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Paralegal Studies/ Legal Assisting - Indian River State College

Here’s How to Apply Visit to complete the IRSC Application for Admission. Click Apply to IRSC. Submit official transcripts (high school, GED and all postsecondary schools) and provide official copies of SAT or ACT scores for placement or take the Florida Entry Level Placement Test at any IRSC campus. Apply for Financial Aid Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at Interested in a Scholarship? Apply online at (REV. 1/11) 1-866-792-4772 Indian River State College does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, national and ethnic origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies: Associate Dean of Minority Affairs ▪ IRSC Main Campus 3209 Virginia Ave. ▪ Fort Pierce, FL 34981 (772) 462-7606 INDIAN RIVER STATE COLLEGE is a public, comprehensive state college serving Florida’s Research Coast with full-service campuses in Fort Pierce, Okeechobee, Port St. Lucie, Stuart and Vero Beach. IRSC has earned a statewide and national reputation for quality, innovation and responsiveness to community needs. Paralegal Studies/ Legal Assisting The Treasure Coast Public Safety Training Complex at Indian River State College is a unique 50-acre, eight-building comprehensive training complex, bringing together and meeting the needs of vitally important branches of public service — criminal justice, fire science, emergency management, homeland security, paralegal and human services. The Complex provides indoor and outdoor training venues for virtual and realistic training scenarios for more than 500 working professionals and students each day.

Practicing With Paralegals - the Missouri Bar

A paralegal, qualified through education, training or work experience, is employed or retained by an attorney, law firm, government agency, corporation, or other entity to perform substantive and procedural legal work under the ultimate direction and supervision of an attorney or as authorized by administrative, statutory, or court authority. Paralegal Experience   Paralegal experience shall mean the performance of substantive legal work, non-clerical or non-adminstative in nature, that absent a paralegal, an attorney would perform. (Adopted by the Committee on Paralegals of The Missouri Bar, November 9, 2001). What education should a paralegal have?   1. Formal legal education - The American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE) and the American Bar Association (ABA) have endorsed minimum standards for paralegal education. An educational program approved by the ABA must require no less than 60 hours of classroom study. AAfPE has endorsed the ABA’s minimum standard and has developed a model set of core competencies for paralegal education.   2. Content   The formal education of a paralegal should include:    (a) instruction in professional ethics;    (b) legal research;    (c) analysis of legal materials;    (d) knowledge in drafting legal documents;    (e) knowledge of judicial and administrative procedures;    (f) knowledge of substantive areas of law;    (g) knowledge of law office systems and technology;    (h) oral and written communication skills.   3. Degree Levels   Formal education for paralegals is available in a wide variety of formats. Colleges, universities, community colleges and proprietary institutions provide the following types of educational credentials:    (a) post graduate (both master’s in legal studies and post-graduate certificates);    (b) baccalaureate degrees     (i) specific bachelor’s degree in legal studies;

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Learning to sell online
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Online selling is famous today because a great number of individuals can gain access of it easily. Holding an online business however, isn't that simple to maintain. This is exactly why you must research on a certain strategy to sell online as a way for you to come up with an idea on how to sell online.

Scientific Revolution or Freaky Science? Genetic Cross-Species Experiment Results in Human Shark

1888 PressRelease - Filmmaker Kit Farrell seeks interview subjects for documentary film profiling revolutionary discoveries in interspecies genetic research.

Long Island Estate Liquidation Services

FREE CONSULTATION to help you decide if a TAG SALE or ESTATE SALE is right for you! We help homeowners decide if items should sell at the tag sale, estate sale or via auction. We help you determine what can be sold, what can be discarded, and what you can donate. We help you research your treasured items to determine their value! We assist you each step of the way!!

Executive Employers
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AESC Code of Certified and Ethics Perform Methods The exec employers in Dallas dedicated to the AESC code of Ethics and Skilled professional Exercise Procedures are recognized for their very best endeavors and rewards. They provide wonderful dependability and possess a superior volume of integrity instructed to promote potential clients with the ideal price in executive query system. For a consistent and ethical way with excessive level of privacy, by moving almost every extensive assessment process an executive hiring business will serve the client's intent and substantiate candidate's skills on your align. It will also give a comprehensive membership with regards to any or all doable restriction which affects the research task before you start it.

Managing Gestational Diabetes - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Dear Patient, The feelings that surround pregnancy—excitement, anxiety, and hope—often give way to many questions. Will my child’s eyes be blue or brown? When will I have my baby? How big will my baby be? What does the future hold for my family? Finding out that you have a “condition,” even a manageable one, can raise a different set of questions. Will my baby be healthy? Will the condition affect my ability to have other children? What can I do to ensure my own health and the health of my baby? For the last 40 years, the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) has been working to answer these types of questions through research and clinical practice to improve the health of mothers, children, and families. Managing Gestational Diabetes: A Patient’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy provides some general guidelines for keeping yourself healthy and for promoting the best outcomes for your baby if you have gestational diabetes. The booklet describes gestational diabetes, its causes, and its features and includes a general treatment plan to help control the condition. Using this information, you and your family can make informed decisions about your care. You will also be better able to work with your health care provider to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and situation to ensure that you and your baby are healthy. I hope this booklet helps you meet the challenges of gestational diabetes that you will face over the next few months, and that you will enjoy the new addition to your family when he or she arrives. Sincerely yours, Duane Alexander, M.D. Director, NICHD

Sample Reports
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Essential, critical data reporting for executives at the portfolio level. It’s been an easy tool to illustrate to management things we naturally know in scheduling. It really draws out which activities are critical and why they’re going to be critical. For somebody that doesn’t understand the risk analysis, the graphics will spell it out. - John Reno Project Services Advisor Worldwide Deepwater Operations Anadarko Contact North America United Kingdom 2100 West Loop South Ste. 700 Houston, Texas 77027 The Surrey Research Park 3 Huxley Road Guildford, Surrey GU2 7RE +1 713 595 7656 +44 (0)1483 544 920 Cost Estimating Cost Uncertainty Cost Gantt Chart Probabilistic Cash Flow Risk Register Qualitative Risk Register Risk Matrix Risk Mitigation Quantitative Risk Register Risk Register Risk Loading Compare Pre and Post Mitigated Plans Histograms Internal Rate of Return Net Present Value Cost Histogram: Entire

Subtle and Dangerous: Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

HEART DISEASE is the number one cause of death in the United States, for women as well as men. The various forms of heart disease, which include coronary artery disease (CAD), high blood pressure, athero­ sclerosis, heart failure and heart attacks, are responsible for over 250,000 deaths a year among women. Research-based strategies to promote heart health – emphasizing lifestyle changes to improve diet, decrease cholesterol levels, increase exercise, maintain a healthy body weight, and avoid cigarette smoking – have contributed to the steady decrease in rate of death from heart disease for men since 1980. Unfortunately, the rate for women has remained largely unchanged.1 The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), one of the Institutes of the National Institutes of Health, supports research by nurse scientists that helps to improve the health and health care of individuals across the life span – from the management of patients during illness and recovery to the reduction of risks for disease and disability and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Since its inception, NINR has placed a large focus on disease prevention, with particular attention devoted to the aspects of heart disease that relate specifically to women. Scientists funded by the NINR have investigated gender-related factors associated with heart disease risk assessment, heart attack symptoms, management, and recovery, and the effects of related cardiovascular conditions. The results of this research have shed new light on differences in how men and women experience and respond to heart and other cardiovascular diseases.