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contoh laporan akhir mini projek elektrik

Panduan penulisan Penerbitan Buku Teks - PDPT

Panduan Penulisan Buku Panduan ini merupakan petunjuk penulisan buku pelajaran (ilmiah populer) yang digunakan untuk menentukan kelayakan naskah bagi penerbit. Panduan ini membahas pengertian buku pelajaran & diktat, tujuan penulisan buku pelajaran, isi buku pelajaran, sampul buku, bagian pembuka, bagian utama dan bagian penutup serta ketentuan jumlah halaman. Buku Pelajaran (Text book) & Diktat Buku pelajaran adalah bahan/materi pelajaran yang dituangkan secara tertulis dalam bentuk buku dan digunakan sebagai bahan pelajaran (sumber informasi) sebuah mata kuliah bagi mahasiswa dan pengajar susuai dengan kebutuhan lapangan/industry dan tuntutan perkembangan teknologi dan atau kurikulum. Diktat adalah catatan tertulis suatu bidang studi yang disiapkan oleh guru/dosen untuk mempermudah pengayaan materi pelajaran atau bidang studi yang dibahas dalam proses pembelajaran (Ilvandri, 2011). Diktat yang baik merupakan draft buku ajar yang belum diterbitkan. Tujuan penulisan buku pelajaran a. Menyediakan buku susuai dengan kebutuhan mahasiswa, institusi dan lapangan/ industry serta serta tuntutan perkembangan teknologi atau kurikulum. b. Mendorong penulis/dosen untuk berkreasi dan kreatif membagikan ilmunya kepada masyarakat. c. Mendorong penulis untuk meng-update ilmunya sesuai dengan kriteria tuntutan buku layak terbit mencakup subdstansi, bahasa dan potensi pasar. d. Mendukung penulis untuk menerbitkan buku bila belum terbit. Isi Buku Pelajaran Isi buku pelajaran berupa teori, konsep, formula atau aturan terkini dilengkapi dengan contoh-contoh masalah atau studi kasus serta solusinya. Isi buku harus orsinil dengan merujuk dari berbagai sumber. Informasi tepat, dapat dipercaya dan dipertanggungjawabkan kepada pembaca dan semua pihak terkait. Isi tersusun dengan baik atau dengan alur informasi yang mudah dipahami. Buku pelajaran dan diktat yang baik memenuhi tiga aspek pendidikan yaitu ilmu pengetahuan (knowledge), keterampilan (skills) dan sikap atau perilaku (attitude). Aspek tersebut seperti yang dinyatakan oleh UNESCO (1994) yaitu...

Infiniti EX35
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The Epoch Times Breezing Along in the 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible By JO ANN HOLT Ever had one of those days when life was just going so good you almost had to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t a dream? That’s kind of the way I felt the week I drove the gorgeous 2010 Chrysler Sebring Limited Hardtop convertible. I had been yawning through the morning wondering why I had to work on Monday when the driver showed up with a deep water blue pearl Sebring that literally glistened in the sun. When I learned that was the car I’d drive for the next week, I suddenly couldn’t wait to get going. This beautiful convertible begged to be shown off. While I couldn’t really justify putting the top down since I had to get on the crowded freeway, I did try it out and discovered it was so easy even someone totally nontechnical like me could handle it alone—just push a few buttons and the top retracts neatly into the trunk. As long as I made sure the trunk wasn’t full first. This was a far cry from my youthful misadventures with a variety of ragtops that never quite did what I wanted them to do. The two-door Sebring Limited convertible featured a dark gray interior color and premium leather-trimmed bucket seats, and came with 18-inch wheels that were also very beautiful. The modified instrument panel boasted tortoiseshell accents, also used throughout the interior for a very elegant look. There is even an optional windscreen behind the front headrests that helps to reduce noise for backseat passengers. Other luxury touches included power 6-way driver and front passenger seats, heated front seats, heated/cooled cup holders, traveler/mini trip computer, temperature and compass gauge, and a media center with a 6.5-inch...

Mini Storage in Northern Georgia

Byrd’s Mini Storage operates eight storage facilities throughout northern Georgia. With U-Haul truck rental, drive-up access, and locations with RV storage and climate control, we can meet all your self storage needs. Visit our individual facility pages to see a complete list of available units, amenities, and current specials.

We'd Like to Invite you to… Salon Cosmetique at Vatterott!

