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Boeing B747-400/-400F/-8/-8F - EASA - Europa

Boeing B747-400/-400F/-8/-8F Description: Boeing B747-400/-400F/-8/-8F Language: English Final/Draft/Interim: Final OEB Report category: Aeroplanes Manufacturers: BOEING COMPANY (THE) European Aviation Safety Agency: Ottoplatz 1, D-50679 Cologne, Germany - An agency of the European Union EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY Operational Evaluation Board Report Boeing 747-400 / -400F / -8 / -8F Flight Crew Qualifications Report, Rev 2 27 Nov 2013 European Aviation Safety Agency Postfach 10 12 53 D-50452 Köln Germany EASA Operational Evaluation Board Boeing B747-400/-8/-8F – Flight Crew Qualifications Boeing 747-400 / -400F / -8 / -8F Operational Evaluation Board – Flight Crew Qualifications Captain Graham Pass EASA OEB B747 Chairman Captain Klaus Walkner EASA OEB Expert Operational Suitability – Fixed Wing Aircraft – Experts Department, EASA Certification Directorate Captain Herbert Meyer Section Manager, Operational Suitability – Fixed Wing Aircraft – Experts Department, EASA Certification Directorate Revision Record Rev. No. First Issue Content Date new evaluation 18 Oct 2011 Rev 1 B747-8/-8F initial type rating training added. OneEngine Out Ferry Flight Recommendations for B747-400/-400F added. CTLC B747 towards B787 added. 05 Jun 2013 Rev 2 One-Engine Out Ferry Flight Recommendations amended, including B747-8/-8F. 27 Nov 2013 B747-400/-8/-8F OEB, Rev. 2 page 2 EASA Operational Evaluation Board Boeing B747-400/-8/-8F – Flight Crew Qualifications

EMaint UK
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eMaint, a global leader in on-demand CMMS solutions, has been providing maintenance management software solutions since 1986 and was one of the first CMMS providers to develop a completely web-based “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model for more rapid implementation at a lower total cost of ownership. eMaint helps more than 18,000 global customers across multiple industries achieve operational excellence. Its multi-lingual teams provides knowledgeable, personalised service and product support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. In 2013, eMaint opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin, Ireland to provide existing international customers with the high-level of service and support they have come to know, while continuing its expansion in Europe. For more information on eMaint products and services, please visit the UK site at, the EMEA site at, the eMaint North American site at, the Portuguese site at

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eMaint helps more than 18,000 global customers across multiple industries achieve operational excellence. Its multi-lingual teams provides knowledgeable, personalised service and product support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Please visit at

Personal Injury Lawyers in Camden
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For over 40 years, the Rovner Law Firm has been accomplishing its motto of getting results for many thousands of grateful and satisfied clients. The firm is made up of over 15 lawyers, plus paralegals, and investigators which puts them at the top of the Philadelphia Area legal profession. Visit

the Byzantine East & the Early Christian West - Southern California ...

The Kappe Library Guides identify general resources on broad topics to help researchers begin their work. Individual projects and practitioners are avoided; guides, indexes and general introductions are preferred to specialized works. Book citations that include a call number can be found at the Kappe Library; other books are identified by author, title and date. Magazine articles are selected from the Avery Index, Art Full Text and JStor databases. Where full-text articles are available on-line, the article title is hyperlinked to the full text. Web versions of this and all other Guides are available at Submit questions and suggestions to the library manager directly at NOTE: This Guide covers the art & architecture of the late Roman Empire, divided into the Greek-speaking Eastern (Byzantine) Empire (4th to 15th centuries), and the Latin-speaking Western Empire (through it’s collapse in the 5th century, and up to its displacement by Charlemagne in the 8th century). Some material overlaps with Kappe Library Guides #79 Greece & Rome and #81 Carolingian, Romanesque & Gothic. THE LATE CLASSICAL EAST & WEST IN GENERAL John Beckwith, Early Christian and Byzantine art, N7832 .B3 Henry Scowcroft Bettenson, Documents of the Christian church, BR141 .D63 1999 G.W. Bowersock, Interpreting late antiquity: essays on the postclassical world, DE---3 .I6 2001 F.L. Cross, Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, BR--95.O8 1997 The Early Church Fathers, (English full-text) Internet Medieval Sourcebook, Richard Krautheimer, Early Christian and Byzantine architecture, NA4817 .K4 1986 The Labyrinth; resources for medieval studies, Liturgical Texts Project, (Extensive collection covering East & West)

