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Hearing aid in Rajkot
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A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and to correct impaired hearing as measured by audiometry.

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Best of New York DJ's
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"In Concert Audio provides high quality sound production reinforcement services and production services. We pride ourselves on attention to detail while maintaining the most efficient use of resources to keep your costs to a minimum. We can supply the following sound production reinforcement services for your next event: Live Sound Reinforcement for speech, music, and video. Live audio recordings. Lighting. Staging. Stage Managing. Projection. Video. DJ Please call us for your sound production reinforcement services quote."

Hearing Aid in Junagadh
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A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and to correct impaired hearing as measured by audiometry. There are many types of hearing aids (also known as hearing instruments), which vary in size, power and circuitry. Among the different sizes and models are available on our city call on 9898155882, 9925038689.

Hearing aid machine price
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A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and to correct impaired hearing as measured by audiometry. There are many types of hearing aids (also known as hearing instruments), which vary in size, power and circuitry. Among the different sizes and models are available on our city call on 9898155882, 9925038689.

Hearing aid in Jamnagar
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A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and to correct impaired hearing as measured by audiometry. There are many types of hearing aids (also known as hearing instruments), which vary in size, power and circuitry. Among the different sizes and models are available on our city call on 9898155882, 9925038689.

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Randy Miramontez / THE IMPACT OF ZIG ZIGLAR By Paul Sterman Zig Ziglar, who passed away last November at age 86, left an indelible mark in the world of public speaking. The longtime Texas resident was a hugely popular motivational speaker—and author—who was admired for his homespun humor, upbeat perspective and clever way with words. Toastmasters International awarded him its Golden Gavel award, the organization’s most prestigious honor, in 1999. Ziglar worked as a salesman for many years, selling everything from insurance to cookware. Delving into public speaking in the 1950s, he pitched a different product: positive thinking. Ziglar was an indefatigable optimist (he referred to an alarm as an “opportunity clock”), and he exhorted people to see the bright side of life, to look at what they had rather than what they lacked, and to always keep believing and persevering. He reinforced his message in more than two dozen books, garnering total sales well into the millions. Ziglar made a lucrative living from his speaking career: His fee was $50,000 per speech, and in his busiest years he gave 150 presentations a year. The motivational-speaking industry also owes Ziglar a debt: His extraordinary success paved a path for the throng of speakers who now populate the field. Humor was always a central element in Ziglar’s presentations, enabling him to mix advice with entertainment. “Every seven to nine minutes, I’ll have [the audience] laughing,” he once said in an interview. His folksy witticisms have been well-catalogued through the years. Here are five of his most memorable sayings: “If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.” “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” that happen, company leaders need to communicate that they care. “Our focus is on people as people, which gives employees security and generates a happy person at work and at home.” Being enthusiastic and positive are also qualities that Kicker looks for when hiring new employees. “What we’re doing should be fun, exciting and creative, and we attract people who like that work environment,” Irby says. “Attitude is a big factor when we hire. We want motivated employees who are self-starters.” Aaron Malin is an example of such an employee. A global trainer at Kicker and a member of Pacesetters Toastmasters in Stillwater, Malin values Irby’s macro-management from the top, which makes employees personally accountable and responsible and fosters great loyalty...