11818 I Street, Omaha, NE 68137 402.509.1001 Tues-Thurs 9am-2:30pm & 4pm-8pm, Fri 9am-2:30pm, Sat 8am-2:30pm Basic Services Chemical Services SPA Services Specialty Color Services Specialty Styles Haircut: $10.00 Basic Perm: Short hair starts at $27.00 Basic Manicure: $10.00 All Over Color: Starts at $30.00 Up-Do, ShortMedium length hair: $20.00 Haircut & Style: $13.00 Basic Perm: Long hair starts at $32.00 French Manicure: $6.00 Full Highlights: Starts at $30.00 Up-Do, Long Hair: $30.00 Blow Dry Style: $7.00 Relaxer: $30.00 Pedicure: $20.00 Partial Highlights: $6.00 per foil Braids/ Cornrows for Short-Medium hair: $20.00 Reconditioning Treatment: $7.00 (Cut/style not included) Paraffin Treatment: $6.00 (Cut/style not included) Braids/ Cornrows for Long hair: $20.00 Senior Citizen Day: 10% off Tues & Thurs! Hero Days: Policemen, Firefighters, Medical Personnel & teachers receive 25% off any service. Polish Change: $5.00 Nail Art: $2.00 Mom’s Day Out: Mini Spa Day!! Facial, Mani & Style: 35.00 Full Set: $25.00 Nail Fill: $12.00 Eyebrow Wax: $7.00 Little Girl Birthday Party, Hairstyle & Mini-Mani! $50 for up to 10 girls Lip Wax: $7.00 All Services Performed by Trained Cosmetology Students Extensions for Long hair: $35.00 Clipper Art: $17.00 Extension Removal: $10.00 Facial: $20.00 Treatment Mask: $6.00 Hair extensions (please bring your own hair): ShortMedium hair: $30.00 Walk-Ins are Welcome!!

FMX-DSLR - Azden Corporation
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The Azden FMX-DSLR is a 2-channel portable mixer with built-in preamplifiers that will enable you to attach external microphones and other audio gear to any DSLR camera with a built-in mic jack. The FMX-DLSR uses exceptionally low noise, wide bandwidth preamplifiers for superb audio. It allows you to connect a wide variety of audio devices including wireless systems, sound boards and professional condenser microphones that require 48V phantom power to operate. The FMX-DSLR is equipped with the AGC On/Off switch that will allow you to control the wild swings of the Auto Gain Control (AGC) that plague most cameras. With the switch in off position, it will reduce noise during quiet moments of recording. The mixer mounts to the bottom of the camera and can also be mounted to any standard tripod. Before You Begin 1. These instructions refer to the use of this mixer with the DSLR cameras unless otherwise noted. 2. Always perform a few test recordings and check playback on the camera to be sure that the audio is captured as expected. Since there is no headphone jack on most cameras, you cannot monitor what is being recorded by the camera. 3. Please read and understand the use of the AGC On/Off feature before using this function. Setup Guide 1) Install 4 “AA” batteries in the mixer (not included). 20 2) Mount the FMX-DLSR to the camera using the CAMERA MOUNTING BOLT (○). Line up the mounting bolt on top of the mixer to the tripod hole on the underside of the camera. Carefully turn the mounting bolt clockwise using a coin from the bottom panel of the mixer. Make sure the mixer is mounted squarely to the camera. Do not over tighten. 15 3) Connect the supplied mini-to-mini cable from the OUTPUT jack on the mixer (○) to the MIC input jack on the camera. If...

Wireless radio system for firing strobes and most DSLR cameras.*

Fire a DSLR Camera The MicroSync® II can remotely fire most DSLR cameras that have an electronic shutter release input. To do this, you will need a camera firing cord for your DSLR. MicroSync® II camera firing cords are available for most Canon, Nikon and Pentax digital and film SLRs. For Canon Pro DSLRs Model VMC115 Works with Canon 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 5D, 5D Mark II, 7D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1Ds Mark II, 1Ds Mark III, 1V, 1VHS, and EOS 3 SLRs. For Nikon DSLRs Model VMC116 Works with Nikon D1, D1H, D1X, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D3, D3S, D3X, D200, D300, D300s, D700, F100, F5, F6, N90 and N90s SLRs. For Canon Digital Rebel and Pentax DSLRs Model VMC117 Works with Canon 60D, EOS Digital Rebel (300D), T1i (500D), T2i (550D), T3 (1100D), T3i (600D), XS (1000D), Xsi (450D), XT (350D), and XTi (400D) DSLRs. Also works with Pentax K-5, K-7, K-r, K-x, K10D, K20D, K100D, K110D, K200D, *istD, *istDL, *istDS, and *istDS2 DSLRs. For instructions and a complete list of compatible DSLRs, visit w w w. m i c ro s y n c d i g i t a l . c o m . Sync Cords and Adaptors Available Models: To expand the utility of the MicroSync® II system, we offer the following sync cords and adaptors. VM2TR MicroSync® II Transmitter and Receiver Kit PC Cord for MicroSync® II, Model VMC112 Common Uses: • Remotely fire a PC terminal-equipped flash (such as Nikon’s SB-26, SB-28, SB-80, SB-800, SB-900 or Canon’s 580EX II). • Fire a remote light and a hot shoe mounted flash simultaneously. • Fire strobes remotely using a PC terminalequipped light meter. • Fire strobes remotely from PC terminal-equipped medium format cameras and lenses. Wireless Radio Strobe Sync System VM2R MicroSync® II Receiver and Plugs VM2T MicroSync® II Transmitter Actual Size Transmitter Specifications: This adaptor allows you to plug your strobe’s sync cord into the MicroSync® II receiver. Note: This adaptor is only necessary for strobes that do not have either the 1⁄4” mono plug, mini plug (3.5mm), or two prong plug sync inputs. Receiver CR2032 / 3 yrs Hot shoe Ports Universal Sync Cord Adaptor for MicroSync® II, Model VMC113 Transmitter Batteries/Approx. Life Plugs Sub-mini phone input 2.5mm 2.13 x 0.9 x 1.26” (54 x 23 x 32 mm) 0.7 oz (20 g) 2 AA / 1 yr Interchangeable 1⁄4” mono plug, 3.5mm mono plug, two-prong plug, and shoe mount Sub-mini phone output 2.5 mm 1.42 x 0.9 x 4.17” without plug attached, (36 x 23 x 106 mm) 3.35 oz (95 g)...