The Amazon Partner Program for Dummies - Authority Hacker

The Amazon Partner Program for Dummies In case you didn't know yet, Mark and I live in Budapest Hungary for most of the year. Why ? Because the city combines the best of a traditional european lifestyle and the nightlife of central Europe and a comfortable lifestyle here costs only half of what it would cost in western Europe. There's only one problem with this place: The product selection available in shops SUCKS due to a tiny local market with limited financial means. Plus, it's all overpriced, thanks to the local VAT set at 27% (the highest in Europe). But there's one company that saves the day for us, poor expats of Budapest: Amazon. Amazon UK and Germany both Ship most of their products to Hungary at Local store VAT rates (hint: they're much lower) and only a tiny surcharge for the freight. As a consequence, anything we need to buy that isn't needed this second goes through Amazon. And so does the purchases of an alarmingly increasing amount of people around the world and especially in the US. Here, take a pick at the sales growth of the Amazon group since 2007. Not many companies can more than 3x in 6 years when they start at 17 billion. Source: This growth represents an incredible opportunity as an authority site owner. as you are able to refer traffic to quality products sold on that conversion engine that is amazon and get paid for it using the amazon partner program. What is the amazon partner program The amazon partner program is Amazon's very own affiliate program. That means that you can get paid for generating sales on Amazon. Being in the english speaking market, I only know of not running the partner program. Every other country should let you send traffic to them and pay you for conversion through the program. It's important to note that every version of Amazon runs its own program and program portal so you may have to sign up to several TLDs if you operate or receive traffic from several countries. Link to the partner programs portals of each country Don't worry, I'll teach you how to route your traffic to optimise conversion later in this guide. I recommend signing up per language. That means that if you're going to be writing in english, you should probably have an account on the US, UK, Canadian and Indian versions of Amazon. But what exactly do you get for promoting and selling products on Amazon ? Here is a quick fact table and a complete referral rate index: The Amazon Partner Program in a Nutshell Ability to link anywhere on 24 hour cookie duration 4-15% commissions on all items bought on Amazon $2/amazon prime signup. Tech (desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and netbooks are limited to $25 referral fee.

BlackBerry 10 retail display mode instruction guide – English (PDF)

Any commercial unit can be converted to Retail Display Mode, just follow these steps: Set Up I  nsert a Micro SIM into the device by removing the back door. If no sim is available, the device will prompt you to connect to a Wi-Fi® network during demo setup. Did you know? You can change the language of the display mode by changing the language of your device. Just select ‘Language and Input’ in the Settings menu and change your device language as desired. 1.  rom the Home F Screen, with your finger or thumb, Swipe Down from the top bezel of the device to access the Settings Menu. 2. Select Display 6.  urning Demo T Mode On 7. f a Sim Card was NOT I inserted you will be prompted to set up a Wi-Fi connection. Select Enable Wi-Fi to connect to your network. 3. Select Advanced  Toggle Retail Display Mode to ON 4.  hen prompted, W enter the password “instoredemo” 5.  ext, you’ll need N to create your own unique password. Select something easy to remember be sure to write it down. 9. Updating Demo  Content 10. Exiting Display  Mode  you want to update If demo just Swipe Down from the top bezel and select update.  you want to exit If display mode (not recommended), just Swipe Down from the top bezel and select Close App. Congratulations You’re device is now in Retail Display Mode. Please familiarize yourself with the demos. Support Should you need assistance, please visit:  Accept the device permissions by hitting OK.

The Flu: Caring for Someone Sick at Home [6.5 MB, 24 pages]

February 2013 The flu can affect almost everyone Will you know what to do if someone in your house gets the flu? Read this booklet to learn how to care for someone with influenza (the flu). For more information or Or, call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) Services in English and Spanish, 24 hours a day. What’s inside? About the flu 2 Flu germs are spread from person to person 3 The flu may be more serious for some 4 Know the signs and symptoms of flu 5 Make a separate sick room, if you can 7 Tips to prevent fluid loss (dehydration) 12 Medicine safety 16 About fever 18 About coughs 19 Treat other flu symptoms 20 •1 About the flu Influenza (the flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. Some people, such as older people, young children, and people with certain health conditions, are at high risk for serious flu complications. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year. 5 steps to take if you get the flu 1 Stay at home and rest. 2 Avoid close contact with well people in your house so you won’t make them sick. 3 Drink plenty of water and other clear liquids to prevent fluid loss (dehydration). 4 Treat fever and cough with medicines you can buy at the store. 5 If you get very sick or are pregnant or have a medical condition that puts you at higher risk of flu complications (like asthma...), call your doctor. You might need antiviral medicine to treat flu. 2 • About the flu Flu germs are spread from person to person Most experts think that flu viruses are spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Less often a person might also get flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth or nose. How to keep yourself and others healthy during flu season...

the nomination of Sir Nicholas Winton for the Nobel Peace Prize

The petition to support the nomination of Sir Nicholas Winton for the Nobel Peace Prize Motto: “There is nothing that can't be done if it is fundamentally reasonable.” In 1939, Sir Nicholas Winton saved 669 mainly Jewish children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovak territory. Despite the reluctance of the government in his homeland, Winton managed to organize train transports to Great Britain where he found foster homes for the children. Here they could start a new, safer life. Astonishingly, Nicholas Winton did not mention this to anyone, not even his family and had his wife not found the documents about this event by accident, this heroic act would forever remain hidden from the eyes of the public and the rescued children. We believe that Sir Nicholas Winton should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this deed. By this act, he contributed to the idea of “the fraternity of nations” as spirited in Alfred Nobel´s final testament. The motivation powering our initiative began with an educational program called “Lottery of the life“, directed by Zdeněk Tulis. Thanks to this our school was visited by two women who belonged to the “Winton Children“. It was a very emotional experience for our students and we decided to continue in the activity of Mr Tulis and Mr Mináč, the director of three documentaries...

ETS Proficiency Profile Sample Questions with Directions

Directions: The following question tests your ability to rewrite a given sentence. You will be told exactly how to revise your new sentence. Keep in mind that your new sentence should have the same meaning as the sentence given to you. In choosing an answer, follow the requirements of standard written English; that is, pay attention to acceptable usage in grammar, diction (choice of words), sentence construction, and punctuation. Choose the best answer; this answer should be clear and exact, without awkwardness, ambiguity, or redundancy. Being a female jockey, she was often interviewed. Rewrite, beginning with She was often interviewed The next words will be (A) (B) (C) (D) on account of she was by her being because she was being as she was Copyright © 2010 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and LISTENING, LEARNING, LEADING. are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service.