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The Credit Crunch: A Minsky Moment
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In the late 20th century, economist Hyman P. Minsky was the foremost U.S. expert on such credit crunches and financial instability. His ideas remain relevant to understanding current economic problems. This article demonstrates that the latest international credit crunch can aptly be described as a “Minsky moment.” It begins by taking a brief look at aspects of this crunch, which began in the United States and was triggered by trouble in the housing market. The notion of a Minsky moment is subsequently examined, along with the main ideas of Minsky’s perspective on economic instability. The article then introduces Minsky’s approach to stages of U.S. economic development, and highlights aspects of the era of “money manager capitalism” that have special relevance in light of recent events. Finally, the article returns to the latest crunch and identifies some of the key elements relevant to fleshing out a Minsky-oriented account of that event. (J.E.L.: B31, E12, E32, E44)

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Guide to Exploring African American Culture - College of Agricultural ...

G U I D E TO E X P L O R I N G African American Culture C O L L E G E O F A G R I C U LT U R A L S C I E N C E S Acknowledgments Developers Contributors Visit Penn State’s College of Nakesha Faison, research associate I, the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan Shameera Simmons, past participant of Temple University’s Math and Science Upward Bound Program Agricultural Sciences on the Web: Marney Dorsey, master’s of science degree candidate in agricultural extension and education, Penn State Dr. Patreese Ingram, associate professor of agricultural extension and education, Penn State Special thanks to Candice Lyons, hair stylist, and Leslie Clements for their contributions to the hairstyle activities section. Models: Sheena Armstrong, Caitlin Dininni-Parker, Sonya Gomes, Cassandra Logan, Cierra Lyons, Frank Mathis, Tsakani Ngomane, Tyana Singletary, Cherese Sullivan, and Bridgette Turner. Designer: Gretl Collins Photographer: Howard Nuernberger Curriculum Reviewers/ Consultants Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences research, extension, and resident education programs are funded in part by Pennsylvania counties, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Gary Abdullah, writer/editor, Information and Communication Technologies This publication is available from the Publications Cindy Arblaster, 4-H youth development agent, Westmoreland County information telephone 814-865-6713. Distribution Center, The Pennsylvania State University, 112 Agricultural Administration Building, University Park, PA 16802. For Where trade names appear, no discrimination is intended, and no endorsement by the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences is implied. Brack Barr, 4-H youth development agent, Allegheny County Christy Bartley, youth program coordinator This publication is available in alternative media on request. The Pennsylvania State University is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal Deno Deciantis, county extension director, Allegheny County access to programs, facilities, admission, and Bryan Dickinson, youth development agent, Lawrence County policy or by state or federal authorities. It is the Dr. Catherine Lyons, assistant to the dean for minority affairs in the College of Agricultural Sciences University prohibits discrimination and Lynda Moss McDougall, program advisor, 4-H youth development, Mercer County harassment against faculty, staff, or students will Mary Miller, 4-H youth development agent, Montgomery County Director, The Pennsylvania State University, 328 Dr. Claudia Mincemoyer, assistant professor of agricultural and extension education Donald Tanner, 4-H youth development agent, McKean County employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by University policy of the University to maintain an academic and work environment free of discrimination, including harassment. The Pennsylvania State harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Discrimination or not be tolerated at The Pennsylvania State University. Direct all inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policy to the Affirmative Action Boucke Building, University Park, PA 168025901, Tel 814-865-4700/V, 814-863-1150/TTY. © The Pennsylvania State University 2003 Produced by Information and Communication Technologies in the College of Agricultural Sciences...

Print/View Service Menu PDF - Austin South

Hair Styles Haircuts Shampoo, Cond. & Blowdry Included Haircut Clipper Cut Clipper Cut Designs Edge Up Bang Trim $ 6.00 $ 6.00 $10.00 $ 3.00 $ 3.00 Extensions Hourly Rate added to listed prices +$5 per hour Corn Rows (own short hair) Corn Rows w/ Design (own hair) Corn Rows (added hair) Corn Rows w/ Style or Up-Do Corn Row Removal Microbraids Extensions Extension Removal Bonded Tracks (4-6in width) Sewn Tracks (4-6in width) Locks Additional Fee for Beads $25.00 & UP $35.00 & UP $35.00 & UP $45.00 & UP $10.00 & UP $65.00 & UP $65.00 & UP $25.00 & UP $ 5.00 per Track $10.00 per Track $25.00 & UP $ 5.00 Extra Gift Certificates & Specials Events and Gift Certificates are perfect for Birthdays & Quinces, Weddings & Prom, Pamper Days & Holidays! Create a unique experience. Customize your very own Gift Certificate! Events are special at Bella. Schedule your next Birthday, Quince, or Bridal party here with us! ** TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS ** Senior Discounts 20% OFF! Shampoo & Cond. Included Shampoo Roller Set Roller Set / Tracks Roller Set / Perm Rods Curling Iron (Short – Medium Hair) Curling Iron (Long Hair) Flat Iron (Short – Medium Hair) Flat Iron (Long Hair) Blowdry Wrap Blowdry / Curling Iron Blowdry or Wrap / Flat Iron Roller Wrap Shampoo, Blowdry / Press Press / Curling or Flat Iron Finger Waves Up-Do French Twist (own hair) French Braid (long hair extra) French Braid (with added hair) Ponytail (own hair rolled) Ponytail (own hair curling iron) Wrap Around Ponytail (added hair) Flat Twisties (half head) Flat Twisties (whole head) Quick Weave Perms & Relaxers $ 2.00 $ 6.00 $ 8.00 $15.00 $10.00 $15.00 $15.00 $20.00 $ 8.00 $ 8.00 $15.00 $15.00 $10.00 $15.00 $20.00 $15.00 $25.00 $25.00 $ 5.00 $15.00 $10.00 $15.00 $30.00 $15.00 $25.00 $45.00 & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP Cut & Basic Style Included Perm Bleached Perm Specialty Wrap (over 6in long) Relaxers: Elasta QP Affirm Sensitive Scalp Soft Curl: Care Free Wave Nouveau.