Fuse Blocks and Panels
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FUSE BLOCKS AND PANELS ATO/ATC FUSE BLOCKS Part Number Description #30109-7 #30110-7 #30111-7 #30112-7 #30113-7 #30114-7 • • • • • • • • • • • A B C 52mm 52 mm 52 mm 52 mm 52 mm 52 mm 33mm 65 mm 93 mm 130 mm 158 mm 188 mm Part Number Description 4-Way Case 6-Way Case 8-Way Case 10-Way Case • • • • • • Holds slip on mini fuses. 15 amps per circuit @12V DC. Includes water resistant dust cover with rubber seal. Contact: Nickel plated copper alloy. Cover material: Polycarbonate Base material: Nylon UL 94V0 55mm 86 mm 116 mm 153 mm 163 mm 210 mm COMPACT ATO/ATC FUSE BLOCKS #31000-7 #31003-7 #31005-7 #31007-7 Accommodates .250 male blade fuses. 15 amps per circuit @ 12V DC. Includes water resistant cover with rubber seal. Contact: Nickel plated copper alloy. Cover material: Polycarbonate Base material: Nylon UL 94V0 D 42mm 42 mm 42 mm 42 mm 42 mm 42 mm 2-Way Case 4-Way Case 6-Way Case 8-Way Case 10-Way Case 12-Way Case 30 amps per circuit @ 12V DC. Cases accommodate 2 to 12 fuses. ATO/ATC blade fuse holder for slip-on terminals. Clear acrylic dust cover with bolt-style screw included. #30110 and #30111 also available in retail packaging. A 36.5 36.5 36.5 36.5 mm mm mm mm B 27 27 27 27 mm mm mm mm C D 65 mm 85 mm 105 mm 115 mm 80 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm C D 65 mm 85 mm 105 mm 115 mm 80 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm MINI FUSE BLOCKS Part Number Description #31010-7 #31013-7 #31015-7 #31017-7 4-Way Case 6-Way Case 8-Way Case 10-Way Case A 36.5 36.5 36.5 36.5 mm mm mm mm B 27 27 27 27 mm mm mm mm Fuse Panel with Common Ground For ATO/ATC fuses or plug-in circuit breakers. #10-32 stud terminal with hex nut, flat washer and lock washer supplied. Four .218 diameter mounting holes for #10 screws. No cover required due to recessed fuse contacts. ATO/ATC FUSE PANELS • Similar to fuse panel (#31020-31027) on left except these models include common ground terminals. Part Number Description Part Number Description #31020-7 #31023-7 #31025-7 #31027-7 6-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel 8-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel 10-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel 12-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel #31030-7 #31033-7 #31035-7 #31037-7 6-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel with Ground Terminals 8-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel with Ground Terminals 10-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel with Ground Terminals 12-Way ATO/ATC Fuse Panel with Ground Terminals Phone: 952-941-9073 Fax: 952-941-0659 19 .

Dragonward Miniature Schnauzers
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Dragonward Mini Schnauzers offers mini schnauzer puppies for sale in the Middle West and California

House Training
by thepuppyworld 0 Comments favorite 28 Viewed Download 0 Times The Puppy World is composed of three breeders. We sell Siberian Huskies, Dobermans, and Alaskan Klee Kai also known as Mini Huskies. Call (704) 248-1923.

SMX Power
by smxpower 0 Comments favorite 24 Viewed Download 0 Times SMX Power, power supplies such as DC DC, N2 Power Supply Enclosures, Power Adapters, open frame power supplies, encapsulated power supplies & mini AT.