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5. Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack & Stroke Heart Attack Symptoms Symptoms of a heart attack are not the same for everyone. Sometimes heart attacks are sudden and painful, but many times they start with mild discomfort similar to indigestion. The most common symptoms of a heart attack are: • Pain or discomfort in the center of the chest, typically lasting more than a few minutes or going away and coming back. • Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, back, left shoulder, neck, jaw or stomach. • Shortness of breath • Cold sweat • Nausea • Lightheadedness • Fear or anxiety Symptoms May be Different in Men & Women The most common symptom for both men and women is chest pain, but women are more likely to experience shortness of breath, nausea, and pain in the back, neck or jaw. Address Symptoms Quickly Heart attack treatments are most effective if started within one hour of when symptoms appear. Many people ignore the symptoms of a heart attack for too long and it may prove fatal. Get immediate medical attention and rapid transport to the hospital. Symptoms vary by type of stroke. A stroke caused by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) has symptoms of: • Numbness, weakness, or paralysis of the face, arm, or leg, typically on one side of the body • Trouble seeing in one or both eyes, such as dimness, blurring, double vision, or loss of vision • Slurred or garbled speech • Trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination Symptoms of a bleeding (hemorrhagic) stroke are similar to a clot stroke, but also include: • Severe headache • Seizures • Nausea and vomiting • Irritability • Neck stiffness • Confusion, trouble understanding • Dizziness • Unconsciousness Diabetes Management in Long-Term Care Facilities Tool Kit A In some people, symptoms can occur suddenly, within seconds. In others, stroke symptoms may progress slowly over hours or even days. For example, mild weakness may develop into an inability to move the arm and leg on one side of the body. Some people suffer a series of small strokes over time, which results in a more gradual change in walking, balance, thinking, or behavior. Small strokes are difficult to recognize and can be mistakenly attributed to aging or confused with other conditions having similar symptoms...


PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY A Semi-annual Publication The year 2012 brought many challenges and changes. of such an incredible National elections came and went and we headed towards faculty here in Chapel the fiscal cliff. We celebrated the past accomplishments of Hill. Among these trainour colleagues and looked to the future as new career mile- ees were Ted Oldenburg, Sandy Marks, Preston stones were achieved. One of the notable events of 2012 was the October NCAPD meeting when Roy Lindahl, sec- Hicks, and Tom McIver. The collective influence ond Chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, was given the 2012 North Carolina Oral Heath Service Award. of these faculty memRoy’s many contributions to pediatric dentistry at UNC, the bers on dental students state and nationally were recognized. He served as Depart- residents, and CE parment Chair and Graduate Program Director from 1955-68, ticipants in the state is immeasurable but the a dozen plus years of meteoric growth of the specialty at the school and in the state of North Carolina. Roy was the monumental impact on the oral health of the children in the driving force behind the training of some 17 residents, the state is beyond debate. During an impassioned narrative first four of whom dispersed to major population centers in Roy quoted an excerpt from a speech given by President NC, forming the genesis of and foundation for today’s for- Herbert Hoover at the 1929 White House Conference on Children and Youth. Many of those present were very mally-trained specialist in private practice in our state. moved by Roy’s address and particularly his use of this Four of his residents quote that so appropriwent on to Chair ately frames our feelDepartments and “We approach all problems of children with love and affection. ings and passion for our two became Deans.Theirs is the province of joy and good humor. work.Perhaps Roy’s greatThey are the most wholesome part of the race. For they are (See Chair’s Corner est legacy to the freshest from the hands of God.”page 2) state was in his in- President Herbert Hoover fluence in the training and acquisition Enhancing the Dental Treatment of Children. Prenatal and Infant Oral Health Update We continue to be excited about UNC’s Prenatal (pOHP) and Baby Oral Health Programs (bOHP). On the prenatal front, this summer we began collaborating with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UNC’s School of Medicine to educate medical students during their Obstetrics Clerkship on the principles of oral health during pregnancy. This initiative is part of the Schweitzer Student Award that uses a peer-to-peer teaching model and has provided a wonderful opportunity to segway into messages related to infant oral health in medical education. In response to this initiative, the Department of Pediatric Dentistry collaborated with Clinical Affairs and the Department of Operative Dentistry to develop a Prenatal Dental Clinic...

