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iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education

ArtikPix Currently for iPad only, ArtikPix has flashcard and matching activities with 560 cards for articulation practice. Baby Sign Language Using AUSLAN An Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) teaching app especially designed for babies and toddlers. DAF Assistant Delayed auditory feedback and frequency shifting to help improve stuttering. Expressionist Cartoon drawings with 120 commonly used expressions in 7 categories and 1000+ nouns. iCommunicate Pre-loaded pictures and storyboards/routines (e.g., schedule) facilitate language comprehension. iConverse AAC tool to express 6 different icons representing basic needs: food, drink, sick, bathroom, help, break. iPrompts Visual prompting tool containing original artwork for schedules, a timer, choice prompts, and a library. iSpeech List of sounds for developmental ages 3 to 7+, and explanations for forming and teaching the sounds. iSayIt Type in text and your iPhone or iPod touch will speak it out in a male voice and phrases can be saved for use again. P a g e | 3 Sailers 2009 - 2010 iTalk Recorder Voice recorder for iPhone with internal mic, or iPod touch with external mic. iTranslate Plus Translate words and whole sentences in 52 languages, and use text-to-speech with 43 voices in 16 languages. Learn to Talk Over 160 interactive flashcards to learn nouns, verbs, early syntax, and word combinations. Locabulary Lite Audio output for expressing phrases (“hello”), moods (“I am happy”), assistance (“Call the doctor”), & restaurants. Look2Learn AAC AAC system with photos and preloaded voices to express wants and needs. Model Me Going With 6 locations (e.g., playground), each has photos (with Places narration) of children modelling the behaviour. MyTalk AAC software with photos and voice recording feature that can be used with a web authoring service. Pocket SLP Articulation With 400 images, practice phonemes in various positions of words or sentences, and save/email data. Proloquo2Go Full AAC solution with over 7000 symbols, natural sounding voices, automatic conjugation, and more. RIDBC Auslan A video-based Australian Sign Language (Auslan) teaching Tutor application. Sentence Builder With 100 pictures, it helps elementary aged children to build grammatically correct sentences. P a g e | 4 Sailers 2009 - 2010 Speak it! Copy or type text for text-to-speech using natural sounding voices. StepStones Visual schedules for 9 sequential activities can be checked for completion, and more activities can be added. TapSpeak Button A large button or switch enables the user to play a single message. Visules Uses drawings and photos to communicate schedules and actions. Voice4U With over 130 icons and recorded audio, express feelings, thoughts, actions, and needs.. P a g e | 5 Sailers 2009 - 2010

medical symptoms related to stress - Dr. Joan Borysenko

Studies indicate that between 75-90% of the medical symptoms that people describe to their family practice physicians are due either to self-limiting conditions (colds, flu, other infections) or to stress. Stress can create medical symptoms directly—headaches, palpitations, body pains, fatigue, rashes and high blood pressure, to name a few—and can also make symptoms due to other causes worse. Learning to reduce your stress can impact dramatically on how you feel and on the quality of your life. In fact, reducing your stress can mean the difference between feeling fully alive and functioning at your peak, versus feeling ill and functionally compromised. The following medical symptom checklist was created by my colleagues Jane Leserman, Ph.D. and Claudia Dorrington when I was director of the Mind/Body Clinic at what was then Boston's Beth Israel Hospital, and is now the Beth Israel/Deaconess Medical Center. We asked our patients—most of whom came to us with symptoms either caused by or made worse by stress-for letters of referral from their physicians so that we could be sure that their medical symptoms had been properly assessed and treated insofar as possible. For that reason, it is important for you to make sure that any physical or mental symptoms that you might be experiencing have been properly evaluated before trying any self-help approaches. Then you can rest assured that no helpful medical treatment has been overlooked. That said, researchers in the field of wisdom rate self-reflection as the most important kind of wisdom. If you don't know where you are, it's hard to tell which way you're going. For that reason, continuing self-reflection is a cornerstone of stress management, and integral to minding the body, and mending the mind. (By the way, you can get information on how to manage your stress in my book Minding the Body, Mending the Mind which is based on the program I developed at a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital. As you fill out the following medical and psychological symptoms checklists, hopefully you'll learn some valuable things about yourself. Should you feel that you need help, based on completing these questionnaires, make sure to ...

