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pastry sheet mat
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The pan stands out as the basic for your special prepared treats. Your baking needs collection will incorporate birthday cake cookware and Bundt pans, cake plates, tart pots and pans, loaf cookware, muffin tins, and cupcake tins.

pastry sheet mat
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The pan stands out as the basic for your special prepared treats. Your baking needs collection will incorporate birthday cake cookware and Bundt pans, cake plates, tart pots and pans, loaf cookware, muffin tins, and cupcake tins.

Residential Alarm Permit Application - The City of Portland, Oregon

RESIDENTIAL ALARM USER PERMIT APPLICATION OFFICIAL USE ONLY Date Received: Amount Received: Portland Police Alarm Administration PO Box 1867 Portland, OR 97207 Phone: (503) 823-0031 Fax: (503) 823-0507 Alarm Permit #: Date Issued: ALARM USER INFORMATION (NOTE: The City of Portland requires an alarm user’s permit for each burglary or robbery alarm system.) Name of 1st Alarm User: nd Name of 2 Date of Birth (senior discount): Alarm User: Date of Birth (senior discount): Street Address: City: State: Zip: State: Zip: Residence Phone #: Mailing Address (if different): City: Signature: Type of Location: House Rental House Condominium Apartment Other: Date: RESIDENTIAL ALARM PERMIT FEE: $25 ANNUALLY CAN YOU MANUALLY ACTIVATE A ROBBERY/ SILENT SIGNAL? A Robbery or Silent feature signals the alarm monitoring company by a button (Police shield button on alarm pad, or a number code) that you are in danger and need police assistance. CHECK ONE BOX ONLY AND ENCLOSE THAT ALARM PERMIT FEE: $25 - Burglary Alarm ONLY (Audible system-activated signal of entry/ attempted entry). $25 - Robbery/ Silent Alarm ONLY (Silent user-activated robbery silent signal). $50 - BOTH a Burglary AND a Robbery/ Silent Alarm. Acceptable forms of payment: Check/Cash/Money Order/VISA/MasterCard Credit Card #: ________________________________________ Expiration: _____/______ ALARM COMPANY INFORMATION: Alarm Installer: 24-Hour Phone #: ( ) Monitoring Company: 24-Hour Phone #: ( ) EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: List up to three (3) people that possess a key and/or have permission to access the premises and deactivate the alarm. Primary Phone: Alternate Phone: Name: Contact / Alarm User #1: ( ) ( ) Contact / Alarm User #2: ( ) ( ) Contact / Alarm User #3: ( ) ( ) SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR OFFICER RESPONSE: (Special directions, Guard dog, Security guards, etc.) Persons with sight, hearing or speech disabilities?___________________________________________________ Other Instructions: DESCRIPTION OF FEES AND HOW TO FILE YOUR APPLICATION: Burglar Alarm Permit: Robbery Alarm Permit: $25 * Billed annually $25 * Billed annually Systems with both robbery/silent and burglary alarm capabilities require separate permits for each function. * Fee is waived for residents who are age 62 or over. Proof of age is required by sending in a photo copy of a state issued ID or a birth certificate. Failure of the alarm user to apply for a permit within 30 days after the alarm system becomes operative will result in a $100 fine assigned for every event request. Please mail your completed application along with the annual permit fee or, for seniors, proof of age to:...

ItsHot.Com’s Diamond Eternity Bands – Because She Deserves to Feel Special

Amid all the difficulties that life throws at you, with some days being tougher than others, it’s the thought of going back to her at the end of the day that gives you comfort and the power to take challenges head on.

Healthier Male Organ in 10 Seconds a Day

While tracking down each of the special male organ ingredients individually may be quite difficult, using a product that combines all of them can provide all the essential health benefits the male organ needs in one easy step. Men seeking to maximize male organ health should use a male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a daily basis. Simply massage a cream containing all 9 essential male organ ingredients into the skin after a daily shower for fast, easy absorption. Ten seconds or less, and a man can be on his way to a healthier male organ.

The brand new Sealy Bed Range.PDF
by DialaBed 0 Comments favorite 21 Viewed Download 0 Times | Dial-a-Bed presents the new Sealy range with brand new technology exclusive to Dial-a-Bed stores. All the mattresses are upholstered in Natural Balance™ fabric and designed to moderate your temperature while you sleep. Purchase any of these Sealy beds before 7 May 2014 and receive free delivery and a special gift. Shop online or visit your nearest Dial-a-Bed store today!

Genetics and biochemistry of secondary metabolites in plants: an ...

Genetics and biochemistry of secondary metabolites in plants: an evolutionary perspective Eran Pichersky and David R. Gang The evolution of new genes to make novel secondary compounds in plants is an ongoing process and might account for most of the differences in gene function among plant genomes. Although there are many substrates and products in plant secondary metabolism, there are only a few types of reactions. Repeated evolution is a special form of convergent evolution in which new enzymes with the same function evolve independently in separate plant lineages from a shared pool of related enzymes with similar but not identical functions. This appears to be common in secondary metabolism and might confound the assignment of gene function based on sequence information alone. lants produce an amazing diversity of low molecular weight compounds. Although the structures of close to 50 000 have already been elucidated1, there are probably hundreds of thousands of such compounds. Only a few of these are part of ‘primary’ metabolic pathways (those common to all organisms). The rest are termed ‘secondary’ metabolites; this term is historical and was initially associated with inessentiality but, here, a ‘secondary’ metabolite is defined as a compound whose biosynthesis is restricted to...

Northwest Kidney Kid to host no cost kidney camp for kids

FREE Northwest Kidney Kid to host no-cost kidney camp for kids. Read on for details. summer camps 2014, summer programs, adventure camps, kids summer camps, teen camps, special needs summer camp,

Airport Limo & Car Service for Your Stress Free Trip

White Eagles Limo Airport Service has a fleet of luxury sedans, vans, limousines and SUV’s. We are committed to not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. Whether you are planning a special event such as a wedding, private party, sporting event trip or simply need haulage to or from the Car Service From Delray Beach , let one of our courteous, highly trained chauffeurs get you there safely, on time and in style.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment PR Feb. 2014

Goodwill Industries of Southern NJ & Philadelphia is a nonprofit, community based organization. Its mission is to help people with special needs get to work. The large scale collection and sale of gently-used items in Goodwill’s retail stores fund job training programs and other career services that prepare individuals with disabilities and disadvantages for competitive employment in the community. Goodwill Home Medical Equipment operates as a division of Goodwill Industries of Southern NJ & Philadelphia. For more information, please visit