Color Services Wet Set Services Thermal Styles Shampoo Services ...

Color Services Color Hair Cut Services $85.00 and up Hair Cut/Style $45.00 and up Includes your choice or recommended color, by stylist, covering Includes hair being cut into a totally different style, 3 or your entire head. (Same process for locks.) more inches. Highlights or Streaks Layer Cut $65.00 and up $20.00 and up Includes partial hair highlighted or streaked through entire head Includes hair being layered throughout entire head giving it with a color of your choice, or choice recommended by your a new shape. stylist. (Same process for locks.) Hair Trim Color Touch Up $45.00 and up Includes new growth being colored to blend with previously $10.00 and up Includes damaged ends being trimmed or length being taken shorter. colored hair. Barber Cut Wet Set Services Roller or Rod Set $25.00 and up Includes hair being cut with clippers either shaped, faded, or cut bald with line and shampooed with a steam wrap. $65.00 and up Includes hair being shampooed and set on rollers or rods to dry Line giving you a full volume style. (roller sets are recommended on Includes perimeter of hair being lined or cleaned up. relaxed hair, rod sets are recommended on natural hair.) Straw Set $85.00 and up $5.00 and up Esthetician Services (Facial) Eyebrow Shaping $25.00 and up Includes hair being shampooed and set on straws to dry, giving Initial visit includes consultation to determine the desired you a full head of small spiral ringlets. (recommended on relaxed shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrows are then waxed underneath or natural hair.) and cleaned up with a razor to minimize breakouts. Thermal Styles Eyebrow Clean-Up Flat Iron or Press and Curl $65.00 and up Includes hair being shampooed and straightened with a unique technique to last with proper maintenance. $15.00 and up Include 2-week touch-up without reshaping. TIFFANY’S Natural Hair Care Salon 707.384.2802 $40.00 and up Make up Includes consultation to determine the desired look (Natural, Dramatic, Stage, etc.) and Make up application. Shampoo Services Shampoo $25.00 and up Include hair being shampooed, and conditioned with a blow dry only. Deep Conditioner Packages On A Weekly Includes: Shampoos Deep Conditionings Flat Irons $5.00 and up Include hair being shampooed and conditioned with a special conditioner and set under the dryer. *Shampoos are considered an extra service and is Trims $200 Monthly A Savings of $60.00 The mission of Tiffany's Natural Hair Care Salon is to provide superior service in a professional, relaxed, stress free environment so that our clients and customers will feel comfortable and welcomed at all times. Braid Services with Extensions Twist Services...

Another Hair Piece - Georgetown Law Journal

* Professor of Law, Charles M. and Marion J. Kierscht Scholar, University of Iowa. J.D., University of Michigan Law School; B.A., Grinnell College. E-mail: © 2010, Angela Onwuachi-Willig. Thanks to Dean Carolyn Jones and Charles M. and Marion J. Kierscht for their research support. My research assistants Christie Canales and Matt McMurrer provided invaluable assistance. I especially thank Professor Paulette Caldwell for beginning this conversation about black women, hair, and grooming codes with her article, A Hair Piece: Perspectives on the Intersection of Race and Gender, 1991 DUKE L.J. 365. I also thank Michelle Adams, Rachel Anderson, Mario Barnes, Shanna Benjamin, Randy Bezanson, Arthur Bonfield, Devon Carbado, Bob Chang, Miriam Cherry, Carin Crain, Marion Crain, Angela Davis, Tai Duncan, Karla Erickson, Catherine Fisk, Tom Gallanis, Tristin Green, Wendy Greene, Aya Gruber, Lani Guinier, Mitu Gulati, Don Herzog, Kevin Johnson, Trina Jones, Robin Lenhardt, Nancy Levit, Natasha Martin, Marcia McCormick, Ann McGinley, Rachel Moran, Melissa Murray, Richard Primus, Daria Roithmayr, Bertrall Ross, Paul Secunda, Jessica Silbey, Catherine Smith, Peggie Smith, Rose Cuison Villazor, Adrien Wing, Rachel Wortman, and Kimberly Yuracko for their helpful comments and support on this Essay. Finally, I give special thanks to my husband, Jacob Willig-Onwuachi, and our children, Elijah, Bethany, and Solomon for their constant love and support. This project gained much from comments at the Nineteenth Annual Midwestern People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference at the University of Iowa College of Law, the Lutie A. Lytle Black Women Law Faculty Workshop at Seattle University School of Law, the 2009 Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) Conference, the Iowa Legal Studies Workshop, and the University of Michigan Law School Legal Theory Workshop.