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SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 solution has been selected for classified communications by German government Düsseldorf/Hannover, 3. März 2013 – Secusmart GmbH today announces that the SecuSUITE for BlackBerry® 10 solution has been selected by the German Procurement Office and Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for classified communications for the German government. Secusmart’s SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 solution is built on the best in class security provided by the BlackBerry® 10 platform, Secunet and Sirrix. Leveraging the unique capabilities of Secusmart Security Card and the BlackBerry® Balance™ technology in BlackBerry 10, this is the first ever solution that meets the extremely high security requirements of the German federal authorities for secure data and secure voice communications while allowing uncompromised user experience. The Secusmart Security Card meets the requirements of the German government for reliable encryption of the data at rest, secure voice, secure VPN, text messages and browsing, as well as secure access to the Internet. BlackBerry Balance has the ability to keep sensitive information separated and secure from personal content, allowing customers to effortlessly and securely switch between their professional and personal life. “The combined solution will for the first time ever bring a brilliant smartphone user experience to a government user without compromising sensitive state information. SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 is based on the secure voice product that has already been approved by German BSI, Dutch NBV, EU Information Assurance Council and NATO for RESTRICTED communications. Combined with BlackBerry10, we are glad to be able to meet the extremely high security requirements of the federal authorities in Germany,” said Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, Managing Director of Secusmart. “Security has always been built into the heart of the BlackBerry solution. Nothing is more secure than a BlackBerry smartphone connected to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10,” said Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Security Group. “With BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Balance, we are delivering the breakthrough platform that combines state-of-the-art security with a powerful new mobile computing experience. The SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 solution brings together an unprecedented combination of voice and data security, usability and cost effectiveness for government organisations that work with highly sensitive information.” Secusmart will be presenting the SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 solution at CeBIT 2013 on booth B66 in hall 12 from march 5th to 9th Secusmart GmbH ( is a leading expert in the area of high-security speech and data communications via smartphones and fixed-line networks. Secusmart develops special customized eavesdropping prevention solutions for large and mediumsized companies as well as public authorities and organizations that do security-related work (BOS). For the first time ever, the latest development, SecuSuite for BlackBerry 10, protects telephone calls, text messages, e-mails and Personal Information Manager (PIM) data against eavesdropping attacks anywhere in the world for the recently launched BlackBerry 10 platform...

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NETWORKING GROUPS FOR JOB AND CAREER SEARCH JOBS NETWORK of St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Chapel Hill. Meets at 8:30 AM on 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month, usually in the Youth House. People get together, give a short elevator speech, exchange contacts, provide leads and offer suggestions. Guest presenters and workshops. Contact JOBS NETWORK of St. Thomas More now offers JOB SEEKERS PRODUCTIVITY SESSIONS from 7:00 to 8:30 PM on the last Monday of each month, in the Blessed Theresa Room [classroom 108] in the Parish Center. Participants report their progress on the number of meetings with key people – hiring managers, network contacts, and more, as well as track the time for each of these. TAFU [To Avoid Future Unemployment]. Meets at 7:30 AM on 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month, Carolina Bakery, 137 Weston Parkway in Cary. For professionals; have your elevator speech ready. Meetings begin promptly. Dress is business casual. Formal meetings usually about an hour, followed by general networking Colonial Baptist Church, Jobseekers Ministry, Tryon Road and Holly Springs Road in Cary. Meets 8:30 AM Mondays. Enter parking lot on Tryon Road driveway. Web link: St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, Our Daily Bread Ministry, 5801 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh. Meets 7:30 PM Mondays, Room 109 [Building?]. Contact: Tim McGuiness, Career Connections, Crossroads Fellowship, 2921 E Millbrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27616. Meets 8:00 AM Tuesdays, Room 767; use North entrance; Contact Karen Zinser, White Memorial Presbyterian Church, Career Transition Support Group, Pickard Hall, Room C301, 2nd floor,1704 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, meets Tuesdays, 9:00 –11:00 AM St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, Career Transition Ministry. 804 High House Road, Cary. Meets at 7:30 AM Fridays in building next door. Informal structure; recruiters, business professionals provide suggestions. First Baptist Church of Elon, CareerNet. 621 East Haggard Avenue, Elon. Meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM in Fellowship Hall. Contact Mark Mofield, Pastor, Web site: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, CareerNet. 7506 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh. Meets Wednesdays 7:30 – 9:00 AM, Fellowship Hall. Provides Christian based support, encouragement, and networking opportunities. Visit Web site: St. Francis of Assisi, Job Connections Ministry, Leesville Road in North Raleigh, 8:30 AM Wednesdays...