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When Pam Friedlander went from a size 16 to a size four, she started helping other women who lost weight but still held onto the same style of clothing. A people person, Pam is now a fashion consultant for all women ages 40 and up. For this fall, Pam says think “peacock.” She suggests wearing rich purples and blues and combining reds and oranges together. Business women should wear a colorful teddy with that black suit. Pam also says that leather will be all the rage this fall. Therefore, incorporate it in everything. As for handbags, go leather and color. It doesn’t have to be black or brown anymore. Amy Lyons Kemler comes from a long line of fashion experts . Her grandfather worked in the garment district in New York City and her parents worked retail in women’s clothing. “I have always loved fashion and although I have been involved in it all my life, I officially started my business five years ago.” Amy advises her clients to mix what they already have with a few new things. With a passion for jeans, she recommends adding a jewel color T shirt for fall. Those fall jewel colors are burgundy, jade and gold tones. Amy is a self-declared “Queen of Shoes.” She recommends ankle leather booties. When it comes to keeping up with the trends, Ellen Gang knows just what’s happening. Having received numerous design awards throughout her career, Ellen now teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology and is developing a concentration in fashion at Sacred Heart University. Her studio specializes in teaching fashion to teens and young adults. “This year, leather is in,” she said that adding leather patches and inserts will be hot. “Plaid with leather, chains and mesh have gone from punk to mainstream,” she said, concluding with “What’s old is new again, but with a twist.”

School of Education   Breyer State University

Teaching is a one of the most valuable gifts your can give to the world. Learners in today’s educational institutions need well-informed teachers who are also committed to helping them succeed. For more details visit us.

Article Children Classes
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One of the top martial arts programs in the United States By any measure - curriculum, facilities, number and quality of students, success of our students-- Tama Martial Arts Center ranks among the top martial arts schools in the country. Our Teaching Approach Though all martial arts schools teach kids how to kick, punch, block and grapple we focus on the inner teachings of martial arts: the development of a strong mind, body and spirit.


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Conversion Set
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FABRIC : Unisex reversible Jersey made of 100% Micro-fiber polyester both sides with Moisture Management. -INCLUDES : Front Team Name/ Logo, 4" Front numbers & 6" Back numbers -Made in USA.

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Global Water Borne Coating Additives Market by Applications Geography & companies: 2013-2018 | Micro

Water Borne Coating Additives Market by Applications (Bedding & Furniture, Construction, Automotive, Industrial), Geography & companies Forecasting to 2013-2018

Greenfield Community School – Teaching & Learning

Greenfield Community School provides a high quality, creative and challenging international education, based on the International Baccalaureate Philosophy. We foster within each student, staff member and community member an enduring passion for learning and empowering each individual to become a caring global citizen.

Teaching your child about money of Abney Associates Ameriprise Financial Advisor

Ask your five-year old where money comes from, and the answer you'll probably get is "From a machine!" Even though children don't always understand where money really comes from, they realize at a young age that they can use it to buy the things they want. So as soon as your child becomes interested in money, start teaching him or her how to handle it wisely. The simple lessons you teach today will give your child a solid foundation for making a lifetime of financial decisions. LESSON 1: LEARNING TO HANDLE AN ALLOWANCE An allowance is often a child's first brush with financial independence. With allowance money in hand, your child can begin saving and budgeting for the things he or she wants. It's up to you to decide how much to give your child based on your values and family budget, but a rule of thumb used by many parents is to give a child 50 cents or 1 dollar for every year of age.