Pathways to Near-Zero-Emission Natural Gas Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Acknowledgements Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) produced this report on behalf of the Southern California Gas Company, the nation’s largest natural gas utility company and a leader in the development of new, advanced technologies which maximize the cleaner-burning characteristics of natural gas in residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications. The authors would like to recognize the many fine staff at the Gas Company who helped with development of this report, listed below: Southern California Gas Company Ed Harte, Low Emission Vehicle Manager George Minter, Director of Policy & Environmental Solutions Jeff Reed, Director of Business Strategy & Development Allison Smith, Energy Policy Manager Lee Wallace, Environmental Affairs Manager Cherif Youssef, Technology Development Manager In addition, special thanks goes to an outstanding group of peer-reviewers who read the draft Pathways report and provided invaluable insight and astute commentary which proved essential in contouring the final document. Our team of peer reviewers includes, but is not limited to, the list of friends below: Peer Reviewers* Jack Broadbent, CEO/Air Pollution Control Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District Roland Hwang, Transportation Program Director, NRDC Bill Magavern, Policy Director, Coalition for Clean Air Alan Lloyd, President Emeritus, International Council on Clean Transportation Ronald Loveridge, Director, University of California, Riverside, Center for Sustainable Suburban Development...

Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 - Viglen

Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 The Upgrade option is not available in Windows 7 Setup when installing Windows 7 on a computer running Windows XP. However, you can use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate files and settings from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the same computer. To do this, you must first copy files to a removable media, such as an external hard drive or UFD, or to a network share. Next, you will install Windows 7 and then migrate your files back from the removable media onto your computer. When you are finished, you must install your software programs again, but your files and settings will have been copied from Windows XP. Copy files using Windows Easy Transfer 1. Insert the Windows 7 DVD while running Windows XP. If the Windows 7 installation window opens automatically, close it. 2. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Start menu, and then clicking Explore. 3. Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory. The Windows Easy Transfer window opens. 4. Click Next. 5. Select An external hard disk or USB flash drive. 6. Click This is my old computer. Windows Easy Transfer scans the computer. 7. Click Next. You can also determine which files should be migrated by selecting only the user profiles you want to transfer, or by clicking Customize. 8. Enter a password to protect your Easy Transfer file, or leave the box blank, and then click Save. 9. Browse to the external location on the network or to the removable media where you want to save your Easy Transfer file, and then click Save. 10. Click Next. Windows Easy Transfer displays the file name and location of the Easy Transfer file you just created. Viglen Limited, VHQ, 7 Handley Page Way, Old Parkbury Lane, Colney Street, St. Albans, Hertfordshire AL2 2DQ Tel: 01727

Windows 7 Features Review
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Windows 7 Features Review Windows 7 is the newest Microsoft operating system for windows-based personal computers or laptops. This overview focuses on the business-related new and enhanced features of Windows 7. Overview of New and Enhanced Features:  Taskbar Redesign – - Taskbar is divided into four main sections: Start Button Middle Section Notification Area Show Desktop - Start Button – opens the Start Menu: - Middle Section – all pinned programs and open windows are displayed as buttons allowing opening of windows and switching between windows - Notification Area – status icons are located here - Show Desktop – move mouse over this area to allow a quick peek of your desktop which displays without requiring you to minimize all open windows – to return to viewing open windows, move mouse over the desktop again - Program Icons can be Rearranged within the Taskbar – select the icon and then drag to new location: Windows 7 Features Review Division of Information Technology Page 1 Last Update: 11/10/10 - Pin a Frequently Used Program to the Taskbar: Right-click: On program Select: Pin to Taskbar (or drag and drop to Taskbar) - Jump List – contains shortcuts to popular commands and recently used files. To pin a command or file to the jump list: Right-click: On the program on the taskbar Point: To the command or file Click: Pin icon (or drag command or file to the taskbar)...

Westward Group Abrasive Tools sale in Paris, KKR takes over French steel abrasives maker

KKR has seized control of French steel abrasives maker Winoa in a debt restructuring of the company after its previous private equity owner refused to inject cash. The deal is an indication of more restructurings in Europe as lenders become less accommodating after years of extending the loans of struggling leveraged buyouts in the aftermath of the financial crisis, according to Mubashir Mukadam, head of special situations for KKR in Europe.