didasarkan pada prinsip perlakuan yang sama dan kesetaraan kesempatan. Karena alasan inilah, buku pelajaran secara luas digunakan dan bisa dipastikan akan terus digunakan sampai tahun-tahun mendatang. Hal ini terlihat dari keberterimaan yang relatif luas terhadap buku pelajaran sebagai sumber belajar yang berharga, khususnya bagi mata pelajaran Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial (IPS). Oleh karena itu, penting bagi guru untuk mulai belajar bagaimana menggunakan buku-buku ini dengan efektif. Tulisan ini mencoba menawarkan cara menggunakan buku pelajaran IPS dengan efektif kepada para guru di sekolah dasar sehingga sedapat mungkin mampu memenuhi tuntutan kurikulum serta dapat meningkatkan mutu proses dan hasil pembelajaran. Kompleksitas Materi dalam Buku Pelajaran IPS Buku pelajaran IPS SD merupakan buku pegangan guru dalam menyajikan materi kurikulum. Apabila dicermati, meskipun penulisan buku tersebut sudah disesuaikan dengan tingkat kemampuan pembacanya, masih ada saja permasalahan yang berkaitan dengan kesulitan membaca yang dihadapi siswa. Hal ini bisa terjadi karena buku-buku ini dirancang untuk menangani konten substantif. Artinya, istilah dan konsep yang berkaitan dengan subjek harus digunakan ketika menjelaskan ide-ide yang disajikan. Sebagai contoh, dalam buku dituliskan  ...

KAJIAN TEORI - Deskripsi Teoretik Buku Pelajaran

Buku merupakan salah satu media pembelajaran yang berupa tulisan yang dituangkan ke dalam kertas atau buku dapat digolongkan ke media pembelajaran berupa media cetak. Dalam salah satu hierarki media yang paling kompleks yaitu menurut Gagne (dalam Arief Sadiman, 2011: 23), Gagne mennggolongkan media yang dikaitkan dengan kemampuan memenuhi fungsi menurut hierarki belajar yang dikembangkan yaitu pelontar stimulus belajar, penarik minat belajar, memberi kondisi eksternal, contoh perilaku belajar, memberi kondisi eksternal, menuntun cara berpikir, memasukkan alihilmu, menilai prestasi, dan pemberi umpan balik. Dari beberapa fungsi tersebut, Media cetak memiliki keterbatasan pada aspek stimulus dan alih kemampuan. Sedangkan pada fungsi pengarah perhatian/kegiatan, contoh kemampuan terbatas yang diharapkan, isyarat eksternal, tuntutan cara berpikir penilaian hasil dan umpan balik sudah terdapat didalamnya. Proses belajar mengajar pada hakikatnya adalah proses mentransfer ilmu maupun nilai agar peserta didik bertambah nilai dirinya. Menurut Arief Sadiman (2011: 11-12), proses belajar mengajar adalah proses komunikasi, yaitu proses penyampaian pesan dari sumber pesan melalui saluran media tertentu ke penerima pesan. Dalam hal ini saluran media merupakan media pembelajaran. Menurut Umar Suwito (dalam Suharsimi Arikunto, 1987: 15) media pembelajaran adalah salah satu sarana yang digunakan untuk menampilkan pelajaran. Sedangkan pengretian lebih luasnya, media pendidikan adalah sarana pendidikan yang digunakan sebagai perantara dalam proses belajar mengajar untuk lebih mempertinggi efektivitas dan efisiensi dalam mencapai tujuan pembelajaran. Fungsi dari media pembelajaran adalah (1) memperjelas penyajian pesan agar tidak terlalu bersifat versibilatas, (2) mengatasi keterbatasan ruang, waktu dan daya indra, (3) penggunaan media pendidikan secara tepat dan bervariasi dapat mengatasi sikap pasif peserta didik, dan (4) dengan sifat yang unik pada setiap anaka ditambah lagi dengan lingkungan dan pengalaman yang berbeda, sedangkan kurikulum dan materi pendidikan ditentukan sama untuk setiap siswa, maka guru banyak mengalami kesulitan bilamana semuanya itu harus diatasi sendiri (Arief Sadiman, 2011: 17). Pengelompokan berbagai jenis media telah dikemukakan oleh berbagai ahli. Menurut Leshin, Pollock & Reigulth (dalam Azhar Arsyad, 2011: 36) mengklasifikasikan media menjadi 5 macam, yaitu: 1. Media berbasis manusia (guru, instruktur, tutor, main peran, field-trip, kegiatan kelompok), 2. Media berbasis cetak (buku, penuntun, buku latihan (worksheet), alat kerja bantu, lembar lepas), 3. Media berbasis visual (buku, alat bantu kerja, bagan grafik, peta, gambar transparansi, slide), 4. Media berbasis audio visual (video, film, ...

Factors that help to hire the best private detective:

There are many private detectives who can help you to collect the required information. You should hire a licensed and reliable private investigator for your assignment. Make sure that the company you hire is capable of handling all the types